Friday, May 30, 2008

Babalu Music - The Best of "I Love Lucy" Music

It's starting to feel like summer and what a better way to warm up to the season that with some serious bongos and congas. Throw in some nostalgia and you have a clear winner!

While not strictly a soundtrack of the classic television series "I Love Lucy", this CD does have several of the most memorable musical numbers from the show.
The Mertzes and Lucy join in with Desi on "Jingle Bells", "California Here I come" and others. Famous Lucy & Desi numbers include "Cuban Pete", "We're Having a Baby", "There's a Brand New Baby at Our House", and the vocal version of the "I Love Lucy" theme song. These are interspersed with songs taken from classic radio programs featuring Desi. The opening cut by Weird Al Yankovic is a modernized dance version of "Babalu" with dialog from the show spliced in as a rap-like accompaniment. A little annoying at first, but it can grow on you if you let it. In a nice turn, he keeps a low profile on the album, letting the music of the Lucy show speak almost entirely for itself. I thought that showed a respect for the classic series, and more importantly, for Desi's music.

This is a must have for all diehard Lucy fans, or even just casual fans. This will bring back all the great memories from the show...and plus, Desi is just a great musical artist. Well worth the smiles you'll get remembering musical moments from "I Love Lucy".

1. Babalu Music 2. I Love Lucy Theme (Vocal) 3. El Cumbanchero 4. Cuban Pete
5. Babalu 6. We're Having A Baby (My Baby and Me) 7. There's A Brand New Baby At Our House 8. We'll Build A Bungalow 9. Straw Hat Song 10. By The Waters Of Minnetonka 11. California, Here I Come 12. Nobody Loves The Ump
13. Jingle Bells (The One Horse Open Sleigh) 14. The Lady In Red 15. I'm On My Way To Cuba 16. Guadalajara 17. Down Argentine Way 18. In Acapulco 19. Granada
20. Theme From 'I Love Lucy' (Instrumental)

I Love


Susan and the Surftones - Originals

Said it before, and it's worth repeating, this is some of the best original, modern surf instrumental music that I have found. There are no bad songs on this CD, and every one is awash in guitars, reverb, and organs, combined with a strong melody and beat. If you are a fan of classic melodic surf instrumentals, such as Pipeline, Walk Don't Run, etc. (as opposed to the more aggressive style of Dick Dale), then you'll enjoy the music on this CD.

1. Blue Hammer 99 2. Stinger 67 3. Tiki Kiki 4. Sunburn 5. Clam Digger
6. Spaghetti Beach 7. Tramp 8. Spanish Wave 9. Beat Rider 10. Barbados Twist 11. Tabu 12. Deep Blue Goodbye 13. Space Spider 14. The Blue Hammer

The Supertones - Original Music

Now this is what Surf music is all about! The Supertones get a seriously cool tone from those guitars and lots of cool reverb. I wish I could see these guys perform as I'm sure they must be one hot band live. My favorites: Side Slippin (just close your eyes and dream about lying on the beach after a nice morning ride), The Sweet Ride (classic Dick Dale-type surf guitar - hey where's Gidget?), Moonshot Part 2 (a modern classic in the vein of Telstar - it's a shame that radio sucks so much they won't play cool stuff like this!), Media Noche (muy bueno amigo, si!) and the partyingest tune of all - "Surf Fever 2000" (makes me want to have a beach party with all my friends).

1. Pugsakuk 2. 1,000 Ft Rd 3. Wingnut 4. Victory At Sea 5. I Surf in Black 6. El Rollo
7. Ted's Twist 8. Torque Wrench 9. Sand Pumper 10. Wingnut '94 11. Supertone Surf
12. 1,000 Ft Rd '94 13. The Wet Set 14. Surfista 15. Dr. Yes 16. Harbor Patrol
17. Avanti 18. Flamenco Surf 19. Last Ride 20. Surf Fever 2000 21. Playa Del Rey
22. Moonshot Part 1 23. Side Slippin' 24. The Sweet Ride 25. Media Noche
26. Lone Rider 27. King Size 28. Moonshot Part 2 29. Shanghai Surf 30. Vintage Surf 31. Twango



The Vara-Tones - Jetty Subject to High Surf

Bill Epps and Rich Campbell formed The Vara-Tones in 1961. They are one of the original surf groups that were around when the first wave started. They were most active between '63-'65, during the height of the surf-instro craze. Over thirty years later they have returned as revitalized granddads of a genre that has been experiencing tremendous growth and renewed interest from all outlets of the media, including an entirely new and very hip fan base.
If you like authentic surf-lover-composed surf this izza great CD. These guys know how to set up the surf-reverb big guitar sound, play their instruments, AND compose authentic styled songs that range (in an admittedly limited genre) from driving, major-minor-chord power blowouts, to calm impressionist sunset-on-the-water knockouts. They've struck a clean balance of mood... sheer fun tinged with the surf-"sense of the numinous" mystical awe. If you're only gonna own one surf-genre CD and you're looking for the best one, this is probably it. If you love surf music, what excuse is there for not owning THIS sucker...? It's that good. Really.

