Friday, November 28, 2008

The Moe Greene Specials

From Belgium, The Moe Greene Specials play cinematic instrumental surf and spaghetti western tunes that evolve almost symphonically, with trumpets doubling the guitars. Musical influences vary from Calexico-style desert songs to Stax soul to Dick Dale.

Their seriously moody and dramatic form of spaghetti western, with multiple guitars that create a thick wash of sound, and bass and drums, and accompanied by horns really add to the Morricone experience. It's certainly the best spaghetti western album that Enrio Morricone never made and, to my ears at least, better than many of the albums he did make. This is because it is intended for listening to rather than as an accompaniment to pictures. If you have any spagwest albums you certainly need this one too. If you ever fancied trying one and weren't sure where to start, then this is the place. Ok hombre? Phil Dirt gives this 4 stars, so it ain’t just me tellin’ ya to get it..

1 The Vast Land 2 Maplewood Drive 3 Malibu Rendezvous 4 Quintana Sixteen 5 Rain Scene Take 9 6 Sacramento 7 A $ 1000 Ride Pt.1 8 A $ 1000 Ride Pt.2 9 The El Monte Case 10 Julia's Waltz 11 Santo Trafficante 12 Esperos De Oro


Calexico – Hot Rail

Calexico is like some half-breed love child of a mariachi band and Morphine. Like a band in a saloon from the good, the bad and the ugly they are both intoxicatingly exotic and mildly menacing. More than just a side project of Giant Sand's (and Friends of Dean Martinez's – see FCCL archives for these) John Convertino and Joey Burns, they are one of the most original bands to emerge of the American alternative scene in a long time. Mixing indie-rock sensibility with the traditional sounds of Southern USA and Mexico, Calexico's dark and moody sound incorporates mariachi (#1, 7), french chanson (#2), jazz (#3!), spaghetti western soundtrack music, post-rock (#14), American folk and old time western into an unique style perfectly fitting to their name. This album is not as multi-layered as their previous `Black Light'; more of your basic bass-drums-guitar, but still features vibes, organ, accordion, cello, harmonica and mariachi horns. Tracks 1, 7, 8, 12, 13 and 14 are instrumental.

1. El Picador 2. Ballad of Cable Hogue 3. Ritual Road Map 4. Fade 5. Sonic Wind
6. Muleta 7. Midtown – Calexico 8. Service and Repair 9. Drenched 10. 16 Track Scratch
11. Tres Avisos 12. Hot Rail



Acid Lounge Goes West

The boys of 45 Dip have done it again with the truly eclectic, haunting, wild and funky Acid Lounge Goes West. This one veers away from the hard acid jazz flavor that they offered on their own CD "The Acid Lounge", "Welcome to the Acid Lounge, Volume 1" and the phenomenal "Acid Lounge in Space", although that style can still be heard, but very faintly, which is what gives this set it’s modern kick in pants. This takes you out west with songs that are reminiscent of Elvis, Johnny Cash, Apollonia 6 and Muddy Waters, flying on UFO’s. Songs of note are the disturbing "Plastic Jesus" from 45 Dip, the Bluesy "Camieux" from Boojou Bajou, “Cosmic Cactus” from A.White, a bluesy version of the “Twin Peaks” theme, the rock-driven "Black Cadillac" from Pepe Deluxe, the funky "Vegas Vagrants" from 45 Dip, Sugarman's thumpin' "Dodge City" and Ursula Rucker's killer Dr. Rockit remix of the thought-provoking "Seven"--although, this is the only song on the CD that lacks a western flava. That notwithstanding, the "Out West" theme is consistent throughout and the songs are well-selected and original. Even the additions of two pure country songs ("Poppin' Pills" and "Let's Get Drunk and Screw") are welcome here. There are quite a few other songs I can think of that could have made the cut on this CD like Lemon Jelly's "Ramblin Man" and Boys Don't Cry's "I Wanna Be a Cowboy," but all in all, this set is worth getting if you're looking for something fresh and entertaining. Over time, it really grows on you. It's great for traveling cross-country, especially if you're headed...where else...out west!

