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B.B. King Do The Boogie! Early 50's Classics

Lovingly restored and remastered. Twenty killer tracks from B.B. King's 1950s heyday, including quite a few alternate takes and a few tough-to-locate items ("Bye Bye Baby," "Dark Is the Night," "Jump with You Baby"). Many of the titles are familiar ones -- "Woke Up This Morning," "Every Day (I Have the Blues)," "Please Love Me," "Whole Lotta Love" -- but often as not, compiler Ray Topping unearthed contrasting versions from the same sessions that shed new, fascinating light on King's studio techniques.

01. Boogie Woogie Woman (2:47)
02. Past Day (3:16)
03. I Gotta Find My Baby (2:47)
04. Bye Bye Baby (2:30)
05. Woke Up This Morning (My Baby's Gone) (3:02)
06. Please Love Me (2:52)
07. Blind Love (3:07)
08. When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer (2:57)
09. Whole Lotta Love (3:09)
10. That Ain't The Way To Do It (2:21)
11. Everyday (2:36)
12. Let's Do The Boogie (2:26)
13. Dark Is The Night (Part 1) (2:40)
14. Dark Is The Night (Part 2) (2:44)
15. Why I Sing The Blues (2:46)
16. Everything I Do Is Wrong (2:28)
17. The Woman I Love (2:53)
18. Jump With Your Baby (2:13)
19. Troubles, Troubles, Troubles (3:37)
20. Crying Won't Help You (2:56)


Susan and the Surftones - Fluid Drive

Fun surf twang. A bunch of unlikely covers for a surf band. "Come Together" will take you back through the looking glass to the late '60's. Check out their other 2 Beatles cover albums. There's a connection between The Myddle Class ("Free as the Wind" and The Velvet Underground ("I Can't Stand It) you know what it is? Yes, Terry Knight and the Pack's "I (Who Have Nothing") was also covered by Tom Jones.
Live version of Rodgers and Hart's "Blue Moon" should have been released in the "50's. Original spy tunes "Odinocki" and "Question of the Night", breezy surf "Bahama Breeze", a Bo Diddley-inspired tune named after their neighbor's cat "Ramona Ritz" and one that, well, we don't know what it is but it'll make you smile "Fluid Drive". There are also two very live originals "Tiki Kiki" and "Leopard Spots" recorded along with "Blue Moon" in Phil Dirt's Pit at KFJC. These tracks feature the West Coast SurfTones.

1. Fluid Drive 2. I (Who Have Nothing) 3. Bahama Breeze 4. Come Together 5. Question of the Night 6. Free as the Wind 7. Ramona Ritz 8. Odinocki 9. I Can't Stand It 10. Tiki Kiki (live) 11. Leopard Spots (live) 12. Blue Moon (live)


Warrior Soul Chill Pill

Word on the street was that Kory Clarke & Co. were so fed-up with Geffen Records' lackluster $upport, that they decided to record two records at once...The "art/experimental" record would go to Geffen to satisfy contractual needs & the "commercial" record would go to any number of major record companies who desperately wanted to sign Warrior Soul. "Chill Pill" is that art/experimental record that was supposedly going to be a bad product and end their relationship with Geffen.

Well...despite a lot of people's opinions that this was W. Soul's worst disc, it's actually very good. As is just about anything that K.C. puts out. The front & back cover feature only Kory Clarke, while the interior has a few shots of the other band members. Was this supposed to be a statement? A foreshadowing of the future? Not sure. But it is HIS band & the guy does what he wants.

The re-issued version has the 10 original tracks with 5 bonus cuts. The live extras are of bad quality but still interesting. And there's some hilarious drunken hijinks by the band members. Definitely worth listening to. At least once. Of the ten studio tracks, "Mars," "Cargos of Doom," "Song in Your Mind" & "Shock Um Down" all really stand-out. As does "High Road," featuring a guest turn on harmonica by Michael Monroe (Hanoi Rocks).

This entire album IS a bit of an art record. And there are many experimental-type sounds running through at least a couple of songs. It gives the record a drugged-out, spacey feel. But that's a good thing. Some of the other tracks are very-much punk in their attitude & feel. And a couple songs just pummel you with an all-out sonic assault.

Many W. Soul fans think that this was Mr. Clarke's weakest effort, but I disagree. It's not weak. It's experimental. It's not disappointing. It's art. And there's a big difference. Whether the band turned in a "sub-par" record on purpose or not doesn't really matter. Because there's enough good material on here to make it a very good record.
Help other custo

1. Mars 2. Cargos of Doom 3. Song in Your Mind 4. Shock Um Down 5. Let Me Go 6. Ha Ha Ha 7. Concrete Frontier 8. I Want Some 9. Soft 10. High Road


The Hamsters - Electric Hamsterland

The Hamsters are renowned for being one of the hardest working bands in Britain today. They love doing their tributes to Hendrix and judging by this album it's because they can do it brilliantly. The musicianship and production on this album make it great listening. Put this on close your eyes and Jimi's come back in a slightly blusier way.The likes of Hey Joe , All Along The Watchtower, Stone Free and Voodoo Chile feature on this great album. The Hamsters kick butt! This Hendrix tribute album is excellent from start to finish. The band has captured the essence of Jimi's music and made it Hamster music. They are even better live. If you want6 it, let me know.

