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It Came From the Beach: Surf, Drag & Rockin' Instros From Downey

Happy Halloween All:

A nice treat - a little bit for everybody. Starting with --

It Came From the Beach: Surf, Drag & Rockin' Instros From Downey

26 MONSTER rockin' instrumentals from the studio that created the Chantays' Pipeline and the Rumblers' Boss. This compilation ties together all the surf and rocking instrumentals recorded at the Downey Studios or for Downey Records in the early 60s. Most were released on small indie boutique labels, if not on the Downey imprint itself.

There are some previously unreleased items, and a few that were initially unearthed for a now-deleted, badly mastered and totally un-annotated Dunhill CD in the 80s.

Totally REMASTERED for the best twang this side of the tube. This is a must for surf and instrumental fans who like to have one studio, one label, one legend in one place. For everyone else, we've got alternate takes and unavailable masters, so there's no excuse for this not to be on your shelf.

1. Surf Rat - THE RUMBLERS 2. Bangalore - THE BLAZERS 3. Cecila Ann - THE SURFTONES
4. Twitchin' - THE PASTEL SIX 5. Downey Surf - THE NEVEGANS 6. Hanging One - THE RAMBLERS 7. Beaver Patrol - THE BLAZERS 8. Destruction - THE RUMBLERS 9. Kopout - THE HUSTLERS 10. One Armed Bandit - THE NEVEGANS 11. Mustang - SIR FROG & THE TOADS 12. Shore Break - THE BLAZERS 13. Wailin' Out - THE HUSTLERS 14. Mocolotion - THE RIVIAIRES 15. Riptide - THE CHEVELLS 16. Hi Octane - THE RUMBLERS 17. Wimo Stomp - THE PASTEL SIX 18. Take It Off - THE PASTEL SIX 19. Rendezvous Rods - THE PASTEL SIX 20. Let There Be Surf - THE CHEVELLS 21. Mozart Stomp - THE RAMBLERS 22. Inertia (alt take of Downey 118) - THE HUSTLERS 23. Church Key - THE REVELS 24. The Hustler - THE RUMBLERS 25. A Go Go - THE RUMBLERS 26. Oblique - THE RUMBLERS


P.S. - please continue to update the Ghost Riders comp on its page - will add the revised edition shortly. Thanks to all followers, readers and contributors for making the Lounge a fun place to hang.

RodrigoyGabriella 11:11

RodrigoyGabriella 11:11

Rodrigo y Gabriela reach new heights with 11:11. 11:11 is comprised of 11 acoustic guitar tracks authored by Rodrigo y Gabriela. Inspired by their influences, ranging from rock greats such as Carlos Santana, Jimi Hendrix or Pink Floyd, jazz masters such as Al Di Meola, or classic Spanish and Mexican artists such as Paco De Lucia and Jorge Reyes, the album combines Rodrigo's frantic yet astoundingly precise picking with Gabriela's incredible ability to simultaneously perform both percussion and secondary rhythms.

The rich sounds they create seem impossible to generate from two acoustic guitars; without seeing the accompanying DVD it would be easy to assume they have a third and possibly fourth member assisting. The rock influenced tracks draw clear inspiration from their respective artists: Santana's ranging melodies, Hendrix' wah-wah and vibe effects, and ending with an eerie and beautiful Pink Floyd sound. Anyone who is a fan of classical guitar/flamenco/rock/acoustic genre will absolutely love this album. What I like about it is that this is a sheer display of their talent- in stark contrast to the music that is coming out of major labels nowadays.

1. Hanuman 2. Buster Voodoo 3. Triveni 4. Logos 5. Santo Domingo 6. Master Maqui 7. Savitri 8. Hora Zero 9. Chac Mool 10. Atman 11. 11:11


Dr Frankenstein - The Cursed Tapes

Six song EP from 2005. Frantic, crazy, melodic surf / instrumental rock n' roll. Short and killer.

