Monday, December 31, 2007

Friends of Dean Martinez -- Live

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! A few goodies to start you off rightaway. Get ready for an amazing journey through the Lounge in '08. Starting now. All three of these posts will take you on trips not soon forgotten.

Four years after it was issued by the German label Glitterhouse, Friends of Dean Martinez's Live at Club 2 got its first stateside release, thanks to Aero Recordings. Recorded at the now-defunct Munich club for Bavarian radio in spring 2001, the album features a small but carefully chosen set list that represent the very best material from their studio albums, performed live. All songs were recorded at a single show, though I suspect the CD probably doesn't contain quite the whole show. There is no talking between the tracks (which doesn't necessarily mean it was edited out - they really didn't say anything at all, besides a closing "Thank you" when I saw them perform live myself), and personally I consider that a good thing. While I like the studio albums, each one has a few tracks that don't really appeal to me and I find myself skipping, but "Live at Club 2" is very good straight through. More importantly, it flows as a performance: beginning with the sweet, sleepy "For All Time" (from that year's On the Shore and cresting with Atardecer's "Inner Sanctum" and "Ethchlorvynol," the intimate setting really allows the band to play with the peaks and valleys of their sound. Live at Club 2 was recorded on Friends of Dean Martinez's first tour after they became a trio again, and the sense of space and dynamics on the album are almost tangible. Particularly on slow-burning tracks like "Main Theme" -- which features gorgeous, shivery rhythm guitar -- and their smoky reworking of "Summertime," the live setting makes the band sound less "filmic" and more immediate than on their studio albums. The title track from their masterpiece "A Place in the Sun" and "Chunder," which dates all the way back to their 1995 debut, "The Shadow of Your Smile", are two of the other highlights from this concise but powerful set.

If you already own their studio albums and are afraid that this one may be redundant, I definitely don't think it is, since their live sound and the versions of the songs are quite different than the studio tracks.

I highly recommend this CD to anybody with an interest in twangscapes. If you like The Mermen, you’ll love this – even if the pace is a little slower than your average surf sound. As if this wasn't enough, there is a bonus disc included, with another recorded show. This one is several years more recent (2004) from a concert in Berlin, so it contains quite different tracks from their newer sets and isn't redundant with the main disc. It is longer and allows the music to stretch more fully. Turn up “Summertime” from show 1 really loud and fell Bill Elm’s steel guitar rip through your flesh. Simply beautiful in a sort of terrifying way.

1. For All Time 2. Main Theme 3. Inner Sanctum 4. Ethchlorvynol
5. Cabeza De Mojado 6. Summertime 7. Tennesee Waltz 8. Chunder
9. A Place In The Sun 10. All The Pretty Horses

Bonus -- all unknown tracks

S.P.E.C.T.R.E. - The Microfilm Album

Brandonio says -----
Here's a band that faded out way too fast if your ask me. The band is S.P.E.C.T.R.E the disc is"The microflm album". I found this band back in the good ol' days of I heard a copy of songs and ordered their cd soon after. I thought this band had plenty of potential to make some really good music down the road. Sadly that did not happen. The band hails from Denmark, their music ranges from such influences as John Barry, Lalo Schiffrin to heavy metal punch you in face groups as Entomed and Fatomas. Yeah --- this gets downright brutal at times. It is a short little record, but it will you wanting more and sadly there isn't.
be forewarned this is not for the faint at heart. B

1. Operation S.I.S (S.P.E.C.T.R.E in space) 2. The Satellite Affair
3.The Underwater Lab 4. Car Chase 5.House Search
6. The Rooftop Incident 7.The Return of Dr.Seven (Theme From)


For more mind shattering, ear blasting wake you up sounds - get the Fantomas below. What a deal!!

The Fantomas -- Director's Cut

These renditions of famous cult film themes belong in a dimension all their own.
In many ways, "The Director's Cut" is the most accessible Fantomas album-- certainly it has more coherent song structures and actual lyric singing as opposed to soley vocalizations (although there's a healthy dose of that too). It’s also in many ways the best of the rather intriguing Fantomas catalog. Brainchild of vocalist Mike Patton, Fantomas is a band in the style of John Zorn's Naked City (in the archives) -- effortlessly moving between genres and sounds with a hardcore metal feel to hold things together, but unlike Naked City's "Radio" style of dial turning short bursts and the long songs, this has more of a coherent feel per track basis. This allows a listener unfamiliar with this sort of style the chance to find something to latch onto-- one of the things that can make Fantomas' work difficult is that the style shifts when you're getting the hang of it, this one is a bit more coherent, style shifts have more palpable melodies to work with-- from the opening notes of 'The Godfather,' (quiet Italian melodies that quickly burn away into a precision battery of Death Metal prowess...) to the earthy and turntable-fied take on Lynch's 'Twin Peaks: Fire walk With Me,' you get all pistons firing and all facets shining of Fantomas's demented and hair-raising theatrics.

The meat of this is Lombardo's drumming and Patton's voice. As always, the man is unbelievably protean- few lyrics on this, but his vocal dynamics swing (effortlessly) from blood-curdling (The Golem) scream to ominously childlike- little-girl childlike at that- sing-song(Rosemary's Baby). In 'Cape Fear' he uses his shrieks as the string section of that film's classic theme- it works PERFECTLY! At times Patton works lines from the film into the music to add to the all-out creepy aesthetic, like where he chants "IT's EITHER YOUR OR THEM... you or them..." On the atmospheric rendering of 'Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer,' and the obvious terror of, "What have they done to it's eyes!?!" from Rosemary's Baby. There are a few tracks that fall short, where the theatrics come off as corny rather than threatening. 'Vendetta' sounds more like a Scooby Doo chase sequence. And 'Spider Baby' brings Rob Zombie to mind... ugh... Their take on the Ave Satani in 'The Omen,' is blistering speed metal. Der Golem is slower sluggish metal crawl- which works considering the subject matter. 'Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion,' really grows on you, with it's circular progression and cries of "BLAGH!" it reminds me of Disco Volante. 'Charade,' is an excellent closer that veers from eloquent singing to jittery medicine-man gibberish and madness.

One other thing about Fantomas that bears mention-- they're traditionally an over-the-top band, with theaterical elements in the music heavily emphasized, this album is no exception, take the middle of the album, with the totally over-the-top "Cape Fear", "Rosemary's Baby" and "The Devil Rides Out" covers. And Patton skips track 13, just in case sonic theatrics was not enough. Although nothing will probably compare to the intonation Patton pulls out for "The Omen (Ave Satani)"-- so theatrical as to border on goofy, but somehow it manages to work. Overall, this is a superb (if a bit short) album, definitely worth checking out for the sheer yell of it.

1. The Godfather 2. Der Golem 3. Experiment In Terror 4. One Step Beyond
5. Night Of The Hunter (Remix) 6. Cape Fear 7. Rosemary's Baby
8. The Devil Rides Out (Remix) 9. Spider Baby 10. The Omen (Ave Satani)
11. Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer 12. Vendetta 13. Untitled
14. Investigation Of A Citizen Above Suspicion 15. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
16. Charade


Saturday, December 29, 2007

Have You Had Your Vitamin B-3 Today?

Hi All! Hope you had a fun X-mas and holiday season and are ready to wake up the New Year. I did and am. We're ending the year with another bootylicious B-3 jam to keep ya shakin' and bakin' for a day or so before we slap the New Year in with some in yer face noize. Brandonio and I have some new and some old, rare goodies kickin' in next week so enjoy da funk now.
From deep down in the Vaults, cool and bluesy organ featuring Rudy Van G. at the helm... some of the stuff is pretty rare... when the masters were more part of the band rather than solo acts.

The remedy in question is that staple of rare groove jazz: the Hammond B-3 organ. The funky swing that results when swallowed is heard across the nine soul-jazz delicacies on offer here. Mostly tapping the deep hard bop vaults of Blue Note and OJC, Label M. spotlights such heavy-hitting tandems of the trade — with the latter player at the keys — as Stanley Turrentine and Shirley Scott, Lou Donaldson and John Patton, Ike Quebec and Freddie Roach, and Grant Green and Jack McDuff. And, of course, the breakthrough artist himself, Jimmy Smith, is featured as well.

