Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Flaps ST

If you like the breadth of stylistic juxtaposition that the Reventlos engage in, you will like this. The originals are augmented with a very offbeat set of covers from various genres. Very well arranged, recorded, and mixed. It's adventurous, and not really trad surf, but I liked it so much that I just had to include it here.

Astrolabia, The Fuzzard, Haph Kok Wah, Fear, Boogie Stop Shuffle, Lonely Woman, Water, Ouzo, Sexy Girls, House Of Mirrors, Mysterious Game, Big Wayne/Scrambler, Slumber Party


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Malibooz - Living Water -A Surfer's Mass

A change of pace for the Christmas Season - This album by the venerable surf band was borne from an idea by leader John Zambetti, who decided to put his church's mass prayers to music to convey the essence of the ocean. It was a noble gesture that paid off in spades, as Living Water (The Surfer's Mass) is an absolutely beautiful album that fans of the Beach Boys and Jeffrey Foskett will love. The album basically intertwines soft, harmony filled introspective tunes with shorter, uptempo surf pieces, and this approach works well. Try to imagine Brian Wilson in the middle of a profound religious epiphany. The result is magical; enough reverb, crash and roar to turn on the surf crowd and enough ethereal beauty to please new age fans. Songs like "Gloria" and "Lamb of God" are breathtaking. "Bitter Water" and "Caught a Wave" could easily have fit on the Beach Boys' L.A. (Light Album) or Dennis Wilson's Pacific Ocean Blue. "Summer Wind" is the "Don't Worry Baby" of the 90s. The low tones from Walter Egan's guitar carry the surf tunes like "Kyrie," "Alleluia," and "Doloxogy/Amen." The production on this disc is as crystal clear as island waters. If you are not one who attends church or is very religious it doesn't really matter, this is great music that can be appreciated by a wide range of discerning tastes. You certainly don't have to be a devoted Christian to bathe in Living Water (The Surfer's Mass).

1. Benedicite 2. Kyrie 3. Gloria 4. Bitter Water 5. Alleluia 6. Crest, Then Broken 7. Holy, Holy 8. Doxology/Amen 9. Lamb of God 10. Summer Wind 11. Caught A Wave 12. Benedicite Reprise


Friday, November 18, 2011

Russkie Wig Out

Deep from the darkest heart of Russia comes this terrifying amalgam of B-culture detritus and mutant retro-futurism. As incongruous as they are sublime, these gems of post-Soviet exotica craft the shuddering twangs of surf rock to elastic electronic rhythms, rockabilly chops and theremin wails. Imagine Bruce Haack detained at the border by KGB operatives and thrown into the Gulag with the tortured remains of Dick Dale and Les Baxter. Horrifically easy listening...for Iron Curtain youth!

1. Messer Chups - How To Become A Vampire
2. Messer Chups - Dark Story
3. Messer Chups - Cannibal Twist
4. Messer Für Frau Müller - Gitarkin Fast Food Empire
5. Oleg Kostrow - Bukva F
6. Messer Für Frau Müller - The Best Girl In USSR
7. Oleg Kostrow - Lego-Marsch
8. Messer Für Frau Müller - Funny Man Under Anesthesia
9. Messer Chups - Srubi Derevo, Sovrati Rebenka, Sozhgi Dom!
10. Messer Für Frau Müller - Aiboloid
11. Messer Für Frau Müller - ad
12. Supersonic Future - Лестница В Рай
13. Messer Für Frau Müller - Agents And Spies
14. Oleg Kostrow - Tanets Detey Prokofeva
15. Messer Für Frau Müller - Ultrasound Vibrator
16. Oleg Kostrow - Higgins Theme
17. Messer Für Frau Müller - Sci-Fi Twist
18. Messer Chups - Hexe Chipe *
19. Kim & Buran - Rock 'n' Robot
20. Messer Chups - Import-Export
21. Oleg Kostrow - Uzbekian Dance
22. Supersonic Future - Тема Бармена
23. Messer Chups - Fender Satanik Limited Edition *
24. Oleg Kostrow - Lokon's Bells
25. Supersonic Future - Super-Iglesias
26. Messer Für Frau Müller - Zubi Zubi Zundella


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Go! Tsunami - New Wave Order

Inspiring terrifying screams of euphoria, Go!Tsunami ascends from its subterranean machine shop to unleash a powerful dose of instrumental rock and surf on an unsuspecting, immediately willing and ultimately awestruck audience.
Clad in hockey masks and coveralls, the band takes the stage and barrages the audience with high-energy songs that conjure images of hot rods, horror movies, long boards, tiki idols, beach parties, exotic islands, classic cars, pin-ups, cheap beer, and rum. The band’s music is versatile and flows from surf standards to tiki bar exotica to powerful rock. This allows Go!Tsunami to share the stage with a variety of bands playing genres including rock, surf, rockabilly, psychobilly, punk, exotica and more. Go!Tsunami has headlined shows and played in support of touring acts. They are also a popular band for music festivals, like the Hot Rod Hula Hop in Columbus, OH, and tiki events…playing numerous times at the historic tiki mainstay Chef Shangri-La in the Chicago area.
These masked henchmen of horror – “Riptide,” “Stingray Jr.,” “Stan Overboard” and “The Fury“ unleash an auditory onslaught that will make you want to paint flames on your longboard, hop in your hot rod and race to monster lagoon! Experience them at a venue near you…IF YOU DARE!!!

Track List:

01. Rime of the Ancient Surfer [02:43]
02. Camel Toe [02:58]
03. Midnight in Exotica [03:29]
04. Go!Tsunami [01:50]
05. Curse of the Flying Spider Monkey [02:44]
06. Mermaid vs. Sasquatch [02:33]
07. 40 Feet High and it Kills [02:52]
08. Pirate Prostitutes of the Peloponnesus [02:38]
09. Dia de los Dangerous [03:23]
10. Matango! [03:00]
11. Mt. Midoriyama [02:09]
12. Hot Zombie [02:35]
13. Bushwacked [02:39]
14. Painkiller [01:52]
15. Falcon 7 [03:54]


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Robert and The Roboters - Beate

Robert and the Roboters are from Dresden, Germany. Their sound is a marvelous mix of instrumental 60s European beat, surf, lounge, easy listening, tango, twang, polka and much more other varieties of music from all over the world. Surf guitars vs fuzzed wah wah acid sounds, Hammond organ, funkoid rhythms - great for crazy summer parties. Groovy funk, surf, easy exotica with flutes and other woodwinds. Neo 60s and 70s style playing eastern European traditional melodies along with some typical 21 century craziness. WAY COOL.

01. Triumph (3:33)
02. Sophia Laetitia (3:55)
03. Volle Kanne (3:21)
04. Roboters Fox (5:00)
05. Solfeggio (3:04)
06. Zur See (2:25)
07. Nastrowje Kristina (4:34)
08. Coyote (6:17)
09. Spinnenmann (1:58)
10. Balkanagent (14:32)


Robert and The Roboters - Caniche Royal

Robert and the Roboters are from Dresden, Germany. Their sound is a marvelous mix of instrumental 60s European beat, surf, lounge, easy listening, tango, twang, polka and much more other varieties of music from all over the world. Surf guitars vs fuzzed wah wah acid sounds, Hammond organ, funkoid rhythms - great for crazy summer parties. Groovy funk, surf, easy exotica with flutes and other woodwinds. Neo 60s and 70s style playing eastern European traditional melodies along with some typical 21 century craziness. WAY COOL.

