Saturday, January 30, 2010

Caravan Palace ST

Upon first listening to Caravan Palace’s “Brotherswing”, I was taken back instantly to the Cantina Scene in George Lucas’ Star Wars. The Caravan being made up of a violin, double bass (always a gem to see in action), francophones, guitar, a clarinet and trombone and held together by programmed beats and chirping electro-scat vocals…the unit is truly a classic ensemble infused with unpredictable club-mix intensity. It’s intrepid burlesque on a hot and sweaty sugar high. Doing the hop, nod and wave, snapping my fingers with the un-busy hand, I would definitely kill Greedo to this music.

Having toured for a year prior to the release of their debut album in France, and due out here in the US soon, The Caravan Palace (Facebook) were a sensation at the 2007 Django Reinhardt Jazz Festival in Samois. Django’s being a name I hadn’t heard since picking up The Buckingham/Nicks self-titled album second-hand for 95 cents maybe a decade ago and hearing Lindsey Buckingham’s aptly named “Django,” a tribute to the Parisian gypsy-guitarist. I have now been introduced and re-introduced to this musician through his brilliantly inspired musical foundlings.

Adopted by the Café de la danse, sent to studio and made to gig by the manager Loic Barrouk, The Caravan Palace was able to perfect such offerings as “Bambous” a roiling stew of sound made for lovers of The Charleston. The spastic growly vocal soothes the blisters forming on your frenzied toes. “Starscat” is a slower violin-laden jive, boy-vocal and all. “Dragons” is too bubbly for words, and a personal favorite, obviously. The dual violins dueling in “La Villette” as caressed by the central guitar, charming to the ear as the battle slowly takes on tempo. A modern touch on an old genre. Well played.

01. Dragons (4:05) 02. Star Scat (3:50) 03. Ended With The Night (5:00) 04. Jolie Coquine (3:46) 05. Oooh (1:49) 06. Suzy (4:07) 07. Je M'amuse (3:34) 08. Violente Valse (3:35) 09. Brotherswing (3:41) 10. L'envol (3:46) 11. Sofa (0:51) 12. Bambous (3:14) 13. Lazy Place (3:57) 14. We Can Dance (4:23) 15. La Caravane (5:05)


Ronald Jenkees - Disorganized Fun

YouTube sensation keyboardist. 2nd release and really well polished. OUTSTANDING virtuosity. Think Keith Emerson for this generation. All done on midis and electronic keyboards - sounds like a throwback to the great MOOG discs of yore. Nothing cheezy here - just well aged funk. You will like it - except for the obligatory last two rap craps. So delete those and groove out.

01 - Disorganized Fun 02 - Fifteen Fifty 03 - Guitar Sound 04 - Synth One 05 - Throwing Fire
06 - Minimal MC 07 - Stay Crunchy 08 - Inverted Mean 09 - Outer Space 10 - Let’s Ride
11 - It’s Gettin Rowdy


Exotic Erotic Reverb - Latin Surf Comp

Found this great comp on the Mexican blogs. Figured you guys would like it and I needed to add a dose opf twang so here it is. Yummy. The music is just as exciting as the cover.

1. Espetroplasma - Kakatua
2. Los Pijama - Sin nombre
3. Los Magnificos - La F (Version Psycho)
4. Nicotyna - El tren siguio su curso
5. Los Javelin - Tubo d'escape
6. Alotropica Central - Surfactante
7. Los Peligrosos - Rockabilly boogie
8. Botica Xochimilco - Tun tun: El enano caliente
9. Espetroplasma - Tutu papa tutu pa
10. Los Pijama - Ya no
11. Los Magnificos - Ultrasecuestro 2002
12. Nicotyna - Nicotyna
13. Alotropica Central - Satanico 14. Los Javelin - Tarantino 15. Botica Xochimilco - Inspector
15. Los Peligrosos - Camino a memphis 16. Espetroplasma - Simbiat 17.Botica Xochimilco - Guardacostas 18. Los Magnificos - Murmullo (Version noise)


Fast 'n' Bulbous - Tribute to Captain Beefheart

This long-out-of-print, rarely seen album from the early days of compact discs is possibly one of the best tribute albums ever. Well at least it's one of my favorites! A couple famous bands, some not-so-famous, a few dimly remembered 80's bands and some you probably never even heard of. Maybe one or two of these groups were formed just for this release it's hard to tell since the packaging is skimpy with no liner notes at all. Zippo.Don't matter tho. Whether these bands are trying to emulate Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band or whether they're trying to own the material, every track is a success. Every track smokes. Shreds. Rocks. A very enjoyable album and I don't think you need to be a hard-core Beefheart fan to get into it.