This will probably open you up to some sessions and artists you may have misssed along the way... While Lou Donaldson, Grant Green and Stanley Turrentine are even more popular now than they were back then, a few of the tenor legends who brought these greats to the spotlight like Gene Ammons and Willis Jackson don't seem to be getting the kudos they deserve, however, their stuff is readily available at Amazon, and once you start digging those cats, you'll find plenty of sessions with everyone from McDuff and beyond that you never even knew were out there ! Label 32 might have died, but under the leadership of Joel Dorn, it seems that Label M is going to liberate the vaults just as heavily !
A CLASSIC breakbeat fest with soul. Once you have feasted here get the new kidz on da block from below and savor the flavors of serious B-3 boogie.
1. You Talk That Talk - Gene Ammons 2. Trouble - Stanley Turrentine/Shirley Scott
3. The Mighty Burner - Charles Earland 4. This'll Get To Ya - Willis Jackson
5. Funky Mama - Lou Donaldson 6. Easy, Don't Hurt - Ike Quebec
7. Jumpin' The Blues - Jimmy Smith 8. Troubled Times - Willis Jackson
9. Blues in Maude's Flat - Grant Green

Boogaloo to Jack McDuff

Jack McDuff was closer to soul and funk than most of the jazz Hammond B-3 organ players who found wider audiences after the success of Jimmy Smith, and his death in 2001 was a tremendous loss. This amazingly neat little compilation from Scufflin' Records features several young organ jazz combos in a tribute to McDuff, and it's all a whole lot of fun. A slightly more modern take on some of his standards that soar above the basic beat sound. Highlights here include "A Real Gone Guy" by the Joe Krown Organ Trio, the zippy "The Natural Thing" by the Night Callers, "Briar Patch" by the Link Quartet, and the delightful "Butter (Fo Yo Popcorn)" by the New Mastersounds.
Highly recommended for the tasty new groove and a slice of the classics. Like ice cream and cake, it goes down sooooooo well. MMMMMMMMMM

1. Grease Monkey The Diplomats Of Solid Sound 2. Snap Back Jack Jeremy Baum
3. Can't Get Satisfied The Greyhounds 4. A Real Gone Guy Joe Krown Organ Trio
5. Cold Duck Time Drive-By Leslie Featuring Adam Klipple
6. You Sho' Walk Funky The Sol-Reys 7. The Natural Thing The Night Callers
8. Down Home Style The Yards 9. Briar Patch The Link Quartet
10. Butter (For Yo Popcorn) The New Mastersounds 11. Hunk O' Funk McLemore Ave




Diplomats of Solid Sound – Instrumental Action Soul

Reviving the lightly funky but deeply soulful instrumental R&B sound of Booker T and the MG's and The Meters, The Diplomats of Solid Sound not only prove that there's still a place of the mighty Hammond Organ in 21st Century pop music, but confirms the existence of dance-floor filling soul music in Iowa City, Iowa. The Diplomats of Solid Sound originally formed in 1998 as a side project of retro-rockers The Bent Scepters, with three members of the Scepters — bassist Dustin Connor, guitarist Doug Roberson, and drummer Jim Viner — teaming up with keyboardist Pat White. After the Bent Scepters called it a day in 1999, Connor, Roberson and Viner decided to continue performing as The Diplomats of Solid Sound, and replaced White with Nate "Count" Basinger, though White occasionally guested on the band's recordings. The group cut their first single, "Bullfrog Boogaloo", in 2001, and released their first album, Instrumental Action Soul, on their own label, Presecription Records. In the summer of 2002, The Diplomats of Solid Sound released a single through premier garage rock label Estrus Records, and Estrus signed on to release the band's second full-length release, Let's Cool One, a year later. The group's third album, 2005's Destination ... Get Down, marked their first recordings with new member David Basinger, who plays alto and baritone sax. Mark Hemmings
1. Hugh's Hefner 2. Cookie Time 3. Willie's Theme 4. Bullfrog Bugaloo
5. El Corazon Negro 6. Chinese Connection 7. Stoned Preacher 8. Hot Stick
9. Soul Slaw 10. Mobley Turnaround 11. Tennessee Toothpick 12. Soul Beat Pt 2
13. The Men From S.C.E.P.T.E.R. Theme
Check out our archives for 2 more of these fantabulous folks. One shot party or the beginnings of a serious road trip. Groovilicious times guatanteed.

Derek Cooper and the Minis – Cool Blast

Derek Cooper and the Minis are back with another serving of original blues tunes. Moving on from their first release "Candies" , this one has more jazz blues guitar riffs over funky blues beats coming your way. Growing out of listening to Television, Santana, Ten Years After, Savoy Brown, John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers, and Booker T and the MGs-this set ranges from slow blues to slightly twisted cajun blues on to james brown/green onions retro 60s hip. You will know from the first cut "Funky Boots" if this cd is for you. Perfect for parties with hip shakin mamas in black minis and dresses with swirlin frills.

1 Funky Boots 2 Stone Men 3 Lost 4 Low Tech
5 One Day 6 Yon't Call 7 Hard Ground 8 Your All 9 Workin 10 Take It
11 Like It Is


The Bo-Keys --- The Royal Sessions

This one shot incendiary soul / jazz / funk is a hard-hitting and authentic modern take on Memphis' original soul-stew sound - a mixture of original instrumental and vocal features that fuse R&B fundamentals with elements of modern hip-hop.
Recorded and mixed at Willie Mitchell's (Hi Records, Al Green) Royal Studios, The Royal Sessions is steeped in the Memphis tradition. But it's much more than a homage: it's the sound of Memphis now - familiar, fresh, and unquestionably fantastic. O.K., the wordplay on two classic Memphis soul bands, the Mar-Keys and the Bar-Kays, might be off-putting if it weren't for the fact they are from Memphis. But that's just the starting point: While the band is led by Scott Bomar, the 28-year-old bass player from the Impalas, two of its members, drummer Willie Hall and B-3 boss Ronnie Williams, played with the legendary Bar-Kays' Isaac Hayes, and David Porter; Charles Pitts, the guitar player, is the wah-wah guy on "Theme From Shaft" and Rufus Thomas' "Funky Chicken." Finally, this set is called The Royal Sessions because it was recorded live from the floor in Willie Mitchell's Royal Studios in Memphis, with him hanging out during the sessions. So the pedigree is there. Bomar also added the horn section of Memphians Marc Franklin and Jim Spake to the proceedings, both of them veterans of Al Green's and Bobby "Blue" Bland's outfits, and veteran percussionist Hector Diaz, as well. Musically, this is funky, greasy, gritty soul, rooted in the tradition, but is timeless in its heat-seeking groove stealth. The Bo-Keys write killer tunes, with lots of stinging guitar, wailing organ and in-the-pocket backbeats — check "Deuce and a Quarter," "Seven and 7," the souled-out Latin-flavored funk of "Spanish Delight," the bassed-up bluesy horn stroll in "Under the Table," or the trippy, in-the-mud organ and percussion funk orgy "Bling Bling," that closes the album. In addition, they cover some of the classics, such as Jimmy Smith's jukebox groover "Back at the Chicken Shack," and James Brown's "Doin' It to Death." This is the real stuff made by cats who have been doin' it all their lives; it is the perfect disc for that time when the party kicks into overdrive, or for cruising the boulevard, or whatever gives you pleasure. It also signifies that with the arrival of the great young soulmen and women on the scene — Ellis Hooks, Joss Stone, and Ricky Fanté to name three — that something akin to a real revival is on the good foot in the early part of the 21st century. Thom Jurek, GW

1. Coming Home Baby 2. Deuce and a Quarter 3. Seven and 7 4. Spanish Delight
5. Under the Table 6. Back at the Chicken Shack 7. Doin' It To Death
8. I Remember Stax 9. My Country Loves Me 10. Bling Bling

removed upon request - who'da thunk it

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Merry Christmas!!!!

Thank you all for visiting, commenting and enjoying the hospitality here at the Lounge. I appreciate your friendship and opinions and am excited about making '08 a really great year for everyone.

To my good friends EEK, TRU, and BRANDONIO --here's one to you -- CHEERS!!! Your friendship means more than can be expressed, thanks.

BTW -- Brandonio, Rockabillykid and Lectible have started a great blog over at RockisDeadRIP featuring out of print surf, garage and basic killer kutz. Check them out and tell them DaBoss sent ya!!!

Please check in and tell me what you want to hear for next year -- what genre, style, variety and let me know what you liked and did not like this year. Constructive comments are appreciated, that's the only way we grow. I want to please you guys as much as I can -- otherwise, you'll get stuck with the same old stuff.

Family is here now, so will try to sneak in another big post before New Year's.


Niacin Reup

Looks like MM did not get it right, blankness all around. Thanks 1 surfrider for da tip. If you have apost request let me know and I'll try to fill it. Here's new links:



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Evil Fuzz - The Davie Allan Tribute

For Brandonio: Here you go good buddy!

