Tuesday, October 30, 2007

White Noise - Electric Storm

When this album came out in 1969, it was far beyond anything anyone was doing. A Saucerful of Secrets by Pink Floyd- Pfft! Not even close. This was just before the advent of the Moog synthesizer so what you'll hear may sound like synthesis, but is actually tape-splicing taken to the 11th degree. What first interested me was the fact that one of Europe's greatest free drummers to this day- Paul Lytton- was a member. This album is a blend of three musical styles that are now in very diverse camps: Noise (Merzbow, etc.) electronica and pychedelicia.

The White Noise project had its origins in the BBC's Radiophonic Workshop, whose previous claim to worldwide fame was the theme music to Doctor Who. The workshop was peopled by a small team of technical wizards and musicians whose principal function was to generate futuristic effects and music for BBC TV and radio programs. With no keyboard-based polyphonic synthesizers available to them, every last chord had to be assembled from numerous tape edits painstakingly stuck together. Much use was made of musique concrète techniques, whereby physically generated sounds would be subjected to all manner of electronic distortion and tape manipulation.

Having heard Pink Floyd’s recently released A Saucerful of Secrets, a lengthy instrumental track on which a drum riff underpins a cacophony of noise, in order to complete the album they needed something fast. The result was the hair-raising -- "Black Mass: An Electric Storm in Hell," which replaces Saucerful's heavenly choir with the sound of souls screaming in eternal torment. Simply, one of the scariest pieces of music ever recorded. It's an album that sounds like no other.

By 1970, however, White Noise had been overtaken by events. As the Moog synthesizer became widely available, the kind of equipment used by the Radiophonic Workshop team became obsolete almost overnight. And since it was this very equipment that gave the White Noise album so much of its charm, there was never any question of a full-scale follow-up.

1. Love Without Sound 2. My Game of Loving 3. Here Come the Fleas 4. Firebird 5. Your Hidden Dreams 6. Visitations 7. Black Mass: An Electric Storm in Hell


Tuxedo Moon -- Desire

The Residents liked these guys enough to sign them to their label, which says something about how truly spectacular this fringe music sounds. Tuxedomoon combine bread-and-butter pop instruments with a perverse yet perfect blend of violin, saxophone, theremin, clarinet, drum machine, farfisa organ and synthesizers. The lyrics, delivered in a creepy, theatrical tenor-baritone, range from abstract and subtly humorous to downright wacky.
Tuxedomoon are all about texture, humor, existentialism and invention. While slicker than their debut Half-Mute, Desire delves even more deeply into texture and sheer coolness. There are few songs in the annals of modern music to rival the coolness of "In The Name of Talent" or "Desire", nevermind the mind-melting hilarity of "Holiday For Plywood". For anybody with a penchant for the unusual and brilliant, there is nothing like Desire anywhere, and I don't hesitate to recommend it to the musically adventurous. Stands up more than twenty five years after its release, and it always will.

1 East/Jinx/.../Music #1 2 Victims of the Dance 3 Incubus (Blue Suit) 4 Desire 5 Again
6 In the Name of Talent (Italian Western Two) 7 Holiday for Plywood
8 New Machine 9 Litebulb Overkill 10 Nite and Day (Hommage à Cole Porter) 11 No Tears



Flying Lizards

This 1979 album from the experimental band Flying Lizards contains at last four classics: Der Song von Mandalay, TV, Summertime Blues and Money (That's What I Want). The first is a camp ballad with a gripping female vocal, the second is a weird and hypnotic pop song sung partly in French that reminds me of the artist Cristina of the famous Ze label. It ends in a series of atonal vocal loops. The third and the fourth are minimalist deconstructions of the old classics; the first with an aloof female lead vocal with male vocal infusions and strange innovative percussion, the second quite similar but with more charming electronic bleeps and found sounds.

The other songs like Her Story and The Flood are not as memorable and are mainly percussive explorations, sometimes with muffled vocal samples. Tracks like Trouble and Events During Flood fall into the ambient category, being quite moody and evocative instrumentals. The amazing thing about this album is the variety of themes and sounds on it. One song appropriately called guitars is just that, a lot of guitar noise. Something only the 'Lizards would get away with doing. Contrast this with the next song which is plain eerie, called The Window. A nice little vampire song adding a darker side to the album. Following this is Tube, which is a very experimental song, light and breezy in its intro then kind of blending into a mish mash of discordant sounds which somehow achieves a very funky sort of sound. The last song on the album is an extended version of Money - a brilliant one I might add
Chock full of apathy, irony, and oddness, the album stands alone among its (mostly forgotten) peers as an example of just how far out there pop music can get and still be endlessly playable. Masterful in its own deliberately insignificant way.

1.Mandelay Song [From "Happy End"] 2. Her Story 3. TV 4. Russia 5. Summertime Blues 6. Money (That's What I Want) 7. Flood 8. Trouble 9. Events During Flood 10. Window 11. All Guitars 12. Tube 13. Money (That's What I Want) [Single Edit]



Fullblown - Agents of Entropy

Fullblown emerge briefly from the gutters of Omaha with a fiery release, in what is apparently their swan song, so that they may pursue other endeavors. Unfortunately, this is the way things work sometimes, however, they leave us this gem that combines all the sci-fi, juvenile delinquent, surf rock-a-billy you ever greased your hair to. We tip a Bud in toast to this most excellent send off in Fullblown's final quarter mile.

Ghoul's the Rule 2. Down With Slavery 3. Doctor's Daughter 4. Could be Disaster 5. Hail Damage 6. Scene One 7. Negative Nine 8. Venganza Insaciable 9. Death by Sodomy 10. Soul Prison 11. Nubian Lust 12. The Perfect Setting

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween Treat -Blue Hawiians - Christmas on the Big Island

Six of the tracks are instrumentals and four tracks are songs with vocals. The album is a lot of fun. The arrangements and compositions of the classics were so fresh and original it makes them seem new again. It's definitely a talented band that can take the melody from South Pacific's Bali High and turn it into a lead in to Blue Christmas. The vocals hint at Elvis/Roy Orbison/Chris Isaac while the instrumentals are dripping in salt water with snow on the upper peaks of the island. More laid back than the Los Straightjackets or the Ventures Xmas efforts, this still has the BH’s signature relaxing/seductive vibe. Whether you are a avid surfer, beach boy at heart or just a lover of the old school tiki sound, try this... you will not be sorry.