1. Zig Zag Wanderer - The Dog Faced Hermanns
2. Ella Guru - XTC 3. Clear Spot - The Scientists 4. Ice Cream For Crow - The Membranes 5. Long Necked Bottles - The King Of Luxembourg
6. Sun Zoom Spark - The Beat Poets 7. Hot Head - That Petrol Emotion 8. China Pig - The Primevals 9. Electricity - Sonic Youth 10. Harry Irene - Good And Gone 11. Frying Pan - The Screaming Dizbusters 12. Big Eyed Beans From Venus - The Mock Turtles 13. Gimme That Harp Boy - The Beat Poets 14. Crazy Little Thing - The Primevals


Art VAN DAMME Qintet - Accordion A La Mode (1961) A Perfect Match (1963) 2fer

Can't get enuff of this funky stuff. For those for whom the accordian primarily conjures up thoughts of Weird Al or polka music, take one listen to the man the folks at Space Age Pop Music call "the hippest cat ever to swing an accordion" and you'll never think of the accordion in the same way again. Considered by some *the* jazz accordionist of the 50's and 60's. Too many people dismiss the accordion as a toy, but in talented hands, it is a very much a musical instrument. Give it a listen and get ready for fun.
A prime example of the pluralism of our Internet age and it is a rare gem. Get Martini Time/Van Damme Sound right here in our archives, make a dry Martini and enjoy the anthesis of Weird Al.

01. A La Mode (2:40) 02. You Stepped Out of a Dream (3:31) 03. That Old Feeling (3:22)
04. Sweet And Lovely (2:41) 05. How About You (2:36) 06. I'm Shooting High (2:46) 07. You Were Meant for Me (3:14) 08. Charmaine (2:24) 09. On Green Dolphin Street (2:52) 10. Just You, Just Me (2:22) 11. Diane (2:28) 12. Star Eyes (2:49) 13. Bye Bye Blackbird (3:05) 14. In the We Small Hours of the Morning (3:04) 15. Tickle-Toe (2:27) 16. Gone With He Wind (3:45)
17. Valse Hot (2:34) 18. The Best Thing for You (2:28) 19. Satan's Doll (3:48) 20. Blusey (3:05)
21. Spring is Here (4:06)22. Tangee (3:47) 23. Poinciana (3:15) 24. Nicollet Avenue Breakdown (2:04)


Al Caiola - Sounds For Spies And Private Eyes (vinyl)

Heads up to Oracle: More Sounds for Spies
While guitar names such as Duane Eddy, Chet Atkins, Santo and Johnny and others are much more familiar to fans of the early age of rock and roll, the sound of Al Caiola is very much a part of the music of that era. Only two of his single releases dented the top 100 of the pop charts but his albums were a part of the music of the 60's for the entire decade. And his guitar can be heard on many of the tracks of big recording stars of the era such as Frankie Avalon ("Venus" and "De De Dinah"), Fabian, Bobby Vinton, Connie Francis and others. Some of the most recognizable tunes he recorded were TV and motion picture themes along with covers of recordings made popular by other artists. One of the all round guitarists of the era. Plenty of his stuff here and all over the blogosphere so get crackin' twang fans. This will whet your appetite.

01) Theme From "The Man From U.N.C.L.E." 02) The Fugitive Theme 03) Secret Agent Man
04) Underwater Chase 05) "The Third Man" Theme 06) Slaughter On Tenth Avenue 07) Man Of Mystery 08) The Bronze Doll 09) Baker Street Mystery 10) Goldfinger 11) The Eye In Flat Five 12) A Quiet Thing


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Alan Hawkshaw Mo'Hawk

Subtitled - The Essential Vibes & Grooves 1967-1975. The focus of this RPM/Cherry Red compilation is on the music that swings in the clubs, the hammond organ driven beat sounds such as 'Beat Boutique' & 'Action Man', & the best chill out apres-ski numbers such as the stand out classic 'Girl In A Sportscar'.

Alan Hawkshaw is one of those unheralded heroes of popular music history. He's had his hands in a lot of places without anyone knowing who he is. He played with Donovan during the Hurdy Gurdy Man's heyday, collaborated with Serge Gainsbourg on several of Serge's 70s albums, and he did soundtrack work on countless cool movies. This collection is an excellent selection of some of Hawkshaw's best soundtrack work. If you're into 60s/70s groovy soundtracks, this one will hit your sweet spot. Heavy B-3 dominates the sound, which also features some cool fuzz guitar work. If the Ventures had Jimmy Smith as their organist, and if that band performed soundtrack scores composed by Ennio Morricone that were to be used in European crime and softcore sex movies from the 60s and 70s, what would come out of all of that is similar to the effect of Hawkshaw's work.

The original Library albums & commercial releases now highly sought after & these are Club friendly grooves. It is the first time on disc for two-thirds of the collection. 20 tracks. 2003.

You want this.