1. Purple Haze 2. Voodoo Chile 3. Fire 4. Little Wing 5. Spanish Castle Magic 6. Foxy Lady 7. Stone Free 8. The Wind Cries Mary 9. All Along The Watchtower 10. Hey Joe 11. Star Spangled Banner


The Sharks Ultimate Collection

The Sharks. A neo Psycho-billy borderline Rock a billy band from England. Phantom rockers is along the Rock a billy side with Psycho-billy slap riffs with a twangy Gretchen, Tex-Mex, western/Cowboy style Fender telecasting riffs mix. Less skilled technically than Restless, and tamer than the Meteors, but still a fine, fun album.
01. sir psycho 02:14
02. sideshow freak 03:04
03. between two worlds 04:00
04. cold heart 02:47
05. mudmen 03:07
06. bitch attack 03:41
07. shizoid man (alt version) 03:00
08. dealer (alt version) 02:56
09. my neighbours garden 03:45
10. scratchin my way out (alt version) 02:48
11. surfcaster (demo) 03:12
12. hooker (electric bass version) 02:50
13. deathrow (1994 version) 02:57
14. rat race (skank mix) 03:09
15. draculas daughter 03:34
16. i still havent found 03:42
17. monster in black tights 01:47
18. jack the ripper 03:26


Steppenwolf The Second

As far as I'm concerned, Steppenwolf the Second may be Steppenwolf's best overall album. It entirely features original material, without any ineffective tracks. This album is known for the excellent but overplayed Magic Carpet Ride, yet there were plenty of other highlights. The opening track rocks hard, and could have been another biker anthem along the lines of Born to Be Wild. There were plenty of other highlights including the protest rocking Don't Step On the Grass Sam, creative ballad Spiritual Fantasy, and well structured pop songs such as None of Your Doing and 28. 28 may have been partially hindered by Edmonton's sub-par vocals, but the song itself was a quality composition in lyrics, melody, and chord selection. A successful lengthy blues suite dominated the majority of the second side, before segueing into the hangover like final track, Reflections. This album is uniformly strong, and recommended for those who buy albums, rather than best-of compilations.

01-faster than the speed of life
02-tighten up your wig
03-none of your doing
04-spiritual fantasy
05-don't step on the grass, sam
07-magic carpet ride
08-disappointment number (unknown)
09-lost and found by trial and error
10-hodge podge strained through a leslie


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The Bambi Molesters As The Dark Wave Swells

Stole the text from Trustar (see links), thanks bud.

SPECTACULAR instro - no s**t.

From Chris Pearce's Interview with Dalibor Pavicic

OK, let’s start with the obvious first question and one which I’m sure you’ve been asked to many times; how does Croatia come to be the home of one of the world’s finest contemporary surf bands?

Unfortunately, our country's rating is currently so low and has been too often connected with Balkan war games. For this very reason I'm not surprised that people often ask similar questions. I mean, the right question would be "Is there any kind of music in Croatia?". It is a kind of exotic thing to play a surf music in Croatia but not more exotic than playing surf music in Germany or Italy. It has certainly different feel than the music which comes from US probably because of the fact that we don't surf and don't have an ocean view. I guess you can feel that in our music.

Can you give us a concise history of the Bambi Molesters?

It was back in 1994 when Dinko and I decided to form the band. At first we thought to play only covers but I came up with few originals and than we found Lada (bass) and Hrvoje (drums). In 1995 we released our first tape called The Bambi Molesters Play Out of Tune for an independent label, Listen Loudest. Soon afterwards Plastic Bomb from Germany released our first 7" single with 4 songs (2 of them with vocals). Sometime in 1996 we sent a tape from another recording session to KFJC DJ Phil Dirt and he gave us a very good review. That is when we really decided to play only instrumentals. In May 1997 the band recorded material for their first CD. 16 tracks were recorded in Croatia and then sent to Phil Dirt who did mixing, production and mastering. The CD titled Dumb Loud Hollow Twang was released in October 1997 on Dirty Old Town independent label.

I always liked the name The Bambi Molesters. How did it come about?

It is a sort of an internal joke and it has nothing to do with animals or molesting. The name came as a joke referring to one of our friends who fell in love with a girl nicknamed Bambi. Of course she couldn't care less about him and he didn't want to quit. Not that he was molesting her or something. I think you get the idea. We were mostly into the comic called Hate at that time, so we felt like it was an appropriate name for the band. We often thought about changing the name because it has nothing to do with the music we play, but...

