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Man or Astroman Live Transmissions From Uranus

More MOAM. Decent show, some chat may distract tho.

1. "Intro Sample" (from The Leech Woman) - 1:00
2. "Transmissions from Uranus" - 2:23
3. "Time Bomb" (Avengers VI) - 1:57
4. "Special Agent Conrad Uno" - 3:07
5. "Sferic Waves" - 2:42
6. "Destination Venus" (The Rezillos) - 4:21
7. "Name of Numbers" - 1:27
8. "A Mouthful of Exhaust" - 2:43
9. "Cowboy Playing Bombora" (The Original Surfaris) - 4:19
10. "Mystery Science Theater 3000 Love Theme" (Hodgson, Weinstein, Erikson) - 2:16
11. "Gargantua's Last Stand" - 2:13
12. "Surfari" (The Original Surfaris) - 1:58
13. "Rovers" - 3:25 14. "Manta Ray" (The Pixies) - 2:15 15. "Man from F.U.C.K. Y.O.U." (Jerry Goldsmith) - 1:32 16. "Eric Estrotica" - 3:22 17. "Nitrous Burnout" - 5:54


Man Or Astroman? Live at Maida Vale BBC Studios for John Peel 2000 London, England November 1, 2000

Classic live show. Great stuff.
01 Spectrograph Reading of the Varying Phantom Frequencies of Chronic Incurable Tinnitus 2:38
02 Theme from EEVIAC 2:25
03 Song for the Two Mile Linear Particle Accelerator, Stanford University, Stanford, California 3:11
04 Television Fission 2:42
05 Preparation Clont 2:50
06 Within One Universe There Are Millions 2:33
07 Engines of Difference 4:30
08 Many Pieces of Large Fuzzy Mammals Gathered Together at a Rave and Schmoozing with a Brick 2:33 09 Um Espectro Sem Escala 3:47 10 Trapezoid 3:18 11 Interstellar Hardrive 2:27
12 Curious Constructs of Stem-like Devices Which Now Prepare Themselves to Be Thought of as Fingers 6:33 Total 39:34


Alien Cowboys Other Space

"Returning after their critically acclaimed second album Analogtherapy, Alien Cowboys are back in saddle again with 2002: Other Space. Lead guitar ace Ralph Perucci and rhythm guitarist Bruce Stevenson once again team up with Ian Thomson (drums) and Greg Jones (bass) and the resulting album is quite enormous in scope. With it’s sky-wide jazz-rock groove, 2002: Other Space is an all around winner. Assisted by production and engineering experts Bill Drescher and Gary Cirimelli, Alien Cowboys make good on early promises and deliver the goods here. Packed tight with eleven high octane instrumental guitar jaunts that more often than not accentuates melody and atmosphere right up there with chops and musical might, 2002: Other Space moves along at a steady clip while never missing a groove or a beat. The group’s powerhouse instrumental rock reworking of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” would make George Harrison smile." - 20th Century Guitar Magazine (February 2003)

"2002: Other Space is the third album from the Alien Cowboys, a twin-guitar band featuring Ralph Perucci and Bruce Stevenson. This is high-impact instrumental rock at it's best, with eleven driving numbers sure to get the body moving and the speakers rattling. 2002: Other Space includes a cover of George Harrison's classic "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", which is given the Alien's 'otherworldly' treatment, and turned into a signature cover. Fans of both melodic and ripping lead guitar will hear plenty here, as Perucci handles his axe with the skill of a veteran player. Another Alien Cowboys must-have release." - Guitar Nine Records

Other Space (4:08) While My Guitar Gently Weeps (4:49) From the Well (3:42)
Horus (4:52) Lookin' Up (3:35) Town's End (3:57) Houdini (2:48) Inyo Dreams (5:44)
The Big Picture (3:56) Angelina (3:49) The Drake (2:39)


Danny Gatton American Music

Originally released on vinyl in 1975, this was the first album to document the six-string genius of the late Danny Gatton. Stylistically, it's all over the place, veering from rockabilly to jazz to blues to good old fashioned rock and roll, with the one constant being Gatton's fretboard wizardry. Fascinating and essential in that it provides an early glimpse of Gatton at the beginning of an artistic journey that would tragically end with his suicide in 1994. Harlem Nocturne is KILLER.
This album may not be one of the best he ever put out, was the first. He was explosive then, and his vintage improved with the passing years. If you collect, get this. Recommended for fans of big guitars.