1. Señor Thump - Alan Hawkshaw, The Mohawks 2. Beat Me 'Til I'm Blue - Alan Hawkshaw, The Mohawks 3. Move Move Move 4. Girl at the Top 5. Hastle 6. Millionairess 7. Beat Boutique 8. Piccadilly Night Ride 9. Dr Jekyll and Hyde Park - Alan Hawkshaw, The Mohawks 10. Sweet Motion - Alan Hawkshaw 11. Blue Note 12. Girl in a Sportscar 13. Dave Allen at Large 14. Raver
15. Drive On 16. Action Man 17. Rocky Mountain Roundabout - Alan Hawkshaw, The Mohawks
18. Powerboat 19. Rumplestilskin - Alan Hawkshaw 20. Hawkwind and Fire


Man or Astroman? Is it ....

Man... or Astroman? came out with an impresive debut album when this was released back in 1993. This self titled album was a precedent to the music they would release later in their many albums to follow this one. This is were it all started, when Man... or Astroman? started with its humor and talent with the mixture of b-movie samples and amazing songs. The songs presented on this album are deemed classic Man... or Astroman? songs. Them being the first songs released for the whole audience of the world to hear. These songs are just incredible to listen to.

It all starts with Taxidermist Surf, a song that shows what is to come in the following songs and albums. Then as a follow up song is Invasion of the Dragonmen, a song that captures the listeners attention with the b-movie sample and then holds that attention with a great song. Nitrous Burn Out and Clean Up on Aisle #9 are just what is meant by classic songs by Man... or Astroman? And then Man... or Astroman? show how well they can cover a song by doing a cover song of one of the original innovators of surf, The Ventures, with a cover of their classic song 'Journey to the Stars'. All the songs that follow up until the last song, cheerfully named 'Alien Visitors', are a bundle of listening pleasure.

All these songs are played by the original recording members of Man... or Astroman? Starcrunch who plays lead guitar. Birdstuff who plays drums. Coco, The Electronic Monkey Wizard who plays the occasional bass, percussion, and is responsible for the sound bites. Finally there is Dr. Delecto & His Invisible Vaportron, who is refered to in the following album as Dr. Deleto, who plays bass, and rhythm guitar.

This foursome has come a long way, and through many changes in so many different regions of their attire and music genre, from this first album all the way up until their latest full length release, and have been releasing albums at an impressive rate and for this to be the first of their many, it is a prophecy proven true that they were destined to be great from the beginning.

1. Taxidermist Surf 2. Invasion of the Dragonmen 3. Nitrous Burn Out 4. Clean up on Aisle #9 (Turn up the Monitors) 5. Journey to the Stars 6. Cowboy Playing Dead 7. Sadie Hawkins Atom Bomb 8. Human Calculator 9. Organ Smash 10. Cattle Drive 11. Escape Through the Air Vent
12. Mermaid Love 13. Eric Estrotica 14. Alien Visitors


5-6-7-8's ST

Japan exclusive compilation for the all female rock trio best known in the U.S. for their appearance in the film 'Kill Bill'. This album is a blast! A%*#! kicking, name taking garage rock o'plenty on this one. These gals are not just a cute novelty act, although they *are* cute as a button--but they can really wail too! Oomphy guitar sound with plenty of tasty licks and solos, the bass spices up and embellishes the songs without being too annoyingly obtrusive, and the drumming is impeccably solid with lots of jazzy fills. Our heroines know how to take a standard I-IV-V garage number and do a lot with a little! The garbled, indecipherable lyrics just add to the wacky fun, especially on the covers of old US rock standards Throw this one on at your next shindig and do the Arkansas Twist and the Rockin' Rochester!

1. Harlem Nocturne 2. Oriental Rock 3. I Walk Like Jayne Mansfield 4. Arkansas Twist 5. Handsome Man 6. Rockin' Rochester 7. One Potato 8. Long Tall Sally 9. Cat Fight Run 10. I Don't Need You No More 11. Highschool Witch 12. Teenage Cleopatra 13. Tallahassee Lassie 14. Scream


Hot Club De Norvege - The Best Of (30 Years Anniversary 1979-2009)

StringJazz quartet from Norway, established 1979, by guitar player Jon Larsen. Influenced by the music of Hot Club de France, and the gypsy guitar player Django Reinhardt. The quartet were pioneers in the international renaissance of the the gypsy jazz music in the 1980-ies. Very active today - excellent live. Good stuff.
01 Time On My Hands 03:27 02 For You, For Me, Forever More 03:46 03 Swing For Ninine 04:18
04 Guitaresque 03:59 05 The Hot Canary 01:46 06 Willie Nickersons Egg 02:24 07 Ekko 04:49
08 One-Four-Nine 03:12 09 Nuages 07:23 10 Dark Eyes 03:43 11 The Lonely Wolf 07:11 12 David 03:10 13 White Night 05:47 14 Swing Gitane 03:32 15 Karlov 03:42 16 Daphne 02:37
17 Swinging With Jimmy 03:43 18 Karius Og Baktus 02:27 19 Hvit Veranda 03:19 20 Tanta Til Beate 03:38


Girl Group Gems Soul to Surf

I was intrigued by these "lost gems" of songs from the early 1960s and was thrilled to first hear them. If you're a die-hard collector of the "girl group" sound, this is a nice addition to your collection. But let's get a couple of things straight. First of all, of all the artists included, only two had actual hit records, Annette Funicello, of course [who had ten - none of which are in this CD], and The Blossoms, who had one, 1961's "answer" song to Mother-In-Law called Son-In-Law which topped out at # 79 in May [also not here].