1. as the dark wave swells (4:33)
2. the kiss-off (3:38)
3. wrong turn (3:13)
4. point of no return (3:57)
5. into the crimson sunset (3:14)
6. panic party (3:09)
7. lazy girls hangout (4:19)
8. siboney (3:19)
9. mindbender (2:25)
10. thunderin' guitars (1:39)
11. rising east (4:21)

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The Fleshtones - It's Super Rock Time! The I.R.S. Years 1980-1985

The Fleshtones had too many parallel passions---and knew exactly what to do with every last one of them---to be dismissed as mere garage rock revivalists. In the middle of what they used to call New Wave, the Fleshtones must have confused a few too many people. Their rhythm section belonged as much to 1960s soul (and as much to the Rascals as Stax) as it did the classic garage bands to whom they were (and still are) usually aligned. Lead singer Peter Zaremba sounded as though he spent at least as much time learning from the Yardbirds' Keith Relf as from the Seeds' snarling Sky Saxon (he was probably the most elementary harmonica blower since Relf, too), while his keyboard sounds may have exhumed the vintage cheeseball Farfisa/Vox but rarely burred their way too far afront the backbeat. Lead guitarist Keith Streng sounded as though he owed as much to Steve Cropper as he did to any fuzz-box-bending punk down the block or sneaking into an Electric Prunes session. And the whole thing had a patina that hinted without reaching all the way to power pop. (They were simply too energetic and unapologetic for that.) The Fleshtones, in short, plopped all those ingredients into a rock and roll Mixmaster and didn't seem to object that not every speed was the high speed for driving attachments.

It made (and still does) for incandescent rock and roll and should have made for incandescent commercial success. Except that the Fleshtones were (and remain) too far short of the smugger-than-thou implosiveness of punk (and, later, grunge) and too far divorced from dance music's early 1980s descent into faceless automatonism. Their music was (and remains) too steeped in the idea that rock and roll has a history to be enhanced, not nostalgised. You can't revive what you never let go of in the first place. And they still crank it out today, sounding (not to mention writing and covering) like anything except a bunch of aging wretches living on the past.

But if you want to get your hands and ears on what made their name in the first place, this is going to have to do until their entire IRS catalog (which has been out of print for years) is unearthed and remastered. Come to think of it, you're almost there with this set, anyway---everything from "Roman Gods" is here except for "Chinese Kitchen," and that's a loss. (Dare yourself to think of anyone else who could imagine the Yardbirds as surf music, which is exactly the way "Chinese Kitchen" sounds.) On the other hand, you get most of their best early music ("Fleshtone '77," "R-I-G-H-T-S," "Roman Gods," "The World Has Changed," "Hope Come Back") and the single best soul cover of their time, their rip-snorting remake of Lee Dorsey's "Ride Your Pony" (written by Aaron Neville, a minor hit amidst Dorsey's ongoing inability to nail anything as popular as "Ya-Ya"), on which they achieve what only a very few (including the Beatles' "Twist and Shout," incidentally) have managed: they bury the original beneath the ocean floor. Add to that the six best songs from "Hexbreaker" and a couple of more delicious odds and ends, and this should hold you very nicely until that IRS catalog is resurrected.

"It's Super-Rock Time!" has the virtue of living up to its self-congratulatory title. Their fans have been saying that on the threshold of Fleshtones shows for years. Maybe the rest of rock and roll will catch on at last.

01. The Dreg (Fleshtone-77) (3:13)
02. The World Has Changed (3:12)
03. New Scene (2:54)
04. Screamin' Skull (3:26)
05. I've Gotta Change My Life (2:28)
06. Shadow Line (3:11)
07. All Around The World (3:19)
08. Right Side Of A Good Thing (3:31)
09. Stop Fooling Around (4:00)
10. The Girl From Baltimore (2:31)
11. Hexbreaker (4:11)
12. What's So New (About You)? (2:48)
13. R-I-G-H-T-S (2:35)
14. Roman Gods (4:41)
15. Deep In My Heart (3:10)
16. Hope Come Back (2:26)
17. Let's See The Sun (2:40)
18. Ride Your Pony (3:17)
19. The Theme From "The Vindicators" (2:23)
20. American Beat '84 (3:28)
21. Hide And Seek (Live) (2:42)
22. Return To The Haunted House (Live) (2:16)
23. Watch This (Live) (2:29)
24. I'm Back (Live) (2:15)
25. La La La La (Live) (3:43)


The Soul Investigators Fat Slice O'Funk

From humble beginnings in Finland during the winter of 1997, the band has forged worldwide reputation with a string of classic 7' singles and two LP releases on their own TIMMION label, along with sides for JIVE records and the now defunct New York-based SOUL FIRE records. The Soul Investigators have been cooking in the deep funk underground for long enough. Now here they are; fat, tasty and straight up funky - but still raw as hell!
Fat Slice O' Funk is a collection of the best of The Soul Investigators body of work. A combination of previously released and unreleased songs from Finland's funk meisters who have been inspired by James Brown, The Meters, Booker T. & The MG's and Mickey and The Soul Generation. The Soul Investigators don't stray from the path. It's raw, authentic, and mostly instrumental. The album features soulstress Nicole Willis with the track 'Rag Doll'. Nicole has been embraced by the UK's Northern Soul scene and has had an overwhelming repsonse to her new LP 'Keep Reachin Up'.

