Thursday, October 25, 2007

SI - Surf Guitar Comp

I went shopping so you don't have to. Every now and then a store vanity label comes up with something really good. This is one of those few times. Here is one of the most enjoyable comps I have ever heard, that's saying alot from being in the business for over 30 years.
It is a showcase for 2 of my favorite modern surf groups -- The Blue Hawiians and Jetpack -- both full lengths can be found in Fat City's archives. There are a few excellent cuts by the Boss Martins/Evan Foster and the obligatory inclusion of Dick Dale to round it out. Thorughly rad from beginning to end. This one is good enough to have a permanent place in yur collection.
Lounge patrons should already have the BH's and Jet Pack, if not, this is a good way to sample their excellently tasty wares. For new customers, this is one BOSS beginning for catching a wave.
1.Searchin' for Da Cat - Blue Hawaiians 2.Banzai Pipeline - Blue Hawaiians 3.Esperanza - Dick Dale 4.Martini Five-O - Blue Hawaiians 5.The Fury – Jetpack 6.Last Days of Summer - Blue Hawaiians 7.Brasil '69 - Boss Martians 8.Quiet Surf - Blue Hawaiians 9.Bus Stop – Jetpack 10.Motel Nowhere – Jetpack 11.The New Victor - Dick Dale 12.Embrujada - Evan Foster

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