Friday, April 24, 2009

Sabrositas - Beach Blanket Banditos

Here's a treat for ya. Mighty fine., melodic surf and twang done right. Good melodies, excellent musicianship, thorough understanding of the art form and overall a nice bunch of instro music. Brandonio might hav posted this a long time ago, but I scored a CD-Rom and thought it was worth sharing in full 320 glory. Enjoy.

1. Lowtide 2.Ripcurl 3. Secret UNCLE Man 4.Tiki Doll 5.Sabrosa 6. Autoerotica 7.Beach Blanket Banditos 8. $ Drink Minimum 9. Atomic Salsa 10. Weekend in Juarez 11. Paco’s Revenge 12. Devotion


Bill Nelson – Red Noise – Sound on Sound

Fans of Be-Bop Deluxe's romantic side could hardly have been prepared for founder Bill Nelson's first post-breakup solo effort. Sound-on-Sound slams into life with harsh guitars, mechanical synths, and manic rhythms. Nelson and crew race through a brilliant collection of anti-romantic anthems that catalog every dystopian fantasy of the 20th century, from Soviet-style social realism to state-sponsored lobotomy. The album sounds like Devo given the Phil Spector wall-of-sound treatment, and even the romantically soaring synths of songs like "For Young Moderns" drip with irony. As Nelson sings in "Revolt into Style," "Though I know the time is almost 1984/It feels like 1965." Tracks like "Stop/Go/Stop" and "Radar in My Heart" demonstrate that Nelson hasn't lost his ear for catchy tunes, and "The Atom Age's" superb guitar solo shows he's not content to let synthesizers do all the talking. The album maintains its breathless pace from start to finish (the laid-back future reggae of "Wondertoys that Last Forever" and "Acquitted by Mirrors" were wisely consigned to the "Furniture Music" single). If Nelson did abandon Red Noise as a musical dead end, it was a fascinating cul-de-sac nonetheless.

1. Don't Touch Me (I'm Electric) 2. For Young Moderns 3. Stop/Go/Stop 4. Furniture Music 5. Radar in My Heart 6. Stay Young 7. Out of Touch 8. Better Home in the Phantom Zone 9. Substitute Flesh 10. Atom Age 11. Art/Empire/Industry 12. Revolt into Style


Far Out: Swinging Bachelor Pad Music

Not to be confused with collections of vintage cuts from the golden age of authentically cool-to-silly topical lounge and exotica (1953-1963), Water Music's Far Out: Swinging Bachelor Pad Music is a mini-festival of 21st century electronic production that draws largely upon the work of mix and remix artists from the roster of Irma Records, a label based in Bologna, Italy. Although the widespread revival of the phrases that make up the title of this album has brought the vernacular to the brink of overuse, there's no denying that the original Cold War lounge recordings (swinging, space age or otherwise designated) have spawned an amazing post-postmodern semi-send-up genre of beat-driven entertainment that fairly bristles with elements of jazz/organ combo and cocktail jazz, jet-set pop and good-life sleaze within a conceptual arena rendered peculiarly stimulating by most every methodological trope known to modern electronica. . Anamaria, The Odd Couple, Be Bop A Lula, Tequila Bum Bum are faves.

1. Anamaria (Tito Valdez Remix) Key Tronics Ensemble 2. L'altra Sera Al Ristorante Monsieur Blumberg 3. Ass Enchillada Hammond Express 4. The Odd Couple (Party Version) Capiozzo & Mecco 5. La Nudista Daniele Luppi 6. Dona Flor Black Mighty Wax 7. Takin On Italian Secret Service 8. FaFaVa Swing Capiozzo & Mecco 9. Julie Christie Lorraine Bowen 10. Be Bop A Lula Challenger 11. Mad Atari Dj Rodriguez 12. After Pizza Sam Paglia 13. Tequila Bum Bum Montefiori Cocktail 14. Whisky A GoGo Capiozzo & Mecco 15. Bow Wow Tommy Bass 16. The Odd Couple (Vocal Version) Capiozzo & Mecco


Nick at Nite: Goes to Outer Space

Like any other disc in the Nick at Nite series, Nick at Nite: Goes to Outer Space gathers a number of oldies that have vaguely similar lyrical or thematic sentiments. In this case, it's songs about space. Since Nick At Nite doesn't air that many sci-fi shows, there are only a couple cuts here, such as the Lost in Space theme, that really have anything to do with television. The bulk of the disc consists of oldies about space or space travel. "Oldies" is actually a loose term -- there are only a few songs, such as the Byrds' "Mr. Spaceman," from the '60s. Much of the album is comprised of new wave hits, but even these aren't necessarily familiar -- Blondie's "Rapture" is a retro-radio staple, but less known Adam Ant's "Apollo 9" and OMD's "Apollo XI" are quite good. So, Nick at Nite: Goes to Outer Space is marketed as nostalgia, but it's music that not everybody will be nostalgic for. A weird category indeed. Despite these problems, there are enough good songs and skewed fun to make it worthwhile.