Secondly, since record labels were in the business to make money, the fact that not one of these was released as a single at the time tells you that someone in authority had to make the decision that they would not be able to compete on the market with their contemporaries. Yes, there have been mistakes made by distributors to that end, but not many. So, to boldly say that all were better than The Supremes is just ridiculous.

Having cleared that up, let me hasten to add that this IS a neat little package with informative liner notes that should occupy a place in any collection of the "girl group" sound which dominated that portion of the 1960s. I especially like the energetic "Gotta Tell It" by the Blossoms and "He's My Boyfriend" by Chris Anderson. Also, Donna Loren's "Muscle Buscle" is great. This is truly a combination of fun surf-type songs and soulful love songs.

Because Of You (Erlene And Her Girlfriends) 2. Dream World (Donna Loren) 3. Cryin' On My Pillow (Dorothy Berry) 4. He's My Boyfriend (Kriss Anderson) 5. Better Be Ready (Stereo)(Annette Funicello) 6. He's A Big Deal (Renee Medina) 7. You're So Fine (Dorothy Berry) 8. Muscle Bustle (Donna Loren) 9. The Perfect Boy (Stereo)(Annette Funicello) 10. Big Talkin' Jim (The Blossoms) 11. Cassanova (Erlene And Her Girlfriends) 12. A Little Bit Of Soap (Yvonne Carroll) 13. Hard To Get (The Blossoms) 14. Cross My Heart (Yvonne And The Violets) 15. I Gotta Tell It (The Blossoms)


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Man or Astroman - Your Weight on the Moon

This is a very short album by the surf/sci-fi band (26 minutes long). It's good, though. Here is the track listing:

1. Rocketship XL-3 2. Special Agent Conrad Uno 3. Electrostatic Brain Field 4. Shockwave
5. Taser Guns Mean Big Fun 6. F=GmM(moon)/r2 7. Space Patrol 8. Happy Fingers
9. Destination Venus 10. Polaris


Bradipos IV - Surf Sessions

This album has been in the works for a long time, being culled from session in 2002 and 2003 for the most part, and mixed in 2004. It's well worth the wait. Easily the best thing the Bradipos IV have ever done. A superb album of well written and well played surf instrumentals, nicely produced and attractively packaged. Phil Dirt

They are a guitar four-piece witb Ghigo Bradipo on bass and Enriquez Bradipo on drums, but Franz and Max Bradipo mix and match lead and rhythm duites while Franz also provides some Farfisa - nice loungy surf.

1. Beach Grave 2. A Fist Full Of Dollars 3. Hey ! 4. Night On The Vesuvius 5. Reverb Gang
6. Egle’s Key 7. Moon Relay 8. L’Inseguimento 9. La Ultima Ola 10. She Devil's Curse 11. King Of Sloths 12. Bandito Supremes 14. Playa Inferno 13. Cut-Back 15. Surfidia 16. Summertime


Surf Piranhas - Both Sides of Surf

The most amazing and earliest of the Surfabilly bands, and they were American students in Paris. Drew Weaver had a knack for blending swamp rock, rockabilly, surf, and ska into new and marvelous forms. Long before Snake-Out and the Meteors, before Southern Culture on the Skids was even a wink and a nod, Drew Weaver was laying the foundation for that whole sound. This album was recorded in 1984. It is extremely rare, and on vinyl only. The master tapes are gone, not missing, just decayed beyond usability. I'd like to find a label interested in making a CD from virgin vinyl of all of Drew's surf and dive and sleazoid music.

Beginning life as the El Caminos in San Diego, becoming the Surf Piranhas when Drew & Joe Petrovich went to school in Paris, drafted Tony Leventhal and Giles Frege. Later, they changes their name to Drew Weaver & the Vibrabeams and focused more on the swamp and less on the surf (their version of "Rubber Room" - (Porter Wagoner) is unthinkable, and . Now Drew is headmaster of Drew Weaver & the Alvarados, and has a new CD out called Unfaithful Kind, reviewed in The Arkansas Biker as ... it's not all wimpy like - we like it.... The El Caminos issued an album after Drew left that was used for the soundtrack to Divers Cove that included such gems as "Pissed Off Bikers From Hell" and "Skin Diver." Phil Dirt

