Thursday, October 25, 2007

All modern surf, raging torrents of twang and fuzz. The name say is all. Love Hillbilly Frankenstein -- too bad I can't find anything they have done as a single source instead of cuts on comps only. Well, enjoy what we get.

1.Los Straightjackets / Kawanga 2.Laika & the Cosmonauts / Don't Monkey With Tarzan 3.Agent Orange / Tiki Ti 4.Cowslingers, The / 18 Wheels to Hell 5.Goldentones, The / Midnight 6.Vice Royals, The / Perpetration 7.Buzzed Meg / Buzzed Meg Theme 8.Hillbilly Frankenstein / Hypnoticz Part 1 9.Ultras, The / The Ultra Factor 10.Ray Corvair Trio / Carl Needs A Pill 11.BB & the Stingers / Slow Burn 12.Supertones, The / Torque Wrench 13.Mermen, The / Soul Surfin' 14.Los Straightjackets / Challenger 15.Allan, Dave & the Arrows with Dick Dale / Surf Trek



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Brandonio! said...

Daboss, I to have never seen a whole Hillbilly Frankenstein release i know the have one, but have yet to hear it . Does anyone of you Surfheads out have anything you'd like to share? This comp has some really varied styles of surf instro represented here it's crazy.All album covers should be this cool, don't ya think?

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