1. Star Trek Theme (Album Version) 2. Apollo 9 Adam Ant 3. Starflight After The Fire 4. Cosmik Debris (Album Version) Frank Zappa 5. Attack Of The Radioactive Hamster From A Planet Near Mars (Album Version) Weird Al Yankovic 6. Apollo XI (Album Version) Orchestral Manoeuvers In The Dark 7. Rockit (Album Version) Herbie Hancock 8. Rapture (Album Version) Blondie 9. Shining Star (Album Version) Earth, Wind & Fire 10. Alien (Album Version) Atlanta Rhythm Section 11. Mr. Spaceman (Album Version) The Byrds 12. Lost In Space Theme (Album Version) John Williams


Friday, April 17, 2009

The All Nighters - Drink The Night

Originally created out of a pure love and interest for many different forms of musical expression, the All-Nighters continue to break down the boundaries limiting the sonic freedom of instrumental bands that have come before them. Their revolutionary sound draws influence from a wide variety of classic genres, all combining to form a very modern and refreshing approach to "instro/surf" music. They harness the energy and personality of surf, punk, country, rockabilly, ska, gypsy, classical and others to form a intermixed collage of sounds and emotions which flows with flawless focus; despite the often drastic changes in style, like the soundtrack to a great movie. Phil Dirt gives them 4 stars. Excellent instro for all.

1 Gypsy Skank 2 Moonshine At Sunrise 3 Drink The Night 4 Satanic Surf Psycho 5 Tropical Siesta 6 Showdown 7 Chingada 8 It Wasn't That Bad 9 Jackie The Rat 10 Opium Den 11 Folsom 12 Cold Water 13 Ecstasy 14 Pretty 50's


Obscurity File – VA Twisted Comedy

This is a compilation album of wonderfully "politically incorrect" ditties. If you're a long-time Dr. D listener, you've probably heard most of them on his show. As with most comps, the reason to get this one as opposed to one of the Dr. Demento albums is the particular combo of songs. Mostly New Wave and punk songs, plus a few novelty songs. As with any comp -- some of the songs are good (Funky Poodle is my fave), some are not so good, yet necessary for any good collection of trashy funny stuff.

Kinko the Clown - Ogden Edsl 2. Teenage Enema Nurses in Bondage - Killer Pussy 3. Funky Poodle - Wild Horses, Wild Horses 4. Pajama Party - Unit 3 UK, Venus 5. Earthquake Song - Little Girls 6. Dwarf Tossin' – Boquet of Veal 7. Buffy Come Back - Angel and the Reruns 8. Time Is a Ticky Talk – Klondike Karl 9. See You on the Other Side - Brian Briggs 10. Harley David (Son of a Bitch) - The Bollock Brothers 11. Ronnie's Song -LAX 12. Urban Struggle - The Vandals 13. Cowpunk - Scott Goddard 14. Rodeo Song- Bird and McDonald 15. Kinko Returns - Ogden Edsl


The Score –VA

Nice comp of music that has been in movies over the years by Mojo Magazine. Some hits, some obscure – great for background or driving.

1 Brother on the Run (Opening) Johnny Pate, Adam Wade 2 God's Children 3 Something's Cookin' 4 Dark Days DJ Shadow 5 Get Carter Roy Budd 6 Frankie Machine Elmer Bernstein 7 You Cut Up the Clothes Mrs Washington & Co. 8 Time Is Tight Booker T. And The MG's 9 Midnight Cowboy John Barry 10 Bedazzled Peter Cook, Dudley Moore 11 Arabesque Henry Mancini 12 Watermelon Man Mongo Santamaria 13 Linus and Lucy Vince Guaraldi 14 The Taking of Pelham One Two Three David Shire 15 Truck Turner Isaac Hayes 16 Death Line Will Malone 17 A Fistful of Dollars Ennio Morricone 18 Johnny Too Bad Slickers 19God Mowing Over the Face of the Water Moby 20 Let It Be Nick Cave