1. Sassy strut (4:32)
2. Rag Doll Pt1 Feat. Nicole Willis (2:32)
3. Lets Have Some (3:10)
4. Ahh Soul (2:14)
5. Mo Hash (2:08)
6. Ma Gee (3:04)
7. Make You Wanna Holla (3:34)
8. Compin and Smokin (2:32)
9. Good Food (3:34)
10. Investigators Testifying (3:00)
11. Soul strike (3:10)
12. Ci Ca Boo (3:07)
13. Calypso strut (2:56)
14. Home Cooking pt 1 & 2 (4:34)
15. Raw Steaks (3:14)
16. Micro Popcorn (3:28)


Generation Django 1 and 2

"Génération Django" is the homage of a whole generation to the master of the swing guitar, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of his birth.
In this double album, find Bireli Lagrene, Richard Galliano, Dorado Schmitt, Sansevrino, Sylvain Luc and many others. ”


01. More (Biréli Lagrène) 4:18
02. Daphné (Version longue) (Biréli Lagrène) 2:59
03. Gipsy Swing (Brady Winterstein) 2:49
04. Time On My Hands (Rocky Gresset) 4:09
05. Bleu Citron (Dorado Schmitt) 2:32
06. La Mer (Biréli Lagrène) 3:32
07. Ferber Swing (Rocky Gresset) 2:06
08. Place du Tertre (Biréli Lagrène) 4:54
09. Nubes (Luis Salinas) 4:20
10. Blue Skies (Rocky Gresset) 3:49
11. Les Yeux Noirs (Biréli Lagrène) 2:55
12. Danse Norvégienne (Valérie Duchâteau) 3:47
13. Minor Swing (Biréli Lagrène) 9:21



01. Blues Clair (Django Reinhardt) 3:02
02. My Blue Heaven (Dorado Schmitt) 3:21
03. Them There Eyes (Brady Winterstein) 3:12
04. Dînette (Adrien Moignard) 2:25
05. Montagne Sainte-Geneviève (Marcel Loeffler) 2:45
06. Tears (Rocky Gresset) 5:01
07. Nuits de Saint-Germain-des-Prés (David Reinhardt) 3:18
08. Incertitudes (Babik Reinhardt) 4:38
09. La Cigale et La Fourmi (Sanseverino) 2:17
10. Envie De Toi (Henri Salvador) 4:17
11. Zurezat (Biréli Lagrène) 4:11
12. Fredo (Jean-Yves Dubanton) 4:58
13. Jolie Coquine (Caravan Palace) 3:45
14. Blues for Django and Stéphane (Stéphane Grappelli) 06:23


From Latin To Jazz Dance v3

01. Herbie Man - Deve Set Amor (It Must Be Love) (4:17)
02. Bill Dogget - Hold It (2:29)
03. The Champs - Sombrero (2:06)
04. Tennessee Ernie Ford - Sixteen Tons (2:36)
05. Kenny Burrell Trio - Well You Needn't (live) (4:24)
06. Brother Jack McDuff - Screamin (7:15)
07. Illinois Jacquet - Like Young (3:59)
08. Peggy Lee - Fever (3:20)
09. Roland Kirk - Fallout (2:58)
10. Sonny Stitt & Jack McDuff - Soul Shack (7:12)
11. Boots Brown & His Blockbusters - Cerveza (2:06)
12. Les Double Six - A Night In Tunisia (2:58)
13. Jimmy Smith - What'd I Say? (2:51)
14. Os Brasileiros - Maracangalha (2:13)
15. Dave "Baby" Cortez - Shake (2:43)
16. The Art Blakey Percussion Ensemble - The Sacrifice (5:08)


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Surf Trio Moxie and More

Born in Eugene, Oregon and later based in Portland, The Surf Trio helped lead the charge on the surf revival a good ten years before "Pulp Fiction." The world's first four-piece "trio" began as a full-on, traditional surf band in the mid-80s, recording a 7-song EP released on garage label Moxie Records in 1985. On "Moxie and More," these seven songs make it to CD for the first time ever...along with a batch of tunes previously released on foreign singles, compilations or as rare b-sides. There are also several tunes released here for the first time. A must-have for any fan of surf...and a great collection by one of the bands who helped keep surf music alive.

1. Down I-5 2. Walking the Plank 3. Cannon Beach 4. Beach Genius 5. Crash 6. I'm Branded 7. Moment of Truth 8. Cape Perpetua 9. Space Thing 10. Penetration 11. Shouldn't Happen to a Dog 12. Mr. Tom Collins 13. Surfin' in the Big Top 14. Summer Rose 15. Loose Lips 16. Surf Trio Action Theme 17. Ten Million Miles to Love 18. Cocktails with Bond 19. Maniac


Ed Alleyne-Johnson Purple Electric Violin Concerto

I first heard of Ed Alleyne Johnson when he worked with Justin Sullivan and New Model Army on their 1989 "Thunder and Consolation" album (a brilliantalbum, btw,. I didn't realize it was him at the time, but check out the song "Vagabonds" from that album, and you'll see Ed Alleyne Johnson meshing very well in a rock setting.