1. cats eyes 2. necrofago 3. cerebro 4.emergency exit 5. mad thinker 6. have you seen it


Tipsy - Buzz

Thanks to Mr. Fab for the tip --No single track on Buzz has that 'instant hit' sound like "Hey", or that intensely drunken and hypnotic vibraphone and sax sound like "Fur Teacup" on Uh Oh. Ok, so there's no single track that matches the ultra-hip sound of "Ugly Stadium" on Trip Tease (did you catch that track in the Sopranos soundtrack?).
But Buzz, Tipsy's third release, is not disappointing! I can play these tracks infinitely and it doesn't grow old. It's like a time-distortion field that I'm trapped in. A moebius strip of sound that is not just background music - but rather background manipulation. If Martin Denny and Esquivel had used Absinthe and Magick to compose their music it would have sounded like this.
"Midnight Party" and "Good Little Demon" have risen to the top of my favorites with their catchy rhythms.

If you are like me, and sorely miss Combustible Edison, pick up every Tipsy release you can get your hands on, before they can't be found anymore.

Tipsy is not just new and authentic lounge music played well, it's authentic lounge music that actually makes you drunk - just by listening to it...

1. Midnight Party 2. A Night On The Town 3. Lipstick Tree 4. Sweet Spot 5. Swingin' Spaceman 6. Chocolate Moon 7. Chop Socky 8. Electric Blue Eyelashes 9. Kitty's Daydream 10. Kadonka 11. Big Business 12. Good Little Demon 13. See The Beauty, Touch The Magic 14. Wet Rainbow 15. Hot Banana 16. Up 'Til Dawn


Dixieland Crackerjacks - I'll See You In My Dreams

Nice old timey rag jazz from a very prolific Dutch group. Gives that 20's -30's feel similar to the R. Crumb Serenaders.

01 South South 02 That's a Plenty 03 Black and Tan Fantasy 4 I'll See You in My Dreams I'll See You in My Dreams 05 Muskrat Ramble 06 I Want a Little Girl I Want a Little Girl 07 Blue Lou 08 Besamo Mucho 09 Nobody Sweatheart 10 I'm Confessin' 11 Shout 'Em Aunt Tillie 12 Rosetta 13 In A Sentimental Mood 14 It's A Sin To Tell a Lie 15 What a Difference a Day Made 16 I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Glover


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Yippie yi Ohhhhh yi Yaaaaay MotherF**kers!

Ghost Riders Comp
Starting off this Halloween season with a few treats and one trick. This has been a labor of love for 2 years collecting as many versions of this as I can. One of my ALL TIME favorite songs - never get tired of it - good, bad, or ugly- which you will get in these discs. Everything from folk to classic to weird to surf to live cuts. Special thanks to EEK the Cat, Frisian and Ryp for contributions and many others who I have scarfed versions from around the net. Differeing bitrates due to sources. Enjoy. I want them all - supposedly about 200 versions exist. If you folks have any not here, PLEEEZ, let me know and they, too, will be honored. Thanks.


Baja Marimba Band, Bob Dylan George Harrison
Bonneville,Boston Pops,Brooks and Dunn
Chantays,Children of Bodum,Chuck Wagon and the Wheels,Davie Allan and the Arrows,Dean Martin,Debbie Harry,Desperados,Dick Dale,Duane Eddy,Ennio Morricone,Ghoultown,Gitaines,Jerusalem Bridge,John Cowan,Johnny Cash, Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson


Juri Lipp,Kaliedoscope,King Kurt,Knights,Larry Keel,Lawrence welk,Legendary Shack Shakers,Lenny Graff,Lorne Greene,Marty Robbins,MaryMcCaslin,Matchbox,Megatones,Mermen,Michael Martin Murphy,Mood Cooperative Project,Mystery Artist,Outlaws

Patrick Normand,Peggy Lee,Peter Pan Speedrock,Ralph rebel,Ramrods,REM,Ricky King
Roy Clark and Chet Atkins,Roy Rogers,scatman Crothers,Shadows,Shi-tones,Sleepy LaBeef
Slim Whitman,Sons of the Pioneers possibly dupe,Space Lady,Spiderbait,Spikedrivers
Spike Jones,Spoilers,Spotnicks,starlite wranglers

Susan Christie,Tom Jones,Torquays,Trashmen,Vaughn Monroe,Ventures,Walter Brennan
Wingy Manone and his Go Group