A killer collection of various solo performers and groups from around the world, paying tribute via their versions of Allan's past recordings. Not a dog in the bunch! Nuff said!

1. Action on the Street 2. Angel with a Devil's Heart 3. Blue's Theme 4. Bongo Party 5. Born Losers Theme 6. Born Losers Theme/Polyurethane 7. Chopper/Fender Bender 8. Corridor of Fear 9. Cycle-Delic 10. Dark Alley 11. Encounter 12. Fuzz Theme/Grungy 13. Gunslinger 14. Invasion of the Body Surfers 15. Left Turn on Arrow Only 16. Little Big Horn 17. Mind Transferral 18. Oleaje 19. Rebel (Without a Cause) 20. Shapes of Things to Come 21. Surf Trek 22. Theme from the Unknown 23. Tomahawk 24. Unknown Rider 25. White Man Beware



Bthe Rumblers - BOSS! Surf Classics

Boss: Surf Music Classics is a definitive retrospective of the Rumblers' career, containing a generous 23 tracks -- all their hits, all the choice forgotten singles, and several rarities. The Rumblers didn't really have the imagination or variety to sustain a long career, and they weren't among the front ranks of surf-rock, but there's plenty of music here that will be of interest to hardcore surf fanatics. Casual fans should stick with various-artists collections that boast the biggest singles from the Rumblers, completists and surf fans will love this.

Boss and Night Scene are stone classics!!!

1. Rumblers' Wild Weekend 2. Boss 3. Pack Rat 4. It's A Gass
5. Summertime Blues 6. Rumbling 7. Destruction 8. Bashful
9. Roll Off 10. Night Scene 11. Hi-Octane 12. Volcano 13. Slippin'
14. The Hustler 15. Son Of Boss 16. Maid 'N Japan 17. Nervous Set
18. A-Go-Go 19. Ebb Tide 20. Sweet Potato 21. Soulful Jerk
22. Hey De De Da Da (Vocal) 23. Riot In Cell Block #9 (Vocal)



Diplomats of Solid Sound - Let's Cool One

What is it? All instrumental rock/funk/surf beats and riffs, but with an emphasis on improvisation. The prominent Hammond organ sounds the way only a Hammond can and the guitar has that classic chunkiness that's so retro that it's hip. These guys are great musicians, but without overplaying - just grooving. Most of the tunes follow a jazz form: a groove-oriented head, a bridge, a few solos, then the head again. I'd expect to see this in the Jazz section because of the improvisation, but the sound is all rock. Check out Destination Get Down! at my buddy Trustar Vibrations for more band info and funky licks and crab some other great goodies while you are there. Tell him DaBoss sent ya!

Cuber Baker 2. Who's Got the Grady? 3. You Can Make It If You Try 4. Swamp Chomp 5. Shadow of Your Soul 6. Ribsticker 7. My Place BBQ 8. Pistol Allen 9. Don't Touch My Popcorn 10. Escape from Shantytown 11. Clyde the Glide 12. Plush Club


The Hypnomen - Trip With Satan

From Helsinki, Finland, The Hypnomen can best be described as a massive dance floor filling, organ grinding, rockin' soul extravaganza. Musically, they create a technicolor mindtrip, filled with groovy beats, far-out sounds and flashes of times yet to come. Pure instrumentals filled with smoking surfy guitars, Hammond organs and wicked beats laced with a hot percusive back-beat. Highlights include: "Need No Doctor", "Dance With The Devil", "(I Wanna Get Back From) Trip With Satan", "Jethead", and "Tangerine Blue". If you liked the Watusi 99 CD, you're gonna love this EP. I strongly recommend both releases. Get your groove on, baby.

1. Need No Doctor 2. Hush 3. Sunstroke Dreamer
4. Dance with the Devil 5. Mike the Malo 6. (I Wanna Get Back From) Trip With Satan
7. Jethead 8. Tangerine Blue


Pollo Del Mar - The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

1999 & second album by surf instro band from San Francisco who also throw in hints of art rock, psychedelia & Latin vibes into their reverb-drenched mix. They don't play '50s-flavored surf rock; they play high psychedelic surf rock, circa 1967-68. You'll hear elements of the Mermen's lushness, Quicksilver Messenger Service's crystalline double-lead-guitar counterpoint, and Neil Young's rich fuzz tone. Every band-- surf or other-- needs something that makes them stand out from the crowd. Pollo Del Mar's "thing" appears to be MOODINESS. There's something spooky in the 10 tracks on this CD that inspires nervousness as much as enjoyment. From "Annabelle Lee" (named after the Edgar Allen Poe poem) to "Apache '99" (a cover of the classic song by the British band The Shadows) it's one cool recording after another. A surprise for me was "The Saracen Gift", based (more-or-less) on "The Little Drummer Boy". Features renowned Herb Alpert impersonator Jab (from the band HERB) guesting on two tracks. Pollo Del Mar have appeared on the Herb Alpert tribute 'Surfin' Senorita'.

For more Pollo Del Mar, also check out REEF MADNESS!, which contains "Death Valley Daze" (not found here). The DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA is a perfect "soundtrack" for swimming underwater-- just after your ship has gone down!
1. Annabelle Lee 2. Cutlass Supreme 3. South Of The Border 4. Jonny Foo-Ninja Chiropractor
5. Devil's Slide 6. Consuela's Revenge 7. Moon Over Marin 8. The Saracen Gift
9. Rt. 666 10. Apache 99

Ray Corvair Trio - You Think You Are Going To Live Forever?

This Boston-area instrumental act first came to my attention with a stellar live version of the song "Carl Needs A Pill" on the compilation CD called "Attack of the Killer Surf Guitars" (in archives). The studio version of that song makes its appearance,along with 10 others, on this eponymous CD.

The instrumetal sounds of the Ray Corvair trio (Guitar, Bass, Drums) will be welcome music to the ears of fans of bands like Los Straitjackets, Aqua Velvets, The Space Cossacks and the Fathoms. The music could not be strictly catagorized as "surf", as most of the songs do not have all of the traditional surf music elements of a fast tempo, heavy reverb, staccato picking, lots of use of the whammy bar, etc., but some of these elements are thrown in the mix throughout the disc. This is very tough music to pigeonhole into a specific catagory--call it instrumental rock and be done it.

There is a "Film Noir" aspect to the overall mood to the disc, with lots of minor key forrays into dark musical alleys. Some of the song titles hint at Pulp-Fiction-type themes, such as "The Body in the Trunk" and "The Darkest Time of the Night". There are also some major key forrays into an almost funky sound filled with sixth and seventh chords from the guitar, such as the afore-mentioned "Body in the Trunk" and "Smoke". There's a Central American side trip on "Honduras" and a James Bond-esque reverb soaked sendup with the tongue-in-cheek title of "The Spy Who Couldn't Get Any Action". (Must not have been James Bond after all!)

One of the things that struck me about the live song that I first heard from this band was how good the recording sounded. This disc only improves on that sound. It's credited as a joint production of the band and Drew Townson, and these guys prove big time that they know what they're doing in the studio. This is one of the best sounding discs you'll hear in any genre. There are some tricks with overdubs, echo/tape speed effects and extra percussion, but most of the time you are hearing the trio locked in tight and playing as one. The drums sound very crisp and full, the bass comes through extremely clearly without dominating, and Ray's guitar work is quite good, although he does paint from a somewhat limited palettte.
This is a very satisfying disc to fans of instrumental rockin' music, and bears up to repeated listenings. I highly recommend this for anyone seeking to avoid vocals in their enjoyment of guitar-based rock-n-roll. Alan Hutchings

Great spy fi. Get it now and enjoy.

