Saturday, December 1, 2007

Are You Ready To Be Seduced? Are Ya?

Easy big fella, you didn't get the wrong idea did ya? BRANDONIO' s talking about some sexy seduction via Link Protrudi and the Jaymen. Just in case your not familiar with Link (Rudi) Protrudi -- he's the Legendary singer/guitarist for the 2 decade garage rockers the Fuzztones. Mr .Protrudi and his Jaymen have put out several releases during the 90's. All of the bands output adopts a fierce guitar sound ala everyone's True American Idol Link Wray. Rudi Protrudi even pays homeage and changes his name to Link for said projects.The band really turns on the exotic factor with this release. All in all I know everyone not familiar with this band will be very surprised how great this record is. I tip my hat to the Link and the boys on this one. Amazing sexy surf wahwahs for your pleasure.

1. Surfin The Rile 2. Beyond The Veil 3. Kumar 4. Sultan's Desire 5. Visions Of Jshtar 6. Misourlou 7. Diddley Dharma 8. Seduction Of The Virgin Princess 9. Midnight Mirage 10. Serpentine 11. House Of Faharer 12. Arabian Nights


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Brandonio! said...

maybe now would be a good time to make a plea for some comments from all you whom have downloaded from this site . Come on people a little bit of chit chat won't kill ya will it? DaBoss goes out of his way every week to bring you something to enjoy at least you can do is post a simple thank you from time to time.
a little thanks goes a long way.
well i thank you !!!

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