01. Strudel auf Eis (3:36)
02. Ladykiller (4:22)
03. Einsamer Matrose (3:36)
04. Feuerland (2:34)
05. Caniche Royal (3:42)
06. Liebestaumel (2:37)
07. St. Tropez (4:09)
08. Flussabwarts (3:53)
09. Damenwahl (3:24)
10. Bussard (3:39)
11. Doppelpass (3:55)
12. Der Sonne Entgegen (3:36)
13. Zugabe (5:31)


Robert and The Roboters - Wilde Orchidee

Robert and the Roboters are from Dresden, Germany. Their sound is a marvelous mix of instrumental 60s European beat, surf, lounge, easy listening, tango, twang, polka and much more other varieties of music from all over the world. Surf guitars vs fuzzed wah wah acid sounds, Hammond organ, funkoid rhythms - great for crazy summer parties. Groovy funk, surf, easy exotica with flutes and other woodwinds. Neo 60s and 70s style playing eastern European traditional melodies along with some typical 21 century craziness. WAY COOL.


01. Jutta Aus Kalkutta (3:33)
02. Raketenfrau (2:30)
03. Roboters Stomp (2:13)
04. Schluepferbeat (2:46)
05. Emmanuelle In Thailand (2:54)
06. Sex Auf Der Datsche (5:16)
07. Fummel Mirko (2:57)
08. Nevada (4:11)
09. Wilde Orchidee (2:44)
10. Estocada (3:47)
11. Chi Chi Surf (2:13)
12. Overdrive (3:01)
13. Strasse Der Romantik (7:36)


Robert and The Roboters - Faroese Islands No. 1 Surf And Roll Band

Robert and the Roboters are from Dresden, Germany. Their sound is a marvelous mix of instrumental 60s European beat, surf, lounge, easy listening, tango, twang, polka and much more other varieties of music from all over the world. Surf guitars vs fuzzed wah wah acid sounds, Hammond organ, funkoid rhythms - great for crazy summer parties. Groovy funk, surf, easy exotica with flutes and other woodwinds. Neo 60s and 70s style playing eastern European traditional melodies along with some typical 21 century craziness. WAY COOL.


01. The Cleaner Goes Crazy (2:34)
02. I Follow The Sun (3:02)
03. Tanz Du Luder (2:48)
04. Emil Surf (2:38)
05. Das Madchen am Tresen (3:50)
06. Thema fur jung Verliebte (3:27)
07. Muschi Rock (11:28)


Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bay of Pigs - Surfin' Missile Crisis

Yeow - been a long time for a post - now - something new,
Horrible cover art - decent surf and twang. Aggressively graceful psychedelic surfrock influenced by The Ventures, Dick Dale, The Trashmen, Man or Astroman, Link Wray, Davie Allan, Shadowy men on a shadowy planet, Ennio Morricone and alot of other things.

01. Escape From 1027 (2:49)
02. Eraserhead (2:51)
03. Retribution (2:52)
04. Browncord (2:34)
05. Swedish Meatball (3:47)
06. Bringin' Home the Bacon (2:22)
07. Enchantment (3:06)
08. Knotty Pine (4:05)
09. Bullwhip (3:42)
10. Rickshaw (3:10)
11. Wonderbread Woman (4:52)
12. Catsack (2:59)
13. Revenge of the Sea (5:24)


Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Concaves Live At the Red Triangle

This album of high energy and soulfull songs blends vocal and instrumental tunes that portray the surf life style of Santa Cruz Nor Cal. Big Waves, Cold Water,Soul Surfers, Beautiful Women, Beach Parties,Solitude,Love, Heart Break,Full Moon Surfing,Great White Sharks,Surfing,Surfing,and More Surfing.

1. Shallow Reef 2. Quick Releashed 3. Soul Rider 4. Surf-n-beer-run 5. Salt Memories 6. Sunset At Mitchells 7. Beach Life 8. Surfers Prayer 9. Never Forget 10. Ravyn 11. Full Moon Surfing 12. Red Triangle 13. Undercover


The Ventures - Surfin to Baja

With a 40-year recording history, the Ventures are the most successful instrumental band in pop history. Although their heyday in the U.S. was in the early '60s, peaking with the surf music craze, they have continued to have hits abroad, particularly in Japan, where their summer tours are legendary events. A lot of the Ventures' releases have been specific to the Japanese market, and Surfin' to Baja draws on that backlist, collecting 19 originals by the band, and although these recordings were tracked at various times between 1992 and 2000, they fit together seamlessly...


01. Santa Cruz
02. After Midnight in Shinjuku
03. Web Surfin'
04. Flashback
05. Skunk Rock
06. Bermuda
07. Cruisin' Machine
08. Night Bird
09. Ajoen Ajoen
10. Open for Business
11. Snows of Nagano
12. Beethoven Five-Oh!
13. Spindrift
14. Rock Concerto in A Minor
15. Zonked
16. Bimini Bay
17. Blue Dawn
18. Follow Your Heart
19. Two on the Beach


The Surftones - Expose Yourself to Surfers

Formed in 1996, the instrumental surf quartet of the aptly titled Surftones where inspired by the beach party antics of surf, sand, and warm weather -- ironically enough, their home turf is based in the very frigid Jyv?skyl?, Finland. After signing with MahoPop Records not too long after their first show, the band's debut full-length, Expose Yourself to Surfers, came out in the same year that they got together. Two years later they followed with their second album, Who Stole My Hypnotics?


1. Spies of Bermuda
2. Fore
3. Return of the Zu-Zu Man
4. Surftown Rock
5. Waves of India
6. Mazatlan
7. Hit the Lip


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Daikaiju - Phase 2

Super scifi, monster movie surf sounds. The recording is good, the songs are good, you can hear the guitar work and the love of delay, but it's still really "clean". Some songs are moving towards overdrive, but still very much a traditional Surf lovers dream.

* 01 Daikaiju – Escape From Nebula M Spacehunter.mp3
* 02 Daikaiju – Flight Of Garuda.mp3
* 03 Daikaiju – Laser Runner.mp3
* 04 Daikaiju – Za Feijingu Supaidaa Kyoui.mp3
* 05 Daikaiju – Choujikuu Mitsukai.mp3
* 06 Daikaiju – Jellyfish Sunrise.mp3
* 07 Daikaiju – Mr. Smoothstar.mp3
* 08 Daikaiju – Shooting The Wormhole.mp3
* 09 Daikaiju – Forcefield Lifts Over Neon City.mp3
* 10 Daikaiju – Zombie Harem.mp3


Razorblades - Gimme Some Noise

Surf rock to the max, like Dick Dale on speed, the Pulp Fiction Soundtrack in turbo mode, like a car chase on Highway 101 with loud punk rock on the radio, 120 mph and no seat belt attached. Check it out at their site - link removed by request

01. Gimme Some Noise!
02. She Looks So Cute I Wanna Die
03. Thunderbird 101
04. Let’s Go Down To Brighton
05. Punk! Punk! Rocker!
06. You & Me Under the Christmas Tree
07. Ready For Some Action
08. Lambretta Shake
09. Watching The Blood In the Bull’s Eye
10. Global Warming Party
11. (I Burned my Skin In) Traffico Intenso
12. Revolution? Maybe On Monday…
13. The Revenge of the Cookie Monster
14. Why Should I Walk When I Can Run?
15. Ain’t No Fun Being Me Today
16. Your Muffin Top Looks Kinda Sexy
17. Insomniac Blues
18. Yes, It Hurts, But I Like the Pain
19. Beam Me Out of This Trashy Mo

Heatscores - Light'em Up

In the late ‘90s and early Oh-Ohs, The Heatscores were the answer when it came to Saskatoon’s premier hard-rocking, instrumental surf-punk band. Billing themselves as the “Originators of the Hub City Hot Rod Sound,” The Heatscores quickly gained a local cult following for both their intense songs and incendiary live show. Put simply, when it came to surf ‘n’ roll, they were the best game in town.