1. Punta 2. The Darkest Time of the Night 3. Carl Needs a Pill
4. The Bag 5. The Body in the Trunk 6. Crazy Doings 7. Honduras 8. Big Texas Surf
9. !Smoke! 10. The Spy Who Couldn't Get Any Action


Niacin -- Organik

If you've never heard of this group before, trust me: grab a hundred bucks out of the drawer where you hide your 25-year-old First Communion money, run out of the house and just buy their whole catalog. They're that good! Niacin (vitamin B3, Hammond B-3 organ - get it?) is the "unknown" John Novello on keyboards (primarily the B-3, but also piano and some synths), Buffalo's own Billy Sheehan on electric bass guitar, and the peerless Dennis Chambers on drums. They combine classic rock B-3 atmospheres with lead guitar-like bass virtuosity, and unreal jazz/rock drumming that drives and grooves and impresses all over. To my ears, "Organik" is the most progressive sounding of their five studio cds, and sort of follows a progression (if you will) that started with their last cd "Time Crunch", in which they covered Crimson's "Red" and Jan Hammer's "Blue Wind". Certainly from their very first eponymous album, they've had a sound that is frequently compared to "an instumental jazzy ELP", so the transition towards more prog rock/jazz fusion is not a big stretch. (The fact that they've been on the Magna Carta label for the last few cds has probably influenced that transition.) This is a GREAT album with absolutely no low spots. And even though the personnel and instruments (mostly) remain the same, every album by this group is different. I never feel like "O.K., I've got enough of this Niacin stuff now." Where their first couple of cds were more eclectic and sometimes funkier, "Deep" was more bluesy, and the last two are more prog/jazz with a greater variety of keyboard sounds (but still predominantly B-3). The compositions continue to impress and excite, the production is excellent, and the playing (and interplay among musicians) is just so extraordinary - each member of the group sure sounds like they're 100% committed to this project on every track. Personal favorites after a few listens are "Blisterine" (infectious bass line), "Stumble on the Truth" , "Clean House" and their take on Zappa's "King Kong". About halfway through "Club Soda", there are some background wordless vocals that make that a cool song too. I love this band. See them live if you can - they're all friendly, down-to-earth maestros. So, take your vitamins...and buy this highly recommended cd.

1. Barbarian @ the Gate 2. Nemesis 3. Blisterine 4. King Kong 5. Super Grande
6. Magnetic Mood 7. Hair of the Dog 8. 4'5 3 9. Stumble on the Truth
10. Club Soda 11. No Shame 12. Clean House
13. Footprints In the Sand (Extra Special Bonus Track)



The Yards

The Yards
Groovy organ based spy type soundz .....also on the Wilson Chance Soundtrack (in archives). Recommended.
1. Sweet Potato Soup
2. Here Comes the Yard Man
3. Bridges
5. Wish I Knew
6. Miss Misty
7. You Are the Thing
8. You Got It
9. KTA (Comin' Back)
10. Sunday Night
11. BMW

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Urban Surf Kings -- Live in Hell

Canada's East Coast instro-nuts, URBAN SURF KINGS, features Rev Hank Mumps on guitar, Crash Flagg on bass, and Inky on drums. Heralding from Halifax, Nova Scotia, the 10 year old band combines the surf sounds of the 60's with Atomic Age sci-fi, B-movie Horror, Mancini Mania, and plenty of espresso. While staying in the surf envelope aurally throughout, the ingenious alternations of melody styles between surf and alien sound track themes adds to the coolness of this live show. Fans of Man or Astroman? Will love this.

Journey to the Stars 2. Seven Faces of Dr. Surf 3. Twister 4. Radar Range 5. Moment of Truth 6. Mojave Hadji 7. Twisted Brain 8. Moncton Stomp! 9. Star Wars 10. Diamond Head 11. Surf Kings Stomp! 12. Invisible Ray 13. Legend of Bog Road 14. 7 Veils a Go Go 15. Radarmen from the Moon 16. Kookie's Comb 17. Espresso Twist 18. James Bond 19. Misirlou



Terry "Buffalo" Ware -- Ridin' The Reverb Range

Surf music from Oklahoma? Well, not exactly. Ware incorporates elements of surf (which has become a catch-all for any instrumental twang), but his palette is much broader. For instance, the majestic "Galactic Orphan" is subtitled "Meek's Shadow," and hearkens back to England's pre-Beatles scene with Hank Marvin's Shadows and producer Joe Meek's spacey effects, while "Me And Mr. Z" is decidely unsurfy, recalling funky '70's jazz. Having played in a succession of bands since 1965, Terry Ware is no stranger to the scene. Based out of Norman, Oklahoma, this veteran guitarist is incredible, and that's an understatement. Terry's latest album, "Ridin' The Reverb Range," yields one striking instrumental after another. The disc exposes just how adept he is at performing an olio of different styles while still managing to parent a distinctive sound.

Splashed with dense structures, full-bodied melodies, and a rhythm section that's telepathically linked, tracks like "Bob Goes to Spy School," "Galactic Orphan (Meek's Shadow)" and "Buster's Panic" are first-rate surf rock specimens. Possessing the ability to make his guitar produce colors and emotions, Terry certainly has a mean set of chops. Each note he plucks resonates with personality. A cover of Dusty Springfield's "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me" shimmers and glimmers with beauty and grace, the rough and raucous "Buffaroo (Homage To Don Rich)" assumes a purebred hillbilly posture, and "Belmont Blues" adds a bout of soulful organ grooves to the party.

An evoctave sountrack in search of a movie. David Lynch and Quentin Tarrentino should check Buffalo out. Dan Forte Vintage Guitar Magazine

So should you. You will love this with leather and rubber. Guaranteed. Don't be shy. Get it good.

1 Galactic Orphan (Meek's Shadow) 2 Belmont Blues 3 Snownado 4 The Passion
5 Clear Bay Glide 6 Me And Mr. Z 7 Chopper/Fender Bender 8 Desert Solitaire
9 Buffaroo (Homage to Don Rich) 10 Buster's Panic 11 You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
12 Bob Goes To Spy School


Surf Cinema

Surf Cinema is a non-traditional surf-instrumental-soundtrack band with a collage of surf, beach party, spy movie, car crash, western, sitcom, kitsch, and clay-mation clips to project live on stage behind the band to form "Surf Cinema". It's a slight twist from traditional surf and a bit more visually entertaining. They have played with Dick Dale, The Red Elvises, and live on Phil Dirt's: Surf's Up radio program on KFJC although the video was none to spectacular on air. Intoxicating instrumentals with a spy feel. Recommended. There's even a Christmas song to keep you going.

1 Flemgringo 2 Zippy to the Rescue 3 Unbundled
4 Sticky Finger Sunset 5 Pale Face Hombre 6 Honeybaked Ham 7 Dos, Dos Equis Por Favor
8 Harlem By The Sea 9 He No Lickety Split 10 Prague Rock 11 Dead Pedestrian
12 Ricko Suave 13 Strait Up Chuck 14 Country-fied 15 Quarter Pump 16 Bullfight In April
17 Sleigh Ride


Bradipos IV -- Instromania!

Following their two EPs of a year or so back The Bradipos IV hit the Street with a full album's worth on CD. They are an Italian guitar four-piece with Ghigo Bradipo on bass and Enriquez Bradipo on drums, but Franz and Max Bradipo mix and match lead and rhythm duites while Franz also provides some Farfisa action. After the brief Jaws-inspired Intro things get off to a flying start with Mysterion. Sharp chords and rolling drums open the way for a driving reverb lead on a number that brilliantly captures the essence of '60s surf. The inclusion of cascading reverb runs enhance the image even more, this track is dynamite! Also up there in screaming reverb heaven is Carmela, a Euro-styled melody given the '60s surf treatment. Barracuda is another fine surf guitar piece that almost matches it for intensity while Prisoner In Orbit uses a flowing organ support to generate a fast-paced rocker. Positano is a busy mid-tempo ballad of considerable charm and the closer, Kissin' Bonobo Roll, rocks out most effectively too. So, half of Instro-Mania!! is top notch stuff and the rest ain't bad either, it's just not quite so inspired composition wise. It looks like The Bradipos IV are set to join Omom labelmates I Cosmonauti in the first division of modem young bands playing real surf music. I'd certainly recommend you check this out if you've a taste for '60s surf instrumentals. (ALAN TAYLOR - PIPELINE Instrumental Review)

1 Intro 2 Mysterion 3 Tijuana's Stomp 4 Forbidden Island 5 Surfin' Sloth
6 Work Song 7 Dirty - Phonic 8 Barracuda 9 Brainless Girl 10 Stompin' Tune
11 Prisoner in Orbit 12 Positano 13 Carmela 14 Kissin' Bonobo Roll


Saturday, December 8, 2007

Tango Saloon

Hungry for some new musical tastes? Still want something a little bit familiar with a twist? The Tango genre is explored, violated, and blended with Country and everything else from Jazz, Cuban Classical Chamber, Improvisation to Experimental Electronics. Danny Heifitz of Mr Bungle on drums and percussion. Tango Saloon are led by guitarist/bassist/keyboardist Julian Curwin, who manages to combine two of his biggest influences together -- tango master Astor Piazzolla and Ennio Morricone’s spaghetti Western scores. The result is something that is a musical breath of fresh air in the often foul-smelling state of modern popular music. Very few vocals are heard here (the track "Libertango" is an exception), which results in Tango Saloon sounding akin to a movie score at times. But what a movie score it would be, as evidenced by such standouts as "Overture," "Upon a Time," and "March of the Big Shoe." That said, the second half of the disc may lose a few listeners, especially the perhaps too-experimental "Man with the Bongos," while the horns on "The Little Plan That Could" tend to get a bit too "nails on the blackboard." But overall, Tango Saloon is an unexpected (and much needed) break from the musical norm. Very recommended to the musically adventurous.

