Sunday, January 3, 2010

Oscar Alemán - El Rey De La Guitarra Swing

Oscar Alemán, one of the finest jazz guitarists of the 1930s, is a difficult player to evaluate because he sounded like a near-exact duplicate of Django Reinhardt. Since Django was a year younger, some have speculated that he developed his style from Alemán, although the opposite is just as likely. Alemán began playing guitar as a teenager in Argentina and in the late '20s, he moved to Europe, Spain at first. By 1931, he was living in Paris and during 1933-1935, he was a regular member of Freddy Taylor's Swing Men From Harlem. Alemán appeared on records with trumpeter Bill Coleman and clarinetist Danny Polo and was the leader on eight selections from 1938-1939. He moved back to Argentina in 1941 and, although he recorded as late as 1974, few outside of his native country have ever heard of him. Strangely enough, Oscar Alemán does not seem to have ever visited the United States and none of his many recordings of swing tunes in his post-Europe years (except for a few titles put out by the collectors TOM label) have ever been released domestically.
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

01 - dulce georgia brown 02 - caminos cruzados 03 - limehouse blues 04 - me has enamorado
05 - me voy de fiesta al campo 06 - improvisaciones sobre boogie woogie 07 - apanhei te cavaquinho 08 - o vestido de bolero 09 - cielos azules 10 - diga diga doo 11 - pe de manaca
12 - ritmo loco 13 - tengo ritmo 14 - saudades 15 - st louis blues 16 - nadie me ama 17 - nada mas que un poquito de swing 18 - tonterias 19 - ardiente sol 20 - milonga triste 21 - casi negro
22 - casi bueno 23 - de buen humor 24 - oscarinados


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