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Spyfi's Reupped

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SpF V1



Monday, December 6, 2010

Spy-Fi - Black Tie Spy

...This time Spy-Fi gathered a collection of original compositions interspersed with select cover tunes. Those covers include a wide variety of styles and influences, not necessarily from the spy-detective genre. They include the classic Perry Mason Theme by Fred Steiner, Rumble by Link Wray, Apache by the Shadows and Wave by Antonio Carlos Jobim. Also included is a snippet of Edvard Griegâs Anitraâs Dance from Peer Gynt. 

The album is organized around the diverse moods and moments one might encounter in a movie soundtrack. Finished thematic ideas are separated by short song sketches which then segue back into more produced and finished tracks. Some tracks also include spoken word segments in Russian, which lend to the air of mystery and intrigue that one may find in a spy saga.

The album is named after its opening track; a collaboration between Spy-Fi and Vic Flick. Mr. Flick is best known for his contributions to the original James Bond Theme and 11 other James Bond soundtracks. Together they have penned Black Tie Spy. Spy-Fi is honored to have Vic involved with the CD and Vic plays guitar on the title track.

At face value, a Black Tie Spy might suggest a male James Bond type character in the usual tuxedo and black tie. But as one can see on the CD cover, all is not what it seems. This Black Tie Spy is a woman, and she means business and says so in Russian throughout the CD. 

The alluring woman is none other than Kay OHara; who hails from Hamilton, Ontario Canada. Kay is a successful pinup model who is involved with a variety of modeling work and was happy to be involved with the new Spy-Fi project. The great Russian vocals were provided by Alla Agafonov, a good friend of Spy-Fi. 

Recently Spy-Fi underwent some personnel changes due to the relocation of its drummer and keyboard player. Bob Yeager, the drummer, moved to Austin, Texas in 2006 and Scott Anderson, the keyboard player, moved to Naples, Florida in 2007. They are still contributing to the overall effort, but distance has obviously limited their involvement on a day-to-day basis. Both Tom Pervanje and Mick Zofcin are still in the Cleveland area and are included on the CD...

Superb spy twang with a jazz influence - and a new volume to the two below.

The cool part is with a little bit of editing of some of the duplicates - you can get all 3 on an 80 minute cd for your fun the sun and travelling.

 01 Black Tie Spy (2:47)

02 Perry Mason (3:23)

03 Spies In Space (0:55)
04 So What's Up (4:15)
05 Then Play Down (1:50)
06 Bass Case (3:14)
07 Fast Indian (1:00)
08 Rumble (1:50)
09 Two Miles (1:31)
10 Memory Burn (3:29)
11 Anitra's Dance (0:33)
12 Apache (3:03)
13 Eldorado (1:41)
14 Illya's Theme (2:08)
15 Then Play Down II (1:11)
16 To J.B. (2:18)
17 La Tavola Da Surf (1:52)
18 Soul Booker (2:28)
19 Wave (3:01)
20 Sunset Beach (5:05)


Spy-Fi - Music For Spies, Thighs And Private Eyes Vol.2

Spy-Fi - Music For Spies, Thighs And Private Eyes Vol.2 
01 Slingshot (3:16)
02 Zombo Shuffle (2:21)
03 Dragnet 2007 (2:31)
04 Shot In The Dark (2:21)
05 Get Smart (1:27)
06 Stampede (2:37)
07 Beach Police (2:10)
08 Zambezi (2:43)
09 Pipeline (3:11)
10 Musters Hawaii Five-O (2:36)
11 Mission Impossible (2:53)
12 Lullaby Of Walk Don't Gunn (6:55)

v2 spyslikeus2  

Spy-Fi - Spy-Fi - Music For Spies, Thighs And Private Eyes Vol.1

These have been around the web for a while, I now have the complete set in rip roarin' 320. Now's a good time to get these if you don't already have them or to upgrade your copies to get the most from the twang.


SPY-FI is dedicated to the advancement of spy, detective and surf instrumental music.

Spy Music is that derived from the famous Spy/Detective movies and shows from the 50's, 60's and 70's. Familiar themes include the James Bond Theme, Goldfinger, Hawaii 5-0, Perry Mason and Peter Gunn.

Typically, the theme music in this genre had no vocals, although there are several examples of vocal tunes.

A typical Spy-Fi performance ranges from 40 minutes to one and one-half hours. It has been our experience that not more than 90 minutes of instrumental music is perfect for a enjoyable show. Many times Spy-Fi will perform on a double or triple bill with other bands, thereby giving the audience a wide variety of music entertainment for the evening.

Spy-Fi was founded in July 1996 by Tom Pervanje (guitarist) and Mick Zofcin (bassist). It's mission was to perform Spy Music anytime, anywhere they could. As always, if they embarrassed themselves, their mothers would disavow any knowledge of their actions.

Scott Anderson (keyboards) joined in August 1996 and Bob Yeager, "the hardest working man in spy music", joined up to more than amply meet the challenge in January of 1999. In May 1999, the band was broadcast live on WAPS 91.3 FM in Akron, Ohio. In August, 2000 they played at Acid Beach Party II and Surfer's Stomp 2000 in Los Angeles, California. 2001 and 2002 the band worked on their CD production and performed at local establishments.

2003/2004 has brought the completion of the CD project, a double CD release in two volumes: 25 songs, 75 minutes long of some the greatest spy-theme music ever written, from Mission Impossible to Peter Gunn to the JB Theme.

01 James Bond Theme Goldfinger (3:51)
02 Secret Agent Man (3:27)
03 Penetration (4:16)
04 Town W O Pitty (2:59)
05 Neptune (2:56)
06 Dick Tracy (1:58)
07 Pursuasion (1:58)
08 Ried's Situation (2:50)
09 Mother's Worry (1:51)
10 Batman Theme (2:15)
11 Experiment In Terror (2:14)
12 Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2:06)
13 Telstar (3:11)

v1  spyslikeus

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Big Kahuna And The Copa Cat Pack - Hawaiian Swing

You guys liked the last one - so here is the other one by these jazzy dudes.
The BIG KAHUNA (aka Matt Catingub) packs fun and excitement into each and every swinging note. The tunes on this album don't really remind one of Hawaii, even though there are some great Hawaiian standards. In fact, this album makes you wanna get up and dance swing or latin, and that's not a bad thing at all. Even though the album art and song selection had me expecting a more relaxed "Island" experience, complete with lilting voices and steel guitars. This album turned out to be more up-tempo swingin' big band with a rather impressive horn section. I was amazed by the musicianship and fun that was packed into this album. The songs are pure big band fun.

01.Come On-A-My-House
02.A Tisket A-Tasket
03.Medley-Don't Be That Way, Stompin' At the Savoy
04.The Hukilau Song
05.Pearly Shells
06.In the Copa Room
07.Every Day I Have the Blues
08.Night in Tunisia
09.After Hours
10.Blue Hawaii
11.Love You Madly
12.Them There Eyes
13.Medley: Smiles, When You're Smilin'
14.Don Cha Go 'Way Mad
15.I'll Remember You
16.Come On-A-My House (Instrumental)
17.Hawaiian War Chant

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Evil Fuzz Tribute to Davie Allen

A killer collection of various solo performers and groups from around the world, paying tribute via their versions of Allan's past recordings. Not a dog in the bunch! Nuff said!

1. Action on the Street 2. Angel with a Devil's Heart 3. Blue's Theme 4. Bongo Party 5. Born Losers Theme 6. Born Losers Theme/Polyurethane 7. Chopper/Fender Bender 8. Corridor of Fear 9. Cycle-Delic 10. Dark Alley 11. Encounter 12. Fuzz Theme/Grungy 13. Gunslinger 14. Invasion of the Body Surfers 15. Left Turn on Arrow Only 16. Little Big Horn 17. Mind Transferral 18. Oleaje 19. Rebel (Without a Cause) 20. Shapes of Things to Come 21. Surf Trek 22. Theme from the Unknown 23. Tomahawk 24. Unknown Rider 25. White Man Beware

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Fractals Death by Fender

It’s Fender Jaguar guitars ahoy on the new release “Death by Fender” by a Duluth quartet called the Fractals.

