Saturday, August 28, 2010

M83 - Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts

A letter and a number make up the name of M83, a band that touch upon all genres, from electronica to pop to ambient. M83's distinct sound emerged after just one album: both modern and melancholic..

In early 2001, their first album, bearing the same name as their group, was released by the cutting-edgeFrench Gooom label. Critics emphasised the album's graceful and nuanced melodies and the cinematographic quality of the dialogues, as well as the band's ability to make synthesizers sound like guitars.

This, their second album, is more ambitious than its predecessor, complex yet accessible thanks to its melodic effectiveness, as heard in the super-powerful 'America' and the dreamlike 'Beauties Can Die', with its virtual chorale sounding an endless final note.

The last track, "Beauties Can Die", contains an untitled hidden track, that starts at 11:25, after a period of silence.
Track 8, "Be Wild", was used as a concert introduction by the band Deftones in 2007.
Track 2, "Unrecorded", was used in theatrical trailer of The Nightwatch (Nochnoy Dozor) movie.

'Epic' doesn't do justice to the terrifying noise of twentysomething French duo M83, whose attempts to merge My Bloody Valentine's Loveless and John Carpenter's soundtracks cometo stunning fruition here' - ***** Bang

'Melding the glacial grace of Tangerine Dream to the post-rock iciness of Mogwai, M83 have created a cold and fragile epic of brittle, symphonic beauty' - XXXX X-Ray

'It's like if Air were still good meets My Bloody Valentine meets total sex. It's simply totally amazing' - NME

01. Birds
02. Unrecorded
03. Run Into Flowers
04. In Church
05. America
06. On A White Lake, Near A Green Mountain
07. Noise
08. Be Wild
09. Cyborg
10. 0078h
11. Gone
12. Beauties Can Die


1. Birds 2. Unrecorded 3. In Church (Cyann & Ben Version) 4. Gone (Live) 5. Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts




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