Plastron – Super Sex Hero

Second release from this Philly-based, garage, psychedelic, new-wave, whatsamacallit run amok like a rabid Scooby Doo through haunted woods, vertiginous galaxies and cavernous depths. By halftime they’ve administered a master shot of adrenaline that an elephant dart of Diazepam couldn’t combat.On occasion they slip: occasionally you’ll accuse vocalist Lil of openly mimicking either EP-era Karen O (sans Neanderthal sex), or, during Scary Circus, the faux-innocence of Stefani. But, ultimately, the flaws add to the charm, the uncertainty as to whether everyone is in the same race barely affording the listener time to breathe. If you liked the first one – see archives – you’ll like this one better.

1. Super Sex Hero 2. Extra Strength Dog Polish 3. Out 4. Mouse Parade 5. Spanish Spy 6. Sea Hunt 7. Scary Circus 8. Kiss Ass Bar Mitzvah 9. I Heart Jupiter 10. Erosion 11. Desert 2000 12. Out pt. 2 13. Mr. Gravity


Surf Punks – Oh No! Not Them Again!

What can you say, they're so darn good they had to cover their own song. (My Beach 2000) And hey, how 'bout the chewy goodness of that Casiotone we all got for Christmas in eighth grade on "Ride the Wild Surf". (Can't listen to the original version after hearing theirs.) "Klo-rene" is such a niiiice song too. Ya know it's the true conisseur (is that right?) of the sweet life that can enjoy the alluring combination of salt water on the brain and power chords that is "Oh No...Not Them Again" More dumb loud fun.

1. My Beach 2000 Listen 2. ...And Then the Cops Came Listen 3. Life's a Beach Listen 4. Chumash Listen 5. Ride the Wild Surf Listen 6. Too Many Guys Out Listen 7. Wave Spy [Special French Instrumental Version] Listen 8. Ballroom Blitz Listen 9. Locals Only II Listen 10. Gyrospaz Listen 11. Klo-Rene Listen 12. Wave Spy Listen 13. People's Court Listen 14. It's Over Listen 15. Camp Malibu [*]


Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Hypno-Twists -- Introducing...

Indie Rock Day - Hypnotwists - Introducing

This OOP disc is an ABSOLUTE GEM! The Hypno-Twists are an incredible cornucopia of practically EVERY 60s style of music. High Energy 60s garage, Surf, go-go, Exotica and Spaghetti Westerns are what you'll experience when you hear this. Energetic and eclectic, it takes you up and down a vast emotional scale and never relents. Just when I thought I had pretty much figured out what to expect, I realized I hadn't. They do some of the BEST Spagetti western I have heard -- that's saying a lot. You can dance and rock out and TRIP OUT to this. They should have a record, a 12 inch. Their cover of Primitive is an epic and is a mind blower. I like Taken and La ley de hiello and Cape and You need...bad a lot. Great rock n roll to be sure.

You Need it Bad 2. Cape ST. Francis 3. La Ley de Hielo 4. Bolero 5. Cactus 6. Ain't Gonna Get Old 7. Purple Alert 8. Primitivo 9. Taken 10. Zombie Maker 11. He's Waitin' 12. Unknown live bonus 13. Unknown live bonus