Silencers- Cyclerific Sounds

If you’re a big fan of fuzz guitar instrumental music then Cyclerific Sounds is just what the doctor ordered. Detroit’s the Silencers specialise in the type of mean, down and dirty biker rock that made Davie Allan a big success in the ’60s. Right from the first track, “Mouldy’s Theme,” the fuzz throttle is opened up wide and it pretty much it stays that way throughout the album. It does, however, get switched off on a few tracks like the cleaner, “Ghost Riders In The Sky”-esque “Sonny’s Theme.” The Silencers also crank out a few covers as well, which include the always great “2000 LB Bee” and “Devil’s Angels Theme.” There are some good movie dialogue bits on the disc as well, with lots of talk about “the Man” and how he’s trying to keep the outlaw gangs down. Recorded in Detroit, at Ghetto Recorders by Mick Collins, the punchy sound of this disc is right on the money with an overall quality that is up there with the original ’60s stuff. (Total Energy)

1. Mouldy's Theme 2. Devil's Angel 3. Big Ragu 4. Return of the Son Woof Woof 5. 13 6. Sonny's Theme 7. My Fruity Pants 8 2,000 LB. Bee 9. Man from F.U.Z.Z. 10. Abracapocus 11. Run Run Run 12. 6 & 7 Is ...


You Heard it Here First (Original Versions of Famous Songs)

Another ace from ACE. Excellent CD. It's hard to fathom why some of these weren't hits first time around. In many cases, some of the originals on this CD are better than the latter hit versions e.g. 'This Diamond Ring', 'California Sun', 'Go Now' & 'I just don't know what to do with myself'. The jewel in the crown here is 'Rock Arouind the Clock', while not exactly 'a great record', it is a 'must have' for any genuine record collector of the 'pop era'. Ace Records of London has come up with yet another winner in this volume which chronicles the origins of some of the biggest hit singles of the 1950s and 1960s, and in the 28-page booklet, Rob Finnis and Tony Rounce provide detailed track-by-track background information that reads like a history lesson on the development of popular music. Throughout the 28 pages are 45 rpm and poster reproductions related to the cuts, along with photographs of many of the artists. On the reverse, as is their norm, Ace shows the full label details and year of release for each track.

Understandably, without having had the luck which often make the difference between an also-ran and a hit (some were also handicapped by the "small label" curse - no funds for proper promotion or "payola" when that was rampant), most are so obscure that photos likely are just not available. But there are some that Ace was able to dig up which likely would never have come to light again but for their unmatched efforts in providing us with the unusual.

One such is Sunny Dae & The Knights, a four-piece Philadelphia group who actually recorded Max Freedman's now immortal Rock Around The Clock in the year preceding the Bill Haley version, which initially charted in 1954 (not "three years before" as intimated in the above blurb) and also released it in 1954 on the small Arcade label. It isn't surprising that this didn't make any charts. First, Arcade didn't have the resources to get it heard and besides, Sunny (real name Paschal Vennitti and actually an acquaintance of Bill's) had neither the voice nor the arrangement designed to grab anyone's attention, unlike the Haley version, released as (We're Gonna) Rock Around The Clock. Still, it's great to see it available on disc and you won't want to miss the full tale behind the recording as told by Rob Finnis.

Other extremely interesting stories lie behind Hey Joe, Where You Gonna Go? by The Leaves (they recorded it twice - this is the initial rendition), Barbie Gaye's My Boy Lollipop (shown on the actual record as "Lollypop"), which she recorded 7 years before Millie Small for the tiny Darl label, and Richard Berry & The Pharaoh's Louie, Louie, a 1957 recording that came out in 1957 on Ember E.P. 4527 Volume 3 and was promptly forgotten until a group from Portland, Oregon calling themselves The Kingsmen recorded it and launched a legend.

And when you hear songs like Something Stupid by Carson & Gaile, Ain't That Loving You Baby by Eddie Riff, Go Now by Bessie Banks, A Rockin' Good Way by Priscilla Bowman & The Spaniels, and I Fought The Law by The Crickets you will realize that these could just as easily have been as big as the later versions to come - if not better in a few cases.

