Friday, May 30, 2008

Babalu Music - The Best of "I Love Lucy" Music

It's starting to feel like summer and what a better way to warm up to the season that with some serious bongos and congas. Throw in some nostalgia and you have a clear winner!

While not strictly a soundtrack of the classic television series "I Love Lucy", this CD does have several of the most memorable musical numbers from the show.
The Mertzes and Lucy join in with Desi on "Jingle Bells", "California Here I come" and others. Famous Lucy & Desi numbers include "Cuban Pete", "We're Having a Baby", "There's a Brand New Baby at Our House", and the vocal version of the "I Love Lucy" theme song. These are interspersed with songs taken from classic radio programs featuring Desi. The opening cut by Weird Al Yankovic is a modernized dance version of "Babalu" with dialog from the show spliced in as a rap-like accompaniment. A little annoying at first, but it can grow on you if you let it. In a nice turn, he keeps a low profile on the album, letting the music of the Lucy show speak almost entirely for itself. I thought that showed a respect for the classic series, and more importantly, for Desi's music.

This is a must have for all diehard Lucy fans, or even just casual fans. This will bring back all the great memories from the show...and plus, Desi is just a great musical artist. Well worth the smiles you'll get remembering musical moments from "I Love Lucy".

1. Babalu Music 2. I Love Lucy Theme (Vocal) 3. El Cumbanchero 4. Cuban Pete
5. Babalu 6. We're Having A Baby (My Baby and Me) 7. There's A Brand New Baby At Our House 8. We'll Build A Bungalow 9. Straw Hat Song 10. By The Waters Of Minnetonka 11. California, Here I Come 12. Nobody Loves The Ump
13. Jingle Bells (The One Horse Open Sleigh) 14. The Lady In Red 15. I'm On My Way To Cuba 16. Guadalajara 17. Down Argentine Way 18. In Acapulco 19. Granada
20. Theme From 'I Love Lucy' (Instrumental)

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