Saturday, January 30, 2010

Art VAN DAMME Qintet - Accordion A La Mode (1961) A Perfect Match (1963) 2fer

Can't get enuff of this funky stuff. For those for whom the accordian primarily conjures up thoughts of Weird Al or polka music, take one listen to the man the folks at Space Age Pop Music call "the hippest cat ever to swing an accordion" and you'll never think of the accordion in the same way again. Considered by some *the* jazz accordionist of the 50's and 60's. Too many people dismiss the accordion as a toy, but in talented hands, it is a very much a musical instrument. Give it a listen and get ready for fun.
A prime example of the pluralism of our Internet age and it is a rare gem. Get Martini Time/Van Damme Sound right here in our archives, make a dry Martini and enjoy the anthesis of Weird Al.

01. A La Mode (2:40) 02. You Stepped Out of a Dream (3:31) 03. That Old Feeling (3:22)
04. Sweet And Lovely (2:41) 05. How About You (2:36) 06. I'm Shooting High (2:46) 07. You Were Meant for Me (3:14) 08. Charmaine (2:24) 09. On Green Dolphin Street (2:52) 10. Just You, Just Me (2:22) 11. Diane (2:28) 12. Star Eyes (2:49) 13. Bye Bye Blackbird (3:05) 14. In the We Small Hours of the Morning (3:04) 15. Tickle-Toe (2:27) 16. Gone With He Wind (3:45)
17. Valse Hot (2:34) 18. The Best Thing for You (2:28) 19. Satan's Doll (3:48) 20. Blusey (3:05)
21. Spring is Here (4:06)22. Tangee (3:47) 23. Poinciana (3:15) 24. Nicollet Avenue Breakdown (2:04)


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Traitor Vic said...

Been diggin' this guy hard lately. Thanks for the post!

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