1. Overture 2. Tango Saloon 1 3. Upon A Time 4. Libertango 5. March Of The Big Shoe
6. Carol 7. Intermission 8. Man With The Bongos 9. The Little Plane That Could
10. Scusi 11. La Calle 12. Tango Saloon 2 13. Formaggio 14. Still I Cannot Do The Tango



Davie Allan - Restless in L.A.

What can be said about Davie Allan and the Arrows that most of you are not already fimiliar with. The man is a legend of astounding magnatudes. The man has been grinding and whaling his guitar since the mid-60's .Lending his talents to numerous biker flicks sometimes not getting credit for his music (thanks to Curb records honcho Mike Curb)and probably didn't see much money either. In the past decade or so Davie has seen a huge surge in popularity amongst surf instro fanatics across the globe, even though it's widely known surf per say has never been Davie's over all sound. What Mr. Allan contributed to the music scene was a little thing called Fuzz guitar, not only the sound ,but the way he delivered it to a song. After listening to his music and to have a understanding of the mechanics of how a guitar is played,one can almost assume Davie Allan was born with a whammy bar in his hand.This album is classic Arrows music in every form accept for one thing( a vocal) yes you heard me right the band takes a stab at one of my personal favorites, 60's garage rock classic "I had to much to dream (last night)" by The Electric Prunes.Bassist and multi instrumentalist Bruce Wagner lends his vox and totally kills it . The band even does some reworking of some other classics of their own tunes like "Theme from the wild angels" and "The loud, the loose and the savage" get evil make overs. this is a must for all instro fanatics. Just promise me one thing when you give this a spin [Turn It Up LOUD!!!!]
served by Brandonio

1.The Toxic Terror 2. Kick Back 3. I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) 4. Quiver 5. Energized 6. The Loud, The Loose And The Savage 7. Wicked Woman 8. Theme From The Wild Angels 9. Arrow Highway 10. Restless In L.A. 11. The Stranger 12. On The Surface 13. Guitarra Triste 14. Demente


Birdsongs of the Mezoic - Pyroclastics

Birdsongs of the Mesozoic began as a side project by Roger Miller and Martin Swope who were members of the Boston band Mission of Burma. They were joined by Rick Scot and Erik Lindgren for their debut recording, a self-titled EP, in 1983. With Mission of Burma dissolving at about this time, Birdsongs of the Mesozoic became a full-time band.

With Pyroclastics, Birdsongs of the Mesozoic returned somewhat to its roots. The music is hard to categorize being all instrumental with guitar, keys and alot of atonal sax, owing more to fusion jazz than straight rock. It is improvisational sounding with lots of strange sounds that can almost distract from the main themes. The songs tend to be rather short and range from some fairly hard stuff with funky grooves to the theme from the Simpsons.

Its signature sound -- pulsing keyboards, jagged harmonies, weird time signatures, slash-and-burn guitar -- is back stronger than ever; "Shortwave Longride" and "Pleasure Island" would both have sounded more or less at home on Magnetic Flip (except for the presence of Ken Field’s saxophone). And the band's hilarious rendition of the theme from The Simpsons is a wry look backwards as well, a reminder of the arrangement of the Rocky and Bullwinkle theme on their first album. Field has managed to insinuate himself so seamlessly into the Birdsongs sound by this point that while his saxophone lines do alter it noticeably, they do so subtly and from the inside -- note, in particular, the subtle jazz flavoring he gives to "Tyronglaea II" (otherwise an archetypal piece of old-fashioned Mesozoicism). The band also takes another run at Brian Eno’s "Sombre Reptiles" (a piece they had tackled in an unreleased recording from 1983) and comes up with a surprisingly gentle rendition of Brian Wilson's hymn-like "Our Prayer." Pyroclastics definitely marks a step forward for this band, but it remains rooted in its old strengths. Recommended for the musically daring.

1. Shortwave Longride 2. Pleasure Island 3. I'm A Pterodactyl 4. Why Not Circulate
5. Sled 6. The Simpsons 7. Tyronglaea II 8. Papercutstone 9. Sombre Reptiles
10. Nothing But Trouble 11. Tomorrow Never Came 12. Our Prayer


John Zorn - The Big Gun Down -- Ennio Morricone Tribute

As if John Zorn's super-creative take on film composer Ennio Morricone weren't essential in its first iteration on Nonesuch Records, Zorn is celebrating the album's 15th anniversary with an updated, remastered version. The darker lows and brighter highs make this Gundown clearly superior--with its original cast of characters sounding alternately darker, sultrier, and more cinematic than ever. Zorn's reticence to record the original album's 10 pieces looks altogether unreasonable, as his genius for adding color and dimension to Morricone's tunes shows profusely. To make this an even better deal, there are six new bonus tracks that feature Marc Ribot as part of an ad hoc string quartet on "The Sicilian Clan" and "Chi Mai," and as sparring partner with British avant guitar god Derek Bailey on the roaring "Svegliatti and Uccidi." This one's magnificently important. --Andrew Bartlett

On this intriguing concept album, altoist John Zorn (who also "sings" and plays harpsichord, game calls, piano, and musical saw) utilizes an odd assortment of open-minded avant-garde players (with a couple of ringers) on nine themes originally written for Italian films by Ennio Morricone, plus his own "Tre Nel 5000." These often-radical interpretations (which Morricone endorsed) keep the melodies in mind while getting very adventurous. Among the musicians heard on the colorful and very eccentric set (which utilizes different personnel and instrumentation on each track) are guitarists Bill Frisell and Vernon Reid, percussionist Bobby Previte, keyboardist Anthony Coleman, altoist Tim Berne, pianist Wayne Horvitz, organist Big John Patton, and even Toots Thielemans on harmonica and whistling among many others. There are certainly no dull moments on this often-riotous program. Morricone fans, you should give this a try! This will challenge your ears and your notions of one of your favorites, and that's a good thing. Zorn is always true both to the themes from the movies and the context of those movies, which is the most remarkable thing. But for those only used to straight renditions of the music, this CD will shock, because the music is put through a cut-and-paste technique that owes much to cartoon music, and a recontextualization that owes is all to a free-improvisation aesthetic. Don't let those ears and minds get limp, folks!

· La Resa dei conti (The Big Gundown), film score Excerpt · Peur sur la ville, film score Excerpt · Once Upon a Time in America, film score Poverty · Milano Odea, film score Excerpt · Gli Scassinatori (The Burglars), film score Erotico · La Battaglia Di Algeri (Battle Of Algiers), film score Excerpt · Giù la testa, film score Excerpt · La Classe operaia va in paradiso, film score Metamorfosi · Tre Nel 5000 · Once Upon a Time in the West, film score Excerpt · Le Clan des Siciliens (The Sicilian Clan), film score Excerpt · Macchie Solari, film score Excerpt · Gli Intoccabili (Machine Gun McCain), film score The Ballad of Hank McCain (vocal) · Svegliati e uccidi, film score Excerpt · Maddalena, film score Chi Mai · Gli Intoccabili (Machine Gun McCain), film score The Ballad of Hank McCain (instrumental)



Drool Brothers -- Kasio Montigo

This is the Drool Brothers' exciting new 2004 full-length follow up to their critically acclaimed debut. The Drool Brothers are Chuck Mancillas and Tom Slik (real brothers) and friend Joe Kramer. They experiment with recording and somehow fuse garage funk, retro-soul, and power pop into a psychedelic collage of humor and irony. This record features spoken passages in Urdo, a guest appearance by a legendary punker and a forced appearance by Chuck and Tom's mother, Sally. A truly original dose of many musical styles and influences, wrapped inside a humor-filled package that make a really beguiling and irresistibly, captivating release. It`s hard to pin down general references as each song has a different launching pad but you`ll hear such oddities as Captain Beefheart/Zappa playing with CCR and The Neville Brothers on the same night. Others remind me of Adrian Belew, Not Lame faves The Irresponsible and The Montgomerys, as well as Barenaked Ladies, Camper Van Beethoven and The Flaming Lips. Like we hinted at....eclectic, but oh so very cool! DELUSIONS OF ADEQUACY.

"This eclectic album is done with a lyrical approach that exemplifies the ironies and vulnerabilities of people with a laugh. Their sound is one all their own." - IMPACT PRESS

Standout cut – Gals – nice surf, garage.

