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Surf Guitars Rumble Vol. 1

FCCL EXCLUSIVE. Super groovy surf instros from the wacky 60's. Some familiar, some not. A must for your collection.

1. Pow Wow - The Stringmen
2. Yellow Bird - The Starliners
3. Waikiki Rumbler - The Waikiki Rumblers
4. Surfin Bells - The Velmars
5. Ali Baba - Dave & the Customs
6. Inertia - The Hustlers
7. Somethin' Else - The Starfires
8. Long Ride - The Vestels
9. Damascus - The Ricco-Shays
10. Re-Entry - The Starfires
11. Chinese Surf - Rhythm Boys
12. Pressure - The Pyramids
13. Contact - The Pyramids
14. Tecumseh - The Space Walkers
15. Pyramid Stomp - The Pyramids
16. Teen Theme - The Statesmen
17. Sandstorm - The Statesmen
18. Ain't No Big Thing - The Ringos
19. Exotic - The Renegaides
20. Valiant - The Valiants
21. Thunderstorm - The Vibrasonics
22. Hurrican - The Hurricans
23. Widget - The Surfers
24. Drag Race - The Vibrasonics
25. Fink - The Starfires
26. Flyin' High - The Shadows
27. The Breeze and I - The Emporers
28. Surfer's Charge - The Roulettes
29. The Chase - The Blue Denims
30. Rock and a Half - The Millionaires
31. Three Guitar Theme - The Strato Coasters
32. On the Rocks - The Wailers
33. Topless - The Telstars
34. Pow Wow - The Telstars
35. Dardanela - The Raiders
36. Blue Skies - The Webs



Surf Guitars Rumble Vol. 3

FCCL EXCLUSIVE. Hard to get comp of groovy surfin' sounds some familiar, most not. Enjoy.

1. The Embers - I'm Goin' Surfin'
2. The Novas - Take 7
3. The Tremolos - The Weird One
4. The Irridescents - Bali Ha'i
5. Les Jaguars - Supersonic Twist
6. The Irridescents - Swamp Surfer
7. Safaris - Kick Out
8. Safaris - Lonely Surf Guitar
9. The Rangers - Mogul Monster
10. Jim Messina & the Jesters - The Breeze and I
11. The Nobles - Jaguar
12. The Jesters - Drag Bike Boogie
13. The Jesters - A-Rab
14. Danny Steel w/Hank Farrell & His Rhythm Boys - Chinese Twist
15. The Nobles - Black Widow
16. The Ric-A=Shays - Turn On
17. Gene Sikora - Green Bay Picker
18. The Road Runners - Road Runnah
19. The Truants - The Truant
20. The Ric-A-Shays - Groovy
21. The Mockers - Madalena
22. The Futuras - Mile Zero
23. The Road Runners - Quasimoto
24. The Gestics - Rockin' Fury
25. Jim Messina & the Jesters - Strange Man
26. Marlow Stewart & the Illusions - Earthquake!!
27. The Thundermen - Thunderbeat
28. Eddie & the Showmen - Movin'
29. The Mockers - Children of the Sun
30. The Futuras - Storm Surf



va- Hot Rodders Choice - New

This is not the comp by the same name put out on DelFi.

Popular "Hot Rod Music" saw its heyday during the late 1950's and early-mid 1960's. The most well known songs were penned and performed mainly by a small group of young Southern California musicians and part-time hot rodders in '63 - '64. But most of us real rockers know that as soon as the first automobile wheels began rolling off the assembly lines of Detroit, real "hot rod" records began rolling onto jukeboxes and DJ's turntables. "Hot Rod Boogies" waved the starting flag for many a car enthusiast's imagination and sparked the beginning of a musical genre all it's own. Authentic mid 1950's rockabilly music can trace much of it's early inspiration and fast rhythms to a teenager's love of driving fast cars and owning hopped-up rods.