1. American Music 2. Hauled off and Loved Her
3. Good Enough to Keep 4. Ubangi Stomp
5. After Hours 6. Honeysuckle Rose 7. Tribute to Amos Milburn 8. TV Mama [#] 9. Memphis [Disco Funk] 10. Move on Down the Line
11. Opus de Funk [#] 12. Harlem Nocturne


Stay Awake - Various Interpretations of Music from Vintage Disney Films

Disney Music can sometimes seem a little too ... well ... Disney. Neat, catchy little tunes sung by voices that you just KNOW have never seen a zit in their lives. Subject matter that is trite at best, portraying characters so cute that they're almost embarrassing.

Embarrassing, because even at thirty years old, you still whistle Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah from "Song of the South" when you're happy.

Don't you?

Fear not, closet Disney-phile. This album takes all those songs from your favorite movies, and gives them an adult twist. This album will serve a two-fold purpose. First, you can get your fix of Disney anytime your middleaged-child heart desires. But most importantly, if you get "caught" by your friends, you can pass it off as serious music.

Whether a mere fresh coat of paint (as with "I Wanna Be Like You" from Jungle Book) to a slight sarcastic tone on old favorites (Sinead O'Conner singing "Someday My Prince Will Come" -- 'nuff said there!), to downright spooky versions of bettime songs (Suzanne Vega's acapella version of "Stay Awake"), to absolutely twisted rehashes of formerly tired standby's (Tom Waite rebuilds "Heigh Ho" in his own graven image), this album is a fantastic work. It not only transforms these scores into wonderful new pieces of art, but it also remains true to the basic spirit of Disney. Perhaps it is irreverent in places. Yes, it may even poke a little fun at our favorite childhood icon. But it is still a respectful tribute to the original artists who put these tunes in our heads in the first place.

1. Opening Medley (I'm Getting Wet and I Don't Care at All): Hi Diddle De - Hal Willner
2. Baby Mine - Bonnie Raitt, Was (Not Was)
3. Heigh-Ho! (The Dwarfs' Marching Song) - Tom Waits
4. Medley Two (The Darkness Sheds Its Veil): Stay Awake/Little Wooden Hen - Hal Willner
5. Medley Three (Three Inches Is Such a Wretched Height): Castle in Spain - Buster Poindexter, Yma Sumac
6. Mickey Mouse March - Aaron Neville
7. Medley Four (All Innocent Children Had Better Beware): Feed the Birds - Hal Willner
8. Someday My Prince Will Come - Sinéad O'Connor
9. Medley Five (Technicolor Pachyderms): Pink Elephants on Parade/Zip-A- - Harry Nilsson, Sun Ra & His Arkestra
10. Second Star to the Right - James Taylor
11. Pinocchio Medley (Do You See the Nose Growing?): Desolation Theme/Wh - Hal Willner


Wanted Dead or Alive

Nice comp of soundtrack bits from various Spagetti Westerns. All the usual suspects, not the usual pieces found on other comps.

1. Suite 2. Gambling Man 3. Minnesota Sky
4. Clay 5. Man...A Story 6. Adios 7. Suite
8. Arizona Colt 9. Un Uomo Un Cavallo Una Pi
10. Suite 11. Corri Uomo Corri 12. Americana
13. Find A Man 14. Chalego 15. End Title
16. Monty & Ted 17. Primo Incontro
18. Il Punto Piu Alto 19. Sonny
20. Wanted Dead Or Alive


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Man or Astroman Intravneous Television Transmissions

LINK FIXED - Sorry all

If you are a MOAM fan, BUY THIS NOW. If you are not a MOAM fan, buy this is and you might become one. The combination of rockin' surf guitars and samples from B-grade movies creates a very cool futuristic/retro sound that will get stuck in your head and raise your pulse rate. If you are a fan of science fiction or guitar rock, you'll love this album! Even if you normally wouldn't get a surf album, give this a try.

