Sunday, January 10, 2010

Man Or Astro-Man? EEVIAC: Operational Index and Reference Guide

Another "audio mind control unit" that fuses their classic surf sound without leaving behind what made "1000x" and "Made From Technetium" good. The songs are simpler than before due to the heartbreaking loss of Starcrunch on lead guitar and Dexter X on rhythm. This is a good album but it lacks the depth that Starcrunch was able to give their music and live performances and watching my videos of pre-E.E.V.I.A.C. shows only reestablishes that fact. They do explore new terrain however with "Myopia" which is a long and slow drift through space reminiscent of The Murmen. "Reversal of Polarity" is sheer brilliance along with "Engines of Difference." I've discovered that this album is best appreciated when listened to loud. This band is still the best band out there but Blazar and Trace Reading have some mighty big moon boots to fill.

1. Interstellar Hardrive 2. D:Contamination 3. U-235 / PU-239 4. Domain Of The Human Race
5. Theme From Eeviac 6. Reversal Of Polarity, A 7. Fractionalized Reception Of A Scrambled Transmission 8. Engines Of Difference 9. Psychology Of A.I. (Numbers Follow Answers) 10. Krasnoyask-26 / Within The Mainframe / Impaired vision From Inoperable 11. Cataracts Can Become A New Impending Nepotism 12. As Estrelas Agora Elas Estao Mortas
13. Untitled / Myopia 14. (untitled) - (hidden track)



Brandonio! said...

Your review is dead on DaBoss.There are legends of die hard MOAM? fans that are hoping that Star Crunch one day makes his official comeback to the world of Sci-Fi Surf music.Maybe something positive will happen this decade.
The first part of this record is pretty amazing.I think the fact that Blazar and Trace were in the MOAM? Clone Project Beta had a lot to do with why this record sounded as good as it did.If someone plays a musical instrument be it guitar,drums or bass,if you listen to enough MOAM? it's going to rub off!I believe MOAM? are quit possibly the most influential surf band ever!

Brandonio! said...

Or at least since the Ventures!

DaBoss said...

So true Brandonio - their influence on modern surf is undeniable. You can hear their influence on almost every current scifi/punk surf group. Thanks for adding the Ventures too - yes, we are talking about a generational difference and without the Ventures to pave the way and keep the surf instro fires burning for over 40 years groups like MOAM would not be around in the first place. It all builds on top of each other.

Now who do you think is the most likey successor to MOAM today in the 4th wave of surf instro?

Brandonio! said...

Da Boss I would say the strongest successors of sci-fi surf are Messer Chups,Doctuer Legume,Telekrimen,and the newly reformed Destination: Earth!,Irradiates,Chewbaccas,plus a few more that I can't think of right now.I wish there were more but I'll take what I can get.

DaBoss said...

Know all of them well. Messer Chups is my fave, tho.

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