Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Knights - Surfin' Southwest Santa Fe Style

Trad surf that goes further down the quiet road, and farther into open spaces. In many ways, this has the flavor of the gentler side of the Torquays, with restrained delivery and a writing style that is in the general vicinity of George Tomsco. Good for chillin'. Excellent cover of my fave Ghost Riders in the Sky. Well worth the price.

1. Surfin' Santa Fe Style 2. Cut Out Y2k 3. Judi 4. The Man Who Wasn't There 5. Jeannie 6. Surfin' the Southwest 7. Moonbeam 2000 8. Precision 2000 9. Ghost Riders 10. Legends 11. Wipe Out



marino said...

Excellent post, more The Knights.
Thank you
From Brasil

Unknown said...

hi,i have to thank you for all the great surf music you have here,but this album is no longer,can you please upload again?

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