Disc: 1
1. Nor'easter – Green 2. Sombre Hombre - Lee, Tim "Love" 3. Quite Spectacular - James, Jonathan 4. Wonderful - Dorfmeister, Richar 5. Dodge City – Wilson 6. Mugwamp Mondo – Hand 7. The Dub Cowboy - Perry, Marcus 8. Popping Pills - Miller, John
9. Elios Therepia - Dragazis, Andy 10. Butch Accidy - Method Man 11. Black Cadillac - Salo, Jo 12. Vegas Vagrants - Bemand, C. 13. "7" (Dr Rockit Rekiss) - Rucker, Ursula
14. Jays Bar - Bemand, C. 15. Loch - Harold, John



Disc: 2
1. Camioux - Heider, Peter 2. Cosmic Cactus - White, A. R. 3. Guns - Langley, S.
4. Plastic Jesus 45 Dip 5. Is the 'Erb Dope? - Bangs, Chris 6. Singalong - Treva Whateva
7. Stiff Jazz - DZihan, Vlado 8. Move Out of the Way - Sanata, R. 9. Battle of Bongo Hill - Wherry, Jake 10. Filthy Injun - Bemand, C. 11. Valley of the Sausages - Carthy
12. Fair-Weather View - Brooks, Faron 13. Haze - Houghton, Simon "Sn
14. Why Don't We Get Drunk - Buffett, Jimmy



Best of the West - MGM Soundtrack

This compilation boasts several unforgettable highs and a few forgettable lows, but the highs include tracks that, by themselves, still make this worthwhile -- perhaps even mandatory for a serious fan of the western-movie music genre. This is the only CD that includes the decades-out-of-print original recordings of Jerome Moross's benchmark masterpieces, The Big Country and oft-overlooked The Welcoming. Although a number of conductors and orchestras recorded The Big Country over the years, no one duplicated the signature tension Moross created between the brass and strings, a tension unaccountably and completely lost in all other renditions. The differences are as striking as the gulf between Ennio Morricone's offbeat and edgy "spaghetti Western" scores and Hugo Montenegro's comparatively tame makeovers. Best of the West also seems to be the only CD to include Elmer Bernstein's playful and thematically schizophrenic title track for The Hallelujah Trail, a romp that well reflects the film's equally rambunctious and schizophrenic plot. Bernstein's kicky Hallelujah Trail grows on you. Dominic Frontiere's derivative but distinctive theme for Hang 'Em High is a welcome addition in its own right (if one declines a natural temptation to compare it with Ennio Morricone's wellspring scores for other early Clint Eastwood Westerns). So is Bonnie Blue Flag, a nostalgic echo from The Horse Soldiers likely to summon up haunting imagery for anyone who saw the film. Lesser-known scores populate the rest of the CD, which concludes on a high note with Elmer Bernstein's classic The Magnificent Seven Theme, from The Return of the Magnificent Seven. Excellent for beginner and collector’s alike.

1. Main Title - Moross, Jerome 2. The Welcoming - Moross, Jerome
3. Acorss the Texas Panhandle (The Unforgiven) - Tiomkin, Dimitri
4. Main Title from "The Wonderful Country" - North, Alex
5. Acorss the Rio Grande (The Wonderful Country) - North, Alex
6. Square Dancers for Loco Horses - Bernstein, Elmer
7. Forced March - Bernstein, Elmer 8. The Buffalo Hunt - Rosenthal, Laurence
9. Overture - Bernstein, Elmer 10. The Hour of the Gun - Goldsmith, Jerry
11. Whose Cattle (Hour of the Gun) - Goldsmith, Jerry
12. The Train (Pup Tent) (Young Billy Young) - Manne, Shelly
13. Main Title - Frontiere, Dominic 14. Bonnie Blue Flag - Buttolph, David
15. El Toro - Bernstein, Elmer 16. The Magnificent Seven - Bernstein, Elmer


Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Wipeouters - P'Twaang!!!

Right now- my favorite party music.

Mark Mothersbaugh of DEVO was approached to do music for a cartoon about surfboards and skateboards called "Rocket Power".( Thus the "Rocket Power Theme" track.) And so,a retro-legend was made!

It ain't Devo but there's definately Devo sprinkled all through this quasi-surf release from the Devo "offshoot" band. A mix of guitars and electronics, the Wipouters sound like a 60's surf band pushed into the 90's with a hybrid of sounds from B-52's to classic video games.

Four songs actually have vocals, one has some sampling...doesn't ruin the mood or concept. "P'Twaang!" definitely sets the tone,as a brilliant surf piece and parody of "Wipeout".( It also sounds like the theme to a Surf-Detective TV series.) "Twist 'N' Launch" is a wierd surfified version of DEVO's own "Happy Guy"...and it somehow works. "Ravin'Surf" is the killer instro mind meld of twang guitar, Devo style beats, and sound collage - all over 7 minutes! The "Rocket Power Theme" keeps it going. Mark goes for a wide selection of intruments,including Ukelele's and Sitars! "Wedgie Wipeout","Rocket-ful of Power" and "Nubbie Boardsmen" are all by the book surf tunes....with a sci-fi edge. A funny album punchline comes with the meshing of 90's Sampling and 60's surf in the craziness called "Shut Up Little Man!",brimming with B-Movie cheesiness!
The one track that can be called "DEVO" is "Luna Goona Park". This is because Gerry Casale is involved with this one. It's a lot of fun. And would probably make it on to any surf tribute album. Good choice guys! When Robots ride the assured The Wipeouters will be supplying the soundtrack!