1 Christmas Time Is Here 2 Jingle Jangle 3 White Christmas 4 Jungle Bells 5 Blue Christmas 6 Christmas on Big Island 7 Have Yourself a Quiet Little Christmas 8 Mele Kalikimaka 9 We Four King (Little Drummer Boy) 10 Enchanted Xmas


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Halloween Treat - Tribute To Link Wray

I love tributes and this one is a doozy. There's a lot more variety in styles present than one might expect from a "surf" album, as Link Wray went through many different genres in his long career. In this case, some wonderfully obscure surprises are side-by-side with covers of well-known classics.

Southern Culture on the Skids (who could easily do an entire Link tribute themselves), Deke Dickerson, Throw Rag, Pollo Del Mar and a host of others tackle the Fuzz-Master's material with great results, fun is had by all. The only way this could be better is if the Red Elvises and Guitar Wolf were also on it, but hey, maybe they're saving that for Volume Two!
Also recommended is Link Protrudi album "Hit and Run", which also contains numerous Wray covers.

SO MANY highlights!!! Spy-Fi's "The Shadow Knows" (with Phantom Frank, of Holland's The Treble Spankers); "The Outlaw" and "Comanche" by The Hellbenders and The Volcanos (would you believe they're the same band?); The Space Cossacks' "Mustang"; Dave Wronski's "Ace Of Spades" (sounding like it came right out of a Clint Eastwood western); Fifty Foot Combo's "Slinky"; Hypnomen's "Rumble Mambo"; The Downers' "Genocide" (really, also the Hypnomen!). Then there's "Deacon Jones", a wild romp that, to date, is my favorite Woggles track; Calexico's "Fallin' Rain" (a gorgeous piece which reminds me of The Byrds in their "country" period). So much great music, so little time. Lock and load with this one, it does Link pruod.
1.Raw-Hide - Mystery Action 2. Ain't That Loving You, Babe - Bleed 3. The Shadow Knows - Spy-Fi 4. The Outlaw - The Hellbenders 5. I'm So Glad I'm So Proud - Throw Rag
6. Friday Night Dance Party - The Ledgers 7. Soul Train - The Fleshtones
8. Mustang - The Space Cossacks 9. Ace Of Spades - Dave Wronski
10. Slinky - Fifty Foot Combo 11. Rumble Mambo - Hypnomen
12. Deacon Jones - The Woggles 13. Fire And Brimstone - Boss Martians
14. Fallin' Rain - Calexico 15. Genocide - The Downers
16. I'm Branded - Southern Culture On The Skids 17. Baby Doll - Gore Gore Girls
18. The Girl Can't Dance - Evan Foster 19. Jack The Ripper - Pollo Del Mar
20. Comanche - The Volcanos 21. Run Chicken Run - Jackie & The Cedrics
22. Run Boy Run - Deke Dickerson & The Eccofonics 23. Rumble - The Bambi Molesters
24. Roughshod - Four Piece Suit

SI - Surf Guitar Comp

I went shopping so you don't have to. Every now and then a store vanity label comes up with something really good. This is one of those few times. Here is one of the most enjoyable comps I have ever heard, that's saying alot from being in the business for over 30 years.
It is a showcase for 2 of my favorite modern surf groups -- The Blue Hawiians and Jetpack -- both full lengths can be found in Fat City's archives. There are a few excellent cuts by the Boss Martins/Evan Foster and the obligatory inclusion of Dick Dale to round it out. Thorughly rad from beginning to end. This one is good enough to have a permanent place in yur collection.
Lounge patrons should already have the BH's and Jet Pack, if not, this is a good way to sample their excellently tasty wares. For new customers, this is one BOSS beginning for catching a wave.
1.Searchin' for Da Cat - Blue Hawaiians 2.Banzai Pipeline - Blue Hawaiians 3.Esperanza - Dick Dale 4.Martini Five-O - Blue Hawaiians 5.The Fury – Jetpack 6.Last Days of Summer - Blue Hawaiians 7.Brasil '69 - Boss Martians 8.Quiet Surf - Blue Hawaiians 9.Bus Stop – Jetpack 10.Motel Nowhere – Jetpack 11.The New Victor - Dick Dale 12.Embrujada - Evan Foster
All modern surf, raging torrents of twang and fuzz. The name say is all. Love Hillbilly Frankenstein -- too bad I can't find anything they have done as a single source instead of cuts on comps only. Well, enjoy what we get.

1.Los Straightjackets / Kawanga 2.Laika & the Cosmonauts / Don't Monkey With Tarzan 3.Agent Orange / Tiki Ti 4.Cowslingers, The / 18 Wheels to Hell 5.Goldentones, The / Midnight 6.Vice Royals, The / Perpetration 7.Buzzed Meg / Buzzed Meg Theme 8.Hillbilly Frankenstein / Hypnoticz Part 1 9.Ultras, The / The Ultra Factor 10.Ray Corvair Trio / Carl Needs A Pill 11.BB & the Stingers / Slow Burn 12.Supertones, The / Torque Wrench 13.Mermen, The / Soul Surfin' 14.Los Straightjackets / Challenger 15.Allan, Dave & the Arrows with Dick Dale / Surf Trek



Surf Monsters -- Past, Present and Future

Surf monsters
Decent comp from Del-Fi, this CD does a great job of dragging surf music into the modern era, preparing it for the 21st century. It also uses classic surf artists to show where its been, and modern artist that give a fesh and new look at were its goin'. Surf music is in good hands. Highlights include Bomboras, Satans Pilgrims, and the Cocktail Preachers track. Smokin' guitar on that track, equipped with bouncy whammy bar. Good all around introduction to the world of surf. Surfheads probably have most of the cuts on here, non surfheads can try lots of bands from all time periods to get a feel of the evolution of the music.

