Thursday, October 25, 2007

Halloween Treat - Tribute To Link Wray

I love tributes and this one is a doozy. There's a lot more variety in styles present than one might expect from a "surf" album, as Link Wray went through many different genres in his long career. In this case, some wonderfully obscure surprises are side-by-side with covers of well-known classics.

Southern Culture on the Skids (who could easily do an entire Link tribute themselves), Deke Dickerson, Throw Rag, Pollo Del Mar and a host of others tackle the Fuzz-Master's material with great results, fun is had by all. The only way this could be better is if the Red Elvises and Guitar Wolf were also on it, but hey, maybe they're saving that for Volume Two!
Also recommended is Link Protrudi album "Hit and Run", which also contains numerous Wray covers.

SO MANY highlights!!! Spy-Fi's "The Shadow Knows" (with Phantom Frank, of Holland's The Treble Spankers); "The Outlaw" and "Comanche" by The Hellbenders and The Volcanos (would you believe they're the same band?); The Space Cossacks' "Mustang"; Dave Wronski's "Ace Of Spades" (sounding like it came right out of a Clint Eastwood western); Fifty Foot Combo's "Slinky"; Hypnomen's "Rumble Mambo"; The Downers' "Genocide" (really, also the Hypnomen!). Then there's "Deacon Jones", a wild romp that, to date, is my favorite Woggles track; Calexico's "Fallin' Rain" (a gorgeous piece which reminds me of The Byrds in their "country" period). So much great music, so little time. Lock and load with this one, it does Link pruod.
1.Raw-Hide - Mystery Action 2. Ain't That Loving You, Babe - Bleed 3. The Shadow Knows - Spy-Fi 4. The Outlaw - The Hellbenders 5. I'm So Glad I'm So Proud - Throw Rag
6. Friday Night Dance Party - The Ledgers 7. Soul Train - The Fleshtones
8. Mustang - The Space Cossacks 9. Ace Of Spades - Dave Wronski
10. Slinky - Fifty Foot Combo 11. Rumble Mambo - Hypnomen
12. Deacon Jones - The Woggles 13. Fire And Brimstone - Boss Martians
14. Fallin' Rain - Calexico 15. Genocide - The Downers
16. I'm Branded - Southern Culture On The Skids 17. Baby Doll - Gore Gore Girls
18. The Girl Can't Dance - Evan Foster 19. Jack The Ripper - Pollo Del Mar
20. Comanche - The Volcanos 21. Run Chicken Run - Jackie & The Cedrics
22. Run Boy Run - Deke Dickerson & The Eccofonics 23. Rumble - The Bambi Molesters
24. Roughshod - Four Piece Suit


Brandonio! said...

I so didn't know that the Downers were also the Hypnomen.Goes to show even i can learn something everyday. I concur this trib really does Link proud.I'am so glad i had the pleasure of meeting him before he passed away. Link Wray to me is the most important guitar player in rock'n'roll history period. It is a shame that the rest of this lame ass world doesn't realize what this man brought to the music world. Like i've said probably a thousand times before why o why hasn't this man been put in the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame? He sould have been the first, if you really look at his history Link and his brothers were playing rock'n'roll since the freakin' late forties. Fact!!!!!!! Link Wray was way more than just "Rumble"or "Rawhide"really people just listen to all of his music. This man is a Legend.

glauberovsky said...

yessssssss...thanx a lot!

GLAUBER [brazil]

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