Friday, May 30, 2008

Susan and the Surftones - Originals

Said it before, and it's worth repeating, this is some of the best original, modern surf instrumental music that I have found. There are no bad songs on this CD, and every one is awash in guitars, reverb, and organs, combined with a strong melody and beat. If you are a fan of classic melodic surf instrumentals, such as Pipeline, Walk Don't Run, etc. (as opposed to the more aggressive style of Dick Dale), then you'll enjoy the music on this CD.

1. Blue Hammer 99 2. Stinger 67 3. Tiki Kiki 4. Sunburn 5. Clam Digger
6. Spaghetti Beach 7. Tramp 8. Spanish Wave 9. Beat Rider 10. Barbados Twist 11. Tabu 12. Deep Blue Goodbye 13. Space Spider 14. The Blue Hammer


Trustar said...

Good showing Big Boss Man

Susan and the Surftones are always a great play.

Thanks for sharing


1Surfrider said...

Da Boss-

Here's an open invite for all surfheads, beachnuts and all cool cats and kittens, the Ocean City Maryland Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation is having their annual longboard surf contest on the 37th street beach in beautiful Ocean City Maryland.

The contest is this Saturday followed by a free dance and show featuring the Diamondheads Surf Band at Castaways on 64th Street.

It's been a real fun day at the beach in years past and this year the party on Saturday promises to be a real old fashioned SURF STOMP!!

I'll be there sporting my new leg brace, I hope you all will be too.

Troy McClure said...

Hi there,

I have uploaded some music from the Spanish surf band LOS CORONAS on my blog. Ripped @ 320kbps, decently tagged and with covers. I'd be happy if you drop by my place.

Thanks and keep on posting!

theimpostor1975 said...

can you please upload the album.

theimpostor1975 said...

can you upload the album again please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

theimpostor1975 said...

can you please upload the album.

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