1.Man Or Astoman? - Flotation Devices For Frequencies Yet To Be Determined 2.The Bomboras - Planet Of The Apehangers 3.Satan's Pilgrims - Harem Nocturne 4.The Original Surfaris – Bombora 5.Huevos Rancheros - Beach Blanket Blackout 6.Dave Myers & The Surftones - Church Key 7.The Centurions - Bullwinkle Pt. II 8.The Cocktail Preachers - Albatross Joe 9.The Sentinals – Exotic 10.Barbacca - Northern Spy 11.The Tiki Tones - The Island Of Lost Souls 12.Dave Myers & The Surftones - Moment Of Truth 13.The Dynotones - Devil's Martini 14.The Space Cossacks - The Apes Of Wrath 15.The Impacts - Wipe Out 16.The Sub-Mersians - Dr. Yes 17.The Lively Ones – Miserlou 18.The Sentinals - Big Surf 19.Powerjive - Surf Session At Sunset 20.The Lively Ones - Surf Rider



Monday, October 22, 2007

Gein and the GraveRobbers - The Passion of the Anti-Christ

Named for one of America's most notorious serial killers (his exploits helped inspire the movies Psycho and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Gein and the GraveRobbers generate a suitably brutal and unforgiving sonic assault, combining the skull-crushing power of Dick Dale, who met the Cramps, who met Iron Maiden who met Slayer and they all got drunk and partied together. This instro is CRUSHING – heavy beats, shredding guitar, monstro rhythms – this is the best surf metal you’ll hear. Perfect for Halloween. Beware, my lovelies. Don’t make me send out the flying monkeys!

1.Invocation 2.The Hungry Grave 3.The Phantom of Route 4.Black Sunday 5.Of Gods and Monsters 6.Brackish Soul 7.Nine Day Fall 8.The Creeping Unknown 9.House of Skulls 10.Unhallowed 11.Severed 12.Gemini 13.Into the Abby of Thelema


The Metrolites - In Spy- Fi

Hi guys. The title says it all. From hot lounge instrumentals ("Tiki") to the fun vocals of Scott Morschhauser on "Middle Class Hell" and "Cyclops Optometrist," the Metrolites rock! Woven together like the sound track to a spy movie by variations on "The Man From M.E.T.R.O." theme, these songs form an eclectic mix of spy, lounge, rockabilly, and spaghetti western. Instrumentation is top notch with "Nervous" Neal Smith providing the hot saxophone, to Morschhauser's cool digital vibrophone. Kathleen Gallagher blazes a hot guitar trail following the steady beat of Josh Duffy on drums and Devin Kirby-Hansen on bass. If you're like me and familiar with rock and pop music, you'll feel at home with this CD while taking a slight detour in the world of Tiki lounges and martini bars. However you slice it, The Metrolites are fun spy fi like the Omega Men. When things are odd in your life, listen carefully and you'll hear The Metrolites playing your soundtrack. GW amazon

The Man From M.E.T.R.O 2. Nails 3. Sin 4. The Blob 5. Gunfight at the Zombie Mineshaft 6. Ten Little Women 7. The Man From M.E.T.R.O. Takes Five 8. Cyclops Optometrist 9. The Abominable Dr. Vibes 10. The Man in the Dorian Gray Flannel Suit 11. Land of the Giants 12. Middle Class Hell 13. The Man From M.E.T.R.O. a la Conga 14. Empty Bed 15. TV Drugs 16. June's Mystery Theme (No Matter What the Score Is) 17. Tiki 18. Love Theme from The Man From M.E.T.R.O.



Retroliners - Subway Surfing- Dark Surf

Retroliners – Subway Surfing

Phil Dirt --An interesting CD for adventurous surf fans, or rock instro fans without narrow limits. 2004

"You can't surf in Hoboken, but that hasn't stopped the Mile Square City's one and only instrumental surf-rock instrumental combo. With song titles like Beta Wave, Space Needle Stomp, (theme from) The Sleuth, and Hoboken Hitman, it's easy to guess that the Retroliners delve into the many sub-genres of surf rock, using sci-fi and spy-movie themes. The CD even includes several live tracks recorded at the famous CBGB's (including a cover of the B-52's Rock Lobster). It's bouncy and peppy, with lots of surfadelic riffs. If your favorite twist song is Wipeout and you never miss a rerun of Hawaii 5-0, then this disc might be for you." - The Jersey Journal

Subway Surfing 2. Caught in the Undertow 3. El Toro Vencedor 4. Beta Wave 5. Space Needle Stomp 6. Hoboken Hitman 7. Past Curfew 8. Step Lively! 9. Spies in the Palace 10. Andy Warhol 11. The Sleuth 12. Chelsea Beat 13. Catwalk 14. Bullet Train 15. Transylvania Twist (Live at CBGBs) 16. Monica (Live at CBGBs) 17. Lithium (Live at CBGBs) 18. Harlem Nocturne (Live at CBGBs) 19. Rock Lobster (Live at CBGBs)



Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fat City Cigar Lounge Presents -- Brandonio's Fright Fest 1

Hi everyone! Here is a real Halloween treat for you. I am proud to present Fat City’s first guest created compilation, Brandonio’s Fright Fest. Our buddy, Brandonio, graciously took the time and effort to sort out all the ghastly ghostly ghoulishly delicious tunes from his vast collection to put together this AWESOME comp of raise the zombies monster cuts. Not your traditional Halloween smarmy junk. Oh, no. Texas Chainsaw Massacre cool. Halloween is his favorite time of year and here’s the proof. Stuff that stays with you for days and nights and sounds devilish anytime of year. Guaranteed to make you shiver with delight.

Hey, he even did the cover art!! He says, “The Ghoul on the cover is none other Sammy Terry a local Horror show host that used to be quite popular back in the day. He used to scare the crap out of everybody who dared to stay up late and watch him every Saturday night. The spider who is next to him [yes I put that one there ] is named, and I kid you not, "George". Is this a quinky dink or what? “

I’ve been called worse. ;-) Big THANK YOU to Brandonio, he really knows his stuff, and classes up da place real good. Get his comp and find out for yourself.