1. "Immersion Static"
2. "Put Your Finger in the Socket - (Maximum Voltage Version)"
3. "Nitrous Burn Out 2012"
4. "Tetsuwan Atomu"
5. "Max Q (Nielson Rating Video Version)"
6. "------(Reverse Sync Moog Version)"
7. "Jetson's Theme"
8. "Invasion of the Dragonmen - (Alternate Universe Mosrite Version)" 9. "Bionic Futures" 10. "Tomorrow Plus X - (Time Travel Through Sleep Deprivation Mix)" 11. "Out of Limits" 12. "Calling Hong Kong" (Supernova) 13. "Munster's Theme" 14. "Principles Unknown" 15. "Everyone's Favorite Martian" 16. "Deuce's Wild" 17. "Cool Your Jets"


California Guitar Trio - Live

CGT is an amazing trio of innovative guitar players that come from or are inspired by the Robert Fripp school of guitarrist. These live interpretations stand as a great overview of both their work and the ability to transform different styles and other's work into the trio's musical style. The three guitar arregements are clever and sometimes so good that it's almost scary. Three guys with guitars playing instrumental music that was a combination of classical, rock, jazz and....SURF. The trio is also augmented by Tony Levin (another King Crimson member with Fripp) and this provides the needed bass sound to make the trio's sound more complete. CGT is not only about talented guitar work, but amazing guitar tone. Just as a good golfer selects the right club to play each hole, CGT selects high-end fabulous sounding guitars that fit perfectly with each song. Take a wonderful ride through just about every musical style you can think of.

01 - Train To Lamy 02 - Zundoko bushi 03 - Blockhead 04 - Punta Patri 05 - Apache 06 - Sketches on Sunset 07 - Discipline 08 - Misirlou 09 - Many People Ask Us 10 - Melrose Avenue
11 - Dance of Maya 12 - Heaven's Bells 13 - Heart Of The Sunrise 14 - Caravan 15 - Eve


Harry Manx & Friends - Live At Glenn Gould Studio

Harry Manx has been gently courting his audience with his Indian-inspired take on the blues, a marriage of Eastern music to Western, creating a niche that has more to do with world music than anything else more limiting. His success has been built on the back of his instrumental prowess on his weapon of choice: the 20-string mohan veena, which subtly blends Eastern sounds to blues-friendly turf. On his eighth release, Harry ups the ante with the addition of two members of Toronto-based world music ensemble Tasa. You can almost hear the audience buying some time, clapping politely between songs as they acclimatise themselves to this new balance. It doesn't take long to win them over, as the hyper-simpatico league of support players (notably guitarist Kevin Breit and harmonica-player Steve Mariner) weave in and around Harry's leads with deft skill. If Samidha Joglekar's vocals contrast too starkly with Harry s croon on Point of Purchase, all is forgiven by Single Spark, and Joglekar's contribution at the tail end of the jam-friendly Voodoo Chile earns its just rewards. Of special note is Mariner's wailing harp solo on the ten-minute jam that was Muddy Waters' Can t Be Satisfied, which will more than satisfy. Live pays significant dividends across its 60-minute length. The faithful are well served while the casual Manx fan will benefit from a closer look into the very core of Harry's muse. --Eric Thom, Exclaim!

01. Point Of Purchase 7:46 02. Take This Hammer 4:33 03. Single Spark 7:12 04. Voodoo Child 8:54 05. Good Time Charlie 4:50 06. Can't Be Satisfied 10:09 7. Samidha's Tune 6:59 08. Tijuana 8:43


Tom Dissevelt and Kid Baltan - Song Of The Second Moon

First released in 1957 under the name of Electrosonics and then re-released in 1968 under the name of the 2 composers mentioned.Very early primitive electronic experimentations!
Surpisingly forward sounding stuff, considering the time period - very abstract, not dated sounding at all. Recommended space.

