Friday, September 26, 2008

Hot Time At The Lounge

Gotta tell ya folks, it’s been a wild time at the ol’ lounge. Last Sunday, DaBoss and Trustar met up – live and in person – and had a killer of an afternoon. Tru was in town for real (gagh!) work and conspired to hook up. We have been chatting and blog blathering for a long time and are very similar in musical ideology and life experience and tastes.

What a treat! We had a great time. He took the subway to my hood near Washington D.C. and we hit the sights. Not the usual tourist trap crap – oh no – we went FCL style to some of the cooler, way out places. We went A/V and visited the National Museum of Radio and Television, where the very knowledgeable guides talked our ears off on the history and styles of radio and tv. Some way rad stuff like hundreds of radios ranging from the huge art deco inlaid wood consoles that some of us listened to when we were kids (the infamous Philcos), to table top sets shaped like tombstones, to classy colored 50’s plastic beauties, to the original shirt pocket transistor boxes made in Japan to modern day minis.
We saw the first fax machine – built in 1928 – and a first try at a home acetate disc recorder – circa 1935. that’s right – direct to disc recording. What is new is old. Of course, the tv’s were slammin’. One of the Philcos had a detachable picture tube that you could carry around with you from room to room on a long cable. Miniature tv tubes from the 50’s with a magnifying lens to make the picture look bigger. Hey – a big screen back then was all of 14”.
After cruizin’ down memory lane, we went for some local eats – homemade Maryland crabcakes (what else) and a quick stop at Belair Stables – the birthplace of American thoroughbred horse racing. That’s right, boys and girls, it ain’t Kentucky.

Then we arrived at FCL proper. We spent some time in the lounge checking out tons of new music, file arranging and tagging methods, some of my collection of original comic art and comics, antique Carnival glass and the infamous antique hood ornaments which pretty much take over about ½ of the wall and surface space in the lounge.

All good things must end, tho – and we said – so long until next time.

Tru is a true gentleman – exactly like you see on his blog. Smart, fun and unpretentious and TRULY a great person to be around. Here’s a long tall Blue Hawiian hoisted for you, my friend – hang ten for me.

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About 60's Mind Expansive Punkadelic Garage Rock Instrumentals BUT Were Afraid To Ask

The title says it all! 27 rare tracks a la Pebbles without the vocals. Massive fuzziferious. Some hits, some misses, all wacky enough for a good listen.
The Shades: Ballot Bachs, Pinnochio And His Puppets: Fusion, Question Mark: Hang In, Unbelievable Uglies: Research Into The Soul Of Psychedelic Sound, Oxford Circle: Mind Destruction, Americal Dream: Tioga, Powers of Blue: You Blow My Mind, The Spellbinders: Spellbound, Front Office: Wow, Hal Blaine: Love (In December), Cucumber: Under, Captain Groovy And His Bubblegum Army: Bubblegum March (Or Blowing Bubbles Through Rose Colored Glasses), The Executioners: I Want The Rain, Dantes: 80-96, Vaqueros: 69, The Sounds Like Us: The Other Side Of A Record, The Ceyleib People: Ceyladd Beyta, Sagittarius: Pisces, The Collectors: The Beginning, The Beautiful Daze: City Jungle Part 2, The Mussies: 12 O'Clock, July, The Arrows: Make Love Not War, The Endd: This Is Really The Zoo Plus Two, Astro Sounds From The Year 2000: Flameout, Astro Sounds From The Year 2000: Barrier X-69, Astro Sounds From The Year 2000: A Disappointing Love Affair With A Desensitized Robot, The Calico Wall: Beep (excerpt)



The Strangemen - Channel 2000

Fun, frenzied, outa control scifi psychbilly with a distinct bent towards a stoned Elvis. Some cool twangy instros and wacky songs to keep you from getting bored. David Scholl of Four Piece Suit (see links) guests on sax.

