Sunday, January 3, 2010

Man or Astroman - Experiment Zero

Man or Astroman is one of the best surf/punk bands out there. Although the punk part is something I would question, the surf is there for sure. As of the rest of the albums that Man or Astroman have put out this one of their best. They start it with Television Fission and continue with a great compilation, all the way until that last song,Principles Unknown. Although my personal favorite is Test Driver, DNI and The Evil Plans Of Planet Spectra are excellent songs as well. This is a good album to own, especially if you love surf, space and sci-fi.

1. Stereo Phase Test 2. Television Fission 3. DNI 4. Planet Collision 5. Big Trak Attack 6. 9 Volt
7. Evil Plans Of Planet Spectra 8. Anoxia 9. Maximum Radiation Level 10. King Of The Monsters
11. Cyborg Control 12. Test Driver 13. Television Man 14. Z-X3 15. Principles Unknown


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