Saturday, October 13, 2007

Surfin' Senorita -- Surf Tribute To Herb Aplert

Surfin' Senorita - Surf Tribute To Herb Alpert
Tribute to Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. There's a real variety of style here, but one common thread throughout--it's all FUN. Be sure to check out `Whip Cream' by the Exotics and `Tijuana Taxi' by Donna Ho.
1. Bittersweet Samba - Space Cossacks
2. Surfin' Senorita - Insect Surfers
3. Spanish Flea - Sir Finks
4. The Work Song - Herb
5. Mexican Shuffle - Slacktone
6. Whipped Cream - Exotics
7. Struttin' With Maria - Herman The German
8. A Taste Of Honey - Halibuts
9. Memories Of Madrid - Sandblasters
10. South Of The Border - Pollo Del Mar
11. Third Man Theme - Slackmates
12. Lonely Bull - 3 Balls Of Fire
13. Green Peppers - Satan's Pilgrims
14. Wade In The Water - Squid Vicious' Overdose
15. Tijuana Taxi - Donna Ho


Brandonio! said...

Ah the tribute that never really SAYS who the Tribute is actually to. Yeah most cats will know automatically, but I'm just wondering why they didn't put it on the cover or else where that this is a tribute to ol' Herb himself.Strange I tell ya!!!!. This music is best on a hot summer day, slightly intoxicated.

DaBoss said...

So true, so true. Do ya think they might have been embarrassed? The music is good, but -- I wonder if Herb's organization nixed the actual name. Or, could it have been a printing mix up. I've seen that happen before. Anyhoo - it's a really good set of tunes, good for driving, listening, drinking and all around good times. Light and breezy -- like the originals.

Brandonio! said...

Same thing goes for the tribute to the Booker T and the MG"s called"Chinese Checkers"on the same label Wildebeest.This comp is a must have by the way. Do you have this by the way, if not I'd be more than willing to help.Everything on this disc rival the original and sometimes even better. Bands like Tiki Tones,Sandblasters,Omega Men,Slackmates,Cocktail Preachers and so much more give stellar performances.

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