Today's rockabilly musicians are working wonders with the sounds that popular culture has long since forgotten or cast onto the scrap heap. Using the 'spare parts' of vintage 50's sounds, classic instrumentation & some garage honed talent -and then inspired by the "kustom" kings of old, modern rockabilly acts have crafted some truly killer recordings, driving that original spirit blazing back onto the modern hepcat scene. Much like the original hot rodders who were often limited by materials, time and money, these 21st century rockers have fashioned streamlined, stripped down and scorching retro roots rock music with all the same fire, flash and fury as their original 1950's heroes.

Like the curves in a Von Dutch pinstripe that bend and blend into the perfect work of kustom art, so too does this record combine that original kustomizing spirit of the "old rat rodders" and the vintage car sounds that we love (Hillbilly, Rhythm N' Blues, Novelty & Rockabilly!), welding them into something cooler, faster and BETTER! And that's what we have here today, race fans: a real souped up gow job of a hot rod platter! Rhythm Bomb's own musical mechanics (and a few hand selected mercenaries) have chopped, channeled and 'hopped' up 22 instant car classics for your driving and listening pleasure! Remarkably, most are all NEW original tracks, with just a scant 5 retreads (covers) under the hood. What you have here in your greasy hands is the perfect soundtrack for an afternoon wrenching in the garage, an evening cruise or a late night drag on the outskirts of town.

That same rebellious fever and need for something "just a bit faster and a lot cooler" is what fuels these tracks here, so please... take it easy 'round them curves! -Del Villarreal DJ

1. Eddy & The Backfires - I Feel Rockin
2. Hopped Up - Hopped Up
3. Satellite V - Speed Limit Daddy
4. Ike and the Capers - Love My Ford
5. Bones Maki - Tiger In The Tank
6. Kieron Mc Donald - Dragstrip Girl
7. Cherry Casino - Hospital Blues
8. Rayburn Anthony - Cool Cool Car
9. Doug Wilshire - Long Gone Baby
10. Roundup Boys - Im On My Way
11. Cumnerland Runners - Paradise Road
12. Fireball Steven - Hot Rod Daddy
13. Ballroom Rockets - Ridin In The Moonlight
14. Chrome Daddies - Brand New Caddilac
15. George and the Hustlers - Golden Rocket
16. Eddy & The Backfires - Hot Rods On Main
17. Charlie Gracie - Im Movin On
18. Wailin Elroys - Hot Rod Road
19. Cumberland Runners - Kentucky Moonshine
20. Pep Torres - Meter Maid
21. Roundup Boys - Gonna Find My Car
22. Satellite V - Hillbilly Nitro
23. Johnny Law - Whitewall Boogie
24. Rusty & The Dragstrip Trio - Rock Bop Trio
25. Wailin Elroys - Studebaker Boogie
26. Dreamers - Trail Burning
27. Mystery Gang - Bang Bang Boogie



va Coming Home Soundtrack Picks

When compiling music, it is common to stick to a certain `theme' for the compilation. This installment of Coming Home on the Stereo Deluxe label sees an accomplished collection of music that has been included in the French film genre, as compiled by Marc Collin (Nouvelle Vague).

Excellent female contributions are seen on such compositions as Vladimir Cosma's "Maldonne," which features sweet melodies filled with strings both bowed and strung, a blissful brass section fronted with jazzy female scat-like vocals which all take place underneath a certain `Brazilian lounge' air that is represented throughout the tune.

Seven songs into today's compilation we are happily reminded that the late Piero Umiliani has left the world a much better place with a playful bossa nova number titled, "Cinque Bambole." Forming a stunning melody out of the act of `counting to five' along with an extremely rockin' groove, this summertime beach party anthem is a dusty treasure waiting to be taken out of the record bin and played until winter skies bring our warm days to an end.

Nearing the later part of our voyage through French film music via Coming Home, we couldn't have possibly overlooked Ennio Morricone's "Le Due Stagioni Della Vita," for this sweet & symphonic arrangement foretells of bright spring days after the long cold winter as embracive vocals meld into the finely-tuned strings and piano that make up the base of this beautiful piece.

Slightly prior to the end credits rolling on today's feature, we catch a small breeze, much like that off the wings of a butterfly on Philippe Sarde's "La Chanson D' Helene (Vocal Version)," which not only offers a breath of fresh air, but radiates the sensation of black & white `pictures' being played on the screen of an old-time theater.