A1 Kid Baltan Song Of The Second Moon (2:49)
A2 Tom Dissevelt Moon Maid (3:12)
A3 Kid Baltan The Ray Makers (7:22)
A4 Tom Dissevelt The Visitor From Inner Space (3:07)
B1 Tom Dissevelt Sonik Re-Entry (2:35)
B2 Tom Dissevelt Orbit Aurora (3:00)
B3 Tom Dissevelt Twilight Ozone (5:25)
B4 Kid Baltan Pianoforte (5:05)


Hank Marvin Guitar Player

This album is something of a return to form for Hank. Remember the good old days of the late 1960s and early 1970s. The Shadows and Hank would always come up with something interesting even if it didn't dent the charts. With his resumed solo career in the late 1990s, Hank tended to make albums of cover versions that sold well, but which had little originality.
Now he's back, and with an acoustic guitar! The first man to own a Strat in England, Hank has only once or twice abandoned electric models for acoustics, notably on Guitar Tango. It's a shame, because he really is very accomplished. With arrangements by classical guitarist Gary Taylor and others, Hank veers away from the tried and tested formula of his last few albums and does things a little differently, so much so that it can take you a little while to realise what song is being played. This is done by emphasising counter-melodies or harmonies that were hidden in the original versions. The real gems here are Killing Me Softly, Midnight At The Oasis, and Hotel California, but I am sure you will have your own faves. Added to this are a few original tracks by Hank & friends, notably Benny's Toon which is a great jazz number and Maya's Day. A decent change of pace.

1. Dance with Me 2. Killing Me Softly 3. Ticket to Ride 4. Maya's Day 5. Lately 6. Tall Dark Stranger 7. Elenor Rigby 8. Pette Fleur 9. Sunny Afternoon 10. Bennys Toon 11. American Pie
12. Midnight at the Oasis 13. Windmills of Your Mind 14. Hotel California 15. Your Song


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vulcan Freedom Fighters - Stardate Unknown

It's difficult to describe this project without making it sound like a novelty. Stardate Unknown is simple in concept, Trekkies rockin' it out á la Man or Astroman style instrumental rock with Trek dialogue samples from the original series with a steady flow and a sound that doesn't seem close to an hour long. It's done well enough for the most cynical bastard to enjoy, even if you are not a total Trekkie. As hopelessly nerdy as that sounds, the music on Stardate Unknown places it light years beyond the throwaway gimmick that even the best description might imply. The quotes interplay with the tempo and intensity of the songs, arranged with such brilliance that even non-Trekkies would have a hard time not enjoying it. The dialogue is selected so that each song is an ode to the episode it was borrowed from, often with narrative continuity. Like the show, the songs are a compelling mix of action, suspense and innuendo, providing a shot of nostalgia for anyone who remembers the original series. Musically, it ranges from heavy Stoner Rock to more ambient and Techno sounds with lots of overlap. Atop a mix of live and sampled drums, reverberating bass and chiming guitar provide a constant organic counterpoint to the electronic percussion and keys. The tunes are also sprinkled liberally with sound effects from the show: tricorder chirps, phaser blasts and that unmistakable whoosh of the Enterprise's automatic doors. Aside from outstanding composition and performance, the other aspect that makes Stardate Unknown so surprisingly tasteful is reverence for the source material. Let's just hope the next album isn't full of quotes from The Next Generation. (Ezra Waller)

Romulan Divide,The Will of Landru,Cranium, Doomsday Machine, Horse Stealin' Scurvy Crew,Jelly in the Belly, Horta, The Death of Bele, Kahn, He's Dead Doctor, Argelius,Corbomite Manuever,Animal Flesh, Karta, Zefram Cochrane, We Are the Mertons, Spock's Deceit, Klingon Advance, Nomad,Is Anyone Aboard?, Where is the Captain?


2 Zombies Later - Modern Lounge Comp

This concoction of every rum on the shelf plus about 30 other ingredients will certainly make you feel like the walking dead after the first two. Don the Beachcomber invented this one back in the ’30s, and people have been carried out of Tiki Bars on a stretcher ever since.
As with most Tiki Cocktails, a lot of people either don’t know how to make it or they cheat by throwing together a couple of things and sticking a pineapple in it. Well, here’s one of the best recipes I could find, from “The Great Tiki Drink Book” By Jennifer Trainer Thompson:
1 1/2 oz Golden Rum
1 oz Dark Rum
1 1/2 oz Pineapple Juice
1 1/2 oz Pink Grapefruit Juice
2 tspn fine sugar (or sugar syrup)
1 tblspn Lime Juice
1/2 tspn Grenadine
3 tspns Passionfruit Syrup
1 tspn 151 Rum (Somehow I think most bartenders use more than a teaspoon)
Pineapple, Orange, Cherry & Fresh Mint for Garnish
Pour all ingredients except the 151 into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake Shake Shake! and strain into a very kool looking Tiki mug over the rocks. Float the 151 on top, garnish with the fruit on a little pirate sword, and add an umbrella. It’s not a Zombie without and umbrella. Extra credit if you have old-fashioned paper straws.