Led by the talented axe-wielding duo of Jimi Cooper and Barry Pirkola, the Fractals draw on the seminal sound of the Ventures and surf guitar god Dick Dale, then combine that with the sonic rumblings of the legendary Link Wray and the British rock of the early Who to come up with a sound that is referenceable as well as their own.

The title track is dual Fender Jaguar guitars leading the attack with lots of tremolo, lots of eighth-note figures and lots of snaky little themes that dart and swerve between the two guitars.

“VooDoo Bossa” sounds like the spawn of the Allman Brothers mating with the theme song of a ’70s daytime dating show starring Wink Martindale.

Jimi Cooper’s “Space Fink” combines surf guitar with spaghetti western ambience like Dick Dale mixed with Enno Marrcoine.

“Fender Bender” is a little 12-bar blues riff with guitar generated 'hot rod sounds' surf solos and with a stop time section in the middle.

“Fractal Stroll” has the same vibe as its namesake “The Stroll,” (Think Link Wrays's 'Rumble') complete with hand claps and finger pops and a slinky groove.

Pirkala’s “What’s the Hesitation” is the pop-ier side of the Fractals with ’60s pop background “weeeooos”.

“My T-Bucket” is a funky little stroll featuring and old car horn and Lefty on vocals!

Continuing the hot rod theme, “Quarter Pounder” is not about hamburger as you might guess, but instead HOT ROD racing!

“Desert Shores” has the aroma of Santo & Johnny’s pedal steel instrumental ballad. This surf ballad evokes the peaceful feeling of a perfect day at a tropical beach.

“Mothra” has a Hendrix/Cream vibe. It goes hand in hand with the visual impact of Mothra, the famous giant moth that appears in Mothra vs Godzilla!

“Woodland Boys” also has ’60s Who stamped all over it. A tale of growing up in Duluth's rough Woodland community.


01. What's the Hesitation? (3:03)
02. Death by Fender (2:35)
03. My T-Bucket (2:44)
04. Quarter Pounder (2:51)
05. Fender Bender (3:16)
06. Andy Cried (3:44)
07. Space Fink 3:06
08. Desert Shores (3:39)
09. Spy vs. Spy (3:46)
10. My T-Bird (4:25)
11. Fractal Stroll (3:31)
12. Voodoo Bossa (3:16)
13. Runnin' (For the Front Door) (3:44)
14. Devil Girl Martian (2:54)
15. Woodland Boys (3:37)
16. Mothra (4:35)


Palmero Surf Experience Far From Famous

The Palermo Surf Experience play with extreme volume and energy, while not racing along. The upside are 12 mostly very good songs delivered with excellent guitar and drums. the downside is inconsistent mixing, lead guitar often too low in the mix, and drums often to prominent. While this serves the intensity, it subdues the melodies and sense of ensemble that's clearly in the performance. My guess is that this is an excellent band that would wear you out live, and one that will deliver killer recordings once the formula is found. I really like this disc, aside from the production values. Phil Dirt

01. Evil Desert Ghost Train From Hell (With Death)
02. Shake n Fake
03. Stealth Rodeo
04. Powerkraut
05. Run Run Retard
06. Fabrin s Fabulous Fight Night
07. Silence Is Violence
08. RIP Curl Renegade
09. Santas Sweet Revenge
10. Gin Atomic
11. Viagra Falls
12. Still Strippin


The Irradiates - Audio Mental Manipulation Device

The fabulous 4 surf masters are back with a brand new album recorded and produced at Electrical Audio (Chicago, USA) by Steve Albini. « Audio Mental Manipulation Device » is the result of several experiments you're already part of : 11 tracks are now ready to conquer the planet Earth! Get your ticket and reach the stars, or The Irradiates will soon spread lethal waves in your neighborhood!


01. (00:04:22) The Irradiates - 350° Fahrenheit
02. (00:03:07) The Irradiates - Biometric Data
03. (00:02:53) The Irradiates - Pilot by Microwaves
04. (00:03:50) The Irradiates - Black Tiki Procession
05. (00:03:56) The Irradiates - Ida's Tentacles
06. (00:02:17) The Irradiates - Dark Clouds
07. (00:02:56) The Irradiates - Sun Projector
08. (00:03:03) The Irradiates - Well Stated
09. (00:03:17) The Irradiates - Point to Point
10. (00:05:02) The Irradiates - DK-Ultra
11. (00:02:54) The Irradiates - Microch

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The Irradiates - Audio Mental Manipulation Device

The fabulous 4 surf masters are back with a brand new album recorded and produced at Electrical Audio (Chicago, USA) by Steve Albini. « Audio Mental Manipulation Device » is the result of several experiments you're already part of : 11 tracks are now ready to conquer the planet Earth! Get your ticket and reach the stars, or The Irradiates will soon spread lethal waves in your neighborhood!


01. (00:04:22) The Irradiates - 350° Fahrenheit
02. (00:03:07) The Irradiates - Biometric Data
03. (00:02:53) The Irradiates - Pilot by Microwaves
04. (00:03:50) The Irradiates - Black Tiki Procession
05. (00:03:56) The Irradiates - Ida's Tentacles
06. (00:02:17) The Irradiates - Dark Clouds
07. (00:02:56) The Irradiates - Sun Projector
08. (00:03:03) The Irradiates - Well Stated
09. (00:03:17) The Irradiates - Point to Point
10. (00:05:02) The Irradiates - DK-Ultra
11. (00:02:54) The Irradiates - Microchip


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Big Kahuna & The Copa Cat Pack Shake Those Hula Hips

BIG KAHUNA and the Copa Cat Pack is BACK with Shake Those Hula Hips, an album that shakes and stirs the flavors of big band swing, Hawaiian songs, TV themes, Las Vegas lounge, and full-strength party music into a big, tasty, mightily swinging, musical Mai Tai. An artful arranger, masterful saxophonist, hip crooner and animated bandleader, the BIG KAHUNA (aka Matt Catingub) packs fun and excitement into each and every swinging note. The tunes on this album don't really remind one of Hawaii, even though there are some great Hawaiian standards. In fact, this album makes you wanna get up and dance swing or latin, and that's not a bad thing at all. Even though the album art and song selection had me expecting a more relaxed "Island" experience, complete with lilting voices and steel guitars. This album turned out to be more up-tempo swingin' big band with a rather impressive horn section. I was amazed by the musicianship and fun that was packed into this album. The songs are pure big band fun. The arrangement of "I Dream of Jeannie" will have you breaking out in a sweat just listening to it. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the music on this album.

01.Hawaii Five-O
03.Ain't No Big Thing
05.Hey Baby (Shake Those Hula Hips)
06.It Don't Mean A Thing (If Ain't Got That Swing)
07.Princess Poo-Poo-Ly Has Plenty Papaya
08.I Dream Of Jeannie
09.And the Angels Sing
11.In the Mood
12.Little Grass Shack
13.It Was A Very Good Year


Guitar Mania V11

01. Adventure - Driving Guitars 01:49
02. Adventure - Al Capone 02:40
03. Adventure - Lady of Spain 01:59
04. Adventure - Panhandle Rag 01:27
05. The Jumping Strings - Don't Cry For Me Argentina 03:14
06. The Jumping Strings - Little Princess 03:17
07. The Jumping Strings - Round and Round 01:57
08. The Jumping Strings - Spring Is Nearly Here 03:12
09. The Vickings - Return Of The Graaze 02:30
10. The Vickings - Rollin' Dice 03:02
11. The Vickings - Warming Up 02:56
12. The Vickings - Vicking Boogie 02:06
13. The East&West Rockers - Guitar Boogie 03:06
14. The East&West Rockers - In The Mood 03:01
15. The East&West Rockers - My Happiness 02:48
16. The East&West Rockers - Teen Scene 03:21
17. The Party Strings - Siboney 02:24
18. The Party Strings - Dardanella 02:52
19. The Party Strings - Rarity Stranger 03:55
20. The Party Strings - The Breeze and I 03:09
21. The Explosion Rockets - Little Breeze 03:51
22. The Explosion Rockets - Space Creature 02:22
23. The Explosion Rockets - Spanish Riders 02:26
24. The New Savages - Once 03:32
25. The New Savages - San Antonio Rose 02:45
26. The Shaking Silhouets - Wipe Out 02:53

removed by request

Grand Award All Stars Percussion and Brass

The Grand Award All Stars - Percussion And Brass

No instruments can match the thrills afforded by the brillant brassiness of trumpets and trombones and the stubbing insistent rhythms of the drums, scratches, bells, rattlers and cymbals that make up the percussion sections of this album. Recorded with the "Pase-X" process which creates a panorama of sound and eliminates the "hole in the middle" effect. All that backed by the perfectionism of Enoch Light. Extensive description at the back cover.