Track listing
1. Gato Barbieri - Last Tango In Paris
2. Lalo Shifrin - On The Way To San Mateo" (LP Version)
3. David Shire - The Taking Of Pelham 1, 2, 3
4. Michel Legrand - A Man's Castle
5. Vladimir Cosma - Maldonne" (O.S.T.)
6. Armando Trovajoli - Dramma Della Gelosia" (Titoli)
7. Piero Umiliani - Cinque Bambole (Vers.Coro)
8. Nino Rota - O Venezia, Venaga, Venusia
9. Michel Colombier - L'Heritier
10. Alain Goraguer - Deshominisation
11. Eric Demarsan - Theme De Gerbier/Bof L'Armee Des Ombres
12. Serge Gainsbourg - Requiem Pour Un Con/Bof Le Pache
13. François De Roubaix - Loin/Bof Tante Zita
14. Philippe Sarde - La Chanson D'Helene (Vocal Version)
15. John Barry - 007 And Counting (Diamonds Are Forever)
16. Marc Collin - Rendez-Vous A L'Evidence
17. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Gohatto (Opening Theme)
18. Ennio Morricone - Le Due Stagioni Della Vita
19. Philippe Sarde - Generique
20. Vangelis - La Petite Fille De La Mer



Saturday, June 19, 2010

Maraca 5-0

Unbeknownst to me, Trustar (see links) posted this 2 yrs ago. Shows ya how fr behind I am.

Great stuff tho - that needs to be heard.

Boulder Colorado's Maraca Five-0 have assembled a fine release. The music is fresh and well crafted, with surf roots and lots of unusual influences. Steve Gray - guitar and Matt Stemwedel - guitar counter each other very well, supported admirably by Theron Melchior - bass and Mike Behrenhausen - drums. Unusual structures and melodies, dripping drama and art, but never losing sight of the surf. If you could take only the gloom and drama out of industrial and overlay surf with it, you might approach what's going on here. I think this one will stand the test of time.
Phil Dirt

Picks: I'm In League, Gidget's Guns, Headin' South at 110 Per, Dance Elaina, Mystery Board, Defender, Mandelbrot Set, Sour Mash, Jesus Wrecked My Stuff, Night of the Shadow Midgets, The Perfect Shiner, Tube City, Pakistan


Incredible Expanding Universe of Brain Shadows (Volume 1& 2)

Thanks to the original uploader.
Two CD set of obscure psychedelic items. Tracks: We Got Love (Blue Amber), Is There No Peace (Zendik), Almost in the Hole (Seompi), No Silver Bird (Creation), Death Bells at Dawn (Lords), Go Away (Younger Brothers), Green Cathedral (Eastern Time Zone), Two Heads (Four O'Clock Balloon), Wait and See (Solid State), The Lynching (Solid State), Strawberry Tuesday (Sidewalk Skipper Band), Xantha 'Lisa' (Off Set), Somebody to Love (Bedpost Oracle), Chest Fever (Bedpost Oracle), I'm Going (Flying Circus), Love Isn't Dead (Bedpost Oracle), Away (Fenwyck), No Answer (Coachmen), Trivialities (Flower Power), Bones (Nervous System), Mr. Man (Lyrics), Only Everything (Fax), Psychedelic Cycle (Soul Society), It Had to Be You (Portraits), You're No Good (Phlegethon), Fever Games (Legends), Sonic Boom (Commodore Condello's SRN Band), Never Hurt Again(Five Pound Grin), Too Young (Prufrock), News (Guise), Residential Area (Herbie's People), Psychedelic Movement (Ravelles), He Was a Friend of Mine (Reasonable Facsimile), Dimples (Denny Ezba), Salem Witch Trial (Kiriae Crucible), Time Machine and Closing Credits (Commodore Condello's S.R.N. Band).



Bezalel & The Sabras - Jerusalem of Gold (1967)

Jewish garage band featuring melodic guitar folk instros and reverb rockers, some fuzz.
The first Meshugga Beach Party
3 Israeli, 1 American, rock'n'roll band. All the tunes have a Israeli, middle eastern feel to them, kind of like if the Ventures were from Tel-Aviv. The Sabras were formed in N.Y, some time in the late 60's, and performed in the Catskills, and various Israeli night clubs in and around New York city.