Jesus Christ Surferstar - Easter repost

Easter - time for those who celebrate the occasion to have something other than the standard pious muck to listen to. Grab this and give to the minister, preacher, bishop, evangelist of your choice and freak them out. Hey, now is your chance to "spread the word" -- heeheeheeePhil Dirt:What a cool concept! Andrew Lloyd Webber's controversial rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar goes to the beach - mostly. 21 instrumentals and a handful of interesting vocals. Most of the instros are surf. The whole package is well done. Vocal tracks on this amazing CD include a delightful faux-pomp performance of "Strange Things Mystifying" by Prawns With Horns, the traditional surf backtracked "Simon Zeabotas" from Pipelines, the heavy garage fuzz and organ pound of Babyshaker's "Damned For All Time / Blood Money," the dry edged power of "The Arrest" from the HiFi Ramblers, and the Texas heavy fuzz of Johnny Vortex's "Juda's Death." Phil DirtThe songs are quite strongly melodic which play very well to the surf structure – they stand up as instrumentals. I wind up adding the lyrics in my head. One of the few tributes that stand out as a solid collection on it’s own and in some ways – depending on your mood – improves on the original. Get the original below and go with the flow on Easter, however the wind blows.Disc 11. Overture - Daikaiju2. Heaven On Their Minds - Urban Surf Kings3. What's The Buzz - The Waistcoats4. Strange Things Mystifying - Prawns with Horns5. Then We Are Decided - Breakfastime6. Everything's Alright - Susan & Surftones7. This Jesus Must Die - Atomic Mosquitos8. Hosanna - El Ray9. Simon Zealotas - Pipelines10. Poor Jerusalem - Lava Rats11. Pilate's Dream - 3 Piece Suit12. Temple, The - Ward 6913. I Don't Know How To Love Him - Crime Factor Zero14. Damned For All Time/Blood Money - BabyshakerDisc215. Last Supper, The - Hypnotic IV16. Gethsemane (I Only Want To Say) - Surfones17. Arrest, The - HiFi Ramblers18. Peter's Denial - Fabulous Planktones19. Pilate & Christ - Capacitors20. King's Herod's Song - Susan & Surftones21. Could We Start Again Please - Noseriders22. Judas Death - Johnny Vortex23. Trial Before Pilate - The Supertones24. Superstar - The Atlantics 225. Crucifixion - Longhorn Devils26. John Nineteen Forty One – Aqualads



Lanterna -ST

This work really transcends whatever label you want to put on it. Equally at home in collections of Surf, New Age, goth, or ambient music, Lanterna is a simply beautiful collection of songs suitable for candle-lit latenights, rainy Saturdays, dinnertime, bathtime, or bedtime. This instrumental rock music evokes sweeping landscapes, soaring vistas and ethereal galaxies. It's not rock in the raucous sense. The backbeats and guitar riffs make it very surfy sounding, with some ambient and electronic washes thrown in. It's a great soundtrack for a moody road trip. The album's strong point is its continuity and cohesiveness: the songs meld together like an epic poem. The downside of this, of course, is that the songs individual character may easily escape; but over time, careful listeners are sure to find a very personal favorite. If you like Friends of Dean Martinez – see FCCL archives and Twilight Zone – in links, or even instrumental Calexico - you will like this a lot. A superb compendium of atmospheres and not crappy new age schmaltz.

Silent Hills 2. Down By The Seine 3. 4. 1985 5. Dark Spring 6. Passage 7. Colossus 8. End Of The Tunnel 9. Bells 10. Down By The Seine 11. Ether Net 12. No. 7 Galerie Des Anciennes 13. Dragon Season 14. Achieving Oneness 15. Slides 16. Dawn 17. Puerto De Luna



Plastron - Enchanted Evening

"Once the surf guitar of the first three tracks has washed over you, Plastron kick sand with the appropriately titled Blast exploding into something altogether punkier, funkier, catchier and downright scarier. From then on this Philly-based, garage, psychedelic, new-wave, whatsamacallit run amok like a rabid Scooby Doo through haunted woods, vertiginous galaxies and cavernous depths. By halftime they’ve administered a master shot of adrenaline that an elephant dart of Diazepam couldn’t combat.

On occasion they slip: occasionally you’ll accuse vocalist Lil of openly mimicking either EP-era Karen O (sans Neanderthal sex), or, during Scary Circus, the faux-innocence of Stefani. But, ultimately, the flaws add to the charm, the uncertainty as to whether everyone is in the same race barely affording the listener time to breathe.

Even when the sub-3 minute orgasm Pizaaz teases you with climax - lyrics unravelling into ‘Oohs’, ‘Aaahs’ and ‘Ngarghs!’ while clinically-possessed guitar, bass, and cans throb relentlessly behind - they shoot further still into Crusader Invader and, strong contender for song-title-of-the-year, Kick-Ass Bar Mitzvah (with Kalashnikov snares no less!). Finally, once 45 seconds of this magnificent, lurching album reverse before your ears on closer Reprise, you are plunked back at the start, dizzy but safe in the sand. Now, have a quick-deserved rest before jumping back in the rip for another ride."

~Andy Knight, Coloursonic, UK

Think B52's meet Wendy O and Lydia Lunch - whoa.