1. Itchy Turtleneck 2. Cool Kind of a Drag 3. Stupidy 4. Funky Sweat 5. No (The Fraction) 6. Hey Kelly 7. Kasio Montigo 8. Crimson Curtain 9. Autumn's Theme 10. Dr. Miyamoto 11. Dry Hump 12. Gals 13. Sub Par Chromosone 14. Ghetto 75/Truth



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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Frantics -- Complete

The frantics
The Complete Frantics on Dolton (2004) could be the only necessary compendium of the instrumental combo that surfaced in Seattle circa the late 1950s/early 1960s. The reason being, the compilation contains their entire output for the regional indie Dolton Records. Of the 26 selections found here, half are previously unreleased. Although their labelmates, the Ventures became known for their surf guitar antics, the quintet of Ron Petersen (guitar), Charlie Schoning (keyboards), Bob Hosko (sax), Jim Manolides (bass), Don Fulton (drums), and Manolides’ replacement Jeno Landis (bass) rose to significance boasting a wider spectrum of styles. That said, the Frantics never came anywhere close to matching the Ventures’ longevity or success. Prior to cutting their first single, the ambling mid-tempo "Straight Flush," backed with the languid and moody "Young Blues," the band gained their audience by good ol' fashioned touring in the Pacific Northwest. The platter made it as high as number 91, and the Frantics followed it up with the bouncy boogie "Fog Cutter" (number 93) and the noir and downright creepy "Werewolf" (number 83) -- which was also issued without audible howls and growls as "No Werewolf." They stretched out their sound with "The Whip," an aggressive, edgy rocker that is punctuated throughout with the whir and crack of a real whip. Conversely, the beautiful "Delilah" boasts a shimmering Polynesian vibraphone that wafts over the exotica-tinged tune. The Frantics concluded their run on Dolton with a cover of Bob Wills’ "Antonio Rose" and the airy ballad "Trees." In most cases, the bevy of unissued sides are as appealing as those that made it on to one of their half-dozen 45s. Standouts include a sly nod to the Ventures’ "Walk, Don't Run" on "Ventura Blvd.," the R&B-infused "Dirty Robber," and the affective "Lost Loland," featuring an interesting tremolo effect from Petersen and a melodic lead from Manolides. Kudos to Collectors' Choice Music for offering up this copious and recommended collection. Lindsay Planer

Werewolf is the howler!!!!

1. Straight Flush 2. Young Blues 3. Fog Cutter 4. Black Sapphire 5. Werewolf 6. Checkerboard 7. No Werewolf 8. The Whip 9. Delilah 10. Yankee Doodlin' 11. One Minute Of Flamenco (For Two Minutes) 12. San Antonio Rose 13. Trees 14. Oh Yeah! 15. Walkin' The Beat 16. Richmond Stomp 17. Ventura Blvd. 18. Dirty Robber 19. Sweet Cucumber 20. Hold It 21. Lost Loland 22. Mio Amore 23. Letter From Jennie 24. Love Of My Life 25. Don's Tune 26. Lost Love



Hapa- Surf Madness

"Hapa," which means "half" in Hawaiian, refers to the fact that Keli'i Kaneali'i, one half of this duo, is Hawaiian, while Barry Flanagan, the composer of most of these songs and the lead guitarist, is a haole who lives in the islands and who has absorbed its culture into his bones. Two thirds of the songs are instrumentals, offering a slightly different take on surf classics. The rest is mellow music with gorgeous harmonies and creative slack key guitar arrangements. The album opens with a short bit of theme music for the Axel and Barneldo characters taken on by Flanagan and Kaneali'I to set the mood, and moves into the classic "Walk Don't Run." A few new compositions by Flanagan in the surf rock genre follow, referencing every major act of the era along the way, even enlisting the help of Don Ho for a single line of lyrics. The guitars are always slightly fuzzed and always bright sounding, following the contour runs favored in the style. An odd piece in dedication to Flanagan 's surf teacher comes along in the form of "Gregory Anthony's Tubular Symphony," making use of sitars and Brazilian friction drums in its course, but somehow bending it back into the surf aesthetic before the song is over. "Wipe Out" couldn't very well be missed among the covers, and another Flanagan piece returns to the retro stylings of the later '60s, primarily, but tosses in a bit of spaghetti western ambience with some whistles and percussion direct from a Clint Eastwood film. A Joe Satriani song makes an appearance, tied into the surf theme only loosely, from his Surfing With the Alien album, and the traditional "He'eia" gives the duo some room to stretch out in their best element. The album finishes on the second piece that couldn't be missed in an album of surf rock: the theme to "Hawaii Five-O." Here, though, it's stretched out and thoroughly laid-back, using brushes for the drums and a quiet lounge beat. While the Axel and Barneldo personas might be a bit over the top, the link between surf rock and Hawaiian music is strong enough to give Hapa a firm foundation for their abilities to shine through. All it needs is a cover of "Miserlou," and it's a perfect bit of nostalgia. Adam Greenberg

1. Axel and Barneldo Theme 2. Walk, Don't Run 3. Have Another Cookie, Larry 4. Blind 5. Gregory Anthony's Tubular Symphony 6. 24 Hours in Manhattan 7. Wipe Out 8. Nadine Won't Call Me Anymore (Clint's Back in Town...) 9. Always With Me, Always With You 10. He'eia 11. Hawaii Five-0


The BrainWashers

Be Careful With That Surfboard
Fun surf from Oregon.

1. Lucky Surfer
2. Bombora
3. Foiled
4. Oh Calcutta
5. Stacy
6. Vibro Surf
7. Dripper
8. Blackwindow
9. Benzodiasapan
10. Barbie's Coat 11. G.A.S.P.


Saturday, December 1, 2007

Are You Ready To Be Seduced? Are Ya?

Easy big fella, you didn't get the wrong idea did ya? BRANDONIO' s talking about some sexy seduction via Link Protrudi and the Jaymen. Just in case your not familiar with Link (Rudi) Protrudi -- he's the Legendary singer/guitarist for the 2 decade garage rockers the Fuzztones. Mr .Protrudi and his Jaymen have put out several releases during the 90's. All of the bands output adopts a fierce guitar sound ala everyone's True American Idol Link Wray. Rudi Protrudi even pays homeage and changes his name to Link for said projects.The band really turns on the exotic factor with this release. All in all I know everyone not familiar with this band will be very surprised how great this record is. I tip my hat to the Link and the boys on this one. Amazing sexy surf wahwahs for your pleasure.

1. Surfin The Rile 2. Beyond The Veil 3. Kumar 4. Sultan's Desire 5. Visions Of Jshtar 6. Misourlou 7. Diddley Dharma 8. Seduction Of The Virgin Princess 9. Midnight Mirage 10. Serpentine 11. House Of Faharer 12. Arabian Nights


Fullblown - Agents of Entropy - Spy - Fi

Another killer band no one has really heard of -- Formed in 1996 by Dave Goldberg (vocals/guitar/keyboards), John Kestner (guitar), Mike Tulis (bass), and Eric Ernst, the quartet of Fullblown woke up its state of Nebraska with a punk influence of surf and rockabilly. Nice gritty and surfy guitar sound with creepy organ and driving drums. The set is about 2/3’s instrumental with the rest vocals. Dave Golberg's punky vocals are almost incongruous with the surf/garage/rockabilly coming from the rest of the band, yet, for Fullblown, the combination works perfectly. More of that back alley spy –fi feel. WAY recommended.

1. Ghoul's the Rule 2. Down With Slavery 3. Doctor's Daughter 4. Could be Disaster 5. Hail Damage 6. Scene One 7. Negative Nine 8. Venganza Insaciable 9. Death by Sodomy 10. Soul Prison 11. Nubian Lust 12. The Perfect Setting


Fuzz For the Holidays - Davie Allan and the Arrows

More Holiday treats - this time it's the Davie Allan and the Arrows -Fuzz for the Holidays from BRANDONIO. As you may have noticed already Mr. Fuzz and the boys have also recently released vol.2 on Eddie Angel of Los Straitjackets fame very own label Spinout Records. This Fuzz for the Holidays volume was produced by and by Little Steven and released on his own label Wicked Cool Records. If memory serves me right this was the label's debut. Little Steven himself even plays guitar on and co-wrote "Angels we have heard on high" and "Ho Ho Seven/Hark!The Herald Angels Sing" There are some usual holiday covers here like "Sleigh Ride" and my favorite "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree" I swear if it wasn't for great HOLIDAY !!! comps like this one, I have admit I wouldn't like Christmas at all.Thank goodness for great music. Hear! Hear!

