Sunday, March 20, 2011

Surfaholics Tiki-A-Go-Go

Formed in 1991,they have evolved into a 4 piece instrumental combo.Dual guitar, bass, and drums pound out wave after wave of powerful surf. You couldn't possibly listen to the swelling tunes and sit still. Their music will pull you off the sandy beach and deep into the break. You'll have plenty of company on the dance floor. In additional to playing the local circuit, they have also opened concerts for their national counterparts, Laika and the Cosmonauts.
They recorded their splashing debut in the summer of 95. They caught the interest of producer Stan Pixler of Pixler Discs, who provided the financial support necessary to launch the project. The recording expertise of Don Dixon shines through loud and clear. He has worked with greats such as REM, the Smithereens and Marshall Crenshaw.
"..."Ungowa" sets the tone as their twin guitar attack lay down an unusual and frantic rhythmic pattern of riffs. With pounding drums and a deep, rich bass it's a storming start...Better still is the more original "Surfana" with guitars fighting it out in rounds between subtly suave spells of calm...Overall the lasting impression is of an exciting band using all the tricks they know to spice up some repetitive riff-laden originals rather than lay down yet another album of covers. Their use of dynamics is great, their arrangements are excellent, and they are a very tight band." - Pipeline Instrumental Review

1 Ungowa
2 Frankensurfer
3 Big Rat Daddy
4 Smells Like Surfana
5 Mother's Worry
6 Swang 10
7 Get Lost
8 Toxic Beach
9 Habla Deville
10 Davinadagaga
11 Another Cloudy Day
12 Zombie Bolero
13 Ghost Of Dragster Beach
14 Pedal To The Metal
15 Dangerous Undertow


V-A : Yells From the Crypt

Gravewax Records is a Lone Star State's company offering rockabilly, surf, spaghetti western, twang country sounds for the living dead & the masses of the living dead. Some good stuff here. This is the best bitrate I have - if anyone has it higher - please let me know.

Shadow over Elkhart (The Creepniks) / Among the pines (Those Poor Bastards) / Murder on Beaver Street (The Route 66 Killers) / Vampire bar fight (The Cryptomaniacs) / Blood on the grill (Alex Machine) / Psychonaut (The Coffin Daggers) / Packin' heat at the Speakeasy (Rainer Hass) / CSG theme (Colonel Sander's Grave) / Anhelo (Sons of Perdition) / Death row hoedown (Muleskinner Jones) / The hungry grave (Gein and the Graverobbers) / Beast (Blitzkriegbliss) / Dead and gone (Phantom Creeps) / Give me! (Lona and the Love Objects) / El diablo el mas chingon (Los Muertos Vivientes) / Going back to Memphis (Joecephus and the George Jonestown Massacre) / Hope you get what you deserve (Cooterfinger) / Juan Simon (Dexentonados) / The hellbound train (Lonesome Wyatt) / People hate blues (Reverend Elvis and the Undead Syncopators) / Helv (The Visitant)


Knukel Drager - Now Monster Sound

Knuckel Drager is a fire breathing garage surf band from Madison Wisconsin.
Little else is known about them, they wear
scary masks, and play a brand of music that could be compared to newer
garage punk bands like The Mummies,The Bomboras and The Lords Of Altamont.
Those wild tear 'em up bands!
They're crazy onstage,and use a traditional garage band instrument -a keyboard,
but their keyboard breathes fire! Their music is wild, and usually instrumental, short bursts of speed garage surf. Check it out wild childs.

(Mod Top, Baron von Surf Helmet, Beatnik BBQ, Vamp Camp, Twinkies With Machine Guns, Drag Bike '71, Knuckel Stomp, Situation 69, Church Bus, Penetration, Panic In Lane Zero, Evil Rider, The Song That Cannot Be Named)


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chris Shahin Band The Tenth Degree

Finally, the Chris Shahin band comes out of the shadows of surf rumor and jazz venues into the light of an official release. This is a most unusual jazz based surf influenced band. The wonderful and unusual blend comes from a different angle than previously explored. Others have taken jazz into their surf as an influence. Chris Shahin's band is made up of talented and experienced jazz musicians with a fascination for the reverb, a desire to use the melodic sense of surf and influence their jazz with it. In the sixties, there was the promise not kept of Kenny Burrell and Kai Winding. 30 years later, that which was only hinted at has been brought to fruition by four talented players. Chris has written and arranged all the tracks. This is a highly melodic, mood setting, and highly enjoyable CD. It is not trad, it is a new and mature approach, well worth a side-trip. This will surely please. Check it out, dudz.

1. The Industrial Juggernaut
2. Surf's Down
3. Los 'Los
4. Emancipate This Water Planet
5. Surf, Don't Run
6. Psychic Friends
7. Baroque Again
8. Baja Cactus
9. Agent 99
10. The Tenth Degree
11. Chime
12. Americana
13. Baja Cactus (Remix)


Mambohammer - ST

Beware humans! The constantly burning city of Lappeenranta has spawned yet another monster. MAMBOHAMMER takes you to their voyage to the bottom of humanity and it feels this ****in' sweet! MAMBOHAMMER consist of members from Anal Thunder, Pronssinen Pokaali and the Verticals. The backbone of their sound is John O. Mambo's (The Verticals) song writing, that is loyal to surf and garage rock roots, and his loud and twangy guitar. The rhytm section of Lez, Hans and Man-Helena is equally on +/-, whether it's time to speed up like in the title song 'Mambohammer' and the closing track 'Suzuki Samurai', or take it down like in the mellow and deep 'Medicine Water'. Serious surfin' twang. Short and oh so sweet.

1. Dead City
2. Mambohammer
3. Miss Mantis
4. Medicine Water
5. Suzuki Samurai

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