Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Surfer Joe - Senor Surf

Surfer Joe - Senor Surf

“Senor Surf” is the first solo release of Surfer Joe. The album was recorded in 2013, but sounds just like a real 60s record! This is partly due to the way the album was recorded and the use of analog gear, but Lorenzo could have easily been one of the greats in the sixties. It collects pieces from some years back and finally glues them together, but also presents brand new compositions that reveal the devotion to the classic surf sound of the 60s revisited with a fascinating style. He dedicates his life to surf music with a positive attitude and a great energy, always ready for new experiences and ideas while keeping an eye on the tradition of the genre which involves the most typical reverb drenched guitar sounds and pushing drum beats inspired by jazz and rock ‘n’ roll.

Paul Johnson of the Bel-Airs (known from the song ‘Mr. Moto’ with Eddie Bertrand, who later on formed the band Eddie & the Showmen) is featured on the live recording of the B-side track ‘Beach City Bop’. On this track, Lorenzo plays the drums. Yes, the man can also play the drums!

Aside from this song, the album mostly contains Lorenzo’s own work, which he has written in Antigua (an island in the Caribbean Sea), where he lived between 2004 and 2011 and played in the surf band Wadidli Riders (locals call the island Wadidli). The album starts off great with ‘Macaroni Pie’ and remains interesting. Side A of the record ends with the track ‘The North Swell’, which was recorded live on Antigua. Side B starts with ‘Fire Escape Rope’, that strongly reminds me of Slacktone, and ends with ‘Beach City Bop’. This is the world of Surfer Joe, made of simple melodies, groovy arrangements, twanging notes, stories to tell and surf music. This is a great album that deserves to be part of every Surf music fan’s collection.

Track List:

01. Macaroni Pie [01:52]
02. El Seсor Surf [02:44]
03. Devil's Bridge [02:34]
04. Underwater Love [03:03]
05. Waveboard Action [02:26]
06. The North Swell [02:43]
07. Fire Escape Rope [03:07]
08. Cavalcade Of Surf [02:41]
09. Etage 8 [02:29]
10. Twangy Drippy Twisty [02:01]
11. Changing Things [03:47]
12. Beach City Bop [03:45]

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