Brandonio's Fright Fest 1

Hello boils and ghouls! It's that time of year again. Halloween is coming up in few weeks and some of you are still probably deciding on the costume that you’re going to wear to buddy's Halloween party. Something scary, silly, or sexy [I hope that's just the chicks].

Well, I've been busy compiling an audio accompaniment for your little Monster Shindig. Life in general needs a good soundtrack and Halloween is no exception. What you dig up here is a mix of spooky surf, moon crazed rockabilly, and lurking sounds from the unknown. I think this will be pleasant and discomforting listening at the same time.

Some of you will notice there are a few songs that might bleed into each other, but you won't even care after you toss back a few shots of that green slimy stuff with the mystery lumps your fiend has concocted for the uninvited creeps that always lurk in unexpected.

I could have made 2 volumes of music, trust me. Maybe with a little encouragement I will, we'll just see how this goes.

As for this Fright Fest before you, some of this was recorded from scratchy 45's so get over it, it's makes it all that much creepier if you you ask me. As much as I'd like to go into some the acts on this comp, I think the music and sounds will squeek for themselves.

I really tried to capture the sound of Halloween not just some scary sounding song title, I mean the song "Go Go Girl" by the Fiends doesn't ring ScArY does it? Just wait until you hear it. Well, Germs and Vamps try not to drool too much, DaBoss is watching and you’ll have to clean it up afterwards.

Go get it now! Brandonio

Full cover art in file all at 320 for good scares.

Please enjoy and tell us what you think. There could be lots more in the future if the demand is there.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Shots In The Dark -- Henry Mancini Tribute

Shots in The Dark -- Henry Mancini Tribute

The spys are back with this incredible tribute to the master of movie scores --Henry Mancini. This is one of the best tribute albums ever released. The songs are played in a variety of styles, with 16 instrumentals and four vocals.

Henry Mancini's songs remain theoretically intact but are presented in such a different context, mostly a hard edged, surf rock reverb guitar meets late 50's space-age, bachelor-pad swing sound, that it instantly became one of the most ambitious tribute albums ever contemplated.
There are plenty of musical quirks that would seem absurd but work to perfection: a laughing clown (don't ask) in the midst of "The Pink Panther Theme", a "space phone" (again, don't ask) on "Lonesome", and best of all, actual vintage NASA transmissions floating through the mesmerizing "Dreamsville". Each group went out on a limb with their interpretations and somehow it pulled together to form a cohesive and deviously entertaining whole.

It's hard to pick a favorite, because there are so many good tracks here, but special mention has to go to Nan Vernon, who sings an absolutely mesmerizing version of "Moon River". There is also an unlisted bonus track where she sings the song in Japanese. I highly recommend this CD.

1. Banzai Pipeline - The Boardwalker 2. Baby Elephant Walk - The Jigsaw Seen
3. Peter Gunn Theme - Poison Ivy (Of The Cramps) 4. Charade (Instrumental) - The Blue Hawaiians 5. Something For Cat - Four Piece Suit 6. Mr. Lucky - Elliot Easton's Tiki Gods
7. The Pink Panther Theme - Oranj Symphonette 8. Lonesome - Friends Of Dean Martinez
9. The Party - The Wondermints 10. Monkey Farm - The Tiki Tones
11. A Shot In The Dark - Whiskey Biscuit 12. Touch Of Evil - Man or Astroman?
13. Days Of Wine And Roses - Wonderful World Of Joey
14. Dreamsville - Br. Cleve & His Lush Orchestra
15. Push The Button, Max! - Del Noah & The Mt. Ararat Finks
16. Charade (Vocal) - Farina 17. Mr. Yunioshi - Insect Surfers
18. Arabesque - The Huntington Cads 19. Experiment In Terror - Davie Allan & The Arrows
20. Moon River - Nan Vernon 21. Moon River – Nan Vernon (Japanese)



Surf Trio -- Forbidden Sounds

Surf Trio - Forbidden Sounds

Okay, so they're really a 4-piece and they definitely ain't just a surf band. But before there ever was a surf revival, before punk rock was topping the charts, there was the Surf Trio, combining the best of both worlds with a sound that owed as much to the Ramones as to Dick Dale.

It has about 5 tracks that are really good, including the exceptional "Forbidden Fruit". "Little Death Coupe", "Salt Bath", "Vibrosurf", "Surfin' With The Mountain King" and "Calico Cat" are pretty good. "Calico Cat" deviates a little from the rest of the album with a very strong jazz sound. The hidden track, a cover of the Ramones "Judy Is A Punk", is well done. Tracks 1 and 11 are extremely short "gimmick tracks" (They don't add up to 30 seconds between the two) and not really anything to measure the album on. The album is mostly instrumental, with three tracks that feature singing. The aforementioned hidden track, their cover of Tra-La-La and their original vocal input "Party in My Dorm" are fun.

1. Hey Man, Cut the Comedy 2. Salt Bath 3. Vibrosurf 4. Bring Me the Head of Geraldo Rivera 5. Agent Invisible Goes West 6. Claskaine 7. Little Death Coupe 8. Party In My Dorm 9. Forbidden Fruit 10. Perfidia 11. Being for the Benefit of Mr. French 12. Foglifter 13. Sharkskin Board 14. Surfin' With the Mountain King 15. Surfwalk 16. Water Witch 17. Badolero! 18. To Surf With Love 19. Calico Cat 20. (Hey, we're the millionth band to do) Tra-La-La (The Banana Splits Song) 21. Untitled Hidden track


When you are done with Forbidden Sounds -- go over to Trustar Vibrations and get thier first effort -- Curse of the Surf Trio. Also get all 4 of the Dogs Bollocks series he's posting -- they are ALL excellent. DaBoss guarantees you will have serious rockin' with them.