01 Yerushalayim Shel Zahav (4:04)
02 Estemen (2:50)
03 Haez Haboded (2:42)
04 Ho Yaldonet (2:59)
05 Cuando Caliente (3:33)
06 Amer-Israeli Boogie Woogie (4:26)
07 Israeli Medley (2:59)
08 Erev Shel Shoshanim (3:09)
09 Sallah (2:13)
10 Zamar Noded (2:11)
11 Falafel (3:11)
12 La Bamba (2:51)


Triumvirat Sparticus Deluxe

As a teenager in the 1970's, this was absolutely one of my favorite LP records (remember those?). I practically wore out the groove in the vinyl playing it so often. I've been waiting for the CD release of Spartacus ever since. Now that it's here, I have finally gotten another long-awaited fix of Spartacus. To my pleasant surprise, the audio quality of the CD remastering is quite good. Kudo's to EMI for doing it right.

The album concept is excellent. The lyrics are appropriate for the theme. (A gladiator/slave revolt is a gory matter, so this ain't no namby-pamby New Age disc.) And the musicianship is fabulous. On the LP, Juergen Fritz's keyboard work was always spectacular, and the incredible groove of Helmut Koellen's bass line on "March To The Eternal City" was instantly addictive to anyone who'd heard it. (This was THE bass demonstration song back in the '70's.) But on the CD, Hans Bathelt's drumming is what really stands out to me now. It's far more intricate and exiciting than that of most other rock and roll drummers, then or now.

Of course, Triumvirat still bears an inescapable resemblance to Emerson, Lake & Palmer ... but that's not a bad thing at all. Anyone who considers themselves to be a fan of progressive music, and actually listens to this album, should admit to one fact: These cats were awesome players on their respective instruments. Check out the extended soloing in the live bonus tracks, if you need further convincing. The musicianship Triumvirat's members display on Spartacus is on a par with almost anything ELP ever recorded: Tight, fiery, inventive, expressive and eminently listenable... everything a prog-fan should want.

So, if you've never heard this album, or, if you have and dismissed it, PLEASE, give it a whirl/re-whirl, in both cases, with an open mind.

If you do so, IMHO, I think you will find a work that not only stands on its own, but one that is whole-heartedly, start-to-finish, just downright, doggone enjoyable.

1. Capital of Power - Triumvirat, Fritz, Jurgen
2. School of Instant Pain: Proclamation/The Gladiator's Song/Roman Enter - Triumvirat, Bathelt, Hans
3. The Walls of Doom - Triumvirat, Fritz, Jurgen
4. The Deadly Dream of Freedom - Triumvirat, Bathelt, Hans
5. The Hazy Shades of Dawn - Triumvirat, Fritz, Jurgen
6. Burning Sword of Capua - Triumvirat, Fritz, Jurgen
7. The Sweetest Sound of Liberty - Triumvirat, Bathelt, Hans
8. March to the Eternal City: Dusty Road/Italian Improvisation/First ... - Triumvirat, Bathelt, Hans
9. Spartacus: The Superior Force of Rome/A Broken Dream/The Finale - Triumvirat, Bathelt, Hans
The Capital Of Power (Live)
The Deadly Dream Of Freedom (Live)
The March To The Eternal City (Live)
Late Again
Take A Break Today


Aerosmith Honkin on Bobo

First impression, strange name, the album is as advertised, Tyler puts his harp to good use in most songs. Although it contains 11 covers and only one original it sounds more like Aerosmith than Just Push Play did. Billed as an album where 'Aerosmith does the blues' do not expect a blues record. It is more closely comparible to the bands work in the 70s when you could still hear there obvious blues influences. Many of the tracks covered here are obscure as well, so the material sounds fresh and new.

The songs range from rockers like the first single Baby Please Don't Go and Shame Shame Shame to slower blues tunes such as Back Back Train sung by Joe Perry no less. In fact Perry lends lead vocals to two tracks on the album with the voice of the talented Tracy Bonham backing him up. This album is a welcome surprise from start to finish, fans of old Aerosmith will not be disappointed and fans of new Aerosmith will be introduced to a whole new world, with no boring power ballads to break the mood.

