Wednesday, October 10, 2007

JetPack - Planet Reverb

JetPack is another instro band worth getting to know. They are on the same record label and have the same producer as the faves Blue Hawiians and they are in that slightly more laid back style. They are very subtle, and smoothly change styles from track to track and within a cut. In 'Pedro' – it opens with a beautiful spanish guitar, then sound effects and shouts (humor), which lead to a very dramatic trumpet part (transition from humor to drama), blending to rock guitar then more trumpet. Now bridge this smoothly to the next track with a short intro followed by Mystery Prom - a hand holding, walk in the park, watching the sunset, apple pie, slow dance. Plenty of twang, some surf and near surf but this is not your traditional surf, and not as psyched out as the Mermen. Closer to the Aqua Velvets. Really nice.

All the tracks are originals except Bus Stop and Sounds of Silence. Jetpack does Sounds of Silence as an uptempo Surf tune. Simon and Garfunkel only wished they could groove so well. Planet Reverb is easily distinguishable from any surf disc I have. That's the mark of a great band.
1. Motel Nowhere 2. Fury 3. Bus Stop 4. Pacifica 5. Get Even! 6. Agent J 7. Lunik 2 8. Texas Longboard 9. Pedro 10. Intro 11. Mystery Prom 12. Fail Safe 13. Sound of Silence 14. Return of Pedro


1Surfrider said...

You're doing a bang up job here, great and rare tunes a plenty.

Keep 'em flyin'

DaBoss said...

Thanks a heap, bud, we live to serve and do our best to entertain, enlighten and expand your musical horizons. Just wait to see hwat's in store next.

Francisco C. Neto - franneto/franarts said...

Please re up part 1 ,the link are broken.

Thnks & best regards

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