1. Surf Blaster 2. Over the Edge 3. El Sereno 4. Invasion of the V-People 5. Midnight in Mazatlan 6. The Jetty 7. Rendezvous Run 8. Vara-Tone Stomp 9. Varafied 10. Repeto 2000 11. Sunset At the Wedge 12. Groo-V-Chicken 13. Drumbox 14. Repeto ('64)


Easy Rhythms For Your Cocktail Hour

The last volume of the DCC Music For a Bchelor's Den Series. Usually compared to the spectacular Ultra Lounge Series -- it's a slightly different flavor that not all appreciate. Besides some classic performances - this series goes to the other areas of lounge that could border on the farout, that theUL Series does not touch. I have to say that the Mel Henke cuts lift this particular disc above the plain, workaday attempt to cash in on the retro Lounge craze. Henke's songs are a riot. 60's party pad noise. It's always nice to hear "Caravan", and Ray Coniff offers his version here. "Music to Watch Girls By" with the Harmonicats is also featured. "Swamp-fire" is another good choice, as is "Jazz Pizzicato" and this version "I Get a Kick Out of You". The addition of cuts by Les Baxter and Julie London help round things out, although both are already on "Ultra-Lounge". One of best is the Dick Hyman cut, one of the first early moog solos along with the Perrey & Kingsley moogalcious "Swan's Splashdown." Of coures, for me, part of the charm is that they are Direct to Disc recordings mastered by the late great Steve Hoffman - so the audio quality is KILLER and thoroughly trounces UL. Get these for your pad and it's like a time warp back to those days of wine and roses.

1. The Lively Ones - Mel Henke
2. 77 Sunset Strip - Warren Barker
3. I Get A Kick Out Of You - Felix Slatkin
4. Jazz Pizzicato - Percussion & Guitars
5. Swamp-Fire - Enoch Light & The Light Brigade
6. Caravan - Ray Conniff & His Orchestra & Chorus 7. The Topless Dancer Of Corfu - Dick Hyman 8. Swan's Splashdown - Perrey & Kingsley 9. The Girl From Ipanema - Richard Hayman
10. Carol's Theme - Los Brasilios 11. Music To Watch Girls By - Jerry Murad's Harmonicats
12. Lust - Les Baxter 13. The Twisters - Mel Henke 14. Hot Toddy - Julie London


Friday, May 16, 2008

Susan and the Surftones - Night in Old Town

Another modern surf group not getting the recognition they deserve ---
This is one of the best sets of original, modern surf instrumental music that I have found. Every track is awash in guitars, reverb, and organs, combined with a strong melody and beat. If you are a fan of classic melodic surf instrumentals, such as Pipeline, Walk Don't Run, etc. (as opposed to the more aggressive style of Dick Dale), then you'll enjoy this a well.

1 Vincent 87 2 Deathmobile 3 Over You 4 Shanghai Hotel 5 Chinese Rock 6 End of Days 7 For Your Love 8 Night in Old Town 9 Mexican Spaceman 10 If Not You


Combustible Edison - I, Swinger

For Brandonio and other Lounge Lizards --

Combustible Edison were at the forefront of the "lounge music" revival of the 1990s. This is their wonderful first album. It is mostly instrumental, with a few vocals by chanteuse Miss Lily Banquette. It is a throwback to an earlier era, with a modern twist. This is the kind of music you can hear on Pulp fiction's soundtrack. The instrumentation is brilliant, retracing the atmosphere of the sixties. Keyboards, drums and vibraphone are all played fantastically. Vocals are cabaret-ish, not impressive but very pleasant. There's a Zappa influence in the music, but overall this is pure lounge music, a blend of jazz with cabaret. Pink Martini is now the current purveyor of the new lounge and they are more caberet with a world influence and not as jazzy as Combustible - still cool in their own way.

