Saturday, January 23, 2010

Man or Astroman? Is it ....

Man... or Astroman? came out with an impresive debut album when this was released back in 1993. This self titled album was a precedent to the music they would release later in their many albums to follow this one. This is were it all started, when Man... or Astroman? started with its humor and talent with the mixture of b-movie samples and amazing songs. The songs presented on this album are deemed classic Man... or Astroman? songs. Them being the first songs released for the whole audience of the world to hear. These songs are just incredible to listen to.

It all starts with Taxidermist Surf, a song that shows what is to come in the following songs and albums. Then as a follow up song is Invasion of the Dragonmen, a song that captures the listeners attention with the b-movie sample and then holds that attention with a great song. Nitrous Burn Out and Clean Up on Aisle #9 are just what is meant by classic songs by Man... or Astroman? And then Man... or Astroman? show how well they can cover a song by doing a cover song of one of the original innovators of surf, The Ventures, with a cover of their classic song 'Journey to the Stars'. All the songs that follow up until the last song, cheerfully named 'Alien Visitors', are a bundle of listening pleasure.

All these songs are played by the original recording members of Man... or Astroman? Starcrunch who plays lead guitar. Birdstuff who plays drums. Coco, The Electronic Monkey Wizard who plays the occasional bass, percussion, and is responsible for the sound bites. Finally there is Dr. Delecto & His Invisible Vaportron, who is refered to in the following album as Dr. Deleto, who plays bass, and rhythm guitar.

This foursome has come a long way, and through many changes in so many different regions of their attire and music genre, from this first album all the way up until their latest full length release, and have been releasing albums at an impressive rate and for this to be the first of their many, it is a prophecy proven true that they were destined to be great from the beginning.

1. Taxidermist Surf 2. Invasion of the Dragonmen 3. Nitrous Burn Out 4. Clean up on Aisle #9 (Turn up the Monitors) 5. Journey to the Stars 6. Cowboy Playing Dead 7. Sadie Hawkins Atom Bomb 8. Human Calculator 9. Organ Smash 10. Cattle Drive 11. Escape Through the Air Vent
12. Mermaid Love 13. Eric Estrotica 14. Alien Visitors


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Hiya! Would you be kind enough to repost all your Man or Astroman releases?


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