Guitar Mania V12

01. The Goldfingers - Thundernest 02:22
02. The Goldfingers - Wabash Blues 02:42
03. The Goldfingers - Joey's Song 02:18
04. The Goldfingers - Space Walk 02:26
05. The Goldfingers - Skintops Blues 02:43
06. The Goldfingers - Shamus O'toole 02:16
07. The Elektro Strings - You Don't Have To Say You Love Me 02:52
08. The Elektro Strings - Sultans of Swing 03:09
09. The Elektro Strings - Eight Days A Week 01:57
10. The Elektro Strings - Local Hero 03:18
11. The Elektro Strings - Memory 03:19
12. The Black Bandits - Little Robin (Long Long Ago) 02:23
13. The Black Bandits - Theme From Shame 02:44
14. The Black Bandits - Tales Of A Raggy Tramline 02:06
15. The Black Bandits - Wien Wien Nur Du Allein 02:55
16. The Jaguars - Red Hot Navigator 02:39
17. The Jaguars - University Boulevard 02:50
18. The Jaguars - Journey To The Stars 02:29
19. The Jaguars - The Wedge Paradiso 02:25
20. The East & West Rockers - Ajoen Ajoen 01:48
21. The East & West Rockers - Black Swan 02:48
22. The East & West Rockers - Carioca 02:49
23. The East & West Rockers - Siri Nande 02:21
24. The East & West Rockers - Yellow Jacket 02:19
25. The East & West Rockers - La Golondrina 03:07
26. The Midnight Ramblers - Rampage 02:08

removed by request

The Exotic Guitars Indian Love Call

Beautiful guitar music by The Exotic Guitars, a group from Hawaii, with styles ranging from the resonant electro-twanging, to laguid rhythms from the sun-drenched shores of Hawaii. The Exotic Guitars are a little bit lounge, a little bit Duane Eddy twang and a little bit Dick Dale surf sound. This kind of guitar music was very popular at the 60s and 70s, especially by groups that added their special "exotic" flavor, like The Exotic Guitars. Enjoy.

01 - Indian Love Call
02 - La Paloma
03 - Battle Hymn Of The Republic
04 - Pearly Shells
05 - Red Roses For A Blue Lady
06 - Sabre Dance
07 - Vaya Con Dios
08 - Galveston
09 - Green Door
10 - Petite Fleur
11 - Trying
12 - Moon River


Guitar Mania V13

Twang a dang dang.

01. Pekka Tiilikainen And The Beatmakers - The Lonely Guitar Twist 02:03
02. Pekka Tiilikainen And The Beatmakers - The Deceiver's Way 02:20
03. Pekka Tiilikainen And The Beatmakers - Lights Of The World 02:47
04. Pekka Tiilikainen And The Beatmakers - The Most Beautiful Thank You 02:28
05. Adventure - Guitar Boogie 03:21
06. Adventure - Opus Twist 01:47
07. Adventure - Candy Dancer 02:07
08. Adventure - Wipe OutLet's Go! 03:44
09. The Party Strings - Amapola 03:20
10. The Party Strings - La Rosita #2 03:02
11. The Party Strings - Tico Tico 02:02
12. The Party Strings - Rarity Breeze 02:42
13. The Silhouets - Foot Tapper 02:33
14. The Silhouets - Temptation 02:09
15. The Silhouets - The Savage 02:23
16. The Silhouets - Little B 05:16
17. The Rocking Birds - Gunfight Saloon 01:51
18. The Rocking Birds - Lonely Guitar 03:30
19. The Rocking Birds - La Golondrina 03:14
20. The Rocking Birds - Wipe Out 02:08
21. The Rocking Birds - Happy Guitar 02:03
22. Atlantis - In The Mood 02:20
23. Atlantis - The Rumble 02:01
24. Atlantis - Tonight 02:16
25. The Desperates - La Comparsa 03:20
26. The Desperates - Theme for Young Lovers 02:40

removed by request

guitman13 p2

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Les Giutars du Diable

French beat instros from the 60's. Very well done.
1. Lover of Saint-Jean
2. Pepe
3. Bongo Ben
4. Calcutta
5. Fich' le Camp Jack I
6. Danse le Twist Avec Moi
7. Twistin' U.S.A
8. Fly
9. Percolator
10. Lecon de Twist
11. Ya Ya Twist
12. Retiens la Nuit
13. Brigitte
14. Laisse Jouer la Batterie
15. Le Lion est Mort Ce Soir
16. Sous le Ciel Ecossais
17. Twist Liberte 1
18. Madison Twist
19. Ma Melodie
20. With You
21. Hopy-Dopy!
22. De Tout Mon Ceour
23. J'Entends Siffler le Train
24. la Lueur des Torches, A
25. Java des Gens Qui S'Aiment
26. Mouvement Perpetuel
27. Baby John
28. Loin
29. L'Idole des Jeunes
30. S.L.C. Twist
31. Les Mots des Javas
32. He Oui!
33. Sheila
34. Chariot
35. Le Pack
36. Galaxie
37. Pendant les Vacances
38. Holiday For Strings
39. Nashville
40. Bach "I"
41. Les Indomptes
42. Le Bastion
43. Train Bleu
44. Enfin les Vacances
45. Slave Merchant
46. Tico-Tico
47. Les Choses de la Maison
48. Nuit
49. N'Avoue Jamais
50. Trop Tard, Trop Tard




Guitar Mania V8

Keep on keepin' on.
01. The Mustangs - Original Country Sinister 02:18
02. The Mustangs - Wonderful Land 02:02
03. The Mustangs - Theme From Young Lovers 02:39
04. The Mustangs - Coffee 02:39
05. Black Bandits - Rhapsody In Rock 02:32
06. Black Bandits - Ja-Da 02:14
07. Black Bandits - Geisha 01:56
08. Black Bandits - Wild Geese 02:37
09. Eastern Aces - 18th Century Rock 03:40
10. Eastern Aces - Sweet Georgia Brown 03:52
11. Eastern Aces - Pulau Ambon 03:39
12. Eastern Aces - Yellow Jacket 03:34
13. Explosion Rockets - Atlantis 02:44
14. Explosion Rockets - Foot Tapper 02:30
15. Explosion Rockets - Guitar Boogie 02:34
16. Explosion Rockets - Johnny Guitar 02:57
17. The Silhouets - Princess In Love 03:34
18. The Silhouets - The Cruel Sea 02:36
19. The Silhouets - Tin Soldiers 03:25
20. The Silhouets - Wonderful Land For Lovers 02:57
21. Kiliaan Brothers - South Of The Border 03:08
22. Kiliaan Brothers - Nivram 02:47
23. Kiliaan Brothers - Once 03:01
24. Pekka Tiilikainen & The Beatmakers - Widow's Daughter Twist 01:55
25. Pekka Tiilikainen & The Beatmakers - Let It Be Me 02:57

removed by request

101 Strings - Golden Hour Of Tangos

Just put them into your CD/media player and enjoy them for dinner, for a party or just winding down from a stressful day. Rich, robust, and totally refined--you can't go wrong with the totally wonderful music of the 101 Strings!