Dug this out of my collection and was stunned - forgotten how great it is. One of my fave modern exotica comps lovingly assembled and released by the Comfort Stand records netlabel. An amusing combination of knowns and unknowns - at least to me. Tipsy and Don Tiki are lounge faves, the Don Tiki cut is standout - you will recognize its roots from the Jungle Exotica collection at Twlight Zone and other places. The Mr. Melvin piece is is an update on "Powerhouse" that has been widely associated with Warners Brother's cartoons, and the Djfreshmonkey piece "Whammo" is a funny torch song. Lots of cool sounds for all.

For more - Check- them out here - quite a bit of nice modern/avant musings and a few surprizes. All free.

These are fairly short - both volumes total about 74 minutes so they fit well on a disc with room for a few more goodies.

Volume One
01 Br. Cleve & His Lush Orchestra - Shaken Not Stirred
02 Eric & Ryan Kilkenny - Bongo Avenger
03 Marble - Wah Factor 3
04 Philip Jackson - Nature Boy
05 Jeff Chenault and Andrew Izold - Exotica Revisited
06 Tipsy - Kitty's Daydream (Longhair mix)
07 Scotch & Soda (Max McMillan) - The Lonely Bull
08 Don Tiki - The Natives Are Restless
09 Jack Fetterman and the in Hi-Fi Music Direction - Acapulco 2000
10 The Weird Lovemakers - Quiet Spillage
11 Skip Heller's Hot Seven - Spy Perfume
12 Otis Fodder - Brilliant Pillows (Many Moons)
13 Astroslut - Love Theme From Astroslut
14 Der Plan - Jungle Village
15 Misty Roses - Up in Flames
16 Künstler Treu - If Jesus Came
17 Sem Sinatra - Toryansay

Volume Two

01 mr_melvis - A Walk Through The Powerhouse
02 Weirdomusic - Fiber, Ruler Of Pinakel
03 djfreshmoney - Whammo
04 Dana Countryman - Cocktails In Space
05 Jan Fornell - Drift
06 Bruce Lenkei - Moonlight Zombie Dance
07 Bumpenstein - Fuad Motel
08 Narcotic Syntax - Pingpong Voodoo
09 Hybe - Venom
10 Impro - Farid, Astronauts from Maghreb
11 Black Sash - You People
12 Mental Anguish/NOMUZIC - Blissful in Enchantro
13 Songs To Drink And Drive By - Walk On By
14 Magnus Sandberg - Island Knockin'


Alien Cowboys - Lift

The Alien Cowboys hail from the San Francisco Bay Area, where they are combining 21st Century chops and recording techniques with classic pop arrangements and memorable melodies. The result is an eclectic blend of musical styles that draws its inspiration from the best traditions of the old school instrumental bands updated with today's sounds and technology. It's an approach that is at once original and fresh, yet somehow familiar. The 'Cowboys' ain't shred-tastic, and that's not what they're trying to do. This is an album's worth of glorious instrumental rock that's eclectic without being snooty about it. They remind me of latter day Joe Satriani jamming with The Mermen, and brother, there ain't nothin' wrong with that. There's no actual 'jamming', like all those tedious nouveau hippie bands. But there is a preponderance of great melodies and cool solos, and it's great fun to listen to while hittin' the highway. Worth a listen.

1. Escape From Onlyon 2. Bondage 3. Flight 222 4. Hey, Bulldog 5. You Want It, You Got It 6. Battle Of The Planets 7. Milky Way 8. Spanish Castle Magic 9. Little Wonder 10. Telestar 11. Lift

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