1. Esirper 2. Electric Box 3. Extra Strength Dog Polish 4. Blast 5. El Gato 6. Enchanted Evening 7. Jet Fueled Mind 8. Roctopus 9. Scary Circus10. Pinazz 11. Crusader Invader 12. Kick Ass Bar Mitzvah 13. Reprise


Meerkats – Enemy Planet

A remarkably strong indie release, Enemy Planet's 14 tracks draw from the various incarnations of punk and garage rock with echo-laden single -note guitar-lines making deft references to nebulous TV detective and beach movie themes: all held together by a strong melodic sense and clever lyrical constructs. Early faves include “Enemy Planet” a massive surf instro, "Shape of Your Skull" (a dopey, driving crusher), The Merseybeat-tinged "Psychograph", the amp-shredding "Tornados of Blackhawk County (with a metallic guitar coda that I swear is lifted from Gary Lewis' "this Diamond Ring") and the creepy "Too Precious for Words" (which recalls Pink Flag-era Wire). There's a lot going on here, and a lot left to unveil itself. A good record by a band with a remarkably sure sense of itself that seems destined to one day bring this planet around to their side.

1 Enemy Planet 2 The Thinker 3 Shape of Your Skull 4 Twenty Twenty 5 Psychograph 6 Fancy Girl 7 Tornados of Blackhawk County 8 Cigarette Baby 9 Too Precious For Words 10 The Way of the Derelict 11 Illusion of Hair 12 Subculture of Nerds 13 She Did Not Beleive Him 14 He Rides His Bike


Surf Punks – Party Bomb

Put together punk rock with surf revival, and whuddya get? The Surf Punks! Led by Dennis Dragon, this '80s outfit combined SoCal breeziness with punk brashness, turning patches of sand into mosh pits up and down the coasts. Combining the frivolity of early Beach Boys stuff with the agressiveness of late '80s California skate punk (a la the Dickies, Redd Cross) and a bit of B-52s and Devo type wackiness. A best of collection from their late-'80s releases for Restless and Enigma-catch the $#@! wave! Surf Punks did indeed roll a fat party bomb on this 1988 release! Loud, dumb and proud. “Somebody Ripped My Stick” is worth the price of admission by itself.

No Fat Chicks 2. Dummies 3. Meet Me at the Beach 4. Klo-Rene 5. Ya Shoulda Been Here Yesterday 6. Surf Instructor 7. Someone Ripped My Stick 8. Shoulder Hopper 9. Big Top 10. Shark Attack 11. Sealed with a Kiss [1&2] 12. Wave Spy 13. Medley: Beat on the Brat/Do You Want to Dance/Let's Dance 14. Come On-A My House


Friday, April 3, 2009

The Sound Spectrum

This collection of Brit lounge music is excellent. Part of a series that includes the House of Loungecore & the Sound Gallery – see Xtabay in links - , these little known cuts (on this side of the Ocean, anyway) will bring a smile to your face and joy to your day. Beautifully orchestrated and full of suprising instrumentation, this music is a little different from the sometimes bland type of music people sometimes associate with lounge. Who can resist a disco funk version of the theme from 2001? I completely recommend this.

1. Get Carter - Budd, Roy 2. Love Is a Four Letter Word - Budd, Roy 3. Gettin' Nowhere in a Hurry - Budd, Roy 4. Plaything - Budd, Roy 5. A Grow Your Own - Warburton 6. Touch of Velvet, a Sting of Brass - Ferdy 7. Stiletto - Ramin 8. Heavy Water - Davies, Ray 9. Hurry to Me - Morricone, Ennio 10. The Headband - Schroeder, John 11. Loner - Harrison 12. Busy Boy - Dicks, Ted 13. Birds - Hatch, Tony 14. Mach 1 - Kendall 15. Also Sprach Zarathustra Op. 30 - Strauss, Richard 16. Pegasus - Vickers, Mike 17. Split Level – Warburton


Terry “Buffalo” Ware – Reverb Confidential

Very welcome return for the excellent Oklahoma guitarist Terry after his previously well received two earlier albums. Maybe it's because he's from Oklahoma, but the all-instrumental Reverb Confidential by Terry "Buffalo" Ware has a desolate, dark quality at times, reminiscent of John Blakely's "surf noir" Tan Mantis (see archives). Have to say this is excellent and will appeal to any guitar fans out there. Modern yet Ventures tinged; clean and with reverb; decent melodies on a mainly original set. "Sand Dune" is a lovely track with a bit of Duane sound floating in there and "Sleepy August Moon" is just gorgeous - almost cajun. "Sleepwalking Talk" is a tribute to Santo & Johnny and fun it is too. The 'Memphis'- like "Groovy Grubworm" gets a great treatment - better than the 1969 original IMHO. Songs like "Our Man 008" prove our man Buffalo to be a contemporary instrumental rocker - like old schoolers Blakely and Paul Johnson and neo-surfers Laika & The Cosmonauts and The Plungers - capable of bringing the genre into the new millennium. As with the others, great guitar chops is a given; the secret is solid, melodic compositions exhibiting big, eclectic ears.