Honkin on Bobo is a Blooze-Rock record that Rocks with a capital R and would not have been out of place in the early 70's. This is a stunning return to rock and roll form for a band that has made way too many trips to the power-ballad ATM in recent years.

1. Road Runner 2. Shame, Shame, Shame 3. Eyesight To The Blind 4. Baby, Please Don't Go 5. Never Loved A Girl 6. Back Back Train 7. You Gotta Move 8. The Grind 9. I'm Ready 10. Temperature 11. Stop Messin' Around 12. Jesus Is On The Main Line

removed by request

Lloyd Miller - Oriental Jazz

Groundbreaking work from Lloyd Miller -- an American jazzman, but one with a real ear for the exotic! Lloyd's probably best known for his collaborations overseas with Jef Gilson -- but as this set reveals, Miller's been making amazing music for years -- working in styles that blend together jazz elements with a host of world music influences -- all in very haunting and unusual ways! Miller himself plays oug, santur, piano, clarinet, bass, tabla, and a host of other percussion instruments -- and the recordings feature him in a variety of settings, including his 60s Oriental Jazz Quartet, and some rare TV work in Tehran! 20 tracks in all -- with titles that include "Kyoto Gardens", "Hue Wail", "Sakura", "Oud Blues", "Gole E Gandom", "Amber Eyes", "Cello A La Turque", "Perso Jazz Blend", and "Bhairava".

1. Gol-e Gandom (BYU 67), 2. Amber Eyes (BYU 67), 3. Morning Mist (Paris 61), 4. Gol-e Gandom (SLC 87), 5. Perso Jazz Blend (U of U 68), 6. Cello al la Turque (Tehran 72); 7. Oud Blues (Tehran 72), 8. Amber Eyes (U of U 67), 9. Bhairava (BYU 67), 10. Bhairavi (U of U 68), 11. Njonja Mirah (U of U 68), 12. Kyoto Gardens (BYU 65), 13. Sakura (U of U 68), 14. Hue Wail (BYU 67), 15. Vietnam medley (SLC 93), 16. Chun Chiang Hua Yueh Yeh (BYU 65), 17. Yang chin solo (BYU 65), 18. Eastern Tour (Tehran 72), 19. Gol-e Gandom (Tehran 72),20 Segah - piano (Tehran 73)



From Latin To Jazz Dance vol. 5

Last one in this fun series.

01. Candido - Perdido (3:47)
02. Julian Cannonball Adderley - Minha Saudade (2:21)
03. Gabor Szabo - El Toro (4:35)
04. Mose Allison - Parchman Farm (3:14)
05. Little Willie John - Fever (2:27)
06. Wild Bill Davis - Cabato (2:52)
07. Buck Clarke Sound - Nigth At Tunisia (5:44)
08. Willis Jackson - Nuther 'N Like Thunder' 'N (7:25)
09. Eddie Harris - Lolita Marie (4:58)
10. Mongo Santamaria - Yeh! Yeh! (3:05)
11. Willie Bobo - Chickadee (2:05)
12. Cipo & His Authentic Rhythm Group - Impolar (3:53)
13. Cal Tjader - Soul Sauce (Guachi Gauro) (2:25)
14. Larry Young - Talking About J.C. (5:55)
15. King Curtis - Tequila (2:01)
16. Red Holloway feat. Brother Jack - Shout Brother (4:30)


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Carnival Of Souls Ritorno A Casa

Fine mix of surf, spagetti, western twang, and a bit of metal riffage combined in a tasty package. A variety of styles enough to please all lovers of instro.

