Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dancehall Stringbusters Vol.2 - Crunchy Guitar Instros from the '60's

Following hot on the heels of our groundbreaking Lost Legends of Surf Guitar series, Sundazed’s new earth-shaking compilation—Dancehall Stringbusters! Crunchy Guitar Instros From The ’60s vol. 2— is an instant Friday night kegger that features a stunning array of hallowed, guitar-slinging heroes. From the twangy gee-tar sounds of Joe Maphis to the reverb-soaked magic of Keetie & the Kats, this rumbling noisemaker spotlights wall-to-wall, six-string sounds from revered guitar heroes like Roy Buchanan and Phil Baugh to forgotten stringbending warriors every bit as devastating—Bobby Wayne, the Fugitives, the Belmont Five and the Maybees take a back seat to no one. Remarkably, these 20 tracks, chock-full of growling fretboard mojo, form a cohesive statement through the very attribute they all share: they can’t be pigeon-holed. TWANGERIFFICO!

1. Cobra - Belmont Five 2. Mule Train Stomp - Roy Buchanan
3. Cyclone - Bobby Wayne 4. Water Baby Boogie - Joe Maphis
5. The Finger - Phil Baugh 6. Mushroom Machine (Part 1) - Bobby Arlin with the Hustlers 7. Scorpion - The Carnations 8. Buttons and Bows - The Maybees
9. Pretty Please - Roy Buchanan 10. Braggin' - Bob Moore and the Temps
11. Chattanooga - Phil Baugh 12. Torquila - Bobby Wayne
13. Strollin' in the Alley - Belmont Five 14. Third Man Theme - The Maybees
15. Way Out - Keetie and the Kats 16. Cyclon - The Travelors
17. The Swag - The Tornadoes 18. Trophy Run - Bob Moore and the Temps
19. Bobby's Boogie #1 - Bobby Wayne
20. Mushroom Machine (Part 2) - Bobby Arlin with the Hustler


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