Surfin' Senorita -- Surf Tribute To Herb Aplert

Surfin' Senorita - Surf Tribute To Herb Alpert
Tribute to Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. There's a real variety of style here, but one common thread throughout--it's all FUN. Be sure to check out `Whip Cream' by the Exotics and `Tijuana Taxi' by Donna Ho.
1. Bittersweet Samba - Space Cossacks
2. Surfin' Senorita - Insect Surfers
3. Spanish Flea - Sir Finks
4. The Work Song - Herb
5. Mexican Shuffle - Slacktone
6. Whipped Cream - Exotics
7. Struttin' With Maria - Herman The German
8. A Taste Of Honey - Halibuts
9. Memories Of Madrid - Sandblasters
10. South Of The Border - Pollo Del Mar
11. Third Man Theme - Slackmates
12. Lonely Bull - 3 Balls Of Fire
13. Green Peppers - Satan's Pilgrims
14. Wade In The Water - Squid Vicious' Overdose
15. Tijuana Taxi - Donna Ho

Heavy Surf - Outstanding Modern Surf Comp

Heavy Surf - Can surf music be played with an Gibson LP and a Mesa Boogie stack??? Hell, yes. Great, sometimes hilarious mix of deep reverb and absolute metal sledgehammer guitar. Not a weak track in the collection. A wide variety of songs energetically played by bands who obviously grew up listening to the traditional surf guitar masters, and also spent time listening to modern influences like punk rock, and heavy metal. Favorites are Surf Pit, Sandpaper Paddles, Death of a Reventlo, King Kong, Phasing Spider Menace, and El Toro Muerto Con Queso.

1.Mark Brodie / The Shores of Hell 2.The Heatscores / The Drifter 3.Cadillac Angels / Outlaw Beatnik 4.3 Balls of Fire / Rumble in Congo 5.Davie Allan & The Arrows / Six String Highway 6.Davie Allan & The Arrows / Fast and Loose 7.Lonbego Surfers / Rising Surf 8.Daikaiju / The Phasing Spider Menace 9.Surf Report / Sandpaper Paddles 10.Surf Report / Heptane 11.The Reventlos / Death of a Reventlo 12.The Reventlos / King Kong 13.Robert Johnson & Punchdrunks / Surf as Houdini 14.The Surfmotherfuckers / Killing an Arab 15.Insect Surfers / Batwave 16.Huevos Rancheros / El Toro Muerto con Queso 17.Planet Seven / Another Human Error 18.Planet Seven / Lara's Theme 19.Plank / Sex Wax 20.Plank / Cadillacin’ 21.Surfin' Dead / The Pop Killer Cometh 22.Surf Sluts / Dragster 23.Hillbilly Soul Surfers / Scooter Trash 24.Chum / Surf Pit 25.Los Plantronics / Satan Stole my Surfboard



Wednesday, October 10, 2007

JetPack - Planet Reverb

JetPack is another instro band worth getting to know. They are on the same record label and have the same producer as the faves Blue Hawiians and they are in that slightly more laid back style. They are very subtle, and smoothly change styles from track to track and within a cut. In 'Pedro' – it opens with a beautiful spanish guitar, then sound effects and shouts (humor), which lead to a very dramatic trumpet part (transition from humor to drama), blending to rock guitar then more trumpet. Now bridge this smoothly to the next track with a short intro followed by Mystery Prom - a hand holding, walk in the park, watching the sunset, apple pie, slow dance. Plenty of twang, some surf and near surf but this is not your traditional surf, and not as psyched out as the Mermen. Closer to the Aqua Velvets. Really nice.

All the tracks are originals except Bus Stop and Sounds of Silence. Jetpack does Sounds of Silence as an uptempo Surf tune. Simon and Garfunkel only wished they could groove so well. Planet Reverb is easily distinguishable from any surf disc I have. That's the mark of a great band.
1. Motel Nowhere 2. Fury 3. Bus Stop 4. Pacifica 5. Get Even! 6. Agent J 7. Lunik 2 8. Texas Longboard 9. Pedro 10. Intro 11. Mystery Prom 12. Fail Safe 13. Sound of Silence 14. Return of Pedro

JetPack - Surfin' To No Doubt

JetPack - Surfin' To No Doubt

This is what Jetpack can do with purely vintage styles (not to mention extremely aggressive guitar playing) on their Surfin’ To No Doubt cover cd. I don’t know why they chose this as a group to cover but it is fun – even if you are not a No Doubt fan. Here you can have JetPack playing the heavy old-school surf sounds (with tons and tons of reverb). Even though the tunes are all covers it grows on you. I love it without knowing what any of the original songs are. You might too.

1. Hey baby 3.14 2. Sunday morning 4.21 3. Don’t speak 4.23 4. Just a girl 5.17 5. Simple kind of life 4.10 6. Bathwater 5.03 7. Don’t let me down 4.57 8. Spider webs 4.00 9. Running 4.10 11. Hella good 2.32 12. Underneath it all



Atomic 7 - For Your Pleasure

Atomic 7 - En Hillbilly Caliente

After Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet broke up, guitarist Brian Connelly spent several years playing guitar in Neko Case's band, but he apparently wanted to get back to the surf-inspired instrumental sounds of the Shadowy Men, and Atomic 7 was formed with bass player Clinton Ryder and drummer Mike Andriosso. The band's debut album, Gowns by Edith Head appeared in 2002, followed by ...En Hillbilly Caliente in 2004. AMG

Fun surf with a country-western twinge to it. Short slabs of exciting twang.

