Monday, October 22, 2007

Retroliners - Subway Surfing- Dark Surf

Retroliners – Subway Surfing

Phil Dirt --An interesting CD for adventurous surf fans, or rock instro fans without narrow limits. 2004

"You can't surf in Hoboken, but that hasn't stopped the Mile Square City's one and only instrumental surf-rock instrumental combo. With song titles like Beta Wave, Space Needle Stomp, (theme from) The Sleuth, and Hoboken Hitman, it's easy to guess that the Retroliners delve into the many sub-genres of surf rock, using sci-fi and spy-movie themes. The CD even includes several live tracks recorded at the famous CBGB's (including a cover of the B-52's Rock Lobster). It's bouncy and peppy, with lots of surfadelic riffs. If your favorite twist song is Wipeout and you never miss a rerun of Hawaii 5-0, then this disc might be for you." - The Jersey Journal

Subway Surfing 2. Caught in the Undertow 3. El Toro Vencedor 4. Beta Wave 5. Space Needle Stomp 6. Hoboken Hitman 7. Past Curfew 8. Step Lively! 9. Spies in the Palace 10. Andy Warhol 11. The Sleuth 12. Chelsea Beat 13. Catwalk 14. Bullet Train 15. Transylvania Twist (Live at CBGBs) 16. Monica (Live at CBGBs) 17. Lithium (Live at CBGBs) 18. Harlem Nocturne (Live at CBGBs) 19. Rock Lobster (Live at CBGBs)



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Brandonio! said...

DaBoss , been A fan of these cats since 2001. I heard a few tracks of theirs back when MP3 was actually a cool site.The songs "Space Needle Stomp"and "Step Lively"as for the title song are great examples of great song writing. Well thought out, yet simple. Thanks buddy even I didn't have this one.

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