1 Bob, Meet Buster 2 Turbo Wha? 3 Sleepwalking Talk (Homage to Santo, Johnny & Ann Farina) 4 Groovy Grubworm 5 Our Man 008 6 Sleepy August Moon 7 Rumhogan Road 8 Dangerous Dana 9 Sand Dune 10 Trigger Thumb 11 Here's Yer Souvenir 12 Remember Christmas


Lava Rats – Surfin’ The Magma

The Lava Rats first "real" album, with 13 surf instros in their punk underpinned brand of dark surf. Some very good tracks here if you're looking for the underbelly of the curl. A creaking door sound effect and slow, ominous descending guitar riff usher you In The Charnel House. With a sudden scream and shattering kick of a reverb tank, you know there's no turning back. Surf music with a dose of horror. Over and over, the main theme is hammered home with heavily reverbed spy-tone and aggressively double picked melodic variations. Well worth it, if you don’t have it already. Get their second one – “Don’t Drink The Water” here in the archives. Nice set.

1 Sundown at the Gallows 2 PCH 3 Hey Link! 4 Shifty-Eyed Surf 5 Militant Cyclist 6 Homercles 7 Naughty Pine 8 Summer of Our Discontent 9 A Phalanx of Terror 10 Moss Beach Madness 11 Blowtorch 12 Pachinko 13 Exile in Mantua


Big Lazy – Postcards From X

This Brooklyn New York instrumental trio has been together for several years; fans of the late great TV cop show Homicide: Life on the Streets might be familiar with their work, which was used often as incidental music on the show. The band, known as Lazy Boy before losing a battle with the recliner company, consist of electric guitar, acoustic bass, and drums. They play a seductive, noirish blend that combines traditional trash/twang guitar instrumental music with strong elements of Jazz and film music a la Nino Rota. The band rarely lapses into cliche and seems to be able to come up with endless variation for their of harmonically dark, yet sonically lush mood pieces. This is their newest and worth adding to your collection.

Thy Name is Woman 2. Walk It Off 3. Glitter Gulch 4. Drug Czar 5. France 6. His Brother's Wife 7. Postcard from X 8. To Hell in a Handbasket 9. Pulsacion #4 10. Naked 11. The Confidence Man


Mo’plen 4000 – Glamorous Boogie Grooves For a Fashion Lifestyle

I've never totally associated Italy with cool groove-lounge funk, but this album has almost changed my perception. 60’s and 70’s boogie funk from Italy. Kind of like the Italian version of the Sound Gallery. There are some seriously funky songs on here, though not in the traditional sense. Unfortunately, there are also some cardboard "maybe-recycling-isn't-always-good" songs. Anywhooo - the instrumentation almost always catches your ears, even if you've heard versions of these songs before. When it's good, you love the feeling of having stumbled upon a rare groove track that no one has heard before. When it's okay, it's decent background music. When it's bad, you start wondering whether or not you cleaned up the dishes from dinner and decide to check. If you're looking for some cool, unusual groove tracks, but don't mind some filler, then give this a try.

1. Cocco Secco - Ormi, Paulo 2. Batticuore – Serio 3. Che Meraviglia - Bardotti 4. Superstar - Rice, Tim 5. No No No - Ormi, Paolo 6. Night Song - Robbiati 7. Passo le Mie Notti Qui da Solo - Bonicatti 8. Skyscrapers - Deodato 9. Rive Bianche - Nicolai 10. Aquarius - Ragni, G. 11. Come Cani Arrabbiati - Molino 12. La No No No - Ormi, Paolo 13. Ragazza Di Ipanema - Jobim, A.C. 14. Love on Love - Bonfanti 15. Passatempi - Nicolai, Bruno 16. Oh! Calcutta - Walden
17. I Bikini - Piccioni 18. Saudade de Nise - Scannapieco, R.

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