Cool As A Corpse, Hot Night at the Whorehouse, Knife Fight At The Wier, Light 'Em Up, Rumbleseat, Shot Fula Holes, The Bruce Is Loose, The Bruce IS STill Loose!, The SUnset Flip, Top Fuel Mama, Vengeance On Wheels


Monday, May 16, 2011

Retroliners-Shadows of Gotham

Sinister Surf from the Shadows of Gotham by The Retroliners - New Jersey's finest surf instrumental trio. If you are a fan of Nirvana, Los Straitjackets, The Ventures and classic and modern surf instrumental music than you will want this.

Much cruder sound than previous releases gives The Retroliners a new edge and expanding borders. many of these tracks sound like demos, have occasional rough guitar spots, but deliver a garage honesty and charm. Others are very well developed and smooth. Phil Dirt

1. Ragazzi Bianchi
2. My Sharona Lou
3. Cry For a Shadow
4. Alexis
5. Smells Like Kurt Drained You
6. Intermission
7. Recoleta
8. Noirleans
9. Arrangement In Grey & Black
10. In Like Clint


Eddie Hazel Games Dames & Guitar Thangs

Eddie Hazel's only solo album has been out of print for too long, and is briefly available direct from Rhino's Handmade line (or was when I wrote this-- www.rhinohandmade.com). Hazel is of course the legendary guitarist from the first few Funkadelic albums, and is one of the most overlooked guitarists out there. The album really is a feature for Hazel's guitar plyaing, and many Funkadelic members show up to help out with this one (including Bernie Worrell, Bootsy Collins and Tiki Fulwood, with both Collins and George Clinton contributing songs). Appended to the end of this release is a jam session from 1975 with Buddy Miles on drums originally released as "Jams from the Heart".

If you're familiar with Hazel (and with "Maggotbrain"), then you know what to expect-- his playing is fiery, powerful, and inventive. Musically, the record moves through the sort of funk modes similar to what Funkadelic did, although all the songs here are quite loose to allow a heavy emphasis on guitar soloing--Hazel soaks in different tones, always with his wah-wah close to his heart. There's not much in the way of vocals on this one, but they're not really important. Check out the monster playing from Hazel throughout certainly, but especially on "I Want You (She's So Heavy)"-- words can't describe.

Odds are, if you know to look for this, you know what you're getting yourself into-- if you don't and you're a fan of P-Funk or you just love great guitar playing, this is a fantastic album. Definitely worth checking out, its just a shame it hasn't gotten wider distribution.

1 California Dreamin’ (6:16)
2 Frantic Moment (3:42)
3 So Goes The Story (3:55)
4 I Want You (She’s So Heavy) (9:25)
5 Physical Love (5:32)
6 What About It? (3:46)
7 California Dreamin’ (Reprise) (1:30)
8 Smedley Smorganoff (3:07)
9 Lampoc Boogie (11:47)
10. From The Bottom Of My Soul (12:35)
11 Unkut Funk (2:03)


Eddie Hazel -Rest in P

"Rest in P" is an essential collection of unreleased solo material recorded by the pioneering lead guitarist of Parliament/Funkadelic. It contains some songs from a previously issued CD titled "Jams from the Heart". However, you would not be disappointed to have both. Actually, "Rest in P" has complete versions of the songs "Unkut Funk" and "Smedly Smorganoff" from the "Jams from the Heart" and much more from George Clinton's vaults. "Rest in P" also has more songs which give it more of an album feel. The song "We Three" is the same song as "From the bottom of my heart" from the "Jams..". However, George Clinton adds some Keyboards from Bernie Worrell on this production which gives it a different feel. This song is the jewel set. Eddie showcases his strong, soulful vocals with his incomparable lead guitar virtuosity. Eddie "puts it down" on this one. "No, It's not" is a strong track that is like an instrumental version of Funkadelic's "Comin round the Mountain". "We are One" and "Juicy Fingers" and also strong cuts. The songs were likely recorded during his sessions for his solo album "Games, Dames and Guitar Thangs. The songs have the same feel and the same musicians such as Bernie Worrell, Billy "Bass" Nelson, Jerome Brailey, Tiki Fulwood and Bootsy Collins on Space Bass. This CD is essential for anyone into "P-Funk" and anyone who loves good guitar playing. Eddie "Maggot Brain" Hazel is in a class by himself. These two make the complete solo output of Eddie.

1. Until It Rains
2. Beyond Word and Measure
3. Relic 'Delic (Purple Hazel)
4. Straighten Up
5. Juicy Fingers
6. We Three
7. Why Cry?
8. We Are One
9. No, It's Not!
10. Until It Rains (Reprise)


Surfin' Lungs - Goin' To Rockingham

Formed on 1981's in the Royal County of Berkshire, The Surfin' Lungs is a power-house of high octane guitar-licks and super-charged Farfisa. Taking their influences from the golden age of Rock & Roll and Surf music - Dick Dale, The Beach Boys, Jan and Dean - but giving it a fuel-injected thrust combining it with the pop and punk energy of the likes of The Monkees and the Ramones, The Surfin' Lungs had their foot firmly on the accelerator and rammed surf music into top-gear as they took up where the original hot-doggers of the early sixties had left off. ”

“The Surfin' Lungs' 5th album of original music (plus covers of Jan & Dean's "Surfin' Hearse", Blondie's "In the Sun" and their awesome version of the theme from "The Godfather". Every track is a hook laden corker and spans standard hot-rod songs like "Go Mr Gasser" and "Cathys Lttle Coupe" Spector-esque pop like "Where Young Men Go To Cry" powerpop like "Summertime Radio" and frat stompers like the title track and "Fajitas". The Lungs vocals have never sounded better either.”


01. Goin' To Rockingham
02. She'd Rather Be With The Sea
03. Their Car Club
04. The Godfather
05. Where Young Men Go To Cry
06. Long Live Summer
07. Cathy's Little Coupe
08. Flashpoint
09. There's Something Under The Pier
10. Summertime Radio
11. Surfin' Hearse
12. Never Goin' Back
13. Lonely Surfer Boy
14. Fajitas
15. Go Mr. Gasser! (Go!Go!Go!)
16. In The Sun
17. Surfin To Forget About You


Hellecasters - New Axes to Grind

The title says it all. Three of the finest country-style players come together again to delight listeners with some of their most impressive sounds to date. Every song is a winner, but two of them really stand out to me. "Ghosts of 42nd Street" is one of my all-time favorite Hellecasters songs and is the track I listen to more than any other on this album. It has a great jazzy sound to it with some excellent piano as well. Great work, guys! "Mad Cows At Ease" is the other stand out to me. It is a funny return to the wild, lightning-fast style they are so well known for. Only the second song I have with cows in it, the other being "Farm Fiddlin'" by Zakk Wylde. For any fan of the guitar out there get it, you will like it.

