Friday, May 16, 2008

Susan and the Surftones - Night in Old Town

Another modern surf group not getting the recognition they deserve ---
This is one of the best sets of original, modern surf instrumental music that I have found. Every track is awash in guitars, reverb, and organs, combined with a strong melody and beat. If you are a fan of classic melodic surf instrumentals, such as Pipeline, Walk Don't Run, etc. (as opposed to the more aggressive style of Dick Dale), then you'll enjoy this a well.

1 Vincent 87 2 Deathmobile 3 Over You 4 Shanghai Hotel 5 Chinese Rock 6 End of Days 7 For Your Love 8 Night in Old Town 9 Mexican Spaceman 10 If Not You



Troy McClure said...

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The Fairy Godfather said...

great blog, and yes i am a bit of a twit! I found the atoms link to subscibe at the bottom of your main page!

THXjay said...

Hey Boss!

Haven't been around the Cigar Lounge for a while so I'm doing some "catch-up" shopping :)

I must say the music is great and so are the prices ;)


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