Saturday, October 13, 2007

Surf Trio -- Forbidden Sounds

Surf Trio - Forbidden Sounds

Okay, so they're really a 4-piece and they definitely ain't just a surf band. But before there ever was a surf revival, before punk rock was topping the charts, there was the Surf Trio, combining the best of both worlds with a sound that owed as much to the Ramones as to Dick Dale.

It has about 5 tracks that are really good, including the exceptional "Forbidden Fruit". "Little Death Coupe", "Salt Bath", "Vibrosurf", "Surfin' With The Mountain King" and "Calico Cat" are pretty good. "Calico Cat" deviates a little from the rest of the album with a very strong jazz sound. The hidden track, a cover of the Ramones "Judy Is A Punk", is well done. Tracks 1 and 11 are extremely short "gimmick tracks" (They don't add up to 30 seconds between the two) and not really anything to measure the album on. The album is mostly instrumental, with three tracks that feature singing. The aforementioned hidden track, their cover of Tra-La-La and their original vocal input "Party in My Dorm" are fun.

1. Hey Man, Cut the Comedy 2. Salt Bath 3. Vibrosurf 4. Bring Me the Head of Geraldo Rivera 5. Agent Invisible Goes West 6. Claskaine 7. Little Death Coupe 8. Party In My Dorm 9. Forbidden Fruit 10. Perfidia 11. Being for the Benefit of Mr. French 12. Foglifter 13. Sharkskin Board 14. Surfin' With the Mountain King 15. Surfwalk 16. Water Witch 17. Badolero! 18. To Surf With Love 19. Calico Cat 20. (Hey, we're the millionth band to do) Tra-La-La (The Banana Splits Song) 21. Untitled Hidden track


When you are done with Forbidden Sounds -- go over to Trustar Vibrations and get thier first effort -- Curse of the Surf Trio. Also get all 4 of the Dogs Bollocks series he's posting -- they are ALL excellent. DaBoss guarantees you will have serious rockin' with them.


ronkleim said...

NO, your first LP was "Almost Summer on VOXX records in 1986.
Our first release was an EP on Moxie in 1985

Ron Kleim (Founder of Surf Trio)

ronkleim said...

No, "Almost Summer" (VOXX records 1986) was our FIRST LP
The very first record was an ep on MOXIE 1985

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