1. T.W.P.P.T.
2. Riddler's Jouney
3. Ghosts of 42nd Street
4. Mist Beyond Delhi
5. Almost Dawn
6. Mad Cows at Ease
7. As We Know It
8. Mr. Natural
9. Deiter's Lounge
10. Breaking Through


Hellecasters - Return Of The Hellecasters

Guitar, guitar, guitar! The "Return Of The Hellecasters" features the ferociously hellacious licks and tricks of the three Hellecasters-John Jorgenson, Will Ray and Jerry Donahue. You won't find another CD, in any music style, packed with as many guitars and as much tremendous playing as in the Hellecasters debut. As well as some incredible original instrumentals, The "Return Of The Hellecasters" includes a cover of the bluegrass standard of speed, "Orange Blossom Special" as well as Henry Mancini's "Peter Gunn" and the Gipsy Kings "Passion". The strongest recommendation possible for anyone who loves guitar oriented music.

1. Highlander Boogie (2:41)
2. Peter Gunn (3:43)
3. Back On Terra Firma (5:01)
4. Sweet Dreams (4:12)
5. King Arthur's Dream (4:45)
6. Orange Blossom Special (7:10)
7. 5 Minutes To Spare (5:34)
8. Rockin' The Dog (3:51)
9. Hellecaster Stomp (4:21)
10. Passion (4:03)
11. Help I've Fallen (And I Can't Get Up) (4:15)
12. Menage The Beak - The Claw (3:28)
13. Hellecaster Theme (2:54)


Friday, April 22, 2011

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited -Spooky Sound Sessions

Happy Easter you all. Instead of my annual post of Jesus Christ Surferstar - you can still get that right here in the archives - I figured you would like something different. Here you go -- everyone's FAVORITE SPY?SURF?CINEMA? group has a new bunch of tunes out and I thought you might like to add them to your Easter basket.

In the inter-stellar trajectory of the classic Peter Thomas Orchestra and 101 String's landmark album of esoteric, erotic electronica, "Astro Sounds from Beyond the Year 2000", as well as more modern masters of mood music like Jean Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream, Switzerland's Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited brings us their sixth CD of cinematic ear candy, "The Spooky Sound Sessions" (Dionysus Records). Tunes with titles like "Contract Killer," "The Whistler Returns," "Robotheque" and "la fille dans le train" atmospherically evoke a rainy, windswept, timelessly retro-Euro-noir world of sexy spies, androgynous androids, Danish modern furniture, space age architecture, lunar lounge lizards, leather-n-leopard clad sex kittens, sleek cars and cool people wearing stylish hats, trench coats and sunglasses - in the dark. The futuristic funk of tracks like "Record Shop" and "Sitar Jerk" give off a sort of Jess Franco 70s-sleazy grindhouse vibe, whereas "Gilera Baby" sounds like John Barry`s "Beat Girl" as reinterpreted by Laika and the Cosmonauts. "Sad City" could fit neatly on the soundtrack of any badass blaxploitation flick. Images of everything from classic giallo to Russian sci-fi movies will swim across your sonically massaged brain as you kick back and soak in these smooth, seductive sounds. There's not one extraneous part in this finely tuned musical machine. -- Will "The Thrill" Viharo for Retrospective Magazine

01 - Sitar Jerk
02 - Do The Lurk Around
03 - Robotheque
04 - The Whistler Returns
05 - Gilera Baby
06 - Record Shop
07 - Contract Killer
08 - La Fille Dans Le Train
09 - Re 307
10 - Action Scope
11 - November Morning
12 - Chicken Skin
13 - La Casa Gialla
14 - Sad City


VA - Gabe's Dirty Blues

A little Kulture here at the ol' FCCL. This was my first introduction to the world of real raunchy r&b - the fun stuff. I've had this since the 70's and still enjoy a spin every now and then. I was really glad to find a solid rip of this that I couldn't help myself and I snagged it.

It seems this is the only rip of this floating around - originally by “Issaquah” -we thank him for this superb 2 LP set.

Being a lazy sob - if you want the technical details get them here: http://bebopwinorip.blogspot.com/2009/10/gabes-dirty-blues.html

A whoppin' good place for killer music I might add. The music in this set is pretty much available on newer comps you can get on the blogosphere including a few here at FCCL, but to me - this was my first and still one of the best. The complete 2-album set has 30 tracks totaling 78:05 minutes so grab it and enjoy.

01. Fever / Little Willie John
02. Walkin' The Blues / Champion Jack Dupree
03. Sick & Tired / Lula Reed
04. Shake 'em Up, Baby / Roy Brown
05. Work With Me Annie / Hank Ballard & The Midnighters
06. Cherry Wine / Little Esther Phillips
07. 60-Minute Man / Billy Ward & The Dominoes
08. Ride, Jockey, Ride / The Lamplighters
09. Keep On Churnin' / Wynonie Harris
10. Rocket 69 / Todd Rhodes
11. 10-Inch Record / Bull Moose Jackson
12. Black Diamond / Roy Brown
13. Jealous Love / Lula Reed
14. Bloodshot Eyes / Wynonie Harris
15. Sexy Ways / Hank Ballard & The Midnighters
16. Salty Dog / The Lamplighters
17. Monkey, Hips and Rice / The “5” Royales
18. T-99 / Tiny Bradshaw
19. Rock Love / Lula Reed
20. Wasn't That Good / Wynonie Harris
21. Annie Had A Baby / Hank Ballard & The Midnighters
22. Girl From Kokomo / Roy Brown
23. All Around the World / Little Willie John
24. I Want a Bow-Legged Woman / Bull Moose Jackson
25. Quiet Whiskey / Wynonie Harris
26. Use What You Got / Freddy King
27. Queen Of Diamonds / Roy Brown
28. Loving Machine / Wynonie Harris
29. Shake That Thing / Wynonie Harris
30. Adam Come Get Your Rib / Wynonie Harris


Freddy King gives you a Bonanza of Instrumentals

King’s second all-instrumental album, Freddy King Gives You a Bonanza of Instrumentals, originally released in 1965 on King Records’ Federal subsidiary, continued the artist’s winning streak, with such memorable King originals as “Manhole,” “Freeway 75,” “Low Tide” and “Funnybone.” The 12-song LP demonstrates once again why King was one of his generation’s most revered electric guitarists.

1. Manhole 2. Freeway 75 3. Low Tide 4. The Sad Nite Owl 5. Funnybone 6. Nickleplated 7. String-a-Ling 8. Surf Monkey 9. Freddy’s Midnite Dream 10. Fish Fare 11. Cloud Sailin’ 12. Remington Ride


String-A-Longs - Best

Famed for their instrumental smash "Wheels," Plainview, TX rock & roll combo the String-A-Longs was formed in 1956 by singer/guitarist Keith McCormack, guitarist Richard Stephens, and bassist Aubrey de Cordova. High school classmates who originally joined forces under the name the Patio Kids, the group expanded to a quartet with the addition of drummer Charles Jay Edmiston, and in early 1957 changed their name to the Rock 'n' Rollers to coincide with the arrival of second guitarist Jimmy Torres. Their growing local popularity inspired McCormack's mother to fund a recording session at producer Norman Petty's Clovis, NM studios, and after replacing Edmiston with drummer Don Allen, the band -- which had again changed its name, this time to the Leen Teens -- recorded the tracks "So Shy" and "Dreams About You," later issued on Imperial. The record stiffed, and although Petty produced several more sessions in the years to follow, none of the material saw an official release.