1. Don't Touch My Hair 2. Hitch-hike UFO 3. Strangement Television Theme Song, The 4. Elvis Inside Of Me 5. Killer Wave 6. Amazona 7. Beat From 20,000 Fathoms, The 8. Grandpa Was An Alien 9. Space Train 10. Video Babe (Live At The Neptoon Bar)


Rock the 60's Vol. 1

Guitar Player presents – Legends of the Guitar – Rock the 60’s vol 1

Major mayhem from the times. All KLASSIC.

1.The Ventures / Lullaby of the Leaves2:022.The Yardbirds / The Train Kept A-Rollin'3:283.Lonnie Mack / Chicken Pickin'2:124.The Sonics / The Witch2:415.The Jimi Hendrix Experience / Hey Joe (Live At Winterland)6:486.Chet Atkins / Boo Boo Stick Beat2:117.The Mothers of Invention / Nine Types of Industrial Pollution6:038.Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band / Abba Zaba2:469.The Astronauts / Hot-Doggin'2:1610.The Yardbirds / I Ain't Got You2:0311.Booker T. & the MG's / Red Beans and Rice2:3512.Love Sculpture / Sabre Dance4:5413.Dick Dale & His Del-Tones / Misirlou2:1614.The Shadows / Apache2:5715.Quicksilver Messenger Service / Gold and Silver6:4316.The Byrds / It Won't Be Wrong2:0117.The Kinks / You Really Got Me2:1618.Big Brother & the Holding Company / Ball and Chain



Rock the 60's Volume 2

More furious fuzz and serious licks from some of the greatest.

Guitar Player presents – Legends of the Guitar – Rock the 60’s vol 2

Beck's Bolero - Jeff Beck 2. Soul Serenade - Willie Mitchell 3. Who Do You Love? - Ronnie Hawkins 4. Mr. John Lee, Pt. 1 [*] - Sandy Nelson 5. Night Owl Blues [*] - The Lovin' Spoonful 6. Six Days on the Road - Taj Mahal 7. Torture - The Fendermen 8. Love Scene - Jerry Garcia 9. Section 43 - Country Joe & the Fish 10. Scratchy - Travis Wammack 11. Tales of Brave Ulysses - Cream 12. Supernatural - John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers 13. Knockers Step Forward - John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers 14. You Can't Sit Down, Pt. 1 15. Jam, Pt. 1 - Bobby Gregg 16. Hold It [*] - Thumbs Carllile 17. Frenzy [*] - The Wailers 18. Trouble No More - The Allman Brothers Band



Saturday, September 20, 2008

Voodoo Court – Nuclear Vacation

Voodoo Court's Nuclear Vacation is exactly what it says. An vacation NUKED with RADIOACTIVE Surf Tunes! There are many infectious songs on this release, which include the pulsating "Hydrogen Highway", the vibrating, twangy "I'm Your Super Nuclear Lover", the natural and clean "Gamma Ray on a Summer's Day", the tranquil "For the Love of Nepunium", the easygoing yet playful "Holocost 2012", the erratic "On the Beach", and the very special treat of the upbeat vocal "Run From The Blast". Voodoo Court has succeeded in creating a truly awesome radioactive trip. To quote from their single vocal Run the Blast, "Come ride with us or else your toast! It's your final warning!" Alex Hoffman

1 Hydrogen Highway 2 I'm Your Super Nuclear Lover 3 Every Last One of Them 4 Gamma Ray on a Summers Day 5 For the Love of Neptunium 6 California Meltdown 7 Holocost 2012 8 On the Beach 9 Red Tide Sunset 10 Sticky Situation 11 Cheese Wiz 12 Armageddon (tired) 13 Heavy Water 14 Run From the Blast


Shel Silverstein – Freakin’ At The Freaker’s Ball

A blast from the past - a true classic in the field of albums of humorous songs. All the songs here are very funny (with the sole exception of "The Man Who Got No Sign"). Many of these songs will be familiar to listeners of The Dr. Demento Show, especially the legendary "Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out". The lyrics to that song were later included in one of Silverstein's books of poetry for children (as was "The Peace Proposal"), but this is not an album for children. Most of these songs are about sex and/or drugs. Yea BABY! If you are one of Uncle Shelby's adult fans, you will probably love this album. The CD includes three bonus tracks, all of which are about the music industry, oddly enough. One of my ALL time favorites.