1. Bury My Foot At Wounded Mouth 2. Celebrity Cocktails 3. That Left Over Savoir Faire 4. Kicking At The Ghost Of Ass 5. Daddy's Little World 6. Devil's Mittens 7. Funeral Hotpants 8. Skynyrd 9. Flying Bomb 10. Meet Me Tonight In The Shadow Of Love 11. So Long Happy Days 12. The Happy Fingers Method 13. Stab It & Steer It 14. Riding The Sorry Train To Dumpsville 15. Various Rats Are Whacked 16. The Wreck Of The Dick Family Weiner Boat 17. What I Liked About Lord Of The Rings


Atomic 7 - By Request

Gowns By Edith Head

1. Chock Full O' Notes 2. Sexyactioncool 3. Your Ironic T-Shirt 4. She's Got Haggar Party Slacks 5. Day Of The Deadbeats 6. Man With The Golden Card 7. Her Sassy Kiss 8. Theme From Atomic 7 9. Swinger's Ear 10. Cold Black Dead Heart Polka
11. Save Your Fork There's Pie 12. Artistry In Nachos 13. Hairbone 14. Seven Stranded Castanets 15. You Aint Havin Fun Till You're Dialling 911 16. Guitar For Sale 17. Mimi, Queen Of Bathurst 18. Loving Not Gouging 19. Phantom 101


Sunday, October 7, 2007

Monster Party 2000

Monster Party 2000
This is not just a Halloween party compilation album. This is a must have for anyone who digs on surf, rockabilly, garage bands or just plain wacky music. Scary surf riffs, creepy rockabilly, hardcore punk, grim garage bands, and hellish hot rod tunes make for one killer album, regardless of the season.

The whole CD is a strong comp from the folks at Musick. Deadbolt brings us the necrophiliac tinged "Billy's Dead," a deadpan riff which sets out to inform us that Billy might just be better off in a George Romero movie. Freddy Fortune & The Fore Gone Conclusions sing about hot rod hearses in "Dracula's Deuce," and Satan's Pilgrims bring to life "Frankenstomp". Los Straitjackets, Boss Martians, Space Cossacks, The Bambi Molesters, the Hellbenders' and The Omega Men, among others, are also lurking on this killer comp. A who’s who of modern twang. This baby will rise to your player again and again, to scare off crappy music, like a good monster should.

Welcome To The Party! - Monster Party 2000 2. Frankenstomp - Satan's Pilgrims 3. Have You Ever Seen...? - The Boss Martians 4. Transylvanian Orbit (Romanian Dance Of The Undead) - The Space Cossacks 5. Frankie's Groovy Monsters Boots - Eddie Angel & The Omega Men 6. Dracula's Deuce - Freddy Fortune & The Four-Gone Conclusions 7. The Goon - Bleed 8. Theme From 'Young Frankenstein' - The Madeira 9. Ghosts From Boot Hill - The Hellbenders 10. Nosferatu - The 3-D Invisible 11. The Pendulum - Hypnomen 12. Daddy Long Legs - The Tiki Tones 13. (Theme From) Slaying Beauty - Bambi Molesters 14. Billy's Dead - Deadbolt 15. Evil Walks In - Fifty Foot Combo 16. El Monster Surfin' Time - Los Pelegrinos Negros 17. Already Dead - Electric Frankenstein 18. Roadside Cross - Cobrajets 19. Rockula - Los Straitjackets 20. Dracula's Daughter - The Woggles 21. It's The Mummy! - The Chimps 22. Theme From 'Young Frankenstein' - The Madeira



While you are partying with the monster soundz, why not have a Zombie for yourself. 2 or 3 of these and you will feel like one by the time the music is over. Here's how to get numb --

Crushed ice
2 parts white rum
1 part gold rum
1 part Stroh rum (80%)
1 dash Angostura
1 part orange juice
1 part lemon juice
1 part pineapple juice
1 teaspoon sugar

Fill the shaker half with crushed ice, add the three kinds of rum, angostura, juices and shake well.
Strain in a hurricane glass with ice in the bottom.
Garnish with orange and pineapple slices.

Acid cigars go well with the Zombies. Not your traditional cigar, Acids are flavored with over 200 different natural herbs and Asian oils that line the walls of the factory’s Quarto Aromatico (Aroma Room). These are the exotic ingredients that, in the old Cuban tradition are infused into Nicaraguan Cuban-seed fillers and wrappers from the far-flung corners of the world: Ecuador-Sumatra, Nicaragua-Connecticut, Cuban-seed Honduras Maduro, and African Cameroon giving them an unsual spicy taste. I pick up jasmine, lavender and sandal wood. Kind of like incence for your mouth and tongue and nose. They even smell like a tobacco potpourri. For something different, give them a try.

60's for Halloween -- A Surf Tribute to Hair


Hi everyone. From the people who brought you Surfin' Burt comes another spectacular take on a classic. Hair -- The International Tribal Love-Rock musical -- Surf Tribute. Hair was the first time rock'n'roll hit Broadway and is a rock musical with a book and lyrics by James Rado and Gerome Ragni, and music by Galt MacDermot. The musical was a product of the hippy counter-culture and sexual revolution of the 1960s, and several of its songs became anthems of the anti-Vietnam War peace movement. At the time, the musical's depiction of the use of illegal drugs, sexuality, profanity, its irreverence for the American flag, and its nude scene caused much comment and controversy. The musical broke new ground in musical theatre by defining the genre of the "rock musical", utilizing a racially-integrated cast, and by inviting the audience onstage for a "Be-in" finale. Wiki

This comp modernizes it with slabs of reberb drenched surf, rock and garage that makes the hippies seem warm and fuzzy by comparison. Check out the groups in the set list and you'll see why it's worth growing your hair long. GW

1. Aquarius - Atlantics 2. Donna/Hashish - Longhorn Devils 3. Sodomy - Robert Cuff 4. Colored Spade - Michael Stilletto and theb Hurtmakers 5. Manchester England - Atomic Mosquitos 6. I'm Black/Ain't Got No - Weisstraunauts 7. Ain't Got No - Hi-Fi Ramblers 8. Air - Nematoads 9. Initials - Crime Factor Zero 10. I Got Life - Rev. Hank's Twang Gang 11. Hair - Surftones 12. My Conviction - Lava Rats 13. Don't Put It Down - Bombers Vivisectors 14. Frank Mills - Bustin' Burritos 15. Be-In - Seks Bomba 16. Where Do I Go? - Galactic Stretch 17. Black Boys/White Boys - Retroliners 18. Easy to Be Hard- BlueJays 19. Walking in Space - Glasgow Tiki Shakers 20. Abie Baby - SPECTRE 21. Three-Five-Zero-Zero - Urban Surf Kings 22. What a Piece of Work Is Man - 20 Guitars North of the Border 23. Good Morning Starshine - Kna Kwentzmann 24. Flesh Failure (Let the Sunshine In) -- Surfones



Final Four - Four Piece Suit Ready To Where - Repost

Four Piece Suit -- Ready To Where

If you have seen the TV show, “Sex In The City,” you have heard Four Piece Suit already. They do the opening theme and some of the incidental background score for the show.I love their "spy/surf" music the most, but their mix of old time rock and roll, Latin themes, beach party music, and other unclassifiable tunes is very ear-catching from start to finish. David Sholl's sax is better than having a lead singer, and Milt Reder's guitar work is outstanding. Dean Cassell on bass and Lorne Entress on drums are showcased on a few songs as well.You haven't heard a band like them. But you'll almost certainly like them.