"With no less than a small masterpiece trumps after six year break Germany's Best Instrumental Band: The mix of surf guitar, soundtrack tunes, ballads and gringo impressive virtuosity achieved here with really splendid arrangements (strings, winds), a new Size. "
(TV movie)

"The fine art of instrumental music from the Steven Spielberg of the guitar, Achim Weigel." (BANZAI! # 7)

"... Mixture of Surfklängen, 60` s and 70 `s Soundtracks guitar sounds ... including spyware picturesque, beyond the usual listening habits." (Rockin 'Fifties)

Accoglienza Italiana
Ricky King Auf LSD
Mr. Aloha
Arriba Los Cojones
Die Todeskralle im Lotusgarten
Der Muränenmann
Stardust Gringos
Wolf River Marina
Operation Mongoose
Ewige Jagdgründe Neuenkamp
Ritorno A Casa


Stomu Yamashta's Go Live

2008 reissue of this album from the master percussionist who studied Jazz drumming at Berklee School of Jazz. In the 1970's he recorded a string of innovative albums for Island records which utilized the talents of such leading musicians as Hugh Hopper, Maurice Pert, Steve Winwood, Michael Shrieve and Klaus Schulze, fusing his percussion talents with Jazz, Electronic and Classical music to create an ambient form of music all of his own. His music has been used by the Royal Ballet. The album Go, released in April 1976, was a fine achievement and Yamashta assembled a band featuring collaborators Steve Winwood, Michael Shrieve, Klaus Schulze and Al Di Meola to deliver a series of stunning concerts. The Parisian concert was captured by Island Records and was released as Go! Live From Paris in 1977. Esoteric.

1. Space Song
2. Carnival
3. Windspin
4. Ghostmachine
5. Surfspin
6. Time Is Here
7. Winner/Loser
8. Solitude
9. Nature
10. Air Voice
11. Crossing the Line
12. Man of Leo
13. Stellar
14. Space Requiem


Cinematic: Classic Film Music Remixed

This is an interesting synthesis of movie music and electronica/lounge. This album captures some relatively obscure titles (Taking of Pelham 1,2,3, They Call Me Mr. Tibbs and others) and moves them into the 21st century.

1. They Call Me Mr. Tibbs Main Title (King Britt reinterpretation-instrumental) 2. The Taking of Pelham 1, 2, 3 Main Title (Phillip Charles' Signs in Mallorca Rewerk) 3. Fellini's Roma (Bent Remix) 4. Goodbye Colonel (from For a Few Dollars More) (Shrift Mix) 5. Love Theme from Ben Hur (Bombay Dub Orchestra Remix featuring Sophie Solomon) 6. The Tango I Saved for You (from the film Gaily, Gaily) (Zeb's The Tango I Stole From You Remix) 7. Paris Blues (The Real Tuesday Weld Remix) 8. Birdman of Alcatraz (Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark Mix) 9. Hour of the Gun Main Title (Mark de Clive Lowe Remix featuring Replife) 10. They Call Me Mr. Tibbs Main Title (King Britt vocal reinterpretation featuring Mr. Lif) 11. Some Like it Hot (MNO's Some Like It Hotter Remix) 12. Theme from Carrie (Gaudi Remix) 13. Love Theme from Ben Hur (Bombay Dub Orchestra's Orchestral Remix) 14. Inherit The Wind Main Title (Tom Middleton's Amba Remix)


Sigue Sigue Sputnik 21st Century Boys: Singles

I was a fan of the Sputniks in the 80's when their music was more about glamour and fun. This is a superb collection and includes some rare b-sides ("Frankenstein Cha Cha" being one such track) that any true fan will know are very hard to find. It also has all the obvious hits like Love Missile, Sex bomb boogie etc but the best track on the collection as a whole is lifted from their second album and is called Rio Rocks - the track is fun and flouncy and contains the requisite balance between Martin's camp voice and the space guitars. A real must for any fan !

