Saturday, October 13, 2007

Heavy Surf - Outstanding Modern Surf Comp

Heavy Surf - Can surf music be played with an Gibson LP and a Mesa Boogie stack??? Hell, yes. Great, sometimes hilarious mix of deep reverb and absolute metal sledgehammer guitar. Not a weak track in the collection. A wide variety of songs energetically played by bands who obviously grew up listening to the traditional surf guitar masters, and also spent time listening to modern influences like punk rock, and heavy metal. Favorites are Surf Pit, Sandpaper Paddles, Death of a Reventlo, King Kong, Phasing Spider Menace, and El Toro Muerto Con Queso.

1.Mark Brodie / The Shores of Hell 2.The Heatscores / The Drifter 3.Cadillac Angels / Outlaw Beatnik 4.3 Balls of Fire / Rumble in Congo 5.Davie Allan & The Arrows / Six String Highway 6.Davie Allan & The Arrows / Fast and Loose 7.Lonbego Surfers / Rising Surf 8.Daikaiju / The Phasing Spider Menace 9.Surf Report / Sandpaper Paddles 10.Surf Report / Heptane 11.The Reventlos / Death of a Reventlo 12.The Reventlos / King Kong 13.Robert Johnson & Punchdrunks / Surf as Houdini 14.The Surfmotherfuckers / Killing an Arab 15.Insect Surfers / Batwave 16.Huevos Rancheros / El Toro Muerto con Queso 17.Planet Seven / Another Human Error 18.Planet Seven / Lara's Theme 19.Plank / Sex Wax 20.Plank / Cadillacin’ 21.Surfin' Dead / The Pop Killer Cometh 22.Surf Sluts / Dragster 23.Hillbilly Soul Surfers / Scooter Trash 24.Chum / Surf Pit 25.Los Plantronics / Satan Stole my Surfboard




Trustar said...


Gonna Jump on it!!

Not to be missed

Thanks for sharing Big Boss Man

Brandonio! said...

DaBoss, I just listened to this album, and i must say the title says it all. Heavy Surf INDEED!!! I really dig the hard stuff ,I guess my metal roots are showing you might say.Anyone who says surf is too weak should listen to this record. Now...BANG YOUR HEAD.....

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