A very fine piece of work, specially when you realize that this album was recorded in only one take.In my opinion some backing tracks would benefit the whole opus, like some soft drumming or perhaps other additional voices, but it's just a matter of personal taste. Anyway I like this CD a lot and I think is really worth of a listening for several uncommon reasons: it's a true solo performance, essentially live. Wow.

Be warned that this would generally be classified as a 'classical' album, but it truly lifts that genre to a new level (no cliche intended).

He has since put out a sequel "Electric Violin Concerto 2" which is available online at New Model Army's website (google it), and I highly recommend that one as well.

WARNING: Do NOT get any of his other CDs. They feature his wife singing on bad, bad rock-type songs. The songs are mediocre at best, and her voice... well hopefully any kids will get the dad's talent.

This is an amazing display of artistry, and well worth the listen.

1. Oxford Suite Part 1 2. Oxford Suite Part 2 3. Oxford Suite Part 3 4. Oxford Suite Part 4 5. Inner City Music Part 1 6. Inner City Music Part 2 7. Inner City Music Part 3 8. Inner City Music Part 4 9. Improvisation 10. Concrete Eden


From Latin to Jazz Dance v2

More great Latin jazz.

1. Lalo Schiffrin - The Cat (2:40) 02. Eldee Young - Mr. Kicks (2:40) 03. Nina Simone - See Line Woman (2:35) 04. Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66 - For What It's Worth (2:40) 05. Art Blakey - No Hay Problema (4:34) 06. Xavier Cigat & His Orchestra - Soul Sauce (Wachi Wara) (2:23) 07. Mongo Santamaria - Funny Money (2:14) 08. Stan Kenton & His Orchestra - The Peanut Vendor (2:43)
09. Mel Torme - Comin' Home Baby (2:35) 10. Stan Getz (Feat. Laurindo Almeida) - Maracatu - Too (4:58) 11. Gene Krupa - Perdido (2:28) 12. The Ramsey Lewis Trio - The In Crowd (Live) (3:16) 13. Andy & The Bey Sisters - Sister Sadie (2:30) 14. Willie Bobo - Guajira (2:50)
15. Buddy Greco - Fever (2:28) 16. Dom Um Romao - Birimbau (2:39)


Andre Popp - Popp Musique

Andre Popp - Popp Musique

Andre Popp, world famous french musician and composer. Here remembered in his melodies, in this VERY HARD TO FIND import collection. Of course, it could not be forgotten, HIS NUMBER ONE HIT PARADE, LOVE IS BLUE. This melody became world famous, performed by Paul Mauriat and his orchestra. But this album contains the SONG VERSION, french lyrics performance by Claudine Longet. All melodies in this album are very beautiful. Most of them are performed by Andre Popp Orchestra, unfortunately, another one of his hits, Les Papillons ( The Butterflies ) is not included, but all the ones, here contained and performed by other artists, for example, Herman Hermits, a Brittish group, and Brasilian Singer, Astrud Gilberto, BOSSA NOVA rythm and style singing, LES LAVENDIERES DU PORTUGAL ( PORTUGUESE CLOTH WASHING WOMEN ) sealing their styles. I fully recommend this album, for instrumental music lovers, and also for 1960's ballad and music collectors. Andre Popp will always be remembered, all his music is a treasure.

01 - André Popp - Ballade À La Rose 02 - Jeanette - Le Temps De Mon Père 03 - André Popp - Musique Mécanique 04 - Claudine Longet - Love Is Blue 05 - André Popp - Bloody Serenade 06 - Herman's Hermits - Years May Come, Years May Go 07 - André Popp - Tintin Et Le Mystère De La Toison D'or 08 - André Popp - Chasseurs Sachez Danser 09 - Marie Laforét - Manchester Et Liverpool 10 - André Popp - Sous Son Chapeau Cloche 11 - André Popp - Picasso Blue 12 - Maracaña - Foi A Madame 13 - André Popp - L'homme Invisible 14 - Jeanette - Jeremy 15 - André Popp - Laura Mia 16 - André Popp - Sixty Days Without Claudia 17 - Francine Lainé - Lolitissimo 18 - André Popp - Shade Of Blue 19 - Astrud Gilberto - Les Lavandières Du Portugal 20 - André Popp - Piccolo, Saxo & Cie (Final)


Skuffle - Let's Get Ready For Skuffle

Legendary rock songs covered in old timey jug band style - all acoustic, way fun.

01. Paranoid 02. Since You've Been Gone 03. Back In Black 04. You Really Got Me
05. Eye Of The Tiger 06. Black Night 07. Crazy Little Thing Called Love 08. Black dog 09. Jumpin Jack Flash 10. Feel Like Makin’ Love 11. Come Together 12. Sunshine Of Your Love
13. Pinball Wizard 14. Manic Depression 15. All Right Now 16. Sweet Child Of Mine (Key Of D)


The Shanes 63 - 68

During the mid to late 60's, the Shanes were one of the most popular bands in Sweden along with the Hep Stars, the Tages, and Ola & The Janglers. In 1963, they cut their first single named “Gunfight Saloon" , an instrumental track which went into Sweden's Top Ten. Many of the Shanes early singles were instrumental tunes with cowboy themed titles. Gunfight Saloon was just one of many Top Ten charters the Shanes had in Sweden. At the beginning of 1965, the Shanes got their big break when they toured all over Sweden, and were chased by hysterical fans.