1. Cadillac 2. The Millionaire's Holiday 3. Breakfast At Denny's 4. Intermission
5. Cry Me A River 6. Impact! 7. Guadaloupe 8. Carnival Of Souls 9. The Veldt
10. Surabaya Johnny 11. Spy Vs. Spy 12. Theme From 'The Tiki Wonder Hour'


Combustible Edison - Schizophonic

This never fails to pick me up when I've got da blues...The over-all feel is breezy and light yet the musicianship is excellent. Top notch sound quality. The masterpiece here, is Morticia, making fine use of the harpsicord and well placed 'la la la la's'. Alright Already reminds me a little of the Odd Couple theme on tv, and Solid State sounds like a cocktail party on a satellite orbiting Mars. I only wish it wasn't so short. Positive fun. Impossible world was released sometime in '98 and that's the last I've heard from them. To bad...I'd really like to hear more!

1 Alright, Already 2 Bluebeard Banquette 3 The Checkered Flag 4 One Eyed Monkey 5 Solid State 6 Les Yeux Sans Visage 7 52 8 Short Double Latté 9 Mudhead 10 Morticia 11 Objet d'Amour 12 The Corner Table 13 Lonelyville


The Cave 4

These German thrashers are a hot bunch and on "BIKINI CRASH" they play some of the wildest garage and surf the way it's meant to be played- loud, dirty and snotty. It reeks of fun and it rocks. Great artwork by Stephen Blickenstaff (of Cramps fame). 'Nuff said.

1. Shockwave 2. Surfin' Cat 3. Malibu Run 4. Bonneville Stomp 5. Blast Off 6. Tribute Pt.1 7. Unknown 8. House on Haunted Hill 9. Alfred E. Goes Surfin' 10. Slow 11. Bikini Crash 12. Let's Go to the Beach 13. Same All over the World 14. Cave 4 15. Banzai Washout


Big Waves - Starter Surf Colllection

Gremmies Only
I went shopping so you don’t have to. Every now and then a gem shows up in strange places. This was at Starby’s over the summer and is a decent introductory collection to begin your journey into the wonderful world of surf and instro music. Compiled by he same folks who did the killer Kowabunga Surf Box and other supreme surf and instro colls, it has some of the basic classic hits and a nod to the 90’s surf revival, starting at track 13, even a cut by the hard to find Vanduras and fan faves Blue Hawaiians. Not a bad cut here, good to add as a starter, especially at this price.

For those of you who want to compile your own 50 – 100 greatest surf hits of the classic era – get this and then -- hit this link

and get all 6 of the Hang Ten Gremmie posts. They are posted in order of hit importance/popularity. Put them all in a folder, open up and delete the duplicates – and BINGO! You have a playlist that will last for hours and some serious car tunes for your travels.

PS – read the comment by Paul of the Hustlers in the More Surf Legends and Rumors post for some excellent history of the times.

1. The Beach Boys - Surfin Safari 2. Dick Dale and His Del-Tones - Miserlou 3. Duane Eddy - Rebel Rouser 4. Jorgen Ingmann - Apache 5. The Sandals - Theme From "Endless Summer" 6. The Marketts - Out of Limits 7. The Ventures - Walk Don't Run 8. Jack Nitzsche - The Lonely Surfer 9. The Chantays - Pipeline 10. The Bel-Airs - Mr. Moto 11. The Lively Ones - Surf Rider 12. The Astronauts - Baja 13. The Aqua Velvets - Guitar Noir 14. Pollo Del Mar - A Flash of Green 15. The Vanduras - La PLanche 16. Laika & the Cosmonauts - N.Y. '79 17. The Mermen - Unto The Resplendent 18. The Blue Hawaiians - Martini Five-0



Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dancehall Stringbusters Vol.2 - Crunchy Guitar Instros from the '60's

Following hot on the heels of our groundbreaking Lost Legends of Surf Guitar series, Sundazed’s new earth-shaking compilation—Dancehall Stringbusters! Crunchy Guitar Instros From The ’60s vol. 2— is an instant Friday night kegger that features a stunning array of hallowed, guitar-slinging heroes. From the twangy gee-tar sounds of Joe Maphis to the reverb-soaked magic of Keetie & the Kats, this rumbling noisemaker spotlights wall-to-wall, six-string sounds from revered guitar heroes like Roy Buchanan and Phil Baugh to forgotten stringbending warriors every bit as devastating—Bobby Wayne, the Fugitives, the Belmont Five and the Maybees take a back seat to no one. Remarkably, these 20 tracks, chock-full of growling fretboard mojo, form a cohesive statement through the very attribute they all share: they can’t be pigeon-holed. TWANGERIFFICO!

