Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween Treat -Blue Hawiians - Christmas on the Big Island

Six of the tracks are instrumentals and four tracks are songs with vocals. The album is a lot of fun. The arrangements and compositions of the classics were so fresh and original it makes them seem new again. It's definitely a talented band that can take the melody from South Pacific's Bali High and turn it into a lead in to Blue Christmas. The vocals hint at Elvis/Roy Orbison/Chris Isaac while the instrumentals are dripping in salt water with snow on the upper peaks of the island. More laid back than the Los Straightjackets or the Ventures Xmas efforts, this still has the BH’s signature relaxing/seductive vibe. Whether you are a avid surfer, beach boy at heart or just a lover of the old school tiki sound, try this... you will not be sorry.

1 Christmas Time Is Here 2 Jingle Jangle 3 White Christmas 4 Jungle Bells 5 Blue Christmas 6 Christmas on Big Island 7 Have Yourself a Quiet Little Christmas 8 Mele Kalikimaka 9 We Four King (Little Drummer Boy) 10 Enchanted Xmas



Brandonio! said...

DaBoss, you know i've had this album for years on cassette of all things. I found this for sale at a truck stop or something ,back when this came out. This was actually my first taste of the Blue Hawaiians. I do have to admit this is a little strange treat for Halloween though. Goes to show you never can tell what's going to show up here. Well thanks anyway now i won't have to bust out my tape deck this christmas.Sweet!

Unknown said...

Thanks for you pretty post !
I'm dreaming.

James Hall said...

Love your blog and the blue hawaiians. can you post lava lounge 2????

James Hall said...

Big dummy here. I found what I asked for and on your site. Just proves you got good taste.

Isa Noel Joyeux said...

Thank you ! :)

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