The Shanes were also known for their considerably long hair, much longer than bands like the Beatles had worn. This lead to much slandering in the press where they were frequently referred to as "long-haired scum", and it was not always so easy for the group to get into various public places.

In the Spring of 67, 4 members of the Shanes were drafted to the Swedish military. A year later, after their service, the Shanes found music to be a lot different. This lead to the breaking up of the Shanes. In 1969, Torra Rautio said "Pop is not dead. As music... perhaps. But pop changed while we stood still. It broadened, grew deeper. It became clothing, things, a whole world, a lifestyle, protests. Pop still lives and is becoming more political now. Soon pop will be just politics."

01. Gunfight Saloon - 1:56 02. Oh, Wow! - 1:57 03. Pistoleros - 2:27 04. Gun Rider - 2:06
05. Keep A Knockin' - 1:39 06. Come On Sally - 2:16 07. Let Me Show You Who I Am - 2:25
08. Say You Want Me - 2:04 09. The Shanegang - 2:18 10. Georgia's Back In Town - 3:38
11. My Lover Baby - 2:02 12. I Don't Want Your Love - 2:17 13. Crazy Country Hop - 3:13
14. Skinnie Minnie - 2:58 15. It's Alright Babe - 2:07 16. Marshall Clayton - 2:22 17. Blue Blue Feeling - 2:35 18. People Don't Like Me - 2:17 19. Break Down - 2:47 20. I Don't Care, Babe - 2:58 21. Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo - 2:45 22. Dreamgirl - 2:13 23. Can I Trust You - 2:47 24. Like Before - 2:04
25. Let Me Tell Yah' - 2:32 26. Nobody Nobody - 2:42 27. Chris-Craft No.9 - 2:05 28. Save The Last Dance For Me - 2:03 29. Drip-Drop - 1:57 30. Cara Mia - 2:22 31. Faces, Faces - 2:45
32. Friday Kind Of Monday - 2:16


Tape Five - Tonight Josephine

Driving Electro-Swing action with 'Oscar feeling' conversations of clarinet and trumpet inspired by Louis Armstrong, Gene Krupa, Josephine Baker and Benny Goodman. The 3rd album from TAPE FIVE 'Tonight Josephine!' is another Retro-Homage to various facets from the 20th Century bar-music. Stop Press! The first half of the album is deeply inspired by the Golden Twenties. High calibre and style, like a black-and-white classic film, but coloured and varied like today's block-busters. Four different vocalists - Brenda Boykin, Iain Mackenzie, Henrik Wagner and Yuliet Topaz interpret new songs in the old styles.

01. Tape Five - Introduction Back In Time (0:22) 02. Tape Five - A Cool Cat In Town (feat. Brenda Boykin) (3:54) 03. Tape Five - Bad Boy Good Man (feat. Henrik Wager) (4:17) 04. Tape Five - Pantaloons (feat. Yuliet Topaz) (3:42) 05. Tape Five - Dixie Biscuit (feat. Henrik Wager) (3:48)
06. Tape Five - Madame Coquette (feat. Yuliet Topaz) (3:42) 07. Tape Five - Far Far Away Charles Tone (Charles-Tone mix feat. Brenda Boykin) (4:04) 08. Tape Five - Intermezzo Speakeasy (0:32) 09. Tape Five - The Flappers Delight (feat. Yuliet Topaz) (3:43) 10. Tape Five - Birds Like It (feat. Iain Mackenzie) (4:19) 11. Tape Five - Pousse L'Amour (feat. Yuliet Topaz) (4:01) 12. Tape Five - The Smurf (Tape Five Remix instr.) (3:40) 13. Tape Five - The Sky Is Not The Limit (feat. Iain Mackenzie) (4:09) 14. Tape Five - Alcazar (instr.) (4:38)


Friday, May 7, 2010

Smokey Bandits ST

Outstanding cover. Great band from Greece. It`s business as usual in The Smokey Bandits house: bass lines come and go, trumpets sitting lazy in the living room, accordions and trombones melting around, congas, maracas and bongos arguing about the last Tarantino's film, flutes want to take the leadership, old-school Waltzes n’ Tangos drinking a big bottle of champagne, guitars and Rhodes sitting comfortably in the sofa watching (one more time) "Smokey And The Bandit" (their favorite film). Everything's so "everyday cool" that you might ask yourself if this is "the normal" for every house. If you take a look at the walls’ corners you might discover the grooves dynamics sitting there quietly. Even their girlfriends don't know that they are there. And all of a sudden you can imagine it: two Dark Knights walking in extremely dangerous neighborhoods of Gotham City alongside Almodovar, Guy Richie, Danny Boyle and Quentin Tarantino! Electro spagetti - way cool a current fave. Try for yourself and find out if you want a cigar afterwards.