1. Tainted Love - GLORIA JONES 2. Suspicious Minds - MARK JAMES 3. Wild Thing - THE WILD ONES 4. I Fought The Law - THE CRICKETS 5. The Red Rooster - HOWLIN' WOLF 6. Hanky Panky - THE RAINDROPS 7. Go Now - BESSIE BANKS 8. A Rockin' Good Way - PRISCILLA BOWMAN & THE SPANIELS 9. This Diamond Ring - SAMMY AMBROSE 10. Tobacco Road - JOHN D. LOUDERMILK 11. I Found You - YVONNE FAIR 12. Ain't That Loving You Baby - EDDIE RIFF 13. Louie Louie - RICHARD BERRY & THE PHARAOHS 14. My Boy Lollipop - BARBIE GAYE 15. Little Bit O' Soul - THE LITTLE DARLINGS 16. Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town - JOHNNY DARRELL 17. Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand - HOAGY LANDS 18. You Need Love - MUDDY WATERS 19. A Groovy Kind Of Love - DIANE AND ANNITA 20. You Were On My Mind - IAN & SYLVIA 21. I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself - TOMMY HUNT 22. Let's Get Together (Live) - THE KINGSTON TRIO 23. California Sun - JOE JONES 24. Something Stupid - CARSON & GAILE 25. Hey Joe, Where You Gonna Go - THE LEAVES 26. Rock Around The Clock - SUNNY DAE & THE KNIGHTS


Bossa and the Ramones

Electronic-tinged Bossa Nova treatment of Ramones classics. They have assembled musicians and producers of different latitudes, who accepted the challenge of mixing the music of the legendary Punk band, with the spirit of the Bossa Nova and contemporary electronics.Something of a dichotomy - don'tcha think? This is REALLY CHEEZY - for strong ears and stomachs only.

01 - Intro - Intro [00:31] 02 - Cherie Currie - Here Today Gone Tomorrow [03:29]
03 - Amazonics - I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend [02:46] 04 - Angie Bowie - I Just Want to Have Something to Do [02:40] 05 - Deise Costa & Brazil XXI - She’s A Sensation [03:57] 06 - NG Monasterio - Poison Heart [04:31] 07 - Os Digitalistas - Beat On The Brat [04:08] 08 - Groove da Praia - I Wanna Be Sedated [03:56] 09 - Sixth Finger ft. Luana - Sheena Is a Punk Rocker [03:20] 10 - Natalie Renoir & DJ Leao - Rockaway Beach [03:37] 11 - Yasmin Gate from Dirty Princess - Pet Sematary [04:15] 12 - Glambeats Corp ft. Chepito - Blitzkrieg Bop [03:59] 13 - United Rhythms of Brazil - The K K K Took My Baby Away [03:33] 14 - Outro - Outro [00:46]


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Electro Swing

The Swing was born in the early 20th century and developed in the 1920s, until the late '50s. Swing was more of an approach to play in a Jazzy way rather than a style of its own, but it soon surpassed it's initial origins. Swing music became synonymous with swinging, dancing and moving! It took 50 years to rediscover this musical genre, but thanks to the modern Electronic movement, much of Swing's original excitement has been reinvented and reinvigorated here. Fun, fast, and generally groovy - a reasonalbe take in updating all that jazz. If you like the Verve Remix series or the original Electro Lounge series - you will like this too.

1. Jolie Coquine - Caravan Palace 2. Get A Move On - Mr Scruff 3. Artichaut - Chinese Man
4. Minor Swing - Belleruche 5. Revue Noire - Nicolas Repac 6. Libella Swing - Parov Stelar
7. Pick Up 52'S - Mestizo/Mike Gao 8. Scratch Marchin' - Kormac 9. Hip Hip Chin Chin [Maxim Illion Mix] - Club Des Belugas (remix) 10. I Want A Little Doggie [Remix] - Lena Horne (remix)
11. Jazzhole - Free The Robots 12. La Voix Humaine - G-Swing - (featuring Le Major Melon)
13. Cinnamon Girl - Dunkelbunt - (featuring Boban Markovic Orkestar) 14. Mambo Craze, The - De-Phazz 15. Hello Joe - Vono Box 16. Memories - Waldeck 17. Hold The Night - Lyre Le Temps
18. Puttin' On The Ritz [Club Des Belugas Remix] - Fred Astaire (remix) 19. Fragment Eight... The Sound Of Swing - Kenneth Bager - (featuring The Hellerup Cool School Choir) 20. Belleville Rendez-Vous - M 15. Vono Box — Hello Joe 16. Waldeck — Memories 17. Lyre Le Temps — Hold The Night 18. Fred Astaire — Puttin' On The Ritz (Club Des Belugas Remix)
19. Kenneth Bager feat. The Hellerup Cool School Choir — Fragment Eight... The Sound Of Swing 20. -M- — Belleville Rendez-vous


Fenómeno Fuzz - Sonido Bestia

Bordering psychobilly, garage ska, surf punk, electric rockabilly. Growly swamp surf instros and a few noisy vocals. Short and wonderfully gruesome.

