Monday, May 5, 2008

Get A Board - Various

Shout to Frisian and co. at Boppeslag,they have some of the coolest surf, hot rod and drag on the net --- here's 29 more tracks of pure surf & drag, a must have for any surf fan or collector of rare cds. Every song is a winner my fav is (Morpheous- by The Toads)

1. Baggies - The Bel-Airs 2. Get a Board - Val Rays 3. Swingin' Hangout – Mark four
4. One Mo' Gin – stingrays 5. Morpheous – Toads 6. Varoom - Warner Brothers
7. Misirlou - Roemans 8. Hopped up Mustang –Arlen sanders 9. Slippery When Wet –Dimenshens 10. Side-Swiped - The Torquetts 11. Go Go Yamaha - The Spats
12. Shut 'Em Down in London Town - The Majority 13. Swamp Surfer - Irridescents
14. Surf Bunny Beach - Surf Bunnies 15. Time Bomb - Avengers VI
16. Kick Out - The Safaris 17. Chopper - The Crestones
18. Full Blown Caddy - Emerald City Bandits 19. Surf Bunny –Gene Cray
20. Don't Monkey With Tarzan 21. Go Mustang - The Triptides
22. Baha-Ree-Ra (Pt. 1) – Trademarks 23. Reveille Rock - The Titans
24. Basic Surf - Leon Smith 25. Be Billy – Pat and the Californians
26. Garbage City – Street Cleaners 27. Don't Drag No More - Susan Lynne
28. Trophy Run - Bob Moore & the Temps 29. Leavin' Surf City Dave and the Saints

get a

board dude


brad32 said... least 40 hits and no comments...well, I'll leave ya one. Thanks for the tunes, don't know a lot on here, but it looks fab

DaBoss said...

Thanks for the comment,brad. always appreciated that someone is liking it. Lots of fab stuff here so enjoy.

nesquitang said...

Great songs. Thanks for this collection Hot Rod/Surf Songs. Enjoyed it.
Greetings from Belgium.

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