1. P'Twaang!!! 2. Dangerdog 3. Surf's Up On Goon Island 4. Twist N' Launch 5. Bikini Beach 6. Ravin' Surf 7. Rocket Power Theme 8. Wedgie Wipeout 9. Wounded Surfer10. Luna Goona Park 11. Nubbie Boardsmen 12. Rocket-ful Of Power 13. Shut Up, Little Man



Here's the whole file. Sorry, all. Wiped out muself on this one.

Upstart Promo Sampler

A nice goodie from Upstart, some excellent tracks here, abit of surf, billy, and garage. You will find something in here you like.

1 Feel Like I'm Fallin' Tailgators 2 Brokenhearted I Will Wander Dennis Brennan 3 I Live on a Battlefield Nick Lowe 4 University Blvd. Los Straitjackets 5 Drag Blob Simon & the Bar Sinisters 6 Malt Liquor Man Big Ass Truck7Bubba David Tronzo & Reeves Gabrels8 It's a Wonderful Halibut The Halibuts 9 Love Magic Amazing Delores 10 Carry Me The Vidalias 11 119 Years Ago Reeves Gabrels w, Frank Black 12The A-Treatment Laika & the Cosmonauts 13 Born Too Late Falco, Tav and Panther Burns 14 Let Them Eat Rock Upper Crust, The 15 I Almost Lost My Mind Teisco DelRey



Demolition Derby: A Crash Course In New Music From Yep Roc

Fun punk,garage, surf sampler from Yep Rock. You will see familiar names and maybe a few new ones to check out. I bought this at Borders for 1 penny. You are getting it pretty close to what I paid for it. Enjoy.

1. Doublewide -- Southern Culture On The Skids; 2. Blues That Defy My Soul -- Dexter Romweber; 3. Slingshotz & Boomerangz -- C. C. Adcock; 4. Too Bad That You're Done -- Two Dollar Pistols; 5. Alive -- Chris Stamey; 6. Anyway -- Amy Farris; 7. Don't Die -- Ken Stringfellow; 8. Sweetwater -- Tres Chicas; 9. East -- Marah; 10. Zigaboo -- Spencer Dickinson; 11. Cruisin' Part 1 -- Houndog; 12. Invisible Drugs -- The Comas; 13. I Resign -- The Bigger Lovers; 14. The Forgotten Fridays -- The Minus 5; 15. Trouble -- The Butchies; 16. Even Numbers -- The Standard; 17. Ways In Which We Burn -- Jason Darling; 18. Sleeperhold -- Dolorean; & 19. Mr. Melee -- Laika & The Cosmonauts.



Legends of the Guitar - the 60's Vol.1

Classic guitar - all styles of rock, including some great surf, twang and boogie instros. Excellent starter to stimulate further rescarch. Good stuff just to have around if you don't already.

1.The Ventures / Lullaby of the Leaves2:022.The Yardbirds / The Train Kept A-Rollin'3:283.Lonnie Mack / Chicken Pickin'2:124.The Sonics / The Witch2:415.The Jimi Hendrix Experience / Hey Joe (Live At Winterland)6:486.Chet Atkins / Boo Boo Stick Beat2:117.The Mothers of Invention / Nine Types of Industrial Pollution6:038.Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band / Abba Zaba2:469.The Astronauts / Hot-Doggin'2:1610.The Yardbirds / I Ain't Got You2:0311.Booker T. & the MG's / Red Beans and Rice2:3512.Love Sculpture / Sabre Dance4:5413.Dick Dale & His Del-Tones / Misirlou2:1614.The Shadows / Apache2:5715.Quicksilver Messenger Service / Gold and Silver6:4316.The Byrds / It Won't Be Wrong2:0117.The Kinks / You Really Got Me2:1618.Big Brother & the Holding Company / Ball and Chain



Legends of the Guitar - the 60’s V2

More classic guitar licks and riffs. Pick what you like. The Supernatural is my absolute fave - sends chills down my spine.
Play it LOUD.