1. Do The El Camino 2. Basement Bop 3. Daytona-Montarbo 4. Lonely Fisherman 5. Costa Mesa
6. Rancho Verde 7. Sunset Beach 8. Rockin' Dive Party 9. Attleboro Surf 10. Boss Piranha
11. Undertow


Sky 2

Remastered reissue of the 1980 sophomore album from the session musician supergroup who were groundbreaking pioneers of classical/rock fusion. Sky 2 was a landmark album for the group and their most commercially successful, reaching number one in the album charts and selling more than a million copies. John Williams (acoustic guitars), Kevin Peek (electric guitars), Tristan Fry (drums), Francis Monkman (Keyboards), and Herbie Flowers (bass).
Contains many classics such as Toccata (originally written by J. S. Bach for organ), Gavotte And Variations (Originally written by Rameau, french composer), Andante (Written By Vivaldi), and Sky wrote the rest of the songs. If your tastes span the range between early Deep Purple and Baroque organ, give this one a listen, not as bombsatic as ELP.

1. Hotta 2. Dance of the Little Fairies 3. Sahara 4. Fifo/Adagio/Scherzo/Watching the Aeroplanes [Medley] 5. Tuba Smarties 6. Ballet Volta 7. Gavotte and Variations 8. Andante 9. Tristan's Magic Garden 10. Cielo 11. Vivaldi 12. Scipio (Parts I and II) 13. Toccata Listen 14. Vivaldi 15. Scipio 16. Part I and Part II Tocatta


Heaven Brass Rock 1

Heaven, a jazz rock group from Portsmouth, burst forth onto the British rock scene in 1970 when they appeared at the legendary Isle of Wight festival sharing a bill with The Who, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix et al. Making a stunning debut, the band (now managed by festival organiser Rikki Farr), soon secured a recording deal with CBS Records who signed the band for a large advance. The resulting double album "Brass Rock 1" appeared in 1971, adorned in a lavish fold-out sleeve. Well received critically, the album failed to achieve the expected success and Heaven soon disbanded, leaving behind a fine example of classic jazz rock.

This is much rawer, much less song oriented than BST or Chicago. It is much more free form with guitar riffs battling with horn riffs, and occasional vocals which are gruffly goofy. Definitely falls into late psych, early progressive in its exploration. Ignore the vocals and focus in the instrumental breaks and you have some interesting stuff.

1. Things I Should've Been 2. This Time Tomorrow 3. Never Say Die 4. Come Back
5. Song for Chaos 6. Morning Coffee 7. Number One 8. Number Two 9. Dawning


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Man Or Astro-Man? EEVIAC: Operational Index and Reference Guide

Another "audio mind control unit" that fuses their classic surf sound without leaving behind what made "1000x" and "Made From Technetium" good. The songs are simpler than before due to the heartbreaking loss of Starcrunch on lead guitar and Dexter X on rhythm. This is a good album but it lacks the depth that Starcrunch was able to give their music and live performances and watching my videos of pre-E.E.V.I.A.C. shows only reestablishes that fact. They do explore new terrain however with "Myopia" which is a long and slow drift through space reminiscent of The Murmen. "Reversal of Polarity" is sheer brilliance along with "Engines of Difference." I've discovered that this album is best appreciated when listened to loud. This band is still the best band out there but Blazar and Trace Reading have some mighty big moon boots to fill.

1. Interstellar Hardrive 2. D:Contamination 3. U-235 / PU-239 4. Domain Of The Human Race
5. Theme From Eeviac 6. Reversal Of Polarity, A 7. Fractionalized Reception Of A Scrambled Transmission 8. Engines Of Difference 9. Psychology Of A.I. (Numbers Follow Answers) 10. Krasnoyask-26 / Within The Mainframe / Impaired vision From Inoperable 11. Cataracts Can Become A New Impending Nepotism 12. As Estrelas Agora Elas Estao Mortas
13. Untitled / Myopia 14. (untitled) - (hidden track)


Perfect UnPop

Subtitled Peel Show Hits & Long-Lost Lo-Fi Favourites Volume One: 1976-80. Excellent 2008 collection of spiky 70's Punk and Pop Peel favorites that may be forgotten by the masses, but remain memory-tickling treats to all the avid Peel listeners nearly 30 years after their release. Anyone who ever cuddled up alone at night with Peel will recognize the glee with which he pounced on these devil-may-care, slightly broken Pop songs. Indie also-rans these bands may have been in the Sting 'n' Bono scheme of things, but add up all these flashes of underdog genius, and here's a CD to rival any other from the era of the questionable stringy tie.