1.Thumbsucker 2. I Got Stoned And Missed It 3. Sarha Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take The Garbage Out 4. Stacy Brown Got Two 5. Polly In A Porny 6. Freakin' At The Freakers Ball 7. All About You 8. Don't Give A Dose To The One You Love Most 9. The Peace Proposal 10. Masochistic Baby 11. Liberated Lady 1999 12. The Man Who Got No Sign 13. A Front Row Seat To Hear Ole Johnny Sing 14. 26 Second Song 15. Everybody's Makin' It Big But Me


Easy Tempo

This release is a sampling of the Easy Tempo series available in Italy that has produced ten striking CDs of vintage Italian film music from the 60s and 70s as compiled by Rocco Pandiani and gang. This is a great sampler. Sure, there' some kitsch and camp here - especially to younger ears - but there's also great feeling and panache in some of the extracts from these 60s and 70s film scores by Travioli, and, of course, Piccioni. Acid-jazz fans will also find this a must, as will trip-hop DJs looking for great samples to base their creations around. The Italians had a take on jazz and film music unlike any other country: it's bittersweet, funky, spacey, erotic with just enough of the cocktail hour thrown (but not too much). These collections transcend camp and kitsch. They define the heart of a special time that is, sadly, gone. Sit back and enjoy.

1.Running Fast - Stefano Torossi 2. Trops - Alberto Balden Bembo 3. Blues For Alexandra - Romano Mussolini 4. Moto Centripeto - Lesiman 5. Blue Media - Lee Selmoco Orchestra 6. Diamond Bossa Nova - Francesco De Masi 7. L'Italia Vista Dal Cielo - Piero Piccioni 8. Fearing Much - Stefano Torossi 9. Sessomatto - Armando Trovajoli 10. Decisione - Armando Trovajoli 11. Airport Rock - Giancarlo Barigozzi 12. Honey Rhythm And Butter - The Green Future 13. Un Detective - Fred Bongusto 14. Casa Di Moda - Guido/Maurizio De Angelis 15. Lady Magnolia - Piero Umiliani 16. Messaggio – Lesiman



Hugo Montenegro – All Time Greatest Movie Themes and Schemes

Classic orchestral western and spy themes from the movies and tv – all in one place.
Nuff said.

1. Come Spy With Me 2. Secret Agent Man (From the CBS-TV show "Secret Agent") 3. Theme From "I Spy" (From the NBC Television show "I Spy") 4. Thunderball (From the United Artists motion picture "Thunderball") 5. Theme From The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (Remastered) 6. The Silencers (From the Columbia Picture "The Silencers")7. The James Bond 8. Get Smart Theme (From the NBC Television series "Get Smart") 9. Theme From "The F.B.I." - (From the Television Series "The F.B.I.") 10. The Man From Thrush11. Theme From "The Spy Who Came In From The Cold" 12. Goldfinger 13. Our Man Flint 14. Illya 15. The Good, The Bad And The Ugly ((from the film "The Good, The Bad And The Ugly" released through United Artists)) 16. Hang 'Em High (From the United Artists motion picture "Hang 'em High") 17. For A Few Dollars More (From the film "For A Few Dollars More" released through United Artists) 18. Theme From "A Fistful Of Dollars" (From the film "A Fistful of Dollars", released through United Artists) 19. Theme For Three (From the Warner Bros. - Seven Arts Picture "Wait Until Dark")20. The Godfather Waltz (From the Paramount Picture "The Godfather")



Friday, September 12, 2008

Archie Thompson - The Legend of Johnny Surf

Longtime San Diego favorite, Archie Thompson moves from the piano bar to the beach.
With the spotlight on his fiery tenor sax, he swings, stomps, and wails, while paying homage to the great rock instrumental records of the 50's and 60's. Archie is featured on saxophones, piano, organ, and vocals. For good measure he also handles the bass guitar duties, as well as writes, produces and arranges these finger-poppin' gems.
From the Latin influenced El Niño to the irresistible Body Whomp! he brings back the vintage feel-good party music of a beach-blanket-bash! The title track, Johnny Surf is a Southern California folklore tale combining swing, talkin’ blues and surfy twang. He growls his alto sax over a spy movie groove, and his funky organ pays tribute to La Jolla's Bird Rock. The reggae flavored Java Joe and the sunset-smooth Baja Sol round out this beach music set. If you like The Rumblers or The Revels or sleazy saxy rock give Archie a try.