Review – Stevie “8”This band rocks! They swing! They swagger! They're the absolute most - to say the very least! Hailing from the greater Boston area, Four Piece Suit lays to rest those nasty rumors that the East Coast has no swing!Choice cuts: "A Shot in the Dark", "Theme From Exodus", "Something for Cat" and "Dark Eyes" all are guaranteed to get your happy feet moving on the dancefloor - whether you want to swing, twist, frug, or just do that drunken frat-boy shuffle. Throughout it all, David Sholl's sax wails one its sexy-siren call above the grooving guitars.Picture a beach party where Frankie Sinatra drops Ava Gardner for Annette Funicello. THIS is the CD they'd be playing! Amazon
1. A Shot In The Dark2. Mondo Bondo3. Jam Up4. Theme From Exdous5. Something For Cat6. Kolme Kitaraa7. Strip Search8. Walter And Conny9. In Pain In Paris10. El Cumbanchero11. Hey Hey My My (Out Of The Blue)12. Rambunctious13. Lonesome Lover14. Human Jungle15. Dark Eyes
pw - eektcat

Saturday, October 6, 2007

More Treats - 4 Piece Suit -Spirito

Four Piece Suit --- Spirito
Quirky, eclectic, instrumental music. Third CD from Four Piece Suit, who have created a unique musical world, somewhere between Rock'n'Roll and Jazz. Driven by huge tenor sax tone and twanging guitars, "Spirito" careens from Spaghetti Western, through Bollywood, Latinesque, Space Age bachelor pad, cartoon music, Merseyside Big Beat, and their own serpentine groove pieces. Best known for their sophisticated, comic, and sexy soundtracks for HBO's Sex and the City, this Grammy-nominated combo has shown up in innumerable films and tv shows. As always, the band has a blast with their favorite styles, but on this outing, more than ever before, they have gone beyond category to create a sound that is uniquely Four Piece Suit.

1. Spaghetti-O 2. Desi's Cha Cha Cha 3. Vindaloo 4. Toreador Pants 5. Village of the Jammed 6. Lobology 7. Hold Me Loose 8. Moondust 9. Dig Big 10. Hijinx 11. Medley: Castle Mood/Johnny Guitar 12. Cuyahoga Crawl 13. Tube Top 14. Spirito



Treat for Brandonio - 4 Piece Suit

Four Piece Suit --- Matinee Idylls

It's a rockin' eclectic set of instrumentals (Well, okay, there is one vocal,) that's at home in a smoky lounge with over-dressed patrons and over-dressed martinis. It just as much at home with half the room rocking while watching the other half swing. The Boston Globe (1/21/99) said, "No Label for these Suits! Four Piece Suit does a swinging instrumental hybrid of surf. lounge, rock and jazz. The sound is suave and playful with non-stop banter between Dave Sholl's sax and the three remaining pieces: Milt Reder's guitar, Dean Cassell's bass, and Lorne Entriss's drums.

Four Piece Suit in the flesh--er, suits--whips up a nice camp-infected rumpus, and on disc it doesn't disappoint. "Matinee Idyls" is mostly composed of originals, mingled with covers such as a surfy take on Patti Page's 'Old Cape Cod' and 'It came from Ipanema,' a woozy relation to the Ipanema song." Some of their pieces harken back to the "Beach Blanket Bingo" style of lounge act and others are reminicient of the 1940s crime dramas. All around fun. Highly recommended

1.Dave's Happy Place 2.Bombasteroid 3.Go Ahead and Burn 4.Sloppy Shopping 5.Sneaky 6.El Niño 7.Yeah Yeah 8.Romeoville 9.Elevator Shaft 10.Cara 11.Medley: Granada - Blue Pavillion 12.Blow-Air-O 13.Regrettable 14.Bender 15.Roxotica 16.Old Cape Cod 17.It Came from Ipanema



Thursday, October 4, 2007

Good News From EEK the Cat

Hello, everyone. I have GOOD NEWS from our buddy, Eek the Cat. I spoke to him personally today and he is still alive (yea!!!!!) and slowly recovering from his illness. He got hit with it really hard and it took 8 of his 9 lives so things were very scary there for awhile. He is now recovering, he can only be really active for a few hours a day, and it will take awhile before he's back singing in the alley with the rest of us.

And to make matters worse - his computer crashed so he's having to limp along with that. He's in good spirits and appreciates everyone's concern and get wells -- he's slowing getting ready to return to his old eektastic form. He said he'll probably do another post next week.

He wanted me to pass the word along and thank you all for your kind words, thoughts and wishing him well. Glad to see my buddy is starting to stand on all fours. I miss him, I guess you do to.

If you would like to add your voice to Eek, please do so -- he'll enjoy hearing from you.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Monsters Are Here -- Halloween Hootenanny

Halloween Hootenanny
Carve your pumpkins, spike your punch, and if you're not dressed up, your out of the party. This is the best Halloween party music I've ever heard. Surf, rockabilly, psychobilly, and all the sounds that remind you of cheesy 70's horror/monster flicks.

This is a fun Halloween CD assembled by Rob Zombie. Most of the music here is either rockabilly or surf, and it's all wild. It also features a spoken intro by Zacherley, the famous TV Horror Host from the fifties. He also sits in with the crazy fun Southern Culture on the Skids for some spoken word on the track, Sinister Purpose.

