Sunday, January 10, 2010

Soul Groovin - Speedometer Live

This was made in the 2009, but you would swear it was 1972; Speedometor speciaize in old school funk; boogaloo, organ jams, and fantastic vocal tracks that Maggie Joseph or Candi Staton have nothing on.

No modern production, no new flourishes, nothing but the CD to indicate this was not made in the 1970s heyday of funk.And I am licking it up all the way home. You betcha. Bring it on. I love it.

1. Speedopener 2. At The Speakeasy 3. Kool To Be Uncool 4. What Am I Gonna Do? 5. Answer To Mother Popcorn 6. Make It Alright 7. Kool & The Gang / Let The Music Take Your Mind 8. Four Flights Up 9. Soul Grooving 10. Am I Your Woman (tell Me So) 11. No Man Worries 12. Work It Out



Trustar said...

Keeping my eyes and ears on the Speedometer here Boss.

Thanks for sharing this one G.


Mr. Suave said...

Excellent. Thanks for sharing.

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