Angels We Have Heard on High 2. Santa Bring My Baby Back to Me 3. HoHo Seven- Hark the Herald the Angels Sing 4. Feliz Navidad 5. Little St. Nick 6. WinterWonderland 7. Rockin' Round the Christmas Tree 7. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer 8. White Christmas 9. Here Comes Santa Claus 10. Let it Snow 11. Sleigh Ride


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Merry Axemas -- A Killer Guitar Holiday Sendoff

The holiday fever is heating up, so here are a few gems to get you started now. A tour de force of guitar players Steve Vai has known rock around the Christmas tree in this must-have Yuletide album. Vai, who began his career as a member of Frank Zappa's band and in more recent years has been David Lee Roth's partner in crime, transcends both roles by playing matchmaker between a few of our more inventive (albeit overlooked) guitar slingers and some of the best-loved Christmas carols. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer's proboscis has never glowed quite so brightly as when Kenny Wayne Shepherd cranks up his guitar and takes us down an edgy blues journey. More highlights include "The First Noel" from Eric Johnson. He starts us off with an acoustic rendition before stepping over to his electric guitar and wowing us with his fancy finger work, but nothing so flashy as to take away from the original work. As always, EJ's tone is right on and after a couple of his patented licks and runs he turns the tune into his own. The Brian Setzer Orchestra rocks Christmas with a swinging version of "Jingle Bells". The horns blare, and Brian gives us that Rockabilly fell on his Gretch. After checking out this upbeat tune you'll never know how it could have been any other way. Hotei comes in with a good rendition of Lennon's "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)". Jeff Beck gives a haunting performance on "Amazing Grace" pulling out his trademark bends, dives and swells. His take is very beautiful and fitting to more than just Christmas.

For anyone looking for a little less traditional take on Christmas music, or if you're a guitar junky, don't miss celebrating Christmas without this axe-ful album. You may even have to spin this disc in July.

1. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer - Kenny Wayne Shepherd 2. The First Noel - Eric Johnson 3. Amazing Grace - Jeff Beck 4. Jingle Bells - Brian Setzer Orchestra 5. Silent Night/Holy Night Jam - Joe Satriani 6. Joy To The World - Steve Morse 7. Christmas Time Is Here - Steve Vai 8. Blue Christmas - Joe Perry 9. The Little Drummer Boy - Alex Lifeson 10. Cantique De Noel (O' Holy Night) - Richie Sambora 11. Happy X-mas (War Is Over) - Hotei


Merry Axemas 2 -- More Guitar for the Holidays

Like its predecessor, Merry Axemas, Vol. 2: More Guitars for Christmas contains an abundence of clever, surprising instrumental interpretations of classic Christmas carols and tunes. Virtuoso guitarist Steve Vai has rounded up an impressive lineup of guitarists -- including Robin Trower,Zakk Wylde, Neal Schon, Al DiMeola, Steve Lukather, Stu Hamm, Steve Stevens and Trevor Rabin -- all of whom contribute distinctive, unpredictable variations of well-known standards. There are some moments that fall flat -- at this stage in the game, Ted Nugent inevitably sounds like a hack -- but overall, Merry Axemas is an enjoyable album that should satisfy most guitar fiends. az

Christmas Song - Steve Lukather 2. O Come, O Come Emmanuel - Neal Schon 3. Do You Hear What I Hear - Steve Stevens 4. Sleigh Ride - Stuart Hamm 5. O Come All Ye Faithful - Trevor Rabin 6. White Christmas - Zakk Wylde 7. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - John Sykes 8. O Little Town of Bethlehem - Robin Trower 9. Carol of the Bells - Al di Meola 10. Deck the Halls - Ted Nugent


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ry Cooder/Manuel Galbán - Mambo Sinuendo

Hi all. Hope you had a good Thaknsgiving weekend for those who partake -- all I can say is -- I'm stuffed. Gorged myself as usual on good food, friends and music. After a major stuff - fest sometimes I need to relax.

Here are three of the best relaxers I can think of. All are first rate to chill to, grab'em up and disappear into your own private paradise.

First up -- RY Cooder does surf!!! Sort of. This is the closest thing you will ever hear from the multitalented musician that gets close.

If there's a certain instant familiarity to this collaborative celebration between U.S. guitar icon/musicologist Ry Cooder and Cuban fret legend Manuel Galbán, it's only testimony to how deeply the island nation's rich musical heritage permeated American pop music in the '50s, '60s, and beyond. Cooder and Galbán (a key compatriot in the American guitarist's Buena Vista Social Club project) invent a back-to-the-future sound--twin guitars fronting a Cuban rhythm section of two drum kits, congas, and bass--whose dreamy swing quotient is matched only by its sense of mirthful abandon. Tracks like "Dru Me Negrita" and "Los Twangueros" manage to evoke everything from Link Wray, Duane Eddy, and the Ventures to Mancini and Esquivel, while Cooder and Galbán twirl a standard like "Patricia" and the nervy title track around dueling poles of tradition and experimentation with deceptive grace. It's joyous, mercurial stuff that the two musicians conjure at their fingertips. --Jerry McCulley

This new project, "Mambo Sinuendo" features a small combo sound, a sound that was alive in the late '50's, early '60's. This setting does not showcase the big Buena Vista Social Club brass or vocals. This project is a stripped-down, seductive twangy guitar sound, featuring the guitar work of Manuel Galban up front & center. Manuel Galban is a masterful Cuban guitarist, whose style is like American guitarist Duane Eddy, one of Ry Cooder's influences.

Ry Cooder plays the harmony guitar parts, weaving dreamlike rhythms and occasional hawaiian steel guitar and organ throughout, adding texture. The drums & percussion are shared by Ry's son Joachim and Jim Keltner, one of the world's best drummers. The bass is played by Cuba's "Cachiato" Lopez, and along with a couple songs with congos and background vocals, the set is almost entirely instrumental.

Of my personal faves on this recording, “Dru me Negrita” is pure exotic surf, "Patricia" is a joy. The uptempo beat, duel guitar interplay is great. “Caballo Viejo” is a rousing number with a great organ as the lead. There are many soothing songs, and a couple of uptempo songs. Of the soothing slower ones, "La Luna En Tu Mirada", is so hypnotic, that I find myself so involved that I was almost in Cuba with them, resting on the beach at sunset. When the song ends, and I come to my senses, I realize that it was a only a dream. I highly recommend this, as it will not only remind you of how great Cuban combo music was in it's heyday, but will let you escape the grind and stress of your modern day. When it's over, as the last note fades into silence, you long for more.

1. Dru me Negrita 2. Monte a Dentro 3. Los Twangueros
4. Patricia 5. Caballo Viejo 6. Mambo Sinuendo
7. Bodas de oro 8. Echale salsita 9. La luna en tu Mirada
10. Secret Love 11. Boleros sonambulo 12. Maria la o


R. Crumb and His Cheap Suit Serenaders - Chasin' Rainbows

I've been a fan of R. Crumb ever since the underground comics heyday of the late 60s. Knowledgeable fans of Crumb's comics know also that he is very much into Delta blues and other uniquely American forms of music. I bought this record on the strength of "Fine Artiste Blues" back when it first came out. I'd always enjoyed R. Crumb's art work and I knew this collection would be something different. It's a grab bag of styles all played with old-timey string band instrumentation. There are really no clinkers here, plenty of Hawaiian guitar and some GREAT musical saw. Alabama Jubilee is a great song and the performance first-rate. Diane is evocative of a German country tune. Fine Artiste Blues is a great crack at, what else, "artistes". I don't know where Crumb and Co. dug these up as I'd only heard a couple before, but if you like well done songs, you are sure to enjoy such ditties as Hula Medley, Mysterious Mose, She Lived Down By the Firehouse, and Make My Cot Where the Cot-Cot-Cotton Grows along with the others. The overall feel of the album is lighthearted and casual, and the level of musicianship is absolutely first rate. Can't think of another group that comes close to the Suits' sound so you'll just have to hear them for yourself. You won't be disappointed.

I go back to this recording many times every year and it always brings a smile. There are loads of laughs and some good music to boot. Listen to it in the spirit in which it was made. I give this five stars for its pure entertainment value because some of the songs will stick in your head for a very long time. Everytime you listen to this you will feel your troubles melt away -- even for only a short time.

