Friday, May 7, 2010

Smokey Bandits ST

Outstanding cover. Great band from Greece. It`s business as usual in The Smokey Bandits house: bass lines come and go, trumpets sitting lazy in the living room, accordions and trombones melting around, congas, maracas and bongos arguing about the last Tarantino's film, flutes want to take the leadership, old-school Waltzes n’ Tangos drinking a big bottle of champagne, guitars and Rhodes sitting comfortably in the sofa watching (one more time) "Smokey And The Bandit" (their favorite film). Everything's so "everyday cool" that you might ask yourself if this is "the normal" for every house. If you take a look at the walls’ corners you might discover the grooves dynamics sitting there quietly. Even their girlfriends don't know that they are there. And all of a sudden you can imagine it: two Dark Knights walking in extremely dangerous neighborhoods of Gotham City alongside Almodovar, Guy Richie, Danny Boyle and Quentin Tarantino! Electro spagetti - way cool a current fave. Try for yourself and find out if you want a cigar afterwards.

1. Revolucion Valiente (6:02) 2. Cattle Drive (5:38) 3. Return Of The Gupsy Sound (5:32) 4. The Rooster (4:48) 5. Highborn Waltz (3:21) 6. Subway Hustler (5:38) 7. Smoke From The Attic (5:18) 8. Cracker Jack (4:19) 9. Holidays In The Sun (5:27) 10. Showdown (4:48) 11. The Last Mile (4:23) 12. Angelitos Negros (4:24) 13. A Son's Lament (6:04)



Plague said...

You have been on FIRE the past month!
Keep it up!

oldkdawg said...

Wow. This is a awesome post. Been listening for a few days now. Keeps getting better each time I listen. Thanks for the great post. Never would have found out about this band otherwise (like most of the bands I hear here). Now to start another hunt for the actual disk. Keep up the awesome work.

zillagord said...

I finally got around to listening to thsi and I think it's great. Like oldkdawg said, it just gets better with each spin.

Thanks for this and all you do.

Dr. Mojo said...

This is pretty dang great! Thanks!

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