1. Language School - Tours 2. Whips and Furs - The Vibrators 3. Ambition - Subway Sect
4. Final Day - Young Marble Giants 5. Hedi's Head - Kleenex 6. On Me - The Bears 7. Whole Wide World - Wreckless Eric 8. Real Shocks - Swell Maps 9. Who Is Innocent? - Out 10. Thinking of the USA - Eater 11. Mary Millington - Disco Zombies 12. White Mice - Mo Dettes 13. Self-Conscious Over You - Outcasts 14. Teenage Treats - Wasps 15. Couldn't Believe a Word - The Forty-Fives 16. This Is Your Love - Glaxo Babies 17. Going Through the Motions - The Prefects 18. Radio Wunderbar - Carpettes 19. Bad Hearts - Tights 20. He's Frank (Slight Return) - The Monochrome Set 21. It's Obvious - The Au Pairs 22. Happy Feeling - Sinatras 23. Brickfield Nights - The Boys 24. Flood - The Blue Orchids


For Adults Only XXX

Cheers to Dr. Cheese. Hilarious out of print 25 track collection of very rare and previously banned tracks from the '50s, '60s & '70s about carnal knowledge via naughty words. Very much more upfront its content than some of the other racy/naughty comps we've posted. Enjoy all.

1. It's So Hard To Say You Love Me When You're Sitting On My Face - Marty and the Mufftones
2. F**k Me Forever-Connie Lingus
3. Did He Eat Your Titty-The Perversions
4. Sit On My Face-The Echoes
5. Everybody Is An Asshole(To Somebody Sometimes)-Couto & The Milligans
6. Think Twice(X Version)-Jackie Wilson & Laverne Baker
7. Don't F**k Around With Love-The Blenders
8. Streakin' USA-Harry Hepcat & The Boogie Woogie Band 9. Derby Town-The Clovers 10. Bite It-Screamin Jay Hawkins 11. Hot Nuts-Blackie Kidd 12. F**k Off(The Dirty Rooster)-Slim Gaillard 13. Baby Let Me Bang Your Box-The Bangers 14. The Rotten Cocksuckers Ball-The Clovers 15. Asshole From El Paso-Chinga Chavin 16. The Pussycat Song-Connie Vannett 17. Yo Yo-Adam Martin & The Pickers18. Stickball-P. Vert 19. Get Ready(Freanch Style)-Jack & Basil 20. F**k Off-The Dildos
21. The Fast Food Song-David Trout 22. Come Back Pussy-Dicky Williams 23. The Iceman-Dick Curless 24. Uranus Is Out Tonight-James Lee Meadows 25. Constipation Blues-Screamin' Jay Hawkins


That's the Way I Feel Now: A Tribute to Thelonious Monk

A wide variety of artists from the rock and jazz worlds (Peter Frampton, Joe Jackson, Doctor John, Bobbie McFerrin, Mark Bingam...) got together to produce a wild, weird, and wonderful tribute to Monk. This album is for fans of jazz and jazz fusion who have open minds. You probably won't like everything on it. I don't, but I still like it alot because some songs are so great and interesting (Jackson's moody Round Midnight, Bingham's Brilliant Corners, and the swinging versions of Bye-Ya and In Walked Bud are among my favorites.) This album has commercial stars, but it was NOT made to sell and make money. It was made because these folks love music and love Monk. And it shows. This is the cd version of the 2 disc vinyl so those of you who had the original record will note there are about some cuts missing, this is what I got. If you vinyl guys have it/ please send the link along, and I'll post it too. The cut by John Zorn is killer and should not be missed. Great stuff nomatter what. One of the best tributes ever.

1. Thelonious - Bruce Fowler 2. Little Rootie Tootie - NRBQ 3. Reflections - Steve Kahn
4. Blue Monk - Dr. John 5. Ask Me Now - Steve Lacy 6. Brilliant Corners - Mark Bingham
7. Monk's Mood - Sharon Freeman 8. Pannonica - Barry Harris 9. Ba-Lue Bolivar Ba-Lues-Are - Was (Not Was) 10. Four in One - Todd Rundgren 11. 'Round Midnight - Joe Jackson
12. Evidence - Elvin Jones, Steve Lacy 13. Work - Peter Frampton, Chris Spedding
14. Functional - Randy Weston 15. Misterioso - Carla Bley 16. Bemsha Swing - Gil Evans, Steve Lacy


Soul Groovin - Speedometer Live

This was made in the 2009, but you would swear it was 1972; Speedometor speciaize in old school funk; boogaloo, organ jams, and fantastic vocal tracks that Maggie Joseph or Candi Staton have nothing on.

No modern production, no new flourishes, nothing but the CD to indicate this was not made in the 1970s heyday of funk.And I am licking it up all the way home. You betcha. Bring it on. I love it.

1. Speedopener 2. At The Speakeasy 3. Kool To Be Uncool 4. What Am I Gonna Do? 5. Answer To Mother Popcorn 6. Make It Alright 7. Kool & The Gang / Let The Music Take Your Mind 8. Four Flights Up 9. Soul Grooving 10. Am I Your Woman (tell Me So) 11. No Man Worries 12. Work It Out


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Man or Astroman - Experiment Zero

Man or Astroman is one of the best surf/punk bands out there. Although the punk part is something I would question, the surf is there for sure. As of the rest of the albums that Man or Astroman have put out this one of their best. They start it with Television Fission and continue with a great compilation, all the way until that last song,Principles Unknown. Although my personal favorite is Test Driver, DNI and The Evil Plans Of Planet Spectra are excellent songs as well. This is a good album to own, especially if you love surf, space and sci-fi.

