Saturday, December 8, 2007

Drool Brothers -- Kasio Montigo

This is the Drool Brothers' exciting new 2004 full-length follow up to their critically acclaimed debut. The Drool Brothers are Chuck Mancillas and Tom Slik (real brothers) and friend Joe Kramer. They experiment with recording and somehow fuse garage funk, retro-soul, and power pop into a psychedelic collage of humor and irony. This record features spoken passages in Urdo, a guest appearance by a legendary punker and a forced appearance by Chuck and Tom's mother, Sally. A truly original dose of many musical styles and influences, wrapped inside a humor-filled package that make a really beguiling and irresistibly, captivating release. It`s hard to pin down general references as each song has a different launching pad but you`ll hear such oddities as Captain Beefheart/Zappa playing with CCR and The Neville Brothers on the same night. Others remind me of Adrian Belew, Not Lame faves The Irresponsible and The Montgomerys, as well as Barenaked Ladies, Camper Van Beethoven and The Flaming Lips. Like we hinted at....eclectic, but oh so very cool! DELUSIONS OF ADEQUACY.

"This eclectic album is done with a lyrical approach that exemplifies the ironies and vulnerabilities of people with a laugh. Their sound is one all their own." - IMPACT PRESS

Standout cut – Gals – nice surf, garage.

1. Itchy Turtleneck 2. Cool Kind of a Drag 3. Stupidy 4. Funky Sweat 5. No (The Fraction) 6. Hey Kelly 7. Kasio Montigo 8. Crimson Curtain 9. Autumn's Theme 10. Dr. Miyamoto 11. Dry Hump 12. Gals 13. Sub Par Chromosone 14. Ghetto 75/Truth



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Unknown said...

Hmm, it seems that both links point to *.part1.rar Is that correct and intentional?

DaBoss said...

Sorry, got lost in the links. All fixed. Thanks, Hank. Come back and get all the goodies.

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