1. Video Trailer Mix 2. Love Missile F1-11 3. Hack Attack 4. Twenty First Century Boy 5. Buy EMI 6. Rockit Miss USA (Single Version) 7. Teenage Thunder (Sput Style) 8. Suicide (Live In London Sept '86) 9. Massive Retaliation (The Massive Edit) 10. Sex Bomb Boogie (Magic Flute) 11. Success 12. Frankenstein Cha Cha 13. Dancerama (7'' Mix) 14. Barbarandroid 15. Albinoni vs Star Wars (Part 1) (Extended) 16. Albinoni vs Star Wars (Part 2) (Extended) 17. Rio Rocks! (7'' Mix) 18. Aliens (7'' Version) 19. Love Missile F1-11 (Westbam Remix Short Version) 20. Advert From 'Flaunt It'


From Latin To Jazz Dance vol. 4

Thought I forgot didn't ya. Nope, life got in the way. Back to normal for awhile. Enjoy

01. Dizzy Gillespie - Manteca (Live) (6:19)
02. Kenny Burrell & Jimmy Smith - Fever (5:32)
03. Mark Murphy - Milestones (2:28)
04. Lalo Schifrin & Bob Brookmeyer - Just One Of Those Things (3:21)
05. Johnny Hodges & Wild Bill Davis - Thing's Ain't What They Used To Be (4:17)
06. Sophia Loren & Peter Sellers - Goodness Gracious Me! (2:59)
07. M. Norman Orchestra - Kingston Calypso (2:38)
08. Jimmy Smith - Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?(part.2) (4:56)
09. James Moody - Mambo With Moody (4:13)
10. Nao me diga adeus - Nao Me Diga Adeus (3:30)
11. Cipo & His Authentic Rythm Group - Cai,Cai (3:52)
12. King Pleasure - Jazz Jump (3:27)
13. Ted Curson - Fire Down Below (4:31)
14. Booker T, The MG's - Soul Dressing (2:25)
15. Don Wilkerson - Dem Tambourines (5:30)
16. Hank Marr - The Squash (3:19)


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Surf Battle at Redondo Beach

Wonderful concert also known as A Surfer's Paradise. Concert honors the memory of Don Murray ( Surfaris, Crossfires). Some of the best California bands playing their hearts out in front of 500 rabid fans. Good recording and mix - get it. Belongs in every surf lovers collection.

1. Mr. Mysterioso - The Halibuts
2. Pipeline - The Chantays
3. Apache - Paul Johnson
4. Point Panic - The Surfaris
5. Ric-A-Tik The Lively Ones
6. Volcano Juice - Insect Surfers
7. Sidewalk Surfer - The Eliminators
8. Nomad - Thom Starr & The Galaxies
9. Soul Surfin' - Mermen
10. Southern Surf - The Liveley Ones
11. Hawaii Five-0 - The Surfaris
12. Bustin' Surfboards - The Tornados
13. Clear the Room - The Chantays
14. Impact Zone - The Halibuts
15. Sleepwalk - Paul Johnson
16. Bouzouki - Insect Surfers
17. Chief Whoopin' Koff - The Eliminators
18. Kirra - The Lively Ones
19. Casbah - Mermen
20. Istanbul - The Halibuts
21. Wipeout - The Surfaris
22. Cloud Break the Surf Kings
23. Albion Blues - Paul Johnson
24. Crystal-T - The Chantays



East Coast Tremors EP Collection

In this category of surf rock, which is somewhat ill-defined, here stands the real deal. Easily the one of the best contemporary surf groups I've heard in months. The playing is impeccable, the tunes are all original (and fully instrumental!), and there's plenty of variety and energy. EAST COAST TREMORS' goes way beyond your basic surf standards. This album displays the band's versatility with traditional surf, horror blues, punk rawk, all acoustic country, spy, carnival waltz music, and their own brand of psycho surf. Don't let it pass you by!

1. Honeymoon Academy 2. The Triple Lindy 3. Killer Hill 4. Brass Pole Blues 5. Ol' Chuckwagon Express 6. Running Zack 7. Torpedo 8. The Hunted 9. Spotted Horse 10. Dr. Goldfoot Goes to Mexico 11. Digging to China 12. Great Grimpen Mire 13. Captain Spaulding 14. Edge of the Night 15. Utility Belt 16. Handclamps 17. The Kraken 18. Poultry Truck 19. Evil Genius 20. Stolen Cash 21. Mirage 22. Spirit of Zorba 23. Long Road Home 24. Methamphetamine Drive 25. Fishbowl 26. The Pit & the Pendulum 27. H Is for Heretic 28. Porcelain Pipeline 29. Cut Four 30. Camel Toe 31. El Camino 32. 1996

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