1. Stereo Phase Test 2. Television Fission 3. DNI 4. Planet Collision 5. Big Trak Attack 6. 9 Volt
7. Evil Plans Of Planet Spectra 8. Anoxia 9. Maximum Radiation Level 10. King Of The Monsters
11. Cyborg Control 12. Test Driver 13. Television Man 14. Z-X3 15. Principles Unknown


Oscar Alemán - El Rey De La Guitarra Swing

Oscar Alemán, one of the finest jazz guitarists of the 1930s, is a difficult player to evaluate because he sounded like a near-exact duplicate of Django Reinhardt. Since Django was a year younger, some have speculated that he developed his style from Alemán, although the opposite is just as likely. Alemán began playing guitar as a teenager in Argentina and in the late '20s, he moved to Europe, Spain at first. By 1931, he was living in Paris and during 1933-1935, he was a regular member of Freddy Taylor's Swing Men From Harlem. Alemán appeared on records with trumpeter Bill Coleman and clarinetist Danny Polo and was the leader on eight selections from 1938-1939. He moved back to Argentina in 1941 and, although he recorded as late as 1974, few outside of his native country have ever heard of him. Strangely enough, Oscar Alemán does not seem to have ever visited the United States and none of his many recordings of swing tunes in his post-Europe years (except for a few titles put out by the collectors TOM label) have ever been released domestically.
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

01 - dulce georgia brown 02 - caminos cruzados 03 - limehouse blues 04 - me has enamorado
05 - me voy de fiesta al campo 06 - improvisaciones sobre boogie woogie 07 - apanhei te cavaquinho 08 - o vestido de bolero 09 - cielos azules 10 - diga diga doo 11 - pe de manaca
12 - ritmo loco 13 - tengo ritmo 14 - saudades 15 - st louis blues 16 - nadie me ama 17 - nada mas que un poquito de swing 18 - tonterias 19 - ardiente sol 20 - milonga triste 21 - casi negro
22 - casi bueno 23 - de buen humor 24 - oscarinados


VA-Blues Guitar Duels

Blues Guitar Duels is a pretty darn good compilation of excellent guitarist who have performed together on various recordings over the years. For example you get Buddy and Phil Guy performing one of the tracks from their joint CD, "DJ Play My Blues", Hubert Sumlin performing with Ronnie Earl on a cut from "Hubert Sumlin's Blues Party", Ronnie Earl and Duke Robillard on a track from the CD "Test of Time" and Guitar Shorty and Otis Grand from the CD "My Way On The Highway". One can certainly quibble over whether there are other tracks that could have been included on this disc or whether the tracks selected are the best from each duo but it would be a pointless debate. The facts are you get a very nice sampling of what these individuals have to offer and all for a bargain basement price. Check it out and then either explore these artists further.

1. Girl You're Nice and Clean - Buddy Guy, Phil Guy 2. West Side Soul - Ronnie Earl, Buddy Guy, Phil Guy, 3. Corn Palace - Bnois King, The Smokin' Joe Kubek Band, Hubert Sumlin 4. You're Fine - Mike Morgan, Jim Suhler 5. She's Gone - Otis Grand, Phillip Walker 6. Backstroke - Ronnie Earl, Duke Robillard 7. Full Gain - Grady Gaines & The Texas Upsetters, Roy Gaines, Clarence Hollimon 8. Wasp - Joe Coronado, Ray Jimenez, Mark Pollock 9. Kick Out - Otis Grand, Guitar Shorty 10. You Got to Help Me - Richard Studholme, Hubert Sumlin


Alvin Lee - Tennesee

Alvin Lee doesn't make some half-baked attempt (ala Aerosmith & Clapton) to record some "faux-roots" album; he heads to the home studio of famed Elvis Presley guitarist Scotty Moore in Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A. and to put it simply, let's it rip.
This is a "old-time", toe tapping, foot stomping rock 'n' roll album, ya' know, the kind Seger used to sing about. Along for the ride are famed drummer D.J. Fontana and of course Scotty Moore. Fontana's drumming and Lee's playing are nothing short of phenomenal. The songs are all written in the classic 50's rock 'n' roll style (aka the Ten Years After song "Choo Choo Mama"). Elvis, Jerry Lee, Little Richard, Eddie Cochran all would feel right at home listening to this cd; and smiling too.
And as you browse the track list saying to yourself "Another version of 'I'm Going Home', gimme a break...", do not be too hasty to dismiss this as another "Woodstock Rerun". The version of "I'm Going Home" recorded here with the aid of Fontana's killer drumming, sounds so fresh and alive, I would even say it may even top the version recorded at Woodstock. The downer is that many songs are a little too long and grow tiring after awhile. Most rock 'n' roll tunes of the era this album is trying to recapture log in at 2 to 3 minutes tops, while many of the songs here stretch out to 5 or 6 minutes. I would have liked to see Alvin cut his teeth on a few cover versions too; the fact all the songs are Alvin Lee compostions actually are a "semi-negative". But these points are really my own personal nit-picking.
If you enjoyed Ten Years After jamming to the likes of "Baby won't you let me rock and roll you" and "Rock and Roll Music to the World" then this offering is for you.

