Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Wipeouters - P'Twaang!!!

Right now- my favorite party music.

Mark Mothersbaugh of DEVO was approached to do music for a cartoon about surfboards and skateboards called "Rocket Power".( Thus the "Rocket Power Theme" track.) And so,a retro-legend was made!

It ain't Devo but there's definately Devo sprinkled all through this quasi-surf release from the Devo "offshoot" band. A mix of guitars and electronics, the Wipouters sound like a 60's surf band pushed into the 90's with a hybrid of sounds from B-52's to classic video games.

Four songs actually have vocals, one has some sampling...doesn't ruin the mood or concept. "P'Twaang!" definitely sets the tone,as a brilliant surf piece and parody of "Wipeout".( It also sounds like the theme to a Surf-Detective TV series.) "Twist 'N' Launch" is a wierd surfified version of DEVO's own "Happy Guy"...and it somehow works. "Ravin'Surf" is the killer instro mind meld of twang guitar, Devo style beats, and sound collage - all over 7 minutes! The "Rocket Power Theme" keeps it going. Mark goes for a wide selection of intruments,including Ukelele's and Sitars! "Wedgie Wipeout","Rocket-ful of Power" and "Nubbie Boardsmen" are all by the book surf tunes....with a sci-fi edge. A funny album punchline comes with the meshing of 90's Sampling and 60's surf in the craziness called "Shut Up Little Man!",brimming with B-Movie cheesiness!
The one track that can be called "DEVO" is "Luna Goona Park". This is because Gerry Casale is involved with this one. It's a lot of fun. And would probably make it on to any surf tribute album. Good choice guys! When Robots ride the assured The Wipeouters will be supplying the soundtrack!

1. P'Twaang!!! 2. Dangerdog 3. Surf's Up On Goon Island 4. Twist N' Launch 5. Bikini Beach 6. Ravin' Surf 7. Rocket Power Theme 8. Wedgie Wipeout 9. Wounded Surfer10. Luna Goona Park 11. Nubbie Boardsmen 12. Rocket-ful Of Power 13. Shut Up, Little Man



Here's the whole file. Sorry, all. Wiped out muself on this one.


oldkdawg said...

This sounds like it will be great. Can you please post the link to part 2. Thanks

Brandonio! said...

Ain't it funny how most people will only leave a comment if something's not right.

SwaG! said...

Sweet. I'm commenting because I'd never heard this, though I'm a spud boy.

But I will mention that the "Luna Goona Park" isn't there.

But I am not ungrateful. No.

oldkdawg said...

After I wrote the first comment I listened to part 1 and thought is was great. Glad you put up part 2. Now I have to go and try to find the CD. It is excellent. Everybody needs this. Thanks again for posting this. I hadn't even heard about this. I am way out of touch now that I an so old.

Smilodonna said...

Oh, man, I'm loving this! The DEVO sound does creep in from time to time, but that's a good thing...a really good thing! The sound is pretty unique and each tune has it's own flavor. I'm definitely buying this album. Many thanks!

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