While cutting a 1960 date, McCormack's voice gave out, and Petty suggested they record his Tex-Mex-influenced instrumental composition "Wheels" backed by the Leen Teens' own instrumental "Tell the World." At Petty's insistence, the name "String-A-Longs" was installed prior to the single's release on Warwick; when both sides began earning airplay, the label split the disc into two A-sides, although "Wheels" (newly backed by the vocal performance "Am I Asking Too Much") became the far bigger hit, reaching the number three spot in the U.S. in early 1961. The follow-up, "Brass Buttons," also hit the Top 40, a distinction narrowly missed by the String-A-Longs' third release, "Should I." A series of singles as well as an LP, Pick-A-Hit Featuring "Wheels", followed before Warwick filed for bankruptcy in 1962; the group then signed to Dot, where efforts like "Twist Watch," "Replica," and "Myna Bird" failed to attract much attention. After 1965's "Caravan" met a similar fate, the String-A-Longs disbanded, with McCormack -- who'd earlier penned the Jimmy Gilmer & the Fireballs chart-topper "Sugar Shack" -- replacing Gilmer three years later.

This is an excellent disc featuring the greatest hits of the String-A-Longs, a wonderful but sadly little-known instrumental group that recorded in the same Norman Petty Studios that Buddy Holly did. The style is reminiscent of The Ventures, Santo & Johnny, and other great bands of the late 50's/early 60's era. Pop this into the CD player and go back to the days of drive-ins, poodle skirts, saddle shoes and the Eisenhower/Kennedy years. A great sampler from a truly great band. More on the mellower side - great for those late night listens ”

(01) Wheels
(02) Sentimental Journey
(03) Harbour Lights
(04)Are You Lonesome Tonight
(05) Perfidia
(06) Torquay
(07) Panic Button
(08) Red River Twist
(09) Nearly Sunrise
(10) Bulldog
(11) Walk Don't Run
(12) Save The Last Dance For Me


Brad Paisley - Play: The Guitar Album

In an unusual move for an established country singer, Brad Paisley's PLAY is a primarily instrumental album that puts its focus entirely on Paisley's underrated guitar work. Only 4 vocals and the instrumental work in those excels. Far from being a traditional country album, or even a contemporary country-pop album, PLAY works in a wide variety of genres, including Les Paul-style jazz, ripping surf rock, old-fashioned electric Chicago blues, and metal-tinged rock & roll.
Paisley also assembles quite a list of guest stars: a re-recording of an early hit features a guest appearance by the actor Andy Griffith, while the Bakersfield country rocker "Come On In" features the late Buck Owens and a bluesy take on "Let the Good Times Roll" welcomes B.B. King. Two vocal tracks, "Start A Band" and "More Than Just This Song," feature Keith Urban and Steve Warriner, respectively, while the epic "Cluster Pluck" is a tongue-in-cheek high-speed dash through the history of country guitar showcasing James Burton, Vince Gill, Albert Lee, and four other guitarists besides. Good is good no matter what genre it is. Very recommended. You will be surprised as to how good it is - so check it out and thank me later.

1. Huckleberry Jam
2. Turf's Up
3. Start A Band (Duet With Keith Urban)
4. Kim
5. Departure
6. Come On In (Featuring Buck Owens)
7. Playing With Fire
8. Kentucky Jelly
9. More Than Just This Song (Featuring Steve Wariner)
10. Les Is More
11. Pre-Cluster Cluster Pluck Prequel
12. Cluster Pluck (Featuring James Burton, Vince Gill, Albert Lee, John Jorgenson, Brent Mason, Redd Volkaert and Steve Wariner)
13. Cliffs Of Rock City
14. Let The Good Times Roll (Featuring B.B. King)
15. What A Friend We Have In Jesus
16. Waitin' On A Woman (With Andy Griffith)


Freddy King - Let's Hide Away and Dance Away with Freddy King

Some truly brilliant performances on this album's dozen tunes. King makes playing the guitar seem as natural walking. The songs show a tremendous variety in content, approach, technique and style--something one might not expect from even the best blues albums. Each song has some of the catchiest melodies you're likely to ever hear from a guitar player in any genre. And they are fun. Do yourself a big favor. Get this album. Then get "Freddie King give you a Bonanza of Insturmentals". Because of the dozens of blues/rock albums cut in a similiar vein, these two are at the top of the list.

The album and several of the songs it contains have been influential. According to 2006's Encyclopedia of the Blues, the song "Hide Away" has become "[o]ne of the most popular blues instrumentals of all time", a "mandatory staple of blues bands" at its time and "a standard for countless blues and rock musicians performing today." All Music Guide to the Blues indicates that in addition to "Hide Away", which it describes as "Freddie King's signature tune and most influential recording", several of the other songs on the album also became blues classics, including "San-Ho-Zay" and "The Stumble". Encyclopedia of the Blues adds that "Sen-Sa-Shun", too, became a favorite songs for instrumental bands. Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead, who have covered "Hide Away" live on several occasions, specifically sited "San-Ho-Zay" and "Sensation" (sic) as among the Freddie King album tracks that inspired him.
1."Hide Away" (King) – 2:43 2."Butterscotch" – 3:04 3. "Sen-Sa-Shun" – 2:54 4. "Side Tracked" (King) – 3:07 5."The Stumble" – 3:14 6. "Wash Out" – 2:38 7. "San-Ho-Zay" – 2:40 8. "Just Pickin'" (King) – 2:33 9. "Heads Up" – 2:33 10."In the Open" – 3:11 11. "Out Front" – 2:40 12. Swooshy" – 2:19


Friday, April 15, 2011

Boss Martians Jetaway Sounds

Stomp, Surf and Shake from Seattle's famous 4-piece The Boss Martians. One of their best, mostly instrumentals, with just a couple of vocal tracks adding variety. The theme of Jet Planes runs throughout, making this a unique release for fans of the 60s style Surf guitar. My own rp- in blazin' 320.

Track Listing:
Hangar Party Stomp
Lost Luggage Frenzy
One Loud Turbine
Stewardess More Peanuts Please
Ode To The Baggage Handler
My Favorite Planemaker
Irving The Swingin' Air Traffic Controller
Two On The Wing
The Airline Broke My Surfboard
What'd I Fly
Boeing Boeing Gone!
Story Of The DASH-80


Cluoseaux ST

Modern Lounge

Clouseaux- easy listening mood music- 10 Tracks: 1)Krakatoa 2)Where Are We Now? 3)Le Nuit 4)Payaso 5)Reum With A View 6)Ennui 7)A Most Excellent Flying Death 8)Fist On The Green 9)Jack The Ripper 10)Marauder


Rock D Run 1

Rock Don't Run 1

1. Whatcha Say? - The Kaisers 2. Bikini Sunset - The Volcanos
3. Half Moon Bay - The Volcanos 4. University Blvd. - Lost Straitjackets
5. Morpheus - The Surf Kings 6. The Tower - The Surf Kings
7. Mr. Pan Ventures Out - The Panasonics 8. Bustin Suds - Thee Phantom 5ive
9. Hey - Thee Phantom 5ive 10. Floating - Laika and The Cosmonauts
11. Cerveza On Dee Mesa - The Fathoms 12. Rockabilly Surfer - The Fathoms
13. Topless Beach - Eddie Angel 14. The Maltese Martian - Dragula
15. Bruce Lee's Last Ride - Dragula 16. The Natives Are Restless - The Halibuts
17. Cool Hand Luke - The Astro Naughts 18. Surfin' Boar - The Astro Naughts


Rock D Run 2

Rock D Run 2

1 Kawanga! Los Straitjackets 2 Sandoway Exotics 3 Gasser Exotics 4 Valley of the Kaisers Kaisers 5 Mondo Bondo Four Piece Suit 6 A Shot in the Dark Four Piece Suit
7 Hammerhead Halibuts 8 Under the Gun Mulchmen 9 Big Nasty Mulchmen
10 Pacifica Los Straightjackets 11 2000 LB. Werewolf Neanderthals
12 Fade Away Laika, Cosmonauts 13 Night of the Drunken Cheerleaders Penetrators
14 Melodie's Dilemma Penetrators 15 Summertime Summertime 16 Pan's Rock Panasonics 17 Rik-A-Tik Simon And The Bar Sinisters 18 Mongoose Boulevard Vibro Champs


Rock D Run 3

RDR 3 - more goodness.

