Sunday, January 10, 2010

Perfect UnPop

Subtitled Peel Show Hits & Long-Lost Lo-Fi Favourites Volume One: 1976-80. Excellent 2008 collection of spiky 70's Punk and Pop Peel favorites that may be forgotten by the masses, but remain memory-tickling treats to all the avid Peel listeners nearly 30 years after their release. Anyone who ever cuddled up alone at night with Peel will recognize the glee with which he pounced on these devil-may-care, slightly broken Pop songs. Indie also-rans these bands may have been in the Sting 'n' Bono scheme of things, but add up all these flashes of underdog genius, and here's a CD to rival any other from the era of the questionable stringy tie.

1. Language School - Tours 2. Whips and Furs - The Vibrators 3. Ambition - Subway Sect
4. Final Day - Young Marble Giants 5. Hedi's Head - Kleenex 6. On Me - The Bears 7. Whole Wide World - Wreckless Eric 8. Real Shocks - Swell Maps 9. Who Is Innocent? - Out 10. Thinking of the USA - Eater 11. Mary Millington - Disco Zombies 12. White Mice - Mo Dettes 13. Self-Conscious Over You - Outcasts 14. Teenage Treats - Wasps 15. Couldn't Believe a Word - The Forty-Fives 16. This Is Your Love - Glaxo Babies 17. Going Through the Motions - The Prefects 18. Radio Wunderbar - Carpettes 19. Bad Hearts - Tights 20. He's Frank (Slight Return) - The Monochrome Set 21. It's Obvious - The Au Pairs 22. Happy Feeling - Sinatras 23. Brickfield Nights - The Boys 24. Flood - The Blue Orchids


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