Friday, May 30, 2008

The Vara-Tones - Jetty Subject to High Surf

Bill Epps and Rich Campbell formed The Vara-Tones in 1961. They are one of the original surf groups that were around when the first wave started. They were most active between '63-'65, during the height of the surf-instro craze. Over thirty years later they have returned as revitalized granddads of a genre that has been experiencing tremendous growth and renewed interest from all outlets of the media, including an entirely new and very hip fan base.
If you like authentic surf-lover-composed surf this izza great CD. These guys know how to set up the surf-reverb big guitar sound, play their instruments, AND compose authentic styled songs that range (in an admittedly limited genre) from driving, major-minor-chord power blowouts, to calm impressionist sunset-on-the-water knockouts. They've struck a clean balance of mood... sheer fun tinged with the surf-"sense of the numinous" mystical awe. If you're only gonna own one surf-genre CD and you're looking for the best one, this is probably it. If you love surf music, what excuse is there for not owning THIS sucker...? It's that good. Really.

1. Surf Blaster 2. Over the Edge 3. El Sereno 4. Invasion of the V-People 5. Midnight in Mazatlan 6. The Jetty 7. Rendezvous Run 8. Vara-Tone Stomp 9. Varafied 10. Repeto 2000 11. Sunset At the Wedge 12. Groo-V-Chicken 13. Drumbox 14. Repeto ('64)


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