1. Revolucion Valiente (6:02) 2. Cattle Drive (5:38) 3. Return Of The Gupsy Sound (5:32) 4. The Rooster (4:48) 5. Highborn Waltz (3:21) 6. Subway Hustler (5:38) 7. Smoke From The Attic (5:18) 8. Cracker Jack (4:19) 9. Holidays In The Sun (5:27) 10. Showdown (4:48) 11. The Last Mile (4:23) 12. Angelitos Negros (4:24) 13. A Son's Lament (6:04)


The Hawaiians - Hula on Mars

Ear-catching bubblegum surf punk from Westerkappeln, Germany. The Groovie Ghoulies, The Queers, and The Travoltas meets The Beach Boys and The Ramones. A very weird, but nevertheless well working blend. Great tunes, nice lyrics, cool vocals, plus a huge chunk of 50's Rock 'N Roll. This sunny beach record make you happy and proud to be alive for a moment.

01.Intro 02.Hula On Mars 03.Wild Cat Somp 04.I Wanna Have My Fun 05.(move On Faster) Little G.t.o. 06.Hawaiians Wanna Dance 07.Just For You 08.Rock'n'roll Overdose 09.My Baby's Got Mystery Feet 10.Teeny Weeny Wop 11.Here Comes The Monkey 12.Do The Kangaroo 13.Vampire Girl 14.You Won't Be 15.Waikiki Playbeat Club 16.Blitzkrieg Rock'n'roll 17.Travoltas Summer (i Don't Wanna Go Home Tonight)


Birth of Surf v2

More gold from Ace. Here we have 26 more of the same outstanding remastered old school surf, a mix of hits and rarities, compiled and annotated by the boys from Pipeline. Six of the tracks are new to CD entirely. A must for all instrumental fans and all surf music collectors. Get Vol. 1 here in the archives and catch that wave.

1. The Ventures - Walk, Don't Run 2. The Scarlets - Stampede 3. The Wailers - Shanghied
4. The Revels - Church Key 5. The Rockin' Rebels - Wild Weekend 6. The Busters - Bust Out
7. Dick Dale & The Del-Tones - Surf Beat 8. The Surfaris - Point Panic 9. The Chantays - Monsoon 10. The Centurions - Bullwinkle Pt II 11. The Lively Ones - High Tide 12. The Astronauts - Hot Doggin' 13. The Pagents - Enchanted 14. The Original Surfaris - Surfari 15. The Trashmen - Malaguena 16. The Pyramids - Midnight Run 17. The Bel-Aires - Baggies 18. The Catalinas - Banzai Washout 19. Jim Messina & The Jesters - The Thing 20. Bobby Fuller & The Fanatics - Our Favorite Martian 21. The Creations - Crash 22. The Kan Dells - Cloudburst 23. The Intrepides - Golash 24. The Velvetones - Mister X 25. The Vy-Dels - Unknown 26. The Sandals - Theme From Endless Summer


Harry Stoneham - Hammond Hits The Highway

Born in West Ham, Harry's started learning the piano at an early age, studied at the London College of Music and switched his attention to the organ in 1962. During the 1960s he worked with several name bands -- notably Johnny Howard's -- and enjoys playing any kind of music, if it's good. "I like to break up the TV film and recording sessions by working on cruise-liners and in clubs; for me, entertaining 'live' is still the most important aspect of show-business: recording studios lack atmosphere!".

This vinyl collection includes many famous tunes (Big Spender, Pink Panter, Russian Trojka, I Will Wait For You, ets.), often played in a funny way as medlies. Incredible assortment of hits, tv themes, movie titles and exotica. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face. WAY FUN.

A1a Delicado A1b Manana (Is Soon Enough For Me) A1c South American Way A2a I Love You Because A2b Welcome To My World A3a Big Spender A3b Pink Panther Theme A3c The Stripper A4a Acapulco 1922 A4b Tijuana Taxi A4c So What's New A5a For All We Know A5b On Days Like These A6a Those Were The Days A6b Casatschok A6c Troika B1a Limon Limonera b1b Dancing In The Sun B2a I Will Wait For You B2b Watch What Happens B3a Aquarius B3b Freedom Come, Freedom Go B4a Tabu B4b Quiet Village
B5a The Mogul Theme B5b I Spy B5c The Avengers Theme


Lorraine Feather - New York City Drag

Lorraine takes it upon herself to compose lyrics to classic instrumental Fats Waller Rags. It's like stumbling onto a treasure trove of standards, that amazingly were written just recently. Her lyrics and vocal performances can't be matched. The tunes are at once moody and evocative "New York City Drag", hilarious "You're Outta Here" (which is an instant classic) and modern and witty "Too Good Looking". Special mention must be paid to her wonderful musical support -- the amazing Dick Hyman and Mike Lang and all the others.