1) El Nino, 2) Johnny Surf, 3) Body Whomp, 4) Swami's, 5) Bird Rock, 6) Hot-diggity-Dog, 7) Tsunami, 8) Crusty, 9) I Live Downstream, 10) Java Joe, 11) Baja Sol


Mike Corbin - Sounds From the Tiki Hut

Repost Request:
It takes spades of talent to create music as beautiful as this without the aid of layered mixing, over-hyped production and in Miles' case, even lyrics. Not really a surf record,
this is mainly sparkling reverb with occasional acoustic amid a tapestry of soft bongo-like percussion. No one plays as clean or precisely as Miles. His songwriting capabilities are the real treat here though. Haunting, dramatic but always relaxing, it dosen't get more mellow or exotic than this.

1. Tiki Hut 2. Coconut Syrup Daydream Skies 3. Sister Moonlight 4. Indian Summer 5. Quintana Roo 6. Enchanted Island 7. Beats Around The Bush 8. Kahuna 9. California Slack 10. Trail To Magic Falls


Miles Corbin - Musique de Paradiso

1.Graciella of the Dunes 2. Akumal 3. Gringo Hangs Ten 4. Lost In The Blue Lagoon of Her Eyes 5. Beguine Ala Bond 6. Raya Con Dios 7. Arrivaderchi 8. Italiano Surf Carnivali 9. Bonga Tonga and Her String of Pearls 10. Leila Dreaming 11. Francis Holds Sophis In The Courtyard 12. Graciella Revisita 13. Hanging Low In Paradise



The Squares

Can you spell changed? The Squares last release was garagy and tentative, punky and lo brow. This is dramatic, complex, varied, well textured, and challenging. It uses surf tones, but is miles from classic structures. Tip of the hat lads, you're onto something original here. By the way, there are no titles listed anywhere on the CD. That's not a mistake. The Squares thought ands thought about titles, but everything they came up with just seemed to stupid or nerdy, so they decided to let the music speak for itself. This leaves you in the enviable position of thinking up your own names for these fine tracks. Phil Dirt Reverb Central

Untitled #1, Untitled #2, Untitled #3, Untitled #4, Untitled #5, Untitled #6, Untitled #7, Untitled #8


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hollywood Hot Rods

Excellent comp with 22 tracks featuring such session guitar greats as Tommy Tedesco, Lolly Vegas and Glen Campbell. Digitally remastered from the original tapes. Includes the long lost 'Fastest Car In Town' by The Crockett Brothers on CD for the first time. Other artists include The Deuce Coupes, The Darts, The De-Fenders, Opus I and The Roadsters. Revvem’ up folks.

1. Gear Masher - The Deuce Coupes 2. Nite Prowler - The Deuce Coupes 3. Candy Apple Blue - The Deuce Coupes 4. Monkey Si - The Deuce Coupes 5. Road Rattler - The Deuce Coupes 6. Hayburner - The Deuce Coupes 7. Slauson & Soto - The Darts 8. Monkey Do - The Darts 9. Gaucho - The Darts 10. Shop Talk - The Darts 11. Hippy's Delight - The Darts 12. Corn Pone - The Darts 13. Four Banger - De-Fenders 14. Deuces Wild - De-Fenders 15. Skin Diver - De-Fenders 16. Wheelin' Home - De-Fenders 17. Moovin' N' Groovin' - De-Fenders 18. Loose Nuts - De-Fenders 19. Backseat '38 Dodge 20. Candymatic – Roadsters 21. Mag Rims – Roadsters 22. Fastest Car in Town - Crockett Brothers