The one performance that seems out of place here is by Frenchy, which is sort of bachelor pad lounge music. Some of my favorites here are by Reverend Horton Heat, Southern Culture on the Skids, The Amazing Crowns, Swingin' Neckbreakers, Los Straitjackets, Dead Elvi and Rob Zombie himself.

But what's great about this album is that it's not filled with squeaking bats, chains rattling, and wolfs howling (there is a little, but not too much), so you can listen to it at any time of the year. Great for driving.

For more good rockin Halloween music, check out Monster Bop and Horror Hop down below. Full of old garage bands singing about monsters.

1.Zacherley / Halloween Hootenanny 2.Rob Zombie Featuring The Ghastly Ones / Halloween (She Got So Mean) 3.Reverend Horton Heat / The Halloween Dance 4.The Bomboras / A Fistfull Of Terror 5.Southern Culture On The Skids / Werewolf 6.Satan's Pilgrims / Gravewalk 7.Frenchy / Ribcage Mambo 8.Rocket From The Crypt / I Drink Blood 9.The Amazing Crowns / Little Demon 10.Swingin' Neckbreakers / No Costume No Candy 11.Los Straightjackets / "The Munsters" Theme 12.Zacherley With Southern Culture On The Skids / Sinister Purpose 13.The Born Losers / Werewolves On Wheels 14.Deadbolt / Psychic Voodoo Doll 15.The Ghastly Ones / Banshee Beach 16.Dead Elvi / The Creature Stole My Surfboard 17.Davie Allan & The Phantom Surfers / Extrasensory Deception 18.The Legendary Invisible Men / Spooks Night Out 19.Zacherley / Happy Halloween



The Monsters Are Coming 2... Monster Bop

Monster Bop
Companion to Horror Hop - see below

This is a mother lode of 50/60's weirdness. Rock and Roll and Rockabilly...from a time when horror movies were simple --even simple-minded -- yet cool, and not full of pretentious cerebral frosting or gratituous gore, digital hi-jinx, and received ideas for increasingly receeding imaginations. Folks who remember Famous Monsters of Filmland; Saturday night television horror hosts; "spook show" hokum; gum on the back of uncomfortable seats (without cup-holders); Michael "Little Joe" Landon portraying a hormonally challenged teen werewolf; and the dark musty dusky stank of neighborhood movie theatres without hefty admission prices and ho-hum minimalist decor will know what I'm on about here. Dig this great volume and it's accompanying volume Horror Hop. Two of the very best - probably The BEST - compilations on the theme out there. Absolutely essential if you love Halloween. It evokes the smell of cheap latex Halloween masks and cherry bomb exploding imaginations --- one big blast!

1.Jackie Morningstar / Rockin' In The Graveyard 2.Carl Bonafede / Were Wolf 3.Jerry Coulston / Caveman Hop 4.Rod Willis / The Cat 5.Jack And Jim / Midnight Monsters Hop 6.Scottie Stuart / Nightmare 7.Leroy Bowman / Graveyard 8.Mack Allen Smith / The Skeleton Fight 9.Jimmy Dee / The Monster Hop 10.Carl Bonafede / Story That's True 11.Bert Convy / The Gorilla 12.Joe Wallace / Leopard Man 13.Earl Patterson / Nightmare Hop 14.Bobby Please / The Monster 15.The Phantom Five / Graveyard 16.Tommy Roe / Caveman 17.The Daylighters / Mad House Jump 18.Jim Burgett / Jekyll And Hyde 19.Cris Kevin / Haunted House 20.Mike Fern / The Head Hunters 21.Round Robin / I'm The Wolf Man 22.Hollywood Flames / Frankenstein's Den 23.Bert Convy / The Monster Hop 24.Carlos Casal, Jr. / Don't Meet Mr. Frankenstein 25.The Keytones / I Was A Teenage Monster 26.The Castle Kings / You Can Get Him Frankenstein 27.Joe Johnson / The Gila Monster 28.Eddie Thomas / Frankenstein Rock 29.Randy Luck / I Was A Teen-Age Cave Man 30.Ivan / Frankie Frankenstein



The Monsters Are Coming .. Horror Hop

Horror Hop

These songs kick `Monster Mash' in the teeth! Here are 31 original tracks of monster songs that are pure 50's rock n roll. The cover is a colorful painting of the monster from "Curse of the Demon" 1957 (originally used for a Frank N. Stein & orchestra LP on Power Records 1964). This is a generous collection and it is a companion to the MONSTER BOP CD (also on the BUFFALO BOP label from Germany) which has 30 more vintage monster rock n roll recordings. Unbelievably great, 70 minutes of monster songs most of which were recorded before the Monster Mash. Standout cut –The Frantics Werewolf.

1.Tommy King / Bo Diddle in the Jungle 2.The Motiviations / The Birds 3.The Drivers / Dry Bones Twist 4.Big Bee Kornegay / At the House of Frankenstein 5.Kip Tyler / She's My Witch 6.Billy Sills / Night Mare 7.The Revels / Foo Man Choo 8.The Zoo / Mickey Lee Lane 9.Lee Ross / The Mummy's Bracelet 10.Lou Chaney / Monster Holiday 11.Evans Carroll / The Monster 12.Lord Luther / Teenage Creature 13.Ben Colder / Shudders and Screams 14.The Duponts / Screamin' Ball 15.The Savoys / The Mortal Monster Man 16.The Revels / Midnight Stroll 17.Tony's Monstrosities / Igor's Party 18.Jack Hammer / Black Widow Spider Woman 19.Dave Gardner / Mad Witch 20.John Sowell / Night Mares 21.Bobby Bare / Vampira 22.Smiley Smith / Voo Doo Woman 23.Tarantula Ghoul / Graveyard Rock 24.The Frantics / Werewolf 25.Billy Taylor / Wombie Zombie 26.Macey Ross / Big Chief Buffalo 27.Kip Taylor / Jungle Hop 28.Pasquale & the Lunar Tiks / Moon Madness 29.Gary Warren / Werewolf 30.Sonny Day / Creature from Outer Space 31.Phil Carter / Amazon


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