1. Overboard - The Fathoms
2. Psychotronic - The Insect Surfers
3. Island Uprising - The Tiki Tones
4. Nitrous Peroxide - Sir Bald Diddley & His Wig Outs
5. Sack O' Woe - The Omega Men
6. Shalako - The Bent Scepters
7. Thunder Over Rincon - Jon & The Nightriders
8. Solaris Stomp - The Space Cossacks
9. F.U.J.I.M.O. - The Untamed Youth
10. Lunar Luau - The Huntington Cads
11. Lou Siffer - Rocky Velvet
12. More Booze, Less Ice - The Boss Martians
13. Betrayal - The Ripsnorts
14. Devil's Punchbowl - Satan's Pilgrims
15. Branded - Los Straitjackets
16. Thar She Blows - The Halibuts


Friday, April 1, 2011


Got me with their name - anything Dalek has to be checked out. 9 surf & rock instrumentals with a running time of approx. 24 minutes. Back in the early days of electrified music, Dalek Beach Party were the undisputed masters of twang and other guitar frenzied tunes. This British instrumental group play some hard-driving music, and does it very well. Not only surf, also some gut-pounding twangy rock with at times that spaghetti western feel. Excellent throughout - highly recommended.

Dalek Beach Party - Dead Men On Holiday

Dalek Beach Party - Dead Men On Holiday 2:28
Dalek Beach Party - John Peel 0:50
Dalek Beach Party - Marvellous Sense Of Rhythm 3:06
Dalek Beach Party - Mumbo Jumbo 2:00
Dalek Beach Party - One For The Ladies 3:50
Dalek Beach Party - Pile Up 2:04
Dalek Beach Party - Teddy Boys Picnic 2:13
Dalek Beach Party - We Start By Laughing 5:09
Dalek Beach Party - Wheels Came Off 1:56

Bonus trax - freebies from their website


DALEK BEACH PARTY- 12 INCH 'Rabble Rousers in Catalogue Trousers'

More killer surf and twang from the Whovians. Excellent.

1. Exterminate! Exterminate!
2. Link Wray.
3. Head 'Em Off At The Pass.
4. 6 O'Clock Again.
5. Mr Smith.
6. Ramblin' Rose.



Really cool indie/alt tribute to one of our all time fave musicals. Never seen this before. Opening track is killer surf.

1. Dalek Beach Party- 'The Sound Of Music'.
2. Northern Picture Library- 'Something Good'.
3. Mary Queen Of Scots- 'Climb Ev'ry Mountain'.
4. Rileys- 'Sixteen Going On Seventeen'.
5. Bouquet- 'Do Re Mi'.
6. Deltones- 'So Long, Farewell'.
7. BMX Bandits- 'Eidelweiss'.
8. Blueboy- 'My Favourite Things'.
9. Strawberry Story- 'Maria'.
10. Haywains- 'I Have Confidence'
11. Mrs Kipling- 'Lonely Goatherd'
12. Mr Terry Edwards- 'This Is The Sound Of Music'
13. Cesspit Rebels- 'So Long, Farewell'.


Longhorn Devils Spitfire BarBee

If you enjoy Los Straitjackets, the Treble Spankers, or the Reventlos, you'll like this CD. This Dutch twang based crunch band rocks and swings, and drives home their point with precision and power. Excellent writing and production, powerful playing and an intense experience into the world of instrumental rock. More than surf and twang combined, this release displays highly enjoyable and comfortable, yet complex and intellectual music with hard driving emotional content and powerful rhythms.

Fans of recent Dutch outfits such as the Treble Spankers and the Krontjong Devils will find plenty to like on "Spitfire Bar-Bee" from the movin' and groovin' opening of "Monkey Ride" to the pinpoint timing and musical virtuosity of "Gabad" to the eerie aggression of "Winnetou."
Phil Dirt has commented, "This should be a monster release among surf rock instro fans."

1. Monkey Ride
2. Clash of the Titans
3. Devil's Turf
4. Templar's Surf
5. Phantome
6. Gabad
7. New Bond
8. Misery Blues
9. Donkey Shot
10. Private Eye
11. Winnetou
12. Shark Cheese
13. Saz Chase [*]


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Surfaholics Tiki-A-Go-Go

Formed in 1991,they have evolved into a 4 piece instrumental combo.Dual guitar, bass, and drums pound out wave after wave of powerful surf. You couldn't possibly listen to the swelling tunes and sit still. Their music will pull you off the sandy beach and deep into the break. You'll have plenty of company on the dance floor. In additional to playing the local circuit, they have also opened concerts for their national counterparts, Laika and the Cosmonauts.
They recorded their splashing debut in the summer of 95. They caught the interest of producer Stan Pixler of Pixler Discs, who provided the financial support necessary to launch the project. The recording expertise of Don Dixon shines through loud and clear. He has worked with greats such as REM, the Smithereens and Marshall Crenshaw.
"..."Ungowa" sets the tone as their twin guitar attack lay down an unusual and frantic rhythmic pattern of riffs. With pounding drums and a deep, rich bass it's a storming start...Better still is the more original "Surfana" with guitars fighting it out in rounds between subtly suave spells of calm...Overall the lasting impression is of an exciting band using all the tricks they know to spice up some repetitive riff-laden originals rather than lay down yet another album of covers. Their use of dynamics is great, their arrangements are excellent, and they are a very tight band." - Pipeline Instrumental Review

1 Ungowa
2 Frankensurfer
3 Big Rat Daddy
4 Smells Like Surfana
5 Mother's Worry
6 Swang 10
7 Get Lost
8 Toxic Beach
9 Habla Deville
10 Davinadagaga
11 Another Cloudy Day
12 Zombie Bolero
13 Ghost Of Dragster Beach
14 Pedal To The Metal
15 Dangerous Undertow


V-A : Yells From the Crypt

Gravewax Records is a Lone Star State's company offering rockabilly, surf, spaghetti western, twang country sounds for the living dead & the masses of the living dead. Some good stuff here. This is the best bitrate I have - if anyone has it higher - please let me know.

Shadow over Elkhart (The Creepniks) / Among the pines (Those Poor Bastards) / Murder on Beaver Street (The Route 66 Killers) / Vampire bar fight (The Cryptomaniacs) / Blood on the grill (Alex Machine) / Psychonaut (The Coffin Daggers) / Packin' heat at the Speakeasy (Rainer Hass) / CSG theme (Colonel Sander's Grave) / Anhelo (Sons of Perdition) / Death row hoedown (Muleskinner Jones) / The hungry grave (Gein and the Graverobbers) / Beast (Blitzkriegbliss) / Dead and gone (Phantom Creeps) / Give me! (Lona and the Love Objects) / El diablo el mas chingon (Los Muertos Vivientes) / Going back to Memphis (Joecephus and the George Jonestown Massacre) / Hope you get what you deserve (Cooterfinger) / Juan Simon (Dexentonados) / The hellbound train (Lonesome Wyatt) / People hate blues (Reverend Elvis and the Undead Syncopators) / Helv (The Visitant)


Knukel Drager - Now Monster Sound

Knuckel Drager is a fire breathing garage surf band from Madison Wisconsin.
Little else is known about them, they wear
scary masks, and play a brand of music that could be compared to newer
garage punk bands like The Mummies,The Bomboras and The Lords Of Altamont.
Those wild tear 'em up bands!
They're crazy onstage,and use a traditional garage band instrument -a keyboard,
but their keyboard breathes fire! Their music is wild, and usually instrumental, short bursts of speed garage surf. Check it out wild childs.