1. Cobra - Belmont Five 2. Mule Train Stomp - Roy Buchanan
3. Cyclone - Bobby Wayne 4. Water Baby Boogie - Joe Maphis
5. The Finger - Phil Baugh 6. Mushroom Machine (Part 1) - Bobby Arlin with the Hustlers 7. Scorpion - The Carnations 8. Buttons and Bows - The Maybees
9. Pretty Please - Roy Buchanan 10. Braggin' - Bob Moore and the Temps
11. Chattanooga - Phil Baugh 12. Torquila - Bobby Wayne
13. Strollin' in the Alley - Belmont Five 14. Third Man Theme - The Maybees
15. Way Out - Keetie and the Kats 16. Cyclon - The Travelors
17. The Swag - The Tornadoes 18. Trophy Run - Bob Moore and the Temps
19. Bobby's Boogie #1 - Bobby Wayne
20. Mushroom Machine (Part 2) - Bobby Arlin with the Hustler



Combustible Edison - The Impossible World

From the droning opening of "Utopia," Combustible Edison's "The Impossible World" announces itself as lounge music for the jetset. "20th Century" could be a soundtrack for a montage sequence from a 60s sitcom like "Bewitched" with its bright perky off-center instrumental with xylophone & loopy keyboards. Miss Lily Banquette croons like a Secret Agent theme for depressives on "Pink Victim." "Hot & Bothered" is delightfully horny beach music complete with squeals and sighs. The wispy "Seduction" comes across like a romance between ghosts. "The Garden of Earthly Delights" sounds like a gondola cruise in Venice with its airy female vocals. Listening to this album from start to finish is truly an adventure. It feels like Stereolab having cocktails with the Jetsons and is tremendously original and a lot of fun! Enjoy!

1. Utopia (Album) 2. Call Of The Space Siren (Album) 3. Laura's Aura (Album) 6:29
4. 20th Century (Album)3:17 5. Cat O'nine Tails (Album)2:59 6. Pink Victim (Album) 4:12 7. Dior (Album) 2:47 8. Hot And Bothered (Album) 3:17
9. Mr. Pushkin Came To Shore (Album) 4:39 10. Seduction (Album) 3:30
11. Tickled To Death (Album) 3:34 12. In The Garden Of Earthly Delights (Album) 3:19 13. Utopia (Scanner's Reprise) (Album)



The Tornadoes - Greatest Hits- Beyond The Surf

Not To Be Confused With The Tornados Of "Telstar" Fame, the tornadoes are one of the most overlooked surf bands from the early 60's. This CD has a lot of great, raw, surf music that any fan of the genre will enjoy. Some of the tracks were recorded, produced and engineeered by Frank Zappa/Paul Buff at their Cucamonga recording studio (infamously known throughout the free world as Studio Z). They consisted of Gerald Sanders on lead vocals and bass guitar, Norman "Roly" Sanders on lead guitar, Jesse Sanders on rhythm guitar, George White on saxophone and Leonard Delaney on drums. Their signature song, "Bustin' Surfboards," was one of the first regional, surf instrumental hits to receive national airplay in 1962. The sound of crashing waves gives way to the drums playing a stomping beat, followed by a twangy guitar playing the memorable melody. "Beyond The Surf" was a slow song, which featured a heavily echoed guitar, while the drummer played the cymbals to simulate the sound of waves. Gerald Sanders sings the tale of the "Phantom Surfer," an unfortunate dude who died in a mean riptide, and whose ghost surfs the waves for all eternity!

This collection concludes with a 1999, 25 minute talk by all five members of the group discussing the good old days. Nice, but .. the music is what counts here. Quentin Tarantino included the song "Bustin' Surfboards" in his movie Pulp Fiction and its subsequent soundtrack album. The popularity of that led to the Tornadoes reuniting and recording the album "Bustin' Surfboards '98," some 34 years after their first album, included here in it’s entirety with a few singles and 3 unissued cuts to round out the collection. A must have for all surf fans.

