Friday, December 21, 2007

Bthe Rumblers - BOSS! Surf Classics

Boss: Surf Music Classics is a definitive retrospective of the Rumblers' career, containing a generous 23 tracks -- all their hits, all the choice forgotten singles, and several rarities. The Rumblers didn't really have the imagination or variety to sustain a long career, and they weren't among the front ranks of surf-rock, but there's plenty of music here that will be of interest to hardcore surf fanatics. Casual fans should stick with various-artists collections that boast the biggest singles from the Rumblers, completists and surf fans will love this.

Boss and Night Scene are stone classics!!!

1. Rumblers' Wild Weekend 2. Boss 3. Pack Rat 4. It's A Gass
5. Summertime Blues 6. Rumbling 7. Destruction 8. Bashful
9. Roll Off 10. Night Scene 11. Hi-Octane 12. Volcano 13. Slippin'
14. The Hustler 15. Son Of Boss 16. Maid 'N Japan 17. Nervous Set
18. A-Go-Go 19. Ebb Tide 20. Sweet Potato 21. Soulful Jerk
22. Hey De De Da Da (Vocal) 23. Riot In Cell Block #9 (Vocal)



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Brandonio! said...

I own this already ,but have add that the song Destruction really sets this band apart from the pack of your typical 60's surf. I love this band , and i wish they had continued to make more records.Everybody who visits this site must get this either here or buy it.It's a Classic!!!

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