01. Let's Boogie 02. Rock & Roll Girls 03. Take My Time 04. I'm Gonna Make It 05. Something's Gonna Get You 06. Why Did You Do It 07. Getting Nowhere Fast 08. How Do You Do It 09. Let's Get It On 10. Tell Me Why 11. I'm Going Home


Danny Gatton- live 77

Recorded at a variety of small clubs in the Washington, DC area, this album features tons of terrifying guitar work by the Master Blaster of the Telecaster. At the time, Gatton was becoming legendary for his blazing speed and explosive displays of improvisational genius. Gatton only recorded two albums under his own name in the 70's so this 10 song collection is quite a treat. The recording quality isn't the greatest---and you hear plennty of audience chatter and tinkling of glasses--but drop the needle anywhere on this album and be preapared to be, well, humbled. Along with displays of superhuman fretwork on cuts such as Sweet Georgia Brown and Danny's Blues, we also get to hear Gatton doing some of his signature tricks--a dicey procedure that involved starting his Echoplex playing whatever was last recorded on it, and then harmonizing over those parts while the band played along. Gatton also enjoyed filling the keyboard role with his own Hammnd B-3 sounding guitar parts, although the laye keyboardist Dick Heintze (whom Gatton cited as a key influence) is featured on the sci-fi madness of Rumble/Harlem Nocturne. The first new commercially available Gatton material to emerge in years, this CD takes you back to a place and time when one could regularly stroll into a bar and watch one of the greatest super-pickers of all time wowing the locals with his mind-bending guitar antics.
Powerhouse Records --Art Thompson Guitar Player Magazine Sept. 2007

1. Sweet Georgia Brown 2. Canadian Sunset 3. Nit Pickin' 4. Walkin' With Danny 5. Harlem Nocturne 6. Soul Sauce 7. Danny's Blues 8. Fingers on Fire 9. Rumble / Harlem Nocturne - (Bonus Track) 10. Sweet Geogria Brown - (Bonus Track)


Jo Basile - Paris With Love (1963)

The accordionist's name is actually Joss Baselli, he was a French accordionist. It is easy jazz and makes for relaxed listening.

1 Les Innocents
2 Autumn Leaves
3 Le Danseur De Charleston
4 Mon Coeur Est Un Violin
5 Petite Fleur
6 Plaisir D’amour
7 Mon Manege A Moi
8 Quais De La Seine
9 Parlez Moi D’amour
10 La Mer
11 Fete Musette
12 Conversation Musette


Buddaheads Mumbo Jumbo

Alan Mirikitani, A.k.a. BB Chung King, is an L.A. legend on the electric guitar and the leader of one of L.A.'s most famous bands, The Buddaheads. A complete master of rock, blues, rhythm and blues, jazz, and pop, there are few who have ever played with his confidence, mastery, and impeccable taste. Guitar playing, however, is only a small part of his talent. He is also a commanding singer, a world-class song writer, having written for Shamekia Copeland, Curtis Salgado, Ruth Brown, Bettye Lavette, and many others, an accomplished producer, a brilliant arranger, and if that's not enough, a highly sought after engineer. Only DaVinci was as well-rounded. It is no surprise then, that his newest album, MUMBO JUMBO, combines all aspects of his immense talent and may very well become a classic of the genre.
Mirikitani's collection of 14 essentially guitar-driven compositions, give him plenty of room to shock, rock, and amaze with the intensity with his playing and the emotion in his voice. The songs are all extremely well-written with great melodies and hooks. In addition, they have a directness and simplicity, with lyrics that paint colorful pictures and evoke heartfelt emotions, from pain to joy, from the blues to raw, aggressive party time feel and ends with a soft love-filled ode to his youngest son, William. Mirikitani is backed on Mumbo Jumbo by Lee Spath on drums, Boyd Lefan on electric bass and also gets a little help from some very classy friends.

1.All Night Long 2.Mumbo Jumbo 3.Hurricane 4.Hold On 5.For to Long 6.Wine, Women & Workin' 7.Mood For Love 8.Tupelo Honey 9.Show Down 10.Amen 11.Sooner or Later 12.Jeff & His Little Buddies 13.Don't Cry

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