1. Bustin' Surfborads 2. Beyond The Surf 3. Moon Dawg 4. Shootin' Beavers
5. Bumble Bee Stomp 6. The Swag 7. The Gremmie 8. The Inebriated Surfer
9. Malaguena 10. Phantom Surfer 11. Who Was That?!?! 12. Vaquero
13. The Tornado 14. Johnny B. Goode 15. Charge Of Tornadoes
16. The Gremmie Pt. 2 17. Raw-Hide 18. Lightnin' 19. The Tornadoes Talk!


the surf

Four Rooms - OST - Combustible Edison

One of the best soundtracks ever! Utterly forgettable movie.
This soundtrack, like many of the other soundtracks created and pieced together by Quentin Tarantino, is very distinctive with wonderful examples of mixed up jazz and lounge singing, and to top it off, makes an art of martinis! Cocktail and Lounge music performed by Combustible Edison, except two songs, Sentimental Journey and Harlem Nocturne, are performed by Esquivel (compose, arranger, stereo sound pioneer from 50's and 60's). Adds to any party!

1. Vertigogo (Opening Theme) 2. Junglero 3. Four Rooms Swing 4. Theme From 'Bewitched' 5. Tea and Eva In The Elevator 6. Invocation 7. Breakfast At Denny's
8. Strange Brew 9. Coven Of Witches 10. The Earthly Diana 11. Eva Seduces Ted
12. Hallway Ted 13. Headshake Rhumba 14. Skippen, Pukin, Sigfried
15. Angela 16. Punch Drunk 17. Male Bonding 18. Mariachi
19. Antes De Medianoche 20. Sentimental Journey – Esquivel 21. Kids Watch T.V.
22. Champagne and Needles 23. Bullseye 24. Harlem Nocturne - Esquivel
25. The Millionaire's Holiday 26. Ted-o-vater 27. Vertigogo (Closing Credits)
28. 'D' In The Hallway Credits 29. Torchy



Monday, May 5, 2008

Rodrigo Y Gabriela

"Rodrigo y Gabriela" isn't your usual Mexican guitar duo. They don't play Tejano or mariachi music, but flamenco with a serious edge. Their music is at once vibrant, passionate, and thoughtful. All instriumental and all acoustic, although it sometimes does not sound that way. The opening, "Tamacun",evokes a Mexican paradise in its serenity. "Diablo Rojo",with its percussive guitar style, conjures the clicking of an old wooden roller coaster. "Satori",which is the Japanese Zen term for enlightenment/nirvana,is of more a Eastern flavor. "Ixtapa" blends flamenco with gipsy violin; it sounds like a folk song. Rodrigo and Gabriela's covers of Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" and Metallica's "Orion" are celestial. It's at once edgy flamenco and heavy metal with a gentler sound. Put Flamenco and Heavy Metal in a blender and you get this. Very cool! You will keep coming back to it often. A must for all fans of guitar.
1. Tamacun 3:25 2. Diablo Rojo 4:53 3. Vikingman 4:03 4. Satori 5:04 5. Ixtapa 5:14 6. Stairway To Heavan 4:43 7. Orion 7:44 8. Juan Loco 3:27 9. PPA

Get A Board - Various

Shout to Frisian and co. at Boppeslag,they have some of the coolest surf, hot rod and drag on the net --- here's 29 more tracks of pure surf & drag, a must have for any surf fan or collector of rare cds. Every song is a winner my fav is (Morpheous- by The Toads)

1. Baggies - The Bel-Airs 2. Get a Board - Val Rays 3. Swingin' Hangout – Mark four
4. One Mo' Gin – stingrays 5. Morpheous – Toads 6. Varoom - Warner Brothers
7. Misirlou - Roemans 8. Hopped up Mustang –Arlen sanders 9. Slippery When Wet –Dimenshens 10. Side-Swiped - The Torquetts 11. Go Go Yamaha - The Spats
12. Shut 'Em Down in London Town - The Majority 13. Swamp Surfer - Irridescents
14. Surf Bunny Beach - Surf Bunnies 15. Time Bomb - Avengers VI
16. Kick Out - The Safaris 17. Chopper - The Crestones
18. Full Blown Caddy - Emerald City Bandits 19. Surf Bunny –Gene Cray
20. Don't Monkey With Tarzan 21. Go Mustang - The Triptides
22. Baha-Ree-Ra (Pt. 1) – Trademarks 23. Reveille Rock - The Titans
24. Basic Surf - Leon Smith 25. Be Billy – Pat and the Californians
26. Garbage City – Street Cleaners 27. Don't Drag No More - Susan Lynne
28. Trophy Run - Bob Moore & the Temps 29. Leavin' Surf City Dave and the Saints