(Mod Top, Baron von Surf Helmet, Beatnik BBQ, Vamp Camp, Twinkies With Machine Guns, Drag Bike '71, Knuckel Stomp, Situation 69, Church Bus, Penetration, Panic In Lane Zero, Evil Rider, The Song That Cannot Be Named)


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chris Shahin Band The Tenth Degree

Finally, the Chris Shahin band comes out of the shadows of surf rumor and jazz venues into the light of an official release. This is a most unusual jazz based surf influenced band. The wonderful and unusual blend comes from a different angle than previously explored. Others have taken jazz into their surf as an influence. Chris Shahin's band is made up of talented and experienced jazz musicians with a fascination for the reverb, a desire to use the melodic sense of surf and influence their jazz with it. In the sixties, there was the promise not kept of Kenny Burrell and Kai Winding. 30 years later, that which was only hinted at has been brought to fruition by four talented players. Chris has written and arranged all the tracks. This is a highly melodic, mood setting, and highly enjoyable CD. It is not trad, it is a new and mature approach, well worth a side-trip. This will surely please. Check it out, dudz.

1. The Industrial Juggernaut
2. Surf's Down
3. Los 'Los
4. Emancipate This Water Planet
5. Surf, Don't Run
6. Psychic Friends
7. Baroque Again
8. Baja Cactus
9. Agent 99
10. The Tenth Degree
11. Chime
12. Americana
13. Baja Cactus (Remix)


Mambohammer - ST

Beware humans! The constantly burning city of Lappeenranta has spawned yet another monster. MAMBOHAMMER takes you to their voyage to the bottom of humanity and it feels this ****in' sweet! MAMBOHAMMER consist of members from Anal Thunder, Pronssinen Pokaali and the Verticals. The backbone of their sound is John O. Mambo's (The Verticals) song writing, that is loyal to surf and garage rock roots, and his loud and twangy guitar. The rhytm section of Lez, Hans and Man-Helena is equally on +/-, whether it's time to speed up like in the title song 'Mambohammer' and the closing track 'Suzuki Samurai', or take it down like in the mellow and deep 'Medicine Water'. Serious surfin' twang. Short and oh so sweet.

1. Dead City
2. Mambohammer
3. Miss Mantis
4. Medicine Water
5. Suzuki Samurai


Friday, February 11, 2011

Martin Cilia - The Odd One Out

Atlantics' guitarist Martin Cilia's new CD ventures far afield from the surf sounds of Oz's principal progenitors of the aquatic sound. While this is not at all surf, it sure is good! Superb playing (you expected that, of course) is matched with really good arranging and writing. The Odd One Out is a fine release.

01. The Odd One Out (1:49)
02. Real to Reel (3:02)
03. Cry for a Shadow (2:45)
04. Exile on Chapel Street (2:36)
05. Medication (3:50)
06. The Same Song Remains (5:02)
07. Old Guitars (4:04)
08. Chunky (3:21)
09. Pick on Me (1:51)
10. Ancestor (4:38)
11. West of Bondi (3:34)
12. 1993 (5:12)
13. Road to Ballarat (2:31)


Duane Eddy - Have 'Twangy' Guitar Will Travel [40th Anniversary Edition]

If Duane Eddy's instrumental hits from the late '50s can sound unduly basic and repetitive (especially when taken all at once), he was vastly influential. Perhaps the most successful instrumental rocker of his time, he may have also been the man most responsible (along with Chuck Berry) for popularizing the electric rock guitar. His distinctively low, twangy riffs could be heard on no less than 15 Top 40 hits between 1958 and 1963. He was also one of the first rock stars to successfully crack the LP market.

Having said this I would also like to praise the remarkable eclecticism of this first and greatest All-Instrumental Rock and Roll album. I have heard this album- at least in sections- for about 20 years now have only recently come to respect the range of styles represented here. Hazelwood and Eddy pulled every possible trick out of their bags in late, great '58: there is real rockabilly ("Cannonball" w/ Al Casey- Duane's truest rockabilly outside of his later "Theme From Dixie"); standard Rock and Roll ("Rebel Rouser"); proto-surf (the legendary "Movin' and Groovin'"); country-rock ("Detour"); standard country ("Anytime"); REAL- (no foolin')- BLUES ("Three-30-Blues"); Rhythm and Blues ("I Almost Lost My Mind"); just a hint of jazz stylin' ("The Lonely One"); and even a stab at what would later be called Folk Rock ("Lonesome Road"). Absolutely incredible!

Have 'Twangy' Guitar Will Travel was his first LP and the album that put Duane Eddy's name on the map. It was the first album of the Rock And Roll era issued completely in stereo and the best selling instrumental rock album ever (2 years in the charts). Sadly only half of the stereo masters could be located and that's why this 40th anniversary remastered edition contains 6 mono tracks. However it includes 3 previously unavailable b-sides as bonus tracks.

1. Lonesome Road
2. I Almost Lost My Mind
3. Rebel Rouser
4. Three-30-Blues
5. Cannonball
6. The Lonely One
7. Detour
8. Stalkin'
9. Ramrod
10. Anytime
11. Moovin' 'N' Groovin'
12. Loving You
13. Up and Down - (bonus track)
14. The Walker - (bonus track)
15. Mason Dixon Lion - (bonus track)


Johnny & The Hurricanes - The Very Best Of Johnny & The Hurricanes

The rock instrumentals coming out of the Golden Age of American rock and roll were defined by the likes of Duane Eddy, the Ventures, the Champs and Sandy Nelson. As much a part of this era but much less recognized was the group of Johnny Pocisk and his Hurricanes. This band produced a string of energetic, organ and sax-dominated rock instrumentals in the late 50s and early 60s. Much of their output was based on a formula of creating rock tunes out of traditional songs. In spite of their notable chart successes, their music has largely been ignored in the domestic CD reissue market until now. Varese Vintage records has come out with this first high-quality compilation of Johnny and the Hurricanes tunes. Titled as the "Very Best of...", this collection contains most of the higher-charting singles along with some b-sides and album cuts. The omission of two of their lower-charting singles notwithstanding, this piece presents a good overview of the Hurricanes' output from both their Warwick and Big Top label stints. (These missing tunes are available on some other import Hurricanes CDs from Black Tulip - an excellent greatest-hits collection - and album-oriented CDs from Repertoire in Germany). Sound quality is very good and far better than most other Hurricanes pieces available. Many tracks (1,2,4,8,11,12,13,17,20) are in true stereo. An eight-page booklet contains some pics and a backround history of the group. Another high-quality reissue from Varese Vintage that fills a long-standing gap in the universe of classic American rock and roll reissues.