1. Beck's Bolero - Page, Jimmy 2. Soul Serenade - King Curtis 3. Who Do You Love? - McDaniel, Elias 4. Mr. John Lee, Pt. 1 - McGee, G 5. Night Owl Blues - Sebastian, John 6. Six Days on the Road - Green, Earl 7. Torture - Sundquist, James 8. Love Scene - Garcia, Jerry 9. Section 43 - McDonald, Country J 10. Scratchy - Chrisman, Gene 11. Tales of Brave Ulysses - Clapton, Eric 12. The Supernatural - Green, Peter [1] 13. Knockers Step Forward - Mayall, John 14. You Can't Sit Down, Pt. 1 - Clark, Dee 15. The Jam, Pt. 1 - Gregg, Bobby 16. Hold It - Butler, Joe [1] 17. Frenzy - Burk, Mike 18. Trouble No More - Waters, Muddy



Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Silhouettes - Rautalankarenessanssi

This is one of the single best all out gutiar romps I have heard all year - no s**t. Twang oriented instros that go from surf to jazz to rock to Middle East and all places inbetween. Not a dog in the bunch. Don't know much about this Finnish group except this is a major surprise. Outstanding. You will love it with leather and rubber just like Unkle Frankie sez.

Tornado / Africa / Caravan / Muistatko Monrepos´n / Lake Bodom - June 5, 1960 / Kesäillan Twist / High / Elämä juoksuhaudoissa / Finnish Knockturne / Wild Rose / Conspiracy Of Silence / Kaunis on luoksesi kaipuu / Triangle



Infrareds – Recorded on Microfilm

Hard to find second CD from one of surfdom's fastest and wildest bands. The Infrareds have created a sound and fury that set them apart from the crowd. 17 wild instros and one uncredited vocal based on "One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four" and "Papa Oom Mau Mau." Yikes!

The Red Scare, Delivering The Microfilm, Infiltrating The Temple, Opening The Watergate, The Infraromp, The Original Mystery, International Man Of Disguise; Code Name: White Tiger, Adventures In Capture, The Umiac Mission 2003: The Eskimo Files, Celluloid Planetoid, Internationally Notorious Fragmented Recognizance Agents Responding To Ever-growing dangers In Security, Number One On The Spectrum Of Light, Surf Guitar Ninja, The Red Square, The Infraromp, Opening The Watergate, International Man Of Disguise; Code Name: White Tiger



The Tormentos - Grab Your Board

The Tormentos play mostly uplifting surf with great rhythms. They remind me some of the Woodies. Great melodies and sound. This is highly recommended for fans of trad sound who don't mind a little evolution. The CD ends with a vocal called "Tormentos (Reprise)."

Tormentos, Surf Party, The Search For The Lost Tiki, New Wave, U.F.O. Incident, Take Off Or Die, Moon Over Marin, Blue Eyed Little Baby, Fuga a la Medianoche, Santa Clara Del Mar, El Justiciero, The Imposter, Scatter Shield, Pool Rider

Ralph E. Hayes - The Long Drive Home

Long Drive Home, the debut album by Tennessee guitarist Ralph E. Hayes, is not easy to categorize. Although moody and relaxed, this instrumental disc isn't new age, nor is Hayes a flamboyant, hell-bent-for-chops hard rock shredder in Steve Vai/Joe Satriani/Randy Coven vein. And he isn't an acoustic folk-rock picker along the lines of John Fahey, Leo Kottke, Peter Lang, or Stefan Grossman. So exactly where does Hayes' instrumental rock fit in?

Arguably, Long Drive Home should be described as neo-surf rock. Hayes' electric guitar playing owes a lot to Dick Dale and Duane Eddy -- the '60s influence is quite strong on this 2004 release, and Hayes is obviously well aware of the Ventures, the Challengers, and other surf bands that were popular back then. But Long Drive Home isn't a carbon copy of '60s surf rock any more than Alicia Keys is a carbon copy of her '70s influences, and at times, Long Drive Home almost suggests Chris Isaak without vocals.

You won't find anything as exuberant as "Wipeout" or "Hawaii Five-O" (two Ventures hits) on this CD; Hayes' instrumentals are reflective, shadowy, and laid-back, which is why he likes to describe his style as "guitar noir." That term, of course, is based on the term film noir, but Long Drive Home doesn't sound like background music from '40s film noir classics such as Laura, The Postman Always Rings Twice, and Gilda -- if anything, Hayes' work owes more to the sort of background music one might have expected from a Dennis Hopper movie in the '60s or '70s. Long Drive Home is a likable, fairly intriguing debut for the Tennessee guitarist. Alex Henderson all music

1.Deep into the Moment 2. Long Drive Home in the Rain 3. Walk at Low Tide 4. Round Waves 5. In This Time 6. Slow Dances in Sand 7. Inflection Point 8. White Clouds, Blue Sky 9. Living in Slow Motion 10. Downstream 11. Openings 12. Wellspring



The Dynotones - Super Six

A great 6-song release by Southern California's favorite surf/instro combo: The Dynotones! This CD-EP features six great new recordings and comes in a cover designed by world famous tiki artist Shag.

