Monday, May 5, 2008

Os Ostras - Operacao Submarina

Phil Dirt sez -- This is a great CD. It's half incredibly cool vocals, and half amazingly rich and well done instrumentals. "Intruder / Todo Dia" is a slow and sultry instro with long flowing bass notes and ringing guitar. It's very short, and quite beautiful. It's essentially an intro to "Todo Dia." Fast double picked aggression and great punkoidal drums rock the roll right outta the house! Rhythmic and percussive, "Let's Go" is a sparkling merger of aggressive surf and punk. Very cool! With a "Squad Car" intro, and great duel damped reverb guitars, "Perseguicao (190)" sports horns in the lead with the reverb out front. This is one cool track! It's very simple, but very infectious. "Dick Tracy" is a spy song in a "Pipeline" inspired arrangement with great reverb and cool whammy chords. very simple, and very cool! Damped reverb at a moderate pace beneath a fine surfable melody riff drive this moody aqua zone. Vibrato, reverb, shimmer, and surf. A fine track. In a slightly Oriental arrangement, with ventures string swipes, and a moody rhythm track, "Hong Kong Surfers" is cautiously infectious and slightly happy. It's a really fine track with an excellent melody and upbeat sound. "Operacao Submarina" moves slowly, like a shadow on the horizon, before launching into a tasteful mid tempo surf number. Haunting and atmospheric, with a sense of adventure. This time out, "Missao Impossivel Para Os Ostras" is punked out loud and fast. Heavy and aggressive! This track is unlisted on the sleeve. Tribal flute and drums, with a distant surf guitar run beautifully under a narrative, in some ways like the Treble Spankers' "Araban." Totally cool!

Vocals include the great poppy "Tudo Pra Mim," the fuzz garage "Homem Morto," the fuzz and ska cool "Eu Nao Sabia," the percussive and infectious "Todo Dia," the damped reverb guitar supported "Gol, Gol, Gol," which is one cool song, and the raw "Surf Hardcore."

Well worth it.

Intruder / Todo Dia, Let's Go, Perseguicao (190), Dick Tracy, Missao Impossivel Para Os Ostras (parte L), Hong Kong Surfers, Operacao Submarina, Missao Impossivel Para Os Ostras (parte LL), Back To The West



glauberovsky said...

the drummer [clayton] is a friend of mine...his new band [detetives] is amazing...he's a great rock n'roll songwriter too.

GLAUBER [brazil]

Unknown said...

Hey...i'm very interested in this album, but the link is invalid...

Can you post again?

Any mistake, i'm sorry, i'm brazilian and i'm learning english

very thanks !

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