Saturday, January 16, 2010

Surf Piranhas - Both Sides of Surf

The most amazing and earliest of the Surfabilly bands, and they were American students in Paris. Drew Weaver had a knack for blending swamp rock, rockabilly, surf, and ska into new and marvelous forms. Long before Snake-Out and the Meteors, before Southern Culture on the Skids was even a wink and a nod, Drew Weaver was laying the foundation for that whole sound. This album was recorded in 1984. It is extremely rare, and on vinyl only. The master tapes are gone, not missing, just decayed beyond usability. I'd like to find a label interested in making a CD from virgin vinyl of all of Drew's surf and dive and sleazoid music.

Beginning life as the El Caminos in San Diego, becoming the Surf Piranhas when Drew & Joe Petrovich went to school in Paris, drafted Tony Leventhal and Giles Frege. Later, they changes their name to Drew Weaver & the Vibrabeams and focused more on the swamp and less on the surf (their version of "Rubber Room" - (Porter Wagoner) is unthinkable, and . Now Drew is headmaster of Drew Weaver & the Alvarados, and has a new CD out called Unfaithful Kind, reviewed in The Arkansas Biker as ... it's not all wimpy like - we like it.... The El Caminos issued an album after Drew left that was used for the soundtrack to Divers Cove that included such gems as "Pissed Off Bikers From Hell" and "Skin Diver." Phil Dirt

1. Do The El Camino 2. Basement Bop 3. Daytona-Montarbo 4. Lonely Fisherman 5. Costa Mesa
6. Rancho Verde 7. Sunset Beach 8. Rockin' Dive Party 9. Attleboro Surf 10. Boss Piranha
11. Undertow



Brandonio! said...

Technically S.C.O.T.S formed in the same year this album was released so...

DaBoss said...

Yell to Phil on that one, B., I just report da newz, not make it, ha.

GEFFREY74 said...

Hello SP's fans ! Here is talking the ghost of the french SP's drummer... Good news : I have found the master tapes down in my grave... A freshly remix album has been prepared by my angels... call for it... and visit www.myspace/drumsillimited to get the first shots, including some unpublished live take! Cheers

DaBoss said...

Sounds good. Thanks for checking us out and letting fans know about the new album.

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