1. Alabama Jubilee
2. Chasin' Rainbows
3. Fine Artiste Blues
4. Hula Medley
5. I Want A Little Girl
6. Persian Rug
7. Mysterious Mose
8. Crying My Blues Away
9. She Lived Down By The Firehouse
10. Diane
11. Make My Cot Where The Cot-Cot-Cotton Grows
12. Moana March


Klazz Brothers - Classic Meets Cuba

Crossover efforts are always risky ventures that dance precariously between creative and contrived. There is definitely some of the latter on this 2002 recording, but surprisingly, far more of the former as the fruitful teaming of three German classical-jazz musicians and a pair of Cuban percussionist/vocalists puts a hearty Latin-flavored spin on some very familiar classics. Two of the Klazz Brothers, pianist Tobias Forster and bassist Killian Forster, took a fortuitous trip to Cuba and concluded the popular classical pieces they usually played could easily be adapted to the Cuban- and Afro-Cuban Jazz styles. The beat-heavy results bear them out, as they developed fresh, energetic and lyrical arrangements of standard works by Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Haydn, Chopin, Schubert and others, that still respect the original compositions. The jazzed-up titles aptly (if a bit too preciously) reflect the changes - Mozart's Symphony No. 40 transforms into "Mambozart", Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 becomes "Salsa No. V", and Bizet's Carmen Suite turns into "Carmen Cubana". The high points are abundant, starting with the three movements of Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 8 "Pathétique," exciting pieces that feel culturally transformed by the sultry romanticism of the Cuban beats crowned by Tobias Forster's virtuoso playing. Also wonderful are the mournful "Czardas" and the conga-accentuated "Flight of the Bumblebee", both dominated by brother Killian's dexterous bass playing. The three others in the quintet are all equally superb musicians - Tim Hahn, the third Klazz Bother on drums, and Alexis Herrera Estevez (timbales) and Elio Rodriguez (congas), both of Cuba Percussion. The vital mix of sounds in what could have been a hopeless misfire makes for a genuinely exhilarating listening experience.

1. Mambozart 2. Cuban Dance 3. Danzon De La Trucha 4. Preludio
5. Afrolise 6. Air 7. Pathetique I 8. Pathetique II 9. Pathetique III
10. Salsa No V 11. Czardas 12. Etude 13. Carmen Cubana
14. Flight Of The Bumble Bee 15. Guten Abend 16. Anthem



Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Day -- Another Feast by Brandonio

Happy Thanksgiving all. Even if you don't celebrate this American holiday, we have a musical feast for your starved ears, thanks to our good friend Brandonio and his friend Aaron.

Here's the story -- George, I think what I have here is the first ever r'n'r Thanksgiving Day compilation ever assembled . I could be mistaken , it wouldn't be the first time. A friend of mine named Aaron(a.k.a. rockABilly kid) were hanging out not long ago, when the subject of a Thanksgiving comp come up. At first it was a joke of sorts , we started naming off song titles right of the bat. The idea was to focus on the first aspect of what people most think of when it comes to the holiday,FOOD and lots of it. The second most common thought is probably Indians and Pilgrims right?

The music here ranges from rockabilly/ surf/punk/and of course some good ol' country. Well folks loosen up those belts and roll up those sleeves and prepare yourself for one heck of a good meal. Dig in!!! and thank me later. No prayer required!!!! -- Brandonio

MMMMMMMM-MMMMMMMM- GOOD! and you won't gain one ounce of weight either. Pound for pound the best aural eatin' in blogtown. Gobble it up quick and grab the rest of the Thanksgiving goodies for a real hot Turkey day time. Here's the menu ---

Wild Turkey SurpriseBig IndianSoul Dressing -- Booker T. And the Mg'sShortening Bread -- Collins KidsYou're So Delicious Baby -- CowslingersTurkey Jive -- HormonautsPotato Mash -- Ike TurnerEarly Americans -- Joe Maphis and Larry CollinsRhubarb Pie -- John FogertyCherokee Boogie -- Johnny HortonCatfish and Colored Greens -- Junior BrownMashed Potatos -- KaisersMashed Potato Itch -- King KahnOne Potato, Two PotatoIndian Giver -- RamonesClub Wig Wam -- Ronnie DawsonYum Yum -- Ronnie DawsonPlymouth Rock -- Satan's PilgrimsTurkey Trot -- Satan's PilgrimsBanana Puddin' -- Southern Culture on the SkidsGravy Train -- The Planet RockersBird Bath -- The Trashmen



Thanksgiving Day -- Pulp Surfin'

Happy Thanksgiving. Here is a pretty diverse and unusual compilation of surf influenced music for you to feast on during the hoilday season. Get this and the other Del-Fi comps posted here and have a beachy keen celebration. It is over 70 degrees today where I am so -- it fells like beach time.

Let's get the party started with Pulp Surfin' ---- You get old school & modern surf groups, and a keen variety of novelty tunes and straight out surf instrumentals. Some of the coolest highlights include Bobby Fuller's raw take on "Miserlou," The Blue Hawaiians' cover of Penetration" (trivia note: for you Spongebob fans, the cool instrumentals in the cartoons are often The Blue Hawaiians!), and "Intoxica" by The Centurions. The piece that wins me over, above everything else, is Eden Ahbez's spoken prose "Full Moon," a celebration of his solitary earthy lifestyle. If his name does not ring a bell, Eden Ahbez is best known for penning the song "Nature Boy" that was made famous by Nat King Cole, and has been covered by many vocalists since then. The cover is a neat homage to the Pulp Fiction movie poster, and despite the title "Pulp Surfing," its contents go far beyond surf music. About half the CD is devoted to vintage surf music, and the rest is split between modern surf-influenced instrumental rock, and an assortment of nonsurf oddities like Frank Zappa's "Monster Mash" ripoff "Letter from Jeepers." If you're a serious surf fan, you probably have most of the vintage stuff already, so the newer tunes are what will draw you in. They include the Tiki Gods' excellent "Monte Carlo Nights" (used to great effect in the film "Jackie Brown"), Brian Wilson and Andy Paley's collaboration on "In My Moondreams," the Boardwalkers' cover of Henry Mancini's "Shot in the Dark," and the very funny "Jacques Cousteau" performed by Young Jacques. One of the better comps from the vaults of Del-Fi.

Pipeline - Lively Ones
2. Ft. Lauderdale - Impacts
3. Pintor - Pharos
4. Ultimate Wave - Eddie Day (Of The Lively Ones)
5. Nite Prowler - Deuce Coupes
6. In My Moondreams - Brian Wilson & Andy Paley
7. Bengazi - Insect Surfers
8. Letter From Jeepers - Mr. Guy (Frank Zappa)
9. Penetration - Blue Hawaiians
10. Monte Carlo Nights - Tiki Gods
11. Jacques Cousteau - Young Jacques
12. The Lonely Dragster - Bobby Fuller Four
13. Surfer Girl - Sentinals
14. Rumble - Link Wray
15. A Shot In The Dark - Boardwalkers
16. Intoxica - Centurians
17. Full Moon - Eden Ahbez
18. Misirlou (Live) - Bobby Fuller Four



Thanksgiving Day -- Pool Party

This is the second CD of the three disc set (Beach Party, Pool Party and Jungle Jive). This Cd has more instrumentals than the other two CDs(about two thirds of the CD is instramental). A reasonably good collection of rare tracks from 1963-1965 all from the Del-Fi record company. If you are a fan of The Ventures or any cool retro lounge music, this Cd is worth owning. Best tracks-Watusi Bongos, Wild Twist, Here Comes Ringo (a great Beatles "tribute" or parody-I don't know which), Come On Let's Go, Mack the Knife (instrumental), and Swim Beat. No big names are here, unless you count Preston Epps and future Beach Boy Bruce Johnston, who weighs in with the dispensable dance novelty "Soupy Shuffle Stomp." Bill Lewis' "High Dive" sounds a lot like Sandy Nelson, Lewis' "Swim Beat" sounds like the band that backed Ritchie Valens on "La Bamba" playing an instrumental cover of the Everly Brothers' arrangement of "Lucille." As a trivial note, future Walker Brothers, Scott Walker and John Maus play on the Moongooners' "Willie & the Hand Jive."

Watusi Bongos - Preston Epps
2. High Dive - Bill Lewis
3. Wild Twist - Rollercoasters
4. Soupy Shuffle Stomp - Bruce Johnston
5. La Bamba - Bob Keene Orchestra
6. The Goose (Part 1) - Don Markham & The Marksmen
7. Here Comes Ringo - The Tributes
8. Come On, Let's Go - The Enchanters
9. Willie & The Hand Jive - The Moongooners
10. Moon Shot (A/K/A Soupy Shuffle Stomp, Pt. 2) - Bruce Johnston
11. Phone Call - Mystery Artist
12. Mack The Knife - Bob Keene Orchestra
13. Jimmy's Party - Jack Herbst
14. Hard Way Four - Little Joe Washington
15. Swim Beat - Bill Lewis

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