Side A
01. La Cumparsita
02. La Golondrina
03. Mandolinos Espanol
04. Tango For Strings
05. Olympic Gold Tango
06. Adios Muchachos
07. Tango Very Much
08. Orchids In The Moonlight
09. Two Hearts
10. Serenantella
11. Jealousy

Side B
12. Blue Tango
13. Tango Continental
14. Amethyst
15. Tango Of The Bells
16. El Chocolo
17. When Will We Know
18. Tango Of The Roses
19. Isabella Tango
20. La Spagnola
21. Tango Pizzicato
22. Toledo Tango


Guitar Mania V9

More of the best guitar of the 60's.
01. Mustangs - Brazil 02:46
02. Mustangs - 5th Camel 02:23
03. Mustangs - Sylvia's Dream 02:22
04. Mustangs - Theme From Leningrad 01:41
05. Blue Moon Rockers - The Third Man 02:32
06. Blue Moon Rockers - Gringo 02:30
07. Blue Moon Rockers - Gitarren Spielt Auf 02:52
08. Blue Moon Rockers - Darktown Strutters Ball 01:50
09. Arrows - Theme From A Filleted Place 02:16
10. Arrows - Frightened City 02:22
11. Arrows - Big Boy 02:10
12. Arrows - Cosy 02:53
13. Desperates - Al Capone 03:48
14. Desperates - Hurricane Beat 02:44
15. Desperates - Once 03:17
16. Desperates - Wheels 01:52
17. Astronauts - Pacific 02:13
18. Astronauts - Sabre Dance 02:08
19. Astronauts - Guitar Samba 03:08
20. Astronauts - Buckaroo 02:20
21. Astronauts - Ragtime Baby 02:32
22. Boys - Exodus 03:09
23. Boys - So Sad 02:07
24. Boys - The Golden Sea 02:49
25. Krontjong Devils - Black Eyes Surf 02:39

removed by request

Big Dave & The Ultrasonics ST

I have gotten quite jaded over the last few years listening to knock-off Chicago Blues clones, both white and black. It seems you can't swing a dead cat without hitting a band trying to replicate the sound created in Chicago during the 1950's. Granted, it was great music, but it gets a bit tiring after a while, listening to one sound-alike band after another.

Big Dave and the Ultrasonics starts there in a marginal way then goes out to create an original identity of it's own. This band really rocks. There's not a weak member in the bunch and they all shine equally on this album. The arrangements are as tight as can be and they have plenty of room for superb jamming and instrumental prowess. The harmonica, keyboard, drums and bass are all outstanding with a jump blues focus rather than the guitar dominated Chitown sound. good choice for blues hounds who want something on the more sophisticated side.

01. She's The King
02. Jump Street
03. Black Coffee
04. She Can't Keep A Secret
05. A Month Of Sundays
06. Back In The Hot Seat
07. I Hear Your Voice
08. Everybody Wants A Cadillac
09. Escuchame
10. Phone Fun
11. My Baby's Sweeter
12. Big Bad Blues Train
13. Junkman
14. I Can't Fly
15. Ooh My My



Guitar Mania V10


01. Rarity Strings - Party Boogie 02:43
02. Rarity Strings - Vaya Con Dios 04:18
03. Rarity Strings - Rarity Island 02:11
04. Rarity Strings - La Rosita 03:04
05. Jaguars - Laguna Beach 01:46
06. Jaguars - Junior 02:22
07. Jaguars - Saturday Night at the Duckpoint 02:44
08. Jaguars - Tailspin 04:20
09. Valiants - Amapola 04:11
10. Valiants - Mister Moto 02:40
11. Valiants - My Indonesian Girl 03:45
12. Valiants - Wheels 02:08
13. Black Bandits - Melody in F 02:01
14. Black Bandits - San Antonio Rose 02:36
15. Black Bandits - Pizzicato Twist 02:29
16. Black Bandits - The Savage 02:21
17. Explosion Rockets - Holiday Moon 03:39
18. Explosion Rockets - Midnight 02:30
19. Explosion Rockets - Ajoen Ajoen 01:48
20. Explosion Rockets - Carioca 03:06
21. Surphonics - Goldfinger 02:36
22. Surphonics - Puopee De Cire Poupee De Son 02:10
23. Surphonics - Man of Mystery 02:16
24. Surphonics - Wipe Out 02:11
25. Surphonics - Sleepwalk 02:29

removed by request

Friday, September 24, 2010

John Zorn Spillane

"Using his 'file card' technique to create the title piece 'Spillane' (whereby musical ideas written on note cards form the basis for discreet sound blocks arranged by way of a unifying theme), John Zorn forges an impressionistic narrative out of stretches of live-music jazz, blues, country, lounge, thrash, etc., and a variety of samples and spoken dialogue inspired by Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer detective novels (recited by John Lurie). Like he did on his Ennio Morricone tribute The Big Gundown, here Zorn blends a disparate array of sound sketches into a pleasing, if not especially determinate or always logical whole. (In his self-penned and expansive liner notes, Zorn says that the text and his overall conceptual take on Mickey Spillane's work form the thematic structure of this piece.) Clarity aside, 'Spillane' comes off as an exciting and atmospheric evocation of the clipped prose, seedy dives, and back alleys found in hard-boiled Spillane books like Kiss Me, Deadly. Sticking to the disc's tribute theme, Zorn uses Japanese actor Yujiro Ishihara as the inspiration for 'Forbidden Fruit.' Working with the Kronos Quartet, turntablist Christian Marclay, and Japanese vocalist Ohta Hiromi, Zorn concocts an exotically frenetic, atonal cut-up piece to evoke the actor's films from the '50s. And bringing things back home, so to speak, Zorn features Texas blues guitarist Albert Collins on the lengthy and slightly abstract blues jam 'Two Lane Highway.' Helping 'The Iceman' out are organist Big John Patton, bassist Melvin Gibbs, and drummer Ronald Shannon Jackson, among others. In addition to these veterans of past Zorn recordings, the likes of keyboard player Anthony Coleman, guitarist Bill Frisell, and drummer Bobby Previte contribute to the Spillane disc as well. Spillane is not only one of the highlights in Zorn's catalog, but also makes for a fine introduction to the composer's vast body of work." Fans of Zorn's "Naked City" know what to expect. The first title track is like a long movie trailer for a Mike Hammer movie, except with all the visuals taken out--truly a surreal experience. The second track, Two-Lane Highway, divided into two parts is a brillant blues-odyssey-through-Texas track starring the great Albert Collins, not only does it feature his brilliant guitar playing, but humor, too. the last track is my favorite, Forbidden Fruit, which has a Japanese woman speaking over the Kronos Quartet's moving strings and Christian Marclay scratching string records. John Zorn is a true original and listening to Spillane feels like listening to a radio with the station always changing. sure, the tracks are long, but if you can't sit through one section of any of these songs, you should have yourself treated for A.D.D. Zorn is famous for saying "if you don't like my music, wait a few seconds 'cause you don't know which direction my music is heading next". Grab a couple of dirty martinis and take a wild trip. Way recommended.