Quick, fast, fun. Makes you want more - like a good ep should.

Tracks: Branded - Whittier Blvd. - Von Zipper's Revenge - Wild Woman - Our Favorite Martian - He Never Came Back.


Friday, November 7, 2008

Sleazefest - Live Garage Comp

Live CD from the 2-nights of bands, b-movies, bar-b-q and beer known as Sleazefest '94 that took place at Local 506 in Chapell Hill, North Carolina.

Lots of grody good stuff.

1.Hang-Up - The Strychnines 2.Hitch - Chrome Daddy Disco 3.I Got Your Number - The Woggles 4.My Baby Likes to Boogaloo - The Woggles 5.Boo Boo the Cat - Hasil Adkins 6. Head on the Wall - Hasil Adkins 7.Class with a Capital 'K' - Hillbilly Frankenstein 8. High Class to Trailer Trash - Hillbilly Frankenstein 9.Red Roses - The Subsonics 10. Shady Side of the Street - The Subsonics 11.I Made You a Clown - The Subsonics 12. Pneumonia - The Bassholes 13.You're Never Gonna Be Alone - Dexter Romweber 14. Hurricane's A-Coming - Dexter Romweber 15.Vamp Camp/Patina in Em - Family Dollar Pharaohs 16. Shake It Some More - Santo's Helpers 17. Mudbuggy - Southern Culture on the Skids 19. Hubcap Hunch - SCOTS with Hasil Adkins 20. Leaves in Autumn - Hasil Adkins



Celebration of Life - Live Surf Comp

Celebration Of Life presents a fine set of powerful surf blasts from five great bands, all captured live. The Insect Surfers display their unique dueling guitar style, the Dynotones chunk and romp, the Sand-Dunes drive the curl hard, the Surf Kings swirl and shred, and Slacktone - well - what needs to be said about Slacktone! -- Phil Dirt,

1 Mojave 2 Electric Marlin 3 Volcano Juice 4 Hotline 5 Von Zipper's Revenge 6 Goo Goo Muck 7 Spanito Bandito 8 Green Room 9 Space Oddyssey 10 Tears of the Dolphin 11 Misirlou 12 Out of Control 13 Coffin Closer 14 Glide 15 The Wedge



King Dapper combo - Big Dumb Fun Party Music

Truth in advertising - the title is exactly what you get. Sloppy, lo-fi, energetic frat rock with a swing band influence.

"Imagine Spike Jones fronting the Cramps - on second thoughts, don't! Predating the swing/Incredibly Strange Music revival by several years, The King Dapper Combo have wowed audiences opening for the likes of Mojo Nixon, Ronnie Dawson, Web Wilder and Sleepy Labeef." Cut And Paste Records

More Scooby-Doo material! This King Dapper Combo really DOES sound like the same band that plays on those 'Scooby-doo' cartoons!

1.Ragg mopp ... live on campus! 2.Beach party 3.Elvised 4.You gotta be loose 5.House trailer polka 6.Ka-ding-dong 7.Booze party 8.Wild one 9.Lone twister 10.Tallahassee lassie 11.Hootie sapper ticker 12.Is it true 13.Kakamaumau 14.Action-packed 15.The King Dapper twist



Dave Thomas and Two Pale Boys - Surf's Up

Don't let the title fool ya. Not really surf - cool anyway. David Thomas' creative brainchild borders on the wonderfully weird; looping drum lines and beats over his disconnected and demonic vocals. Thomas sends effects swirling around the room, not sparing any vibrato, and makes eloquent use of the effects on Melodeon and Musette. Keith Moline's guitar lines are wonderfully interconnected with the cacophony, giving the listener an ominous feeling of impending doom. Not forgetting the horn player, Andy Diagram's trumpets provide an ambient tone reminding one of "Bitches Brew" by Miles Davis. So, if you like Pere Ubu, or have an open mind to music that is "outside the box", give this a listen; if not, then buy another Dave Matthews Band album and have fun humming along. To the fans, know that this doesn't break any new ground for this band, it refines it. It is what we have come to expect and love and I for one get hours of listening enjoyment from it. They sound closer to Tuxedo Moon than Ubu here, be prepared for some atmospherics and strangeness. The third cut is standout.

1. come home-green 2. ghosts 3. man in the dark 4. night driving 5. river 6. runaway
7. spider in my stew 8. surf's up


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