Friday, May 16, 2008

Combustible Edison - Schizophonic

This never fails to pick me up when I've got da blues...The over-all feel is breezy and light yet the musicianship is excellent. Top notch sound quality. The masterpiece here, is Morticia, making fine use of the harpsicord and well placed 'la la la la's'. Alright Already reminds me a little of the Odd Couple theme on tv, and Solid State sounds like a cocktail party on a satellite orbiting Mars. I only wish it wasn't so short. Positive fun. Impossible world was released sometime in '98 and that's the last I've heard from them. To bad...I'd really like to hear more!

1 Alright, Already 2 Bluebeard Banquette 3 The Checkered Flag 4 One Eyed Monkey 5 Solid State 6 Les Yeux Sans Visage 7 52 8 Short Double Latté 9 Mudhead 10 Morticia 11 Objet d'Amour 12 The Corner Table 13 Lonelyville



Mr. Trashe said...

Thanks men again, very rare and very interesting thanks, great musicians!!!!!

Bart said...

what can I say, Ur the BEST!!!

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