1. Spillane 25:12
2. Two Lane Highway: Preacher Man/White Line Fever/Nacogdoches Gumbo/East 13:30
3. Two Lane Highway: Hico Killer/Long Mile to Houston 4:46
4. Forbidden Fruit 10:20


Guitar Mania V5

Let's rock.
01. The Blue Moon Rockers - Snoertje Van Bloedrode Kralen 02:14
02. The Blue Moon Rockers - Exodus 03:40
03. The Blue Moon Rockers - Ajoen Ajoen 01:44
04. The Blue Moon Rockers - Johnny On His Strings 02:48
05. The East & West Rockers - Ave Maria No Morro 02:26
06. The East & West Rockers - La Golondrina 03:35
07. The East & West Rockers - Barcarolle 02:28
08. The East & West Rockers - Sari Nande 03:26
09. The Blue Comets - Ginchy 02:29
10. The Blue Comets - Midnight 02:30
11. The Blue Comets - Golden Earrings 02:41
12. The Blue Comets - Donauwellen 03:16
13. The Starlights - Meet Mr. Callaghan 02:39
14. The Starlights - Amapola 03:56
15. The Starlights - Moonshot 02:34
16. The Starlights - Carioca 03:40
17. The Desperates - Cosy 03:09
18. The Desperates - Black Eyes Rock 04:10
19. The Desperates - Second Street 02:27
20. The Desperates - Geronimo 02:42
21. The Red Angels - Dance On 02:26
22. The Red Angels - Joey's Song 03:28
23. The Red Angels - Last Date 03:15
24. Vintage - Poisoned Ground 02:31
25. Vintage - Tomorrow's Love 02:37



Jimmy Witherspoon with Brother Jack McDuff

"Jimmy Witherspoon recorded a series of excellent albums for Verve in the late '60s. Unfortunately, these have not received the attention they deserve, and are frequently relegated in Witherspoon's huge catalog. The Blues Is Now is arguably the finest of these recordings, and Witherspoon's voice is in top form and hugely expressive. Like all of the artist's albums of the decade, it's not the most consistent of listening experiences, but that's of little interest when songs and performances are as good as "My Baby's Quit Me" and Witherspoon's own "Late One Evening." A light-night blues classic, this is Witherspoon at his most relaxed and assured and is a joy to listen to."

01. Sweet Slumber 3:53
02. I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town 2:48
03. Past Forty Blues 4:23
04. S.K. Blues 2:25
05. Late One Evening 3:03
06. Part Time Woman 3:31
07. Good Rockin' Tonight 2:17
08. I Won't Tell a Soul (I Love You) 5:20
09. My Baby's Quit Me 3:12
10. My Money's Long This Morning, Baby 2:11


Guitar Mania V6

Need more?

01. The Sky Devils - Lover's Guitar 02:03
02. The Sky Devils - The Third Man 02:37
03. The Sky Devils - Midnight in Malaya 02:45
04. The Sky Devils - The Happy Whistler 02:13
05. Shadoogie - It's A Man's World 02:00
06. Shadoogie - Flyder and the Spy 01:54
07. Shadoogie - Quatermaster's Stores 02:29
08. Shadoogie - Parisiene Walkways 02:59
09. Blue Explosion - The Cruel Sea 02:27
10. Blue Explosion - Dark Eyes Beat 01:58
11. Blue Explosion - The Breeze and I 02:30
12. Blue Explosion - The Swinging Creeper 01:49
13. The Jumping Strings - Theme from Shame 02:36
14. The Jumping Strings - Cosy 03:20
15. The Jumping Strings - Hello 03:57
16. The Jumping Strings - South of the Border 03:24
17. The East & West Rockers - Till 02:46
18. The East & West Rockers - La Paloma 03:06
19. The East & West Rockers - Gitarren Spielt 02:51
20. The East & West Rockers - Yellow Jacket 02:28
21. The Sparks - The Lonely Bull 02:22
22. The Sparks - Telstar 02:43
23. The Sparks - Guitar Tango 02:53
24. The Sparks - The Boys 02:49
25. Dixie Aces - Wheels 02:03

removed by request

Mafya Style Gangster Themes Comp

"Mafya Style" is a compilation of the best gangster tunes, 16 tracks which have in common the costumes, the colors and the attitudes linked to the American gangster enviroment of the postwar period.

01 David Lee Roth - Just A Gigolo / I Ain't Got Nobody
02 The Ray Gelato Giants - Angelina / Zooma Zooma
03 Louis Prima - Oh Marie
04 Roy Paci & Aretuska - Ciuri Ciuri
05 Alfredo Rey & La Sua Orchestra - Bacco, Tabacco E Venere
06 Keely Smith - Don't Take Your Love From Me
07 Shirley Horn - Hit The Road Jack
08 The Benny Silver "Stereo" Orchestra - Goodbye To Palermo
09 Fun Lovin' Criminals - King Of New York
10 James Brown - The Boss
11 Dusty Springfield - Son Of A Preacher Man
12 Booker T. & The Mg's - Green Onions
13 Bobby Byrd - Hot Pants ...I'm Coming, I'm Coming, I'm Coming
14 Sly & The Family Stone - If You Want Me To Stay
15 Muddy Waters - Mannish Boy
16 The City Of Prague Philharmonic Conducted By Paul Bateman - Love Theme From The Godfather


Guitar Mania V7

More twangy instros fer ya.
01. The Astronauts - Brozem Rock 01:58
02. The Astronauts - China Rock 02:37
03. The Astronauts - Strings 02:25
04. The Astronauts - The Storm 02:49
05. The Blue Moon Rockers - New Explosion 03:09
06. The Blue Moon Rockers - Granada 02:24
07. The Blue Moon Rockers - Gypsy Rock 02:01
08. The Blue Moon Rockers - Vilja Oh Vilja 02:40
09. The Boys - Flying Carpet 02:57
10. The Boys - Hemels Blauw 03:09
11. The Boys - One Way Ticket 01:58
12. The Boys - The First One 02:01
13. The Desperates - Dardanella 02:19
14. The Desperates - Ram-Bunk-Shush 01:48
15. The Desperates - Runaway 02:16
16. The Desperates - Terang Boelan 02:44
17. The Silhouettes - Cande 02:25
18. The Silhouettes - Char-A-Banc 02:10
19. The Silhouettes - Happy Weekend 02:12
20. The Silhouettes - The Hunter 02:49
21. The Red Angels - Anna 01:59
22. The Red Angels - Apache 02:50
23. The Red Angels - San Antonio Rose 02:37
24. The Red Angels - Walk Don't Run 01:56
25. The Meadowhawks - Diamond Head 01:59

removed by request

Friday, September 17, 2010

Guitar Mania V2

You know what you are gettin' here. all at 320. Enjoy.

01. The Starlights - Kyoto Doll 02:50
02. The Starlights - Hokkaido Skies 04:10
03. The Starlights - Flight Of The Bumble Bee 02:42
04. The Starlights - Violetta 02:49
05. The East & West Rockers - Isle Of Capri 02:18
06. The East & West Rockers - April In Paris 05:08
07. The East & West Rockers - Guitar Humoresque 03:13
08. The East & West Rockers - Begin The Beguine 04:30
09. The Explosion Rockets - Little Breeze #2 03:44
10. The Explosion Rockets - The Breeze And I 02:55
11. The Explosion Rockets - Because They Are Young 02:30
12. The Explosion Rockets - Wonderful Land 02:07
13. The Eastern Aces - Red River Rock 03:05
14. The Eastern Aces - La Golondrina 03:50
15. The Eastern Aces - San Antonio Rose 04:18
16. The Eastern Aces - Tony's Boogie 03:23
17. The Rocking Birds - Winnetou 02:32
18. The Rocking Birds - Idylle 02:51
19. The Rocking Birds - Evening Of Loneliness 02:49
20. The Rocking Birds - Johnny Guitar 02:47
21. The Krontjong Devils - Catalina 01:57
22. The Krontjong Devils - XL-3 01:38
23. The Krontjong Devils - Quasimodo 02:32
24. The Krontjong Devils - Fail Safe 01:31
25. The Krontjong Devils - Contact 01:39

removed by request

Jimmy Thackery Live in Detroit

For all you D. C. homeys. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1953, Jimmy was raised in Washington, D.C. In high school he played in a band with Bonnie Raitt's brother David, who turned him on to Buddy Guy. A pivotal moment for the 17 year old Thackery was seeing Buddy perform at a small D.C. church, but the "moment that changed my life," as Thackery recalls it, occurred quite by accident one night when he wandered into a Jimi Hendrix show in D.C. and heard Hendrix let loose in his first gig after getting kicked off the Monkees tour.
Thackery became widely known as the innovative guitarist with the Nighthawks, one of the hardest-working and most popular blues bands of the '70's and '80's. Starting in 1974, the group recorded over twenty albums and constantly toured the U.S., Europe, Canada and Japan. Jimmy was the heart, soul, and adrenaline of the Nighthawks sound during his fourteen year tenure with the Washington, D.C.-based band, creating a distinctively raw, powerful guitar style and establishing a reputation as a spectacular soloist. This is a great sounding live show by Jimmy Thackery and the Drivers. A lot of instrumentals with great guitar solos. One of the best live recordings in the Drivers catelog. Recommended highly!!!!