The Supertones - Originals

"Original Music" represents the complete original compositions by NYC's finest, The Supertones, one of America's best surf instrumental bands. The songs cover the period from 1989 up to the present. Songs like "Pugsakuk" and "I Surf In Black" have been featured in the recent MTV Real World San Diego series. Surf Fever 2000 itself has the feel of a speeded up Besame Mucho, an impression no doubt enhanced by the tasty 6-string bass lead. There’s a hint of Kon-Tiki about the melody of Playa Del Rey, its rich summer sound contrasted by the slightly distorted bite of Moonshot Part 1. A bright ringing lead decorates the mid-tempo Side Slippin’ until a reverbed guitar cascade introduces the surfer Sweet Ride with its Gary Usher styled piano-tapping support. Media Noche is an upbeat surf ballad and another winner. Moonshot Part 2 is altogether much better, this time the theme taken by a richly echoed guitar accompanied by organ. - Alan Taylor, Pipeline #44, Surrey, UK

1. Pugsakuk 2. 1,000 Ft Rd 3. Wingnut 4. Victory At Sea 5. I Surf in Black 6. El Rollo 7. Ted's Twist 8. Torque Wrench 9. Sand Pumper 10. Wingnut '94 11. Supertone Surf12. 1,000 Ft Rd '9413. The Wet Set 14. Surfista15. Dr. Yes16. Harbor Patrol17. Avanti18. Flamenco Surf 19. 20. Surf Fever 200021. Playa Del Rey22. Moonshot Part 23. Side Slippin'24. The Sweet Ride25. Media Noche 26. Lone Rider27. King Size 28. Moonshot Part 2 29. Shanghai Surf30. Vintage Surf 31. Twango



The Sandals - Spirit of Surf

Evocative, exhilarating and essential 60s instrumental (and occasional vocal) music from a legendary California group who pretty much helped popularize surf music because of the film “Endless Summer”. Light, lively, fun.

1.Wingnut's Theme 2. Mexico 3. Pleasure Point 4. August Rain 5. Madre 6. Ooo-La-La 7. Wingnut's Theme [Slow Version] 8. Summer Breeze 9. Sax on the Beach 10. Mundacca 11. Theme from the Endless Summer


Sabbath in the Suburbs - The Lounge Brigade

Really fun take on the metal gods. You don’t have to be a hardcore Sabbath fan to get into this. Picture the tired old Iron Man & Paranoid with a Latin Salsa beat! It is hilariously well done. The beat is kind of like "Livin' la vida loca from Ricky Martin" Mr.Crowley is played with congas some mystery harps and acoustic guitars, sounds like Cuban/Spanish music from the 50's, not bad. Crazy Train is played with cheezy synthesizers and it reminds me of the later Beach Boys, tolerable. Bark of the Moon is horrible elevator music similar to what you hear at the dentist waiting room. Shot in the dark is New cabaret music, kinda jazzy, good to sneak into a party comp. Just kick back and drink a rum and coke with a cigar. Flying high again- 50's music. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath is really jazzy, takes some getting used to. The tenth song is an original by The Lounge Brigade to keep that loungy feel. They should have added more songs and used all the CD space with the 17 songs that would have fit. Who knew Black Sabbath worked well as swingin’ fun. I can certainly appreciate genre cross-over... if it's done WELL. On this album, for the most part, it is. Check it out.

1. Iron Man 2. Paranoid 3. Mr. Crowley 4. Crazy Train 5. Bark At the Moon 6. Shot In the Dark 7. Flying High Again 8. I Don't Know 9. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath 10. Bubbles (Original Composition Inspired by the Music of Ozzy Osbourne / Black Sabbath)


Tan Mantis

Tan Mantis -John Blakeley was the guitarist for the Sandals. His modern work is something like surf smooth jazz. Very mellow, kind of dreamy and refined. Good background music for reading.

1. Abkc 2. Pearls of Wisdom 3. 1002 Park 4. Tan Mantis 5. Man Overboard 6. Inch Worm 7. Diminished Capacity 8. Maruca 9. Inuendo 10. Roses And Rodents 11. Caballero
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