get a

board dude

Os Ostras - Operacao Submarina

Phil Dirt sez -- This is a great CD. It's half incredibly cool vocals, and half amazingly rich and well done instrumentals. "Intruder / Todo Dia" is a slow and sultry instro with long flowing bass notes and ringing guitar. It's very short, and quite beautiful. It's essentially an intro to "Todo Dia." Fast double picked aggression and great punkoidal drums rock the roll right outta the house! Rhythmic and percussive, "Let's Go" is a sparkling merger of aggressive surf and punk. Very cool! With a "Squad Car" intro, and great duel damped reverb guitars, "Perseguicao (190)" sports horns in the lead with the reverb out front. This is one cool track! It's very simple, but very infectious. "Dick Tracy" is a spy song in a "Pipeline" inspired arrangement with great reverb and cool whammy chords. very simple, and very cool! Damped reverb at a moderate pace beneath a fine surfable melody riff drive this moody aqua zone. Vibrato, reverb, shimmer, and surf. A fine track. In a slightly Oriental arrangement, with ventures string swipes, and a moody rhythm track, "Hong Kong Surfers" is cautiously infectious and slightly happy. It's a really fine track with an excellent melody and upbeat sound. "Operacao Submarina" moves slowly, like a shadow on the horizon, before launching into a tasteful mid tempo surf number. Haunting and atmospheric, with a sense of adventure. This time out, "Missao Impossivel Para Os Ostras" is punked out loud and fast. Heavy and aggressive! This track is unlisted on the sleeve. Tribal flute and drums, with a distant surf guitar run beautifully under a narrative, in some ways like the Treble Spankers' "Araban." Totally cool!

Vocals include the great poppy "Tudo Pra Mim," the fuzz garage "Homem Morto," the fuzz and ska cool "Eu Nao Sabia," the percussive and infectious "Todo Dia," the damped reverb guitar supported "Gol, Gol, Gol," which is one cool song, and the raw "Surf Hardcore."

Well worth it.

Intruder / Todo Dia, Let's Go, Perseguicao (190), Dick Tracy, Missao Impossivel Para Os Ostras (parte L), Hong Kong Surfers, Operacao Submarina, Missao Impossivel Para Os Ostras (parte LL), Back To The West


The Halibuts - Chumming

Chumming sets forth a smooth background of shuffly rock, but its true focus (as with all Halibuts records) is the amazing guitar soloing that tops this — the guitar composition finds an idiosyncratic niche that's somewhere between surf and country, and simply runs through this territory with equal levels of melodic appeal and stunning virtuousity.

1. The Natives Are Restless 2. Blackball 3. Beluga Stroll 4. Impact Zone 5. Bowling Ball Gardens 6. Swell 7. It's A Wonderful Halibut 8. No Minors 9. Flyswatter 10. Molokini By Moonlight 11. A Taste Of Honey 12. The Wetspot 13. Bottom Feeder 14. Banzai Washout 15. Java 16. Grunion Run 17. Chumming

The Romans - You Only Live Once

The Romans were one of Los Angeles' first super-groups with members of the budding art/punk scene sweeping Southern California in the early 80's. With members from Human Hands, Monitor, BPeople, Deadbeats, 45 Grave, Consumers, Tikis, the LAFMS and Green On Red, The Romans added a unique voice to the "LA Punk" movement. While the explosive chemistry of The Romans was short lived, with only 2 full-length LPs ever recorded, band members went on to make rock history with Mazzy Star and Opal. On the debut release, The Romans were Mikey Borens, Pat Delaney, Juan Gomez, Keith Mitchell, and Michael Uhlenkott, and was engineered by the legendary Paul Cutler.
Digitally re-mastered from the original analog tapes under the supervision of founding member Juan Gomez, this is the first time The Romans debut 1983 LP, You Only Live Once has ever been available on CD. In addition to the entire first LP there's exclusive early demos, live tracks and ultra-rare soundtrack cuts from the 80's horror cult classic "The Hideous Sun Demon" starring Jay Leno, rounding out this 21 track CD. They artfully blended punk, noise, surf, country, psych, and rock to create really one of the most unique sounds of the early 80s.

1. Runway 2. Iron Cross 3. Tuned Out 4. Shorebreak 5. Birdbrain 6. Nazarene
7. Small World Romans 9. Blob! 10. Motu Tapu 11. Big Neck 12. What Gives?
13. You Only Live Once 14. Black Romans 15. It's A Lie Romans 16. Slave Romans
17. Birdbrain (demo version) 18. Beebs & Jeebs 19. Footsteps 20. Moonlight
21. Chasm


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