Saturday, October 17, 2009

Silencers- Cyclerific Sounds

If you’re a big fan of fuzz guitar instrumental music then Cyclerific Sounds is just what the doctor ordered. Detroit’s the Silencers specialise in the type of mean, down and dirty biker rock that made Davie Allan a big success in the ’60s. Right from the first track, “Mouldy’s Theme,” the fuzz throttle is opened up wide and it pretty much it stays that way throughout the album. It does, however, get switched off on a few tracks like the cleaner, “Ghost Riders In The Sky”-esque “Sonny’s Theme.” The Silencers also crank out a few covers as well, which include the always great “2000 LB Bee” and “Devil’s Angels Theme.” There are some good movie dialogue bits on the disc as well, with lots of talk about “the Man” and how he’s trying to keep the outlaw gangs down. Recorded in Detroit, at Ghetto Recorders by Mick Collins, the punchy sound of this disc is right on the money with an overall quality that is up there with the original ’60s stuff. (Total Energy)

1. Mouldy's Theme 2. Devil's Angel 3. Big Ragu 4. Return of the Son Woof Woof 5. 13 6. Sonny's Theme 7. My Fruity Pants 8 2,000 LB. Bee 9. Man from F.U.Z.Z. 10. Abracapocus 11. Run Run Run 12. 6 & 7 Is ...


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Brandonio! said...

geez It's been months and I forgot to thank you for this awesome fuzz fest.Yip you DaBoss!

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