1. Reveille Rock
2. Bye Bye Blackbird
3. The Hungry Eye
4. Beatnik Fly
5. Miserlou
6. James Bond Theme
7. Buckeye
8. Sand Storm
9. Red River Rock
10.Bean Bag
12.You Are My Sunshine
13.Storm Warning
14.Down Yonder
15.Time Bomb
16.Rocking Goose
17.Like Rock
18.The Sheik of Araby


The Eliminators - Room to Move

The Eliminators are back with their 3rd CD of rockin’ surf instrumentals, Room To Move. For close to 20 years, The Eliminators have remained a critically acclaimed Southern California surf instrumental band and Room To Move dramatically drives that point home. This is an eclectic collection of rock instrumentals that transcend a strict surf guitar regimen. While the traditional surf sound is certainly evident here, this release also ventures into the spaghetti western style (“Snake Eyes”) with elements of the Memphis soul sound (“Slick”) and even big band instrumentals (“Steel Trap,” a cover of an obscure Link Wray recording).

Joining The Eliminators on this recording is author-guitarist John Blair (who also coproduced). His early band, Jon & The Nightriders, ignited a “second wave,” or modern school of instrumental surf music, in 1979 and his book, the Illustrated Discography of Surf Music, 1961-1965 is the most comprehensive discography of surf music recordings ever published (now in its 4th edition).

The pairing of Blair and The Eliminators’ Joe Kurkowski combines two of the foremost guitarists and composers in the history of surf-rock instrumental music. ”

01. Hang On (3:02)
02. Walking Tall (3:00)
03. Snake Eyes (3:26)
04. Balsa Chica (3:00)
05. Rockin' Billy (2:31)
06. Pool Party (3:19)
07. Sonic Blue (5:32)
08. Sunset Glide (2:55)
09. Steel Trap (4:00)
10. Slick (3:40)
11. Revenge of the Cowabunga Thunder Melvins (2:31)
12. Marty's Theme (2:27)
13. One Gun Is All You Need (2:45)
14. Starlight Cruise (2:42)


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra - Hooked Up Classics

Shawn Lee dons his Ping Pong Orchestra hat for an album inspired by the Hooked On Classics series of the early 1980s. This popular series of albums (arranged by Louis Clark of Electric Light Orchestra fame) took well-known classical pieces and gave them a contemporary re-working, mostly adding a disco flavor. Lee throws his new musical twist on the idea, taking 12 favorite classical tracks and squeezing them through the Ping Pong Orchestra machine. The end result is an album that will introduce new listeners to legendary pieces of music, and is set to turn the heads of classical music fans.

Really enjoyable. Will bring back a wash of nostalgia. I have all the other "Hooked Ons" if you need that vibe.

01. 1812 Overture
02. Swan Lake
03. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
04. Ride of the Valkyries
05. Gymnopedie No.1
06. Peter and the Wolf
07. Also Sprach Zarathustra
08. Flight of the Bumblebee
09. Bolero
10. In The Hall of the Mountain King
11. Romeo and Juliet
12. Funeral March


Calibro 35 Rare

"RARE" is a collection of Calibro 35's songs that were spread across different releases through the last three years: soundtracks, compilations, deluxe editions, alternate and extended versions and it also includes some unreleased recordings. Some of the material is from Calibro 35's first ever recording session when they decided to cover Ennio Morricone tracks like "Trafelato," "Summertime Killer," and "Notte in Bovisa." Other tracks include originals and covers of obscure themes of various vintage soundtracks that are reinterpreted and rearranged by Calibro 35, adding their special touch of funk, rock and psychedelia. ”

Track list:
1. Ballando In Balera (2:43)
2. Appuntamento Al Contessa (2:56)
3. E Nessuno Si Fara' Del Male (1:33)
4. La Polizia Brasiliana S'incazza (2:53)
5. L'uomo Dagli Occhi Di Ghiaccio (6:36)
6. Uomini Si Nasce Calibro Si Muore (2:33)
7. Svolta Sul Caso D'amario (2:52)
8. Milano New York Solo Andata (4:04)
9. Come Un Romanzo (2:34)
10. La Polizia Sta A Guardare (3:14)
11. Trafelato (Extended Version) (7:56)
12. Summertime Killer (Extended Version) (4:46)
13. Notte In Bovisa (Alternate Take) (2:25)
14. I Milanesi Ammazzano Il Sabato (3:27)
15. Si Dicono Tante Cose (Alternate Take) (3:02)


Smoke That Cigarette - Pleasure To Burn

RYP at Twlight Zone - see sidebar isn't the only one with cool oldies comps.

You know that you can trust Bear Family to come up with some truly bizarre collections, and Smoke That Cigarette is no exception. While you may think that nearly 90 minutes (on one CD!) of smoking songs will become redundant, this collection expertly balances the novelty songs with the old country weepers. Chances are good that you haven't heard about 80 percent of these songs, but Bear Family throws a life preserver to those who crave the familiar by including such standards as Sinatra's "These Foolish Things." Great from the first hacking cough that begins the CD to the last vintage commercial that ends it, Smoke That Cigarette is like a good Chesterfield: It Satisfies. There's a lot of music on this little disk.
01. Jimmy Martin — I Can't Quit Cigarettes
02. Marty Robbins — Cigarettes and Coffee Blues
03. Les Paul & Mary Ford — Smoke Rings
04. Jerry Reed — Another Puff
05. Glen Glenn — One Cup of Coffee and A Cigarette
06. Lillian Leach & Mellows — Smoke from Your Cigarette
07. Joe & Rose Lee Maphis — Dim Lights, Thick Smoke (and Loud, Loud Music)
08. Rev. J. M. Gates — Smoking Woman in the Street
09. Patti Page — While A Cigarette Was Burning
10. Roger Miller — Dad Blame Anything A Man Can't Quit
11. Autry Inman — Does Your Sweetheart Seem Different Lately
12. Johnnie Ray — Coffee and Cigarettes (Thinking it Over)
13. Slim Dusty — Sad Cigarette
14. Bobby Edwards — You're the Reason
15. Jimmy Dolan — Nicotine Fits
16. Peggy Lee — Don't Smoke in Bed
17. Baker Knight — Smoke
18. Patsy Cline — Three Cigarettes in an Ashtray
19. Paul Clayton — My Last Cigarette
20. Homer & Jethro — Are You Kissing More Now (But Enjoying it Less)
21. Billy Walker — Down to My Last Cigarette
22. Frank Sinatra — These Foolish Things
23. The Sons of the Pioneers — Cigareetes, Whusky and Wild Women
24. Bonnie Guitar — Three on A Match
25. Curtis Gordon — Caffeine and Nicotine
26. Wilf Carter — What Cigarette is Best
27. Bill Mack — The Smoke, the Bottle and the Wine
28. Tommy Collins — Cigarette Milner
29. Little Jimmie Dickens — Twenty Cigarettes
30. Tex Williams — Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (that Cigarette)
31. Advertisment — Dragnet Advertisement (March 20, 1952)
32. Advertisment — Richard Diamond Advertisement (February 2, 1951)


Billy Smith - Incredible Hammond Organ

Boogaloo to the groovy hammond soundz.

01) In The Mood
02) One Hour With You
03) Realejo
04) Homburg
05) Romantic Blues
06) Tom Black Stomp
07) Eternity
08) Carnival In Venice
09) Beautiful Things
10) Days Of Pearly Spencer
11) Cavaquino
12) Rocky Rhythm


Enoch Light And The Light Brigade - Future Sound Shock

Surround sound old school. Incredible stereo effects. Enjoy.

01) St Thomas - Everybody
02) Cute
03) Recado Bossa Nova
04) Caravan
05) Pick Yourself Up
06) Perdido
07) Samba De Orfeu
08) Give Joy To the World
09) One Note Samba
10) Baubles, Bangles and Beads
11) The Girl From Ipanema

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