01. Don't Lose Your Cool
02. Solid Ice
03. Daze In May
04. Big Long Buick
05. Landlocked
06. Detroit Iron
07. Love My Baby
08. Bomb the Moon
09. Eat It All
10. Blinking of An Eye



Guitar Mania 3

More instro goodness in 320. Cheers.
01. Blue Explosion - Mirananda 03:19
02. Blue Explosion - Red Hot Navigator 02:42
03. Blue Explosion - Wrong Planet 01:42
04. Blue Explosion - Two Guitars 02:06
05. Dixie Aces - La Golondrina 03:08
06. Dixie Aces - Barcarolle 02:09
07. Dixie Aces - Geronimo 02:26
08. Dixie Aces - Sari Nandй 02:44
09. The Jumping Strings - Jumping Melody 02:17
10. The Jumping Strings - Wien, Wien Nur Du Allein 02:46
11. The Jumping Strings - Happy Days 02:34
12. The Jumping Strings - Red River Rock 02:26
13. The Kiliaan Brothers - Rosita My Love 02:50
14. The Kiliaan Brothers - Black Eyes Rock 02:47
15. The Kiliaan Brothers - San Antonio Rose 02:29
16. The Kiliaan Brothers - Al Capone 03:17
17. The Red Angels - Long Long Ago 02:10
18. The Red Angels - Happy Guitar 01:53
19. The Red Angels - Ajoen Ajoen 02:15
20. The Red Angels - Once 02:38
21. The Sky Devils - The Old Spinning Wheel 02:42
22. The Sky Devils - Gunshot 02:03
23. The Sky Devils - Lili Marleen 02:33
24. The Sky Devils - China Rock 02:22
25. The Sky Devils - Sunrise In Malaysia 02:09

removed by request

Michael Schenker Instrumental Intensity

Instrumental Intensity contains some of Michael Schenker's greatest instrumental recordings, culled from his many Shrapnel releases. The instrumental arena is where Schenker's soaring melodies and riveting solos really shine. A brilliant composer with a master's technique, Schenker's performances are a celebration of rock guitar in its purest form. 56 minutes in length approximately. The sound is very good-what you would expect from Schenker in a studio situation. guitars and keyboards,and,once again,the rhythm section of Sparks and Gaalaas. Tracks 10 and 11 are solo numbers by Schenker,with his beautiful acoustic guitar work in the forefront.

For fans of Schenker's beautiful and,at times,astounding guitar prowess,this is something worth considering purchasing. The title is no misnomer-this has some intense guitar/rhythm section workouts ("Old Man With Sheep On Mars","Three Fish Dancing",as examples) as only Schenker can produce,and,at times,Schenker sounds much like he did in UFO. The acoustic tracks are a beautiful balance between his in-your-face-electric-sound,and his more delicate,introspective sound. While there's nothing shockingly new here,Schenker's guitar is,as always,out front,and listeners who like his sound and approach will find much to like here. Add in a rhythm section capable of keeping up with him,and this is another good album of hard,guitar-rock,with a good look at Schenker's acoustic guitar work and arranging. This is one of those albums that seems to sound better at a louder than normal volume. If this doesn't have you playing air-guitar (or drums),then something's wrong with your ears.

01 Achtung Fertig, Los!
02 Old Man With Sheep On Mars
03 Three Fish Dancing
04 A
05 N
06 D
07 Bijou Pleasurette/Positive Forward
08 Captain Nemo
09 Essence
10 I Am Gratetful
11 The Creator
12 Bonus Track



Guitar Mania V4

Continuing this great series in smashing 320.

01. The Desperates - Moon Of Manakoora 02:23
02. The Desperates - Morgen 02:06
03. The Desperates - Honky Tonk 02:23
04. The Desperates - Mister Sandman 03:13
05. The Kiliaan Brothers - Lief Java 02:50
06. The Kiliaan Brothers - Bogaloose Stomp 02:08
07. The Kiliaan Brothers - 18Th Century Rock 03:26
08. The Kiliaan Brothers - Lovesick Blues 03:09
09. The Spectacles - Cosy 03:10
10. The Spectacles - Besame Mucho 03:17
11. The Spectacles - Al Capone 02:47
12. The Spectacles - Darktown Strutter's Ball 01:53
13. The East & West Rockers - You Are My Sunshine 03:05
14. The East & West Rockers - Patricia 03:11
15. The East & West Rockers - Should I 02:26
16. The East & West Rockers - Traditional Guitars 05:12
17. The Romantics - Walk Don't Run 02:20
18. The Romantics - Sabre Dance 02:07
19. The Romantics - Apache 03:08
20. The Romantics - Little B 06:47
21. Shadoogie - Stingray 02:19
22. Shadoogie - Mustang 02:49
23. Shadoogie - Spanish Tears 02:17
24. Shadoogie - Alentejo 02:33
25. Charlie Gracie - Two Guitar Rag 02:13

removed by request

Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra Moods And Grooves

The second album from Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra goes deep into cinematic territory with some seriously-Schifrin smoke-filled beats, adrenaline-inducing rhythms, and dark alleyway spooky tunes. Some of the est modern lounge out there. Give a listen.

01. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - P Walk (4:17)
02. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Brighton Rock (2:20)
03. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Igors Revenge (2:34)
04. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - The Noose (2:18)
05. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Windy City (2:32)
06. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Cha Love (1:52)
07. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - The Chase (3:46)
08. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Laurel Canyon (2:18)
09. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Indian Summer (3:00)
10. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Prog Punk (2:42)
11. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Electric Tit (2:08)
12. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Spooky Street (2:26)
13. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - That's Right (2:03)
14. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Echo Park (2:20)
15. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Jagger (2:07)
16. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Ping Pong Song (2:15)
17. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Westenders (2:06)
18. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Skunky Funky (2:21)
19. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Garden Funk (1:55)
20. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Boogaloo (2:08)
21. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Theme From Andrex (2:19)
22. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Praying Mantis (2:13)
23. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - 26 (2:07)
24. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - 60s Swinger (2:03)
25. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Lous Place (2:04)



Friday, September 3, 2010

Aloha From East Europe

Nice comp of modern surf, rockabilly, psyche and other far out sounds. Thanks to the original uploader for this baby. Good stuff.

CD 1

01. The Wanted / Wanted (2:44)
02. The Stockmen / By The Light Of The Silver Moon (1:42)
03. Rattlesnakes / Hound Of The Baskervilles (3:37)
04. Greenmen / Fugas (2:04)
05. Alligators / Jungl Hop (2:57)
06. The Bombers / Wight Steamer (3:33)
07. Mister Twister / Summertime Blues (3:08)
08. Banana Gang / 4 Nigers (2:28)
09. The Propellers / Black Sea Trip (3:28)
10. Hula Hoop / Girls From Ipanema (3:13)
11. Sleepwalkers / Drugstore Rock (2:16)
12. The Beat Devils Band / Black Cat (3:06)
13. Nitkie / Blood Like Ketchup (2:57)
14. Juke Box / Can't Stop That Rock (1:58)
15. The Spoilers / Sing Sing Sing (3:27)
16. Freno de Pedales / Zombie Jive (3:15)
17. Tomato Juice / Fisher Song (3:20)
18. Moon Light / Surf Rider (4:11)
19. Ot Vinta / Ne Mala Baba Klopotu Kupila Porosia (4:34)
20. Bike'n'Hollers / My Brother Bill (1:46)

