Thursday, October 25, 2007

Surf Monsters -- Past, Present and Future

Surf monsters
Decent comp from Del-Fi, this CD does a great job of dragging surf music into the modern era, preparing it for the 21st century. It also uses classic surf artists to show where its been, and modern artist that give a fesh and new look at were its goin'. Surf music is in good hands. Highlights include Bomboras, Satans Pilgrims, and the Cocktail Preachers track. Smokin' guitar on that track, equipped with bouncy whammy bar. Good all around introduction to the world of surf. Surfheads probably have most of the cuts on here, non surfheads can try lots of bands from all time periods to get a feel of the evolution of the music.

1.Man Or Astoman? - Flotation Devices For Frequencies Yet To Be Determined 2.The Bomboras - Planet Of The Apehangers 3.Satan's Pilgrims - Harem Nocturne 4.The Original Surfaris – Bombora 5.Huevos Rancheros - Beach Blanket Blackout 6.Dave Myers & The Surftones - Church Key 7.The Centurions - Bullwinkle Pt. II 8.The Cocktail Preachers - Albatross Joe 9.The Sentinals – Exotic 10.Barbacca - Northern Spy 11.The Tiki Tones - The Island Of Lost Souls 12.Dave Myers & The Surftones - Moment Of Truth 13.The Dynotones - Devil's Martini 14.The Space Cossacks - The Apes Of Wrath 15.The Impacts - Wipe Out 16.The Sub-Mersians - Dr. Yes 17.The Lively Ones – Miserlou 18.The Sentinals - Big Surf 19.Powerjive - Surf Session At Sunset 20.The Lively Ones - Surf Rider



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Brandonio! said...

I must make a note that the Man Or Astroman? track can not be found anywhere else but here folks, yes it's technically not your dad's surf, but it's all great anyway.This is a stellar comp,and check out the Shag artwork sweet!!!

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