1. Cavernicola 2. Cancerman 3. Siempre 4. La Viuda Negra 5. Ruido Falso 6. Zombie 7. Rusty


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Russian Surf - Valery Prikazchikov's Electron Quartet / New Electron Quartet

BIG SHOUT THANK YOU to Tru of TrustarVibrations and Black Sea Surfer.

They have answered the mystery and given the info we all needed. Here is the revised post properly done .......

First wave Russian surf recorded in 1965, called Electron or Elektron -depending. Solid melodies and structures, a little more bouncy poppy than the native surf of the same period. Short slabs of fun twang. Enjoy.

Translated tracklist:
(I also had to use a translator for some words, so mistakes are possible)

01 Return 02 Melody From The Movie "Boom"
03 Sun Dial 04 Cheerful Tourists 05 The Fourth Orbit 06 Evening Shades 07 Melody From The Movie "Umbrellas From Cherbourg" 08 Look 09 House Of The Rising Sun 10 New Dance
11 Lullaby For Svetlana 12 Watussi 13 Dreams 14 Steps In The Night 15 A Faster Sound
16 The Shade Of Your Smile 17 Sunbeams 18 Perpetual Motion


Original post --Need help identifying this - am clueless. Russian surf that sounds like it is from the 60's first wave in style, instrumentation, and song structure. I think it is really modern surf done retro - but - hey - what do I know. If someone can identify it and point me in the direction for a track list not in Russian, I'd really appreciate it. Enjoy it anyway, it's pretty cool.

The Sea Turtles ST

Get ready to hit the beach with this innovative self titled jazz-infused instrumental surf album from The Sea Turtles. This Pennsylvania based three piece band relies strictly on guitar, bass, and drums to entertain your ears. It may sound simple, but they manage to create a full and innovative sound, causing the listener at once to feel as though they are both on an island and in a jazz club . The recording quality gives a similar feel; one could imagine The Sea Turtles booming through a speaker, live or recorded, at either location. This album shows The Sea Turtles superb improvisational skills, as well as their influences, which range from the Beach Boys on guitar to the classical jazz sound on drums and bass doubtlessly influenced by a plethora of jazz predecessors. “Fastback” creates a great smooth sound with jazz guitar and classic drum and bass lines. “Paragon” features a quick tempo and presents more of a rock feel as it begins with the bassist matching every note the guitar plays.The Sea Turtles ride each others individual ideas throughout the songs but somehow know where they are going - and end up with a tight uplifting jazzadelic surfy vibe that's ultimately unique and fun to listen to.

1. Pirates 2. Hydraview 3. Fastback 4. The Easy Way 5. Nothing We Can Hold 6. Sleepwalker 7. Paragon 8. Painting Fences 9. The Garage 10. Bam Boing 11. Gently 12. Optimist Man 13. Philippians 4_6-7 14. Jenny Jump Blues


The Knights - Surfin' Southwest Santa Fe Style

Trad surf that goes further down the quiet road, and farther into open spaces. In many ways, this has the flavor of the gentler side of the Torquays, with restrained delivery and a writing style that is in the general vicinity of George Tomsco. Good for chillin'. Excellent cover of my fave Ghost Riders in the Sky. Well worth the price.

1. Surfin' Santa Fe Style 2. Cut Out Y2k 3. Judi 4. The Man Who Wasn't There 5. Jeannie 6. Surfin' the Southwest 7. Moonbeam 2000 8. Precision 2000 9. Ghost Riders 10. Legends 11. Wipe Out


Hollywood Assassins - Original Soundtrack

Hollywood Assassins are a Brighton-based (UK) band. The title refers to the soundtrack they inspire in your head, not anything playing at the movies. The band play surf noir rock n roll which blends Mark Haney's fifties style guitar with the energy of garage rock and punk. Their style references classic film noir imagery and their songs are full of the good, the bad and the beautiful. Pretty decent twangy songs with a few really good instrumental bridges. Tijuana Straits is my fave.

1. North West One 2. Spanish Skies 3. Catwalk 4. Dangerous U Know 5. Now That I've Seen Her 6. Tijuana Straits 7. Crazy On the Run 8. Why Spy? 9. Love Me Not

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