CD 2

01. The Wanted / Johnny Remember Me (3:43)
02. The Stockmen / Race with the Devil (2:06)
03. Rattlesnakes / Caravella (2:59)
04. Greenmen / Daleko li do Tallina? (2:38)
05. Alligators / I Feel Blue (2:28)
06. Bombers / Crazy Ivan (3:09)
07. Mister Twister / Ain't She Sweet (4:36)
08. Banana Gang / Stefanie (3:12)
09. The Propellers / Jane (2:51)
10. Hula Hoop / Pink Panter (3:39)
11. Sleepwalkers / Sweet Nothing (2:12)
12. The Beat Devils Band / My Love Is Killing Me (5:59)
13. Nitkie / Scar Killer (3:10)
14. Shakin' Guts / Cold Ice Lady (2:26)
15. The Spoilers / Penetration (2:07)
16. Brem Stoker / Golden Rain (3:01)
17. Tomato Juice / Black Parabellum (2:36)
18. Moon Light / Vibrations (3:10)
19. Ot Vinta / Ti Kazala u Nedilu Budem Sluhat' Rockabilly (4:18)
20. Bike'n'Hollers / Lost in Space (3:12)

afeeu 1

afeeu 2

afeeu 3

Fifty Foot Combo Go Hunting

More than just another modern day surf music band, The Fifty Foot Combo runs the gamut from surf to lounge to monster movie music sounds. This album is a killer - nice balance between powersurf and lounge-tunes. The live-tracks are amazing. WHen there's no beach around, this is a good substitute.

1. It's Alive 2. The Tunnel 3. Doe de Duif 4. Inspection #5 5. Robin Boy Wonder 6. Dimitrius 7. The Brain from Planet X 8. I Think I Shot Her 9. Drums A-Go-Go 10. The Escape
11. Minesweeper 12. Hully Gully Stomp 13. SL 54 Automatic [#] 14. Jack the Ripper [#]


Tiki Tones Songs for the Surburban Savages

This CD sounds like it could have been the soundtrack to a 60s surf movie! If you like the Ventures, you will probably like this stuff. Spectre Detector sounds a little like the Munster's Theme. The CD has a lot of guitars, drums, and organ. These songs are what you would expect to hear in the background of a movie scene at a beach club. The sound may be best described as a lounge/surf hybrid.

1 Spectre Detector 2 Zombi Hut 3 Night of the Tikis 4 On the Scene 5 Typhoon Twist 6 Go Go Loco 7 One Mint Julep 8 Kon-Tiki 9 Don't Go in the Shed 10 CX-9 11 High Seas Drifter 12 Twister


Harry Belafonte Calypso

When Harry Belafonte released Calypso, with its memorable songs "Day-O", "I Do Adore Her", and "Jamaica Farewell" sung in his personable, warm voice, it quickly became a bestseller. Like any good folk music, the songs are accessible, yet they also bear the exotic lure of the Caribbean. From the songs of hard work, such as "Day-O" and "Hosanna," to the sly good humor of "Man Smart (Woman Smarter)" and "The Jackass Song," Belafonte's voice helped bring the richness of Caribbean culture to the North American consciousness. While a couple of the songs here are featured in arrangements that may sound a bit corny to modern ears, most sound delightfully fresh and have definitely stood the test of time.Released by RCA Victor (LPM-1248) in 1956. The CD was released on April 28, 1992 . It is the first full-length gramophone LP to sell over one million copies (the singles Bing Crosby's "White Christmas" and Tennessee Ernie Ford's "Sixteen Tons" had surpassed 1 million copies previously). The album is number four on Billboard's "Top 100 Album" list for having spent 31 weeks at number 1, 58 weeks in the top ten, and 99 weeks on the U.S. charts. (Wiki)

01. The Banana Boat Song (Day-O)
02. I Do Adore Her
03. Jamaica Farewell
04. Will His Love Be Like His Rum
05. Dolly Dawn
06. Star-O
07. The Jack-Ass Song
08. Hosanna
09. Come Back Liza
10. Brown Skin Girl
11. Man Smart (Woman Smarter)


Astrolites Hard Luck

Rockabilly done right.
01. Rumble In The City (2:28)
02. Flyin Deuce (1:24)
03. Dynamite (1:51)
04. Shes A Knockout (3:09)
05. Hotrod From Hell (3:12)
06. Justine (3:35)
07. Swinging Cats (2:30)
08. Hard Luck (3:11)
09. Nitro (2:29)
10. Lets Work It Out (2:29)
11. Devils Peak (1:50)
12. Knocked Out (2:34)
13. Prison Bound (4:38)


Gary Moore Different Beat

Gary as usual plays some dirty, mean ,low down, smokin' guitar over some fast technobeats. It's better than the description and a little different than his current all blooze retreads. This is fresh in that 90's kind of way. Give it a try.

1. Go On Home
2. Lost In Your Love
3. Worry No More
4. Fire
5. Surrender
6. House Full Of Blues
7. Bring My Baby Back
8. Can't Help Myself
9. Fatboy
10. We Want Love
11. Can't Help Myself (E-Z Rollers Remix)


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Guitar Mania vol. 1

Hi all. DaBoss is bck with a BANG! We start with some klassic twang from this awesome series. Frisian posted this entire series a few years ago on Boppeslag which was mucho coolo and got me looking for it in higher bitrates.
I don't have all 26 volumes but the ones I do have you will get over the next few months in glorious 320.
Enjoy the oldies.

01. The Mustangs - Leskiaidin Tyttaret 01:54
02. The Mustangs - Juoske Sina Humma 02:41
03. The Mustangs - What A Splendid Thing 02:50
04. The Mustangs - Dark Eyes Beat 02:09
05. Bleu Explosion - Teen Scene 02:31
06. The Mustangs - Black Swan 02:14
07. The Mustangs - Bongo Blues 01:47
08. The Mustangs - Forever In Dreams 03:20
09. The Meadowhawks - Tropical Rock 01:50
10. The Meadowhawks - Classical Surf 02:20
11. The Meadowhawks - Marabunta 02:23
12. The Meadowhawks - 1000 & 1 Thoughts 03:50
13. The Desperates - Desperates Express 03:08
14. The Desperates - Little Geisha 02:14
15. The Desperates - Moonshot 01:46
16. The Desperates - Snoernje Van Bloedrode Kralen 02:40
17. The Blue Moon Rockers - Hurricane Rock 02:41
18. The Blue Moon Rockers - Loempia 02:14
19. The Blue Moon Rockers - Theme From Limelight 02:32
20. The Blue Moon Rockers - Running Gypsy 03:20
21. Vintage - Bulldog Mix 03:11
22. Vintage - Hills 03:15
23. Vintage - Cape Blue 03:04
24. Vintage - Sweet Little Margie 02:34
25. The Arrows - La Comparsa 02:39

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Diplomats of Solid Sound Plenty Nasty

This album from Iowa City s ambassadors of funk and soul, The Diplomats Of Solid Sound features for the first time, The Diplomettes. Having already cut 3 full-length albums, "Instrumental Action Soul" (Prescription Records - 2001), "Let´s Cool One"(Estrus Records - 2003) and "Destination Get Down!" (Estrus Records - 2005), you can hear the band growing stronger in sophistication and depth as they further ingested the sounds of 60s soul, R&B and deep funk. Cut to 2006 and The Diplomats became backing band to RnB/Soul legend Andre Williams & recorded "Aphrodisiac" with ´Mr. Rhythm´ released in 2006 on both Pravda and Spanish label Vampisoul. That same year they asked 3 gifted soul sirens (Sarah Cram, Katherine Ruestow & Abigail Sawyer) aka the Diplomettes to join the group and the rest as they say is soul history. This self-titled album is chock full of irresistible funk and soul bombs ready to melt your heart or make you shake it on the dance-floor. As an added bonus, Lack Of Afro put in a bit of overtime in the studio to sprinkle his magic on "Hurt Me So", giving it a skankin' reggae feel while retaining the silky smooth vocals.

