Saturday, December 1, 2012

Barry Bachman - The Lost Tapes of the Cyclin' Cowboy Surfers

We have 60's surf styles with a modern twist and from a fictitious band created by Barry Bachman. The music here is in Ventures territory with an eye on the beach, but it isn't as much surf as instro with a surf tribute. Barry Bachman plays all the instruments, so it lacks the chemistry of a band. Some of the tracks are very listenable tho so it is worth checkinbg out to add to your collection.

1. The Cyclin' Cowboy Surfers (Theme)    
2. Ridin' The Waves    
3. The Lonley Surfer    
4. Hot Rod Cycle Song    
5. Siren Song    
6. Surfin' A Go Go    
7. Drivin' My Woody    
8. Surfer War Chant    
9. Ocean Nights    
10. Tidal Wave   
11. Sleepwalking On The Shore    
12. Prairie Oysters

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