1. You're Outta Here (based on "The Minor Drag") 2:45 2. Too Good Lookin' (based on "Blue Black Bottom") 4:00 3. California Street (based on"Bond Street") 3:37 4. Gal on the Side Part II - She's Gettin' Some (based on "Gladyse") 3:21 5. In Living Black and White (based on "Numb Fumblin") 4:30 6. Alligator (based on "Valentine Stomp") 3:05 7. Timeless Rag (based on "Viper's Drag") 3:22 8. Gal on the Side Part I - The Garden Gate (based on "African Ripples") 4:08 9. New York City Drag (based on "Clothes Line Ballet") 3:34 10. Jukebox (based on "Fractious Fingering") 2:35 11. You and Yours (based on "Chelsea") 3:58 12. Cézanne (based on "Smashing Thirds") 3:06


Diablo Swing Orchestra Sing-Along Songs for the Damned & Delirious

Opening the set with “A Tap Dancer’s Dilemma,” Diablo Swing Orchestra quickly shows the revelers why they are one of the more interesting musical units banging around the countryside. It’s a song filled with so many huge musical movements that I’m sure I’ll pass over more than a handful in describing the epic piece of sonic art. The opening drum salvo and subsequent groove of bass with accompanying horn section capture the swing in the band’s name. Add the huge walls of distorted guitars and the harmonizing female vocals, and this song captures the imagination by transporting the listener to some deep dark corner, the seediest of the seedy jazz clubs of the 1940’s. The composition of this track is absolutely, hands down, one of the most impressive and compelling pieces that I’ve ever listened to. I mean, listen to how the band seamlessly shifts from over dramatic male vocal performances, to harmonized female vocals, dropping all of the instrumentation out of the mix and leaving the guitar, acoustic nonetheless, hanging for a brief, yet brilliant moment, then dropping the instrumentation again to leave the bass guitars to deftly reach out and grab all of the instruments back into the fold. Listen for the fantastic guitar solo being played over the more subtle jazz rhythms, and then how the guitar fades out, leaving nothing but bass rumbling its groove. The incorporation of the various instruments leaves me breathless. How in God’s name did they patch this bad boy together and make the whole thing work?

And, it’s not just the first track on the album. Diablo Swing Orchestra creates and re-creates this same musical effect on all ten tracks gracing Sing Along Songs. “A Rancid Romance” starts off with a classically distorted wall of guitars powering out the rhythms in time with the fabulously produced drums. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, the triumphant strains of a trumpet screams through the din, providing a bit of a Latin flair to the music. And then another trumpet harmonizes with the first . . . and then the operatic vocals of Annlouice Wolgers (?) in duet with guitarist/vocalist, Daniel Hakansson . . . and then the emergence of the cello providing an air of macabre . . . and then the dual vocal harmonies at the chorus creating an overwhelming sense of panic . . . and then horns again . . . It’s a psychotic journey of paranoia and superb musicianship. Owing as much to classical music as modern metal, Diablo Swing Orchestra have created a sound that is clearly their own. It’s refreshing to hear a new and unique, and utterly compelling voice in the world of music!

'A Tapdancer's Dilema', 'A Rancid Romance', 'Lucy Fears The Morning Star', 'Bedlam Sticks', 'New World Widows', 'Siberian Love Affairs', 'Vodka Inferno', 'Memoirs Of A Roadkill', 'Ricerca Dell’anima', 'Stratosphere' Serenade'.


From Latin to Jazz Dance V1

Volume One in this series of seriously intoxicating Latin and American Bossa-Samba-Jazz sounds! It all began in the '50s when composer Antonio Carlos Jobim, inspired by West Coast Jazz, helped to form a new music that blended together gentle Brazilian Samba rhythms and melodies with cool-toned improvising. These compilations contain the results of Jobim's influential musical experiment, as they feature a myriad of artists serving up a cocktail blend of rare original Brazilian and American Bossa Nova and Jazz from the 60's. Each volume comes complete with a different sexy vixen on each of the covers...and we do mean SEXY! Includes 16 tracks featuring classic performances by Les McCann, Mongo Santamaria, Cal Tjader, The Champs, The Hi-Lo's and many more. If you like this let me know - I'll post the rest.

01. Mongo Santamaria - Sweet Tater Pie (2:40) 02. Les McCann - Boo-Goo-Loo (2:46)
03. Dave Pike - Mathar (3:42) 04. The Champs - Caramba (2:14) 05. Lambert, Hendricks & Bavan - Watermelon Man (live) (5:15) 06. Cal Tjader - Samba Do Suenho (5:47) 07. Milton Banana Trio - Primitivo (2:40) 08. The Hi-Lo's - The Duck (2:09) 09. Alan Lorber Orchestra - Mas Que Nada (2:23) 10. Candido (Feat. Al Cohn) - Mambo Inn (4:57) 11. Willie Bobo - Bobo Do That Thing (2:19) 12. Juan Amalbert's Latin Jazz Quintet - Summertime (6:40) 13. Ahmad Jamal - Bogota (4:00) 14. Sonny Stitt - Little Red Suede Shoes (4:03) 15. Earl Grant - Fever (3:11)
16. The Mariachi Brass (Feat. Chet Baker) - Tequila (2:06)

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