01. Plenty Nasty (3:50)
02. Come In My Kitchen (3:23)
03. Hurt Me So (3:37)
04. Budget Fro (3:29)
05. Trouble Me (2:13)
06. Soul Connection (2:33)
07. Smokey Places (3:16)
08. Lights Out! (3:57)
09. B-A-B-Y (2:58)
10. If You're Wrong... (I Don't Want To Be Right) (3:11)
11. Hurt Me So (Lack Of Afro Remix) (3:50)


Pierre Moerlen's Gong - Downwind

The impressive Downwind is the first release from the band under its new moniker, Pierre Moerlen's Gong, as Moerlen assumes creative control and dominance. The release marks a return to vocals/lyrics, which proves only partially successful. Moerlen's voice is a hit on the opener, the rocking "Aeroplane," and the collective vocals on the fast-paced, percussive "Jin-Go-Lo-Ba" (popularized by Santana) are right on target. His singing is weak, though, on "What You Know" and detracts from the song's quality. Mick Taylor makes his only appearance here with an exceptional guitar solo. Downwind is also a return to compositions dominated by rock structures and styles, the jazz element minimal this time around. The instrumental cuts are sublime: "Emotions" and "Xtasea" are relaxing; "Crosscurrents" and "Downwind" are energetic and exciting. The title cut is easily the highlight of the album, featuring guest appearances by Steve Winwood (Moog, synth) and guitarist Mike Oldfield. At almost 13 minutes, this thrilling composition resembles the early work of Oldfield, particularly strains of "Tubular Bells, Pt. 1," and specifically the section used for the film The Exorcist. On "Downwind," Moerlen's percussives are ablaze, recalling his "Percolations" performance from Gazeuse. Bassist Hansford Rowe is prominent, and saxophonist Didier Malherbe, a longtime Gong staple, makes his only appearance on the album...AMG

01 Aeroplane
02 Cross Currents
03 Downwind
04 Tin-Go-Lo-Ba
05 What You Know
06 Emotions
07 Xtasea


3 Suns On A Magic Carpet

The postwar-era pop trio the Three Suns comprised vocalist/organist Artie Dunn, guitarist Al Nevins and accordionist Morty Nevins. Although formed in 1939, the group did not achieve widespread success until their 1944 Top 20 rendition of "Twilight Time," co-written by the trio with Buck Ram, sold over a million copies. In 1947 the Three Suns topped the charts with "Peg o' My Heart," but by the 1950s line-up shuffles plagued the group -- first Al Nevins was replaced by Johnny Buck, who later gave way to Joe Negri, while brother Morty Nevins was replaced by accordionist and pianist Joe Vento in 1955. After disbanding, Dunn reformed the trio in 1957 with guitarist Johnny Romano and accordionist Tony Lovello; a largely-forgotten curio for several decades, by the 1990s the Three Suns had accrued hipster cache thanks to the lounge-music revival, and their original recordings resurfaced on any number of exotica and "space-age bachelor pad" reissues. Al Nevins also etched his name in pop history as the co-founder, with Don Kirshner, of Aldon Music, the songwriting house which served as the epicenter of the Brill Building music factory.

One of the very few albums in The Three Suns catalogue to see an official reissue, this was remastered and released on CD in Japan. Super quality pop soundz in 320.

1. Canadian Sunset (2:57)
2. Lisbon Antigua (2:44)
3. Terry Theme (3:16)
4. High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me) (3:35)
5. Moritat (3:15)
6. The Poor People of Paris (Jean's Song) (2:47)
7. Blue Tango (2:37)
8. Meet Mr. Callaghan (2:20)
9. The Song from Moulin Rouge (Where Is Your Heart) (2:17)
10. Ruby (2:44)
11. The 3rd Man Theme (2:28)
12. Fleur de Paree (2:07)


M83 - Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts

A letter and a number make up the name of M83, a band that touch upon all genres, from electronica to pop to ambient. M83's distinct sound emerged after just one album: both modern and melancholic..

In early 2001, their first album, bearing the same name as their group, was released by the cutting-edgeFrench Gooom label. Critics emphasised the album's graceful and nuanced melodies and the cinematographic quality of the dialogues, as well as the band's ability to make synthesizers sound like guitars.

This, their second album, is more ambitious than its predecessor, complex yet accessible thanks to its melodic effectiveness, as heard in the super-powerful 'America' and the dreamlike 'Beauties Can Die', with its virtual chorale sounding an endless final note.

The last track, "Beauties Can Die", contains an untitled hidden track, that starts at 11:25, after a period of silence.
Track 8, "Be Wild", was used as a concert introduction by the band Deftones in 2007.
Track 2, "Unrecorded", was used in theatrical trailer of The Nightwatch (Nochnoy Dozor) movie.

'Epic' doesn't do justice to the terrifying noise of twentysomething French duo M83, whose attempts to merge My Bloody Valentine's Loveless and John Carpenter's soundtracks cometo stunning fruition here' - ***** Bang

'Melding the glacial grace of Tangerine Dream to the post-rock iciness of Mogwai, M83 have created a cold and fragile epic of brittle, symphonic beauty' - XXXX X-Ray

'It's like if Air were still good meets My Bloody Valentine meets total sex. It's simply totally amazing' - NME

01. Birds
02. Unrecorded
03. Run Into Flowers
04. In Church
05. America
06. On A White Lake, Near A Green Mountain
07. Noise
08. Be Wild
09. Cyborg
10. 0078h
11. Gone
12. Beauties Can Die


1. Birds 2. Unrecorded 3. In Church (Cyann & Ben Version) 4. Gone (Live) 5. Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts




Music For Zombies

Trick or Treat - Remember the Warren magazines you read as a kid? You know, titles like VAMPIRELLA, EERIE, CREEPY, and FAMOUS MONSTERS? Remember the ads for all the great stuff, such as the Don Post line of movie monster masks, and records like An Evening With Boris Karloff, Dr. Druids Haunted Seance, and Vampyre at the Harpsichord? Well, those masks and music albums have one thing in common: they were all produced by make-up artist and musician Verne Langdon. He is back with his first album of weird and disquieting music in many years. Music for Zombies is an excellent CD to get for the Halloween season. It is a mix of classic Langdon and new offerings, containing six tracks of new music and three tracks from previous albums.

The opening piece of music, Zombie Sonata, is a spare and memorable composition on piano.. Images from The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari came into my mind as I listened to it. It is easily one of Mr. Langdons best pieces.

Other compositions are played on a Wurli-Morton Theater Organ or a steam calliope. On Spirit Symphony, first heard on his album Music for Magicians, Mr. Langdon uses the bell-like celeste of the theater organ (in a way that suggests the innocence of childhood) against a sinister bass line. The composition was used recently in the daytime soap, Passions.

The theater organs vibrato is used to good effect on Hypnotique, creating an eerie sound similar, but more expressive than, the theremin. Here Mr. Langdon juxtaposes a strange melody of lingering notes against a march-like accompaniment of drums.

Carnival of Souls sounds like music you might hear at a circus for the insane. It is a diverting, even raucous piece. Those folks who find clowns scary will be especially disturbed by it.

His longest piece of music on the album is Zombie Suite, which is divided into three movements. This is the most symphonic sounding piece, with swelling horn and string sections. The music here struck me as more melancholy, even romantic, than creepy. After hearing it, I wondered why Mr. Langdon has not gone into composing for film. His compositions are better than some of what I hear at the movies these days. He certainly has the creativity required for music that touches and underscores emotions.

Mr. Langdon is known for his sense of humor (he used to be a gag writer for television) and he has some jokes here: the CD opens with the sound of a coffin opening and it ends with the sound of one closing. One track begins with a rather human-sounding wolf howl and another with a snippet of a funeral march. The CD is subtitled Grave Music for Brave People. Despite all that, the music is not treated lightly, but is well done and worth adding to your collection. I have a lot of music in this vein (no pun intended) and this one ranks with my favorites.

1. Opening 2. Zombie Sonata 3. Flowers Of Evil 4. Hypnotique 5. Spirit Symphony 6. Carnival Of Souls 7. Tombs Egyptian 8. Zombie Suite - 1st Movement 9. Zombie